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									British TVI business description, QQ770400614

Travel the world headquarters of the British TVI
London's Marble Arch House, Bryan Preston 55
Zip Code: W1H 7AJ
Tel: +44-2032899918
Will soon be in Australia, India, the United States, Nigeria and Russia
to set up offices
TVI website languages in production, over a period of
time to come,
The project became operational in December of last year's, starting in
India, India's leaders have been out 8 times, earned 15 million dollars
Home to the drop-down, you can see that China's national flag, and the
daily declaration of the id and state,
Group advertising¡¿ ¡¾QQ
British TVI travel e-commerce,
Bian Li is also an unprecedented opportunity for large 100 times, 7
trillion potential, leading travel e-commerce trends, gaps in China's
direct selling market opportunities, changing attitudes, the king of blue
sea, tourism and win!
British TVI travel e-commerce, the first dish out 500 dollars, 15,000
dollars out of the second set, outs left in the second set in, then out
of each plate is 15,000 dollars, as well as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, 10%
offline rewards, villas and other real bonus!
Now, 271 dollars to join, there 7 days 6 nights accommodation in star
hotels around the middle can make the trip in April, this is to give your
product, to dig their way ticket, return ticket company dig, if you June
30 out from the first round of the day, free luxury travel to Thailand,
never generous!
Global leaders are seeking to join an emergency special, invite you to 3
months to earn 15,000 dollars! qq:
¡¾¡¿ To change the concept of
1996 was 47 per bottle to introduce you to the detergent, you said that
the person is insane, 2.5 dollars are Xiangui, anyone who so expensive
things, guess what, you missed the Amway!

2002 was to introduce you to a call about "coil of calcium,"
the U.S. companies, you said that people head into the water, countries
have banned pass, you dare to me, ah? The results missed if you are new!
It was hanging on his chest in 2005, "To lose weight, method of
asking me," the cute little card and come to you, you say I'm sorry
I now led to my "team" in the train bound for spring too! The
results do, you miss the Herbalife!
In 2006, when the crazy popular online e-commerce owner join when you
want, the company simply could not China, was the result? You missed the
e Cosway!
In 2007, when a handsome man or a mysterious and graceful woman
pretending to be generous in front of you spread out like two pads, you
looked at one side pretending to be calm demonstration, while at the
heart of maniacal laughter, "poor crazy, what can not sell that you
sell sanitary napkins?! "The result? You missed Winalite!
Opportunities always doubt and hesitation in the miss! In 2009, tourism
e-commerce in the 99% cold amid strong doubts on stage began to occupy
the Chinese direct sales market blank of hope
You are still standing there watching the sky? You also do health care
products communication products, these tens of thousands of shopping
sites do have no chance of the company? You also can look at a few money
to himself it? Today, you no longer need to use the capital to wealth
creation, with your ideas and efforts can be achieved - UK TVI, open a
new era of tourism e-commerce, 2009, the network printing press!
Money is the last word, do direct sales, 50% of those who like to make
quick money, your loyalty and perseverance today in those who always like
to move on to your superior direct marketing name for those people's
eyes, they do not care about.
Tourism's future must be grafted e-commerce, like so many other
industries do, like direct marketing, tourism, future customers are
certainly a large part of population from the network operators, this is
the era of the crystal ball, understand the British TVI, you mastered the
future development of tourism trends!
Today, we have to do it
A blank area of the market, one of the top 10 before, because a company
has accumulated a certain degree project, by adding the number is so much
that you then do have tens of thousands of people thousands of companies
can make money, but Few, very slow!
British TVI project in one minute impress your customers, everyone wants
his life just a money investment, save a few Dayton lavish meals, you can
start passion! If you want to go in the forefront of tourism e -commerce
era, you would like 3 months pocketed 100,000, to come to visit the
United Kingdom TVI!
Change their ideas!
The business world are two, one is a product, a service is! British TVI
is a tourist service industry is a special industry, just as Amway into
China and nobody understands this concept, just as sanitary napkins
direct and nobody know!
No logistics to do it, to make quick money, this world, make mone y too
much to be done all the domestic talent to do a few, to be a thousands of
people make a 100 million!
If your project is not 3 months revenue of 10 million, and we recommend
that you come to a common business!
¡¾Company¡¿ general
We are a worldwide
Alliances and channel partners have an international direct selling
company. Headquartered in London, we are today the fastest growing
network marketing industry, one of the companies; by first-class and
innovative products, our global business opportuni ties brought about by
the waves of the wave is launched.
Our full range of business systems experts around the world have been
recognized and identified the best system for the industry.
TVI Express by a prestigious British enterprises
Industry group funded in the UK and abroad have successfully business
International travel is a joint venture composed of a group of successful
entrepreneurs pioneering attempt. These entrepreneurs are rich in various
types of industries and diverse experience, such as tourism, real estate,
information technology industry and in the network marketing industry,
and corporate training experience
Travel the world headquarters of the British TVI
London's Marble Arch House, Bryan Preston 55
Zip Code: W1H 7AJ
Tel: +44-2032899918
Will soon be in Australia, India, the United States, Nigeria and Russia
to set up offices
¡¿ ¡¾Income
Chinese team to run from March 1 to now, three individuals received 10
million in the first 7 days after joining took 100,000!
¡¾TVI and free club more¡¿
The difference between the two: First, unlike various bonuses, an
allocation of 18%, one is 72%, the second is that there is free to join 7
days 6 nights hotel, there is a real bonus and three team leaders
Guide Awards,
TVI structure and free club, basically the same system, but not the same
as for the bonus, TVI first plate (equivalent to the free green plate)
out of 500 U.S. dollars, the second set (quite free violet plate) out of
15,000 U.S. dollars, out after remained in the second set, the subsequent
exit of each plate is 15,000 dollars, that is, TVI completed two disks to
make 15 500 dollars, clubfreedom earn the 5750 U.S. dollars. If you
complete the three disks, then, TVI earn 30,500 U.S. dollars, clubfreedom
earn 23,250 U.S. dollars. Of course, TVI after that there are a lot of
If you say tvi allocate low, then self
Why the second set by the 5500 to you, rather than the 15,000 tvi?
If you say freedom to allocate higher than the tvi, he in the second set
should give you 30,000 dollars, not 5500, what is higher?
If the health care products companies to allocate 43% is credible, such
as Usana, because he is a U.S. public company, set aside 43% for health
care products companies because of the plant, equipment, technology,
patents, research and development costs of large , so their allocation is
43%, some 58%, then, if this holds, CFD, he pulled out more than up to
82%, TVI pull up 52%, and CFD is more profitable than TVI, travel
companies do not plant, equipment, technology, patents, R & D and
other huge cost, he allocated to you to 72%, and reasonable?
¡¾Company¡¿ bonus
Part 4 of the company bonus points, ahead of the cycle matrix of disk
allocation is 50%, organizational reward is 10%, 10% real bonus, dividend
is 2% of the world
We calculate the ratio of the company's circulation matrix to allocate:
Company's most original disk is like this: Each traveler plate (first
plate) filled with 15 people can be out of a person, then the 15
travelers plate (first plate) out of the 15 Express Personnel Minato over
a plate ( The second set)
So, the company's total revenue: 15 * 15 * 250 56 250 U.S. dollars = (1)
Travelers plate (first plate) out of 15 people, each taking 500 dollars,
taking a total of 15 500 USD = 7,500 USD * (2) [set aside]
Express plate (second plate) out of a personal
Take away 15000 (3) [set aside]
Since then, the most original 15 disk is divided into 30 disks at the
same time, history is a quick exit out after the main dish, into two new
sub-Express disk, if one wants someone to take sub -Express site take a
15,000 U.S. dollars, need to come in this set of new 8-person, then, that
is, the 8 individual needs of travelers from the 8 disc (first disc) is
the top out, while eight travelers plate (first plate) the need for new
incoming 8 * 8 = 64 8 individuals out of the top talent available, then:
8 travelers plate (first plate) came in a total of 64 individuals: 64 *
250 = 16,000 U.S. dollars (4) [revenue]
8 individuals from travelers plate (first plate) out away: 8 * 500 = 4000
dollars (5) [set aside]
At this time away to ensure a sub-Express site: 15000 (6) [set aside]
Then the above (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6), the sum of total income which
then allocated the total sum is allocated to this company
Total revenue: (1) + (4) = 7
2250 USD
Total allocation: (2) + (3) + (5) + (6) = 41 500 USD
Allocated rate of 41500/72250 = 57.4%
After the main dish to ensure an express train out, then this algorithm
Of course, this is the data is dynamic, because the company's total
allocation divided by the total revenue is allocated to the real rate,
while 50% of the allocated rate is credible.
Easy and system¡¿ ¡¾
Easy and systematic collection of all the successful system know-how,
innovation and the development potential of special teams!
Easy and systems, constantly innovative approach to the human system to
enhance the combat skills of each partner must!
Easy and systems, an expert coach has cited
Guide you successfully to the system, a system and allows you to wealth
and freedom win-win system!
Easy and regular operation of the system is a system with line -style
copy, with the best attitude, we can attract really talented and you join
the elite, I hope you join me in building and the systems to play
together in the direct selling industry country!
In accordance with the laws of the past 3 months, TVI will be born 30
15000 Member! Here are you? If you would like to have, it would follow
normal trade and system operation, and we will try to 30 the number to
60! Here are you?
¡¾British TVI, vacation benefits - Diamond E! ¡¿
British TVI, the top global travel company, Diamond E, earn 15,000
dollars a day, the Chinese direct sales channel black horse!
British TVI, network wealth of choice, she is the latest trend in today's
wealth, is a successful example of the global travel industry has long
been countless myths of wealth, today, in this case, the new wealth came
to your side!
UK TVI, market focus, almost new
Reading project must be sought after market hot spots, 80 million direct
sales team is among the many close ties, which will stir the market in
2009 is a dark horse, if someone in your team today, facing the
integration of other companies, as now to examine the infinite wealth of
easily doubling the platform!
¡¾Choice of 7 major reasons the United Kingdom TVI¡¿
¡ò Industry Trends: Tourism is the gold industry in the 21st century,
domestic tourism revenue during the 15-year compound growth rate of
11.4%, is expected during the Eleventh Five-Year, this figure will remain
at 16.0% or more, the World Tourism Organization forecasts that by 2020
China will become the world's largest tourist destination. 2008 Chinese
tourism market analysis and investment advisory report: 2010 China
tourism GDP, the ratio of total income from 5.44% in 2002 to 8%. All of
this indicates two things: First, the increase in domestic travel needs!
Second, even direct people to this industry demand, the same time, there
is a possibility to earn money through this project and travel expenses!
¡ò vacation needs: the implementation of the national holiday system and
the tourism development potential of popular domestic and foreign
markets. But a tour, expensive, limited and often one piece, the British
TVI members can book hotel low prices, and enjoy the company of
distinguished members provide to each travel plans! The true king of
¡ò concept introduced: unusual new project, the industry's leading the
Phoenix! Many items of domestic market competition is intense,
homogeneous product range, but vary in quality, the project is tourism
products, non-physical products, products do not need to learn the ever-
increasing professional knowledge, and his investment in time, no
logistics, cash flow, security , e-commerce operation is always in the
market in the Blue Ocean Harbour!
¡ò opportunities unlimited: Amway China, people get rich first, and
wearing a small sign Adam Street block fat's not bad, although the first
granddaughter to sell health jin will not be exhausted, but al so earned
today, travel industry products to the Chinese model ! Soon start the
domestic market, there is no competition, unlimited opportunities!
¡ò policy environment: the United Kingdom TVI is not among those
recommended to receive income from, but from the cooperative efforts of
seven individuals for money, with no head and pull the policy from the
downline commission confusion!
¡ò system support: Choice than to select promising products over the
company, adding a good system than have a good product! This team has the
strongest network operation system support!
¡ò easy success: Today, in China, 80 million direct sales people, how
many people are faced with new choices? How many people are looking for
specialty products? Supreme head start in finding the number of people?
You have not seen the rewards in this life pattern, up to 72% of the
allocated rate, put 271 dollars, 15,000 dollars a day to win the
promotion of incentives!
¡¾British TVI consistent trend of network marketing 5¡¿
¡ò marketing trend: direct sales or a similar doubling of the economic
model that allows consumers to get rich theory, now popular in the world,
a new round of doubling the wealth industry, many novel and peculiar
products are changing the Internet!
¡ò part-time business: economic crisis, people need to earn more extra
¡ò Network to create wealth: the UK TVI fully with the fastest way to
present marketing - E-commerce - providing booking services for travel
services, bring new vitality, but also quickly sold aroun d the world!
¡ò dream of wealth: the United Kingdom to provide general TVI
People, low-wage earners can enjoy discount travel services, luxury
holidays can earn and win free trip around the world plan! And can
accumulate wealth network!
¡ò Fast money: the market, quite a mixed bag, some people can not stand
the temptations of the new company, many companies could not continue to
go on is to tell the people in this market not so patience to wait
several months after the income! TVI weeks leading British w eekly, real-
time arrive, gold smooth flow!
"Frequently Asked Questions"
¡ô tvi have a physical What?
Do not travel entity, the China International Travel Service we do not
entities, they have mastered the world of travel information and
resources on it, tourism is a service industry, banking, insurance, are
they not physical.
¡ô How to send money to their own hands?
4 ways: 1, go to your bank account; 2, the company now everything Da
Kati; 3 others into a single use; 4, do a global electronic monetary.
¡ô points set rules
Whether travelers plate, or the express train back plate, the computer
system according to disk top to bottom, left to right scan, the first
recommendation to find the number of individuals greater than or equal to
2, recommended an individual to find the last search No referees, then
the new disk from top to bottom, arranged from left to right.
¡ô How declaration?
Complete information, call your declaration of your money on the line,
reported a mere 271 U.S. dollars, 1897 dollars, which is a collection of
250 companies, 21 dollars is a collection of e-banking
¡ô This is true? Or qualifications to the company? Or travel company can
take how long?
British TVI is a professional tour group. Company legal procedures are
complete, do not go abroad because they involve political factors such as
the tourism company set up in accordance with international practice,
tens of millions of its registered capital requirements and margin
requirements of millions of quality let many people shrink
Meanwhile, the website home page have the phone, there is a clear
business address, this is not done other companies, as well as the
overall planning of the site are more professional.
And the establishment of a Tourism company is not anyone to whom the
British TVI is a multinational company with sufficient financial
resources and experience to overcome various risks!
British TVI background can provide hundreds of thousands of restaurants
around the world search book, a single connection, you need to spend 10
million dollars, how can the cottage company can do this? Not to say that
the world oldest Master Card credit card co, there is the company has its
own exclusive Master card, this is not most people's starting to get some
travel sites seem simple and rough, do not see the style of large
Services provided by the British TVI famous hotel reservation agency
Ctrip e dragon and matched, this is far from you my head manipulator of
the cottage a few direct sales network, or you see in the market that can
travel many similar projects it!
¡ô recommend how the third person to do?
People are automatically more decentralized, the same as the double -
track, in the organization chart belongs to you direct recommendation,
but recommended only the right to be down, the first disk right down to
the next recommendation is to help lower their departments, when these
people out to the second set, and the extra upward push forward right
¡ô to express how the site took $ 15,000 after row of what? What
conditions can we get the second $ 15,000?
You took 15,000, you go where you recommend people express train set, and
if he does not express train set, then you go to your referees who
recommended the disk, then you follow the recommended two individuals
arrive at the new Express your site , then you will have the
qualifications and potential to receive 15,000!
¡ô What are the entry of products or services?
Now, 271 dollars to join, there 7 days 6 nights accommodation in star
hotels around the middle can make the trip in April, this is to give your
product, to dig their way ticket, return ticket company dig, if you June
30 out from the first round of the day, free luxury travel to Thailand,
never generous!
Meanwhile, the United Kingdom after TVI will provide the products for
their members: the distribution of 4,5-star hotel in the world, resorts,
cruise ships, and is the world's most affordable price book, which is one
of the products;
British TVI members enjoy the products of the model: VIP tour through the
British TVI online booking hotels, tours to enjoy and save big travel
expenses (20% -55% discount), which is the product of the two.
¡ô How to make money through the British TVI
Investment: USD 271 (RMB 1897) to become a member of the British TVI,
also come with the qualifications of referees
Income: At least 2 people recommended, you can be eligible for bonuses,
the company will join the 72% of the total contr ibutions allocated to
eligible persons bonus
¡ô 271 U.S. dollars to travel, and beyond is that so? That the company's
profits come from?
Like the first day of opening the insurance company, 10 insurance 100 000
1,000 Personal insurance, if 10 people have died after 10 days, then the
insurance company will pay dead, but did not accompany the insurance
company, travel is not the same day to all members tourism, this is a
dynamic process, so no problem.
¡ô "who can do this project?"
1, money needed: seeking truth from facts about the product sometimes is
not the decisive role it is important that the world would like to
improve the lives of many people and want to make money, find people who
want to make money!
2, Seize opportunity by: new concepts need people to accept a certain
power Biao pioneer history, people who want to catch opportunities in the
new concept will select the item!
3, tourists: the future of travel is the new economic growth point, one-
year-old -100 years old, men and women, no one likes to travel, with 1.3
billion Chinese people a wide range of market-based!
¡ô "British TVI is direct it?"
"Is not direct, because of the innovative British TVI is not part of
direct mutual aid matrix areas, without the fear of p olicy risk. Is not a
recommended relationship less direct, whether it is direct to see if the
results from the referees to get the proportion of commission, the United
Kingdom TVI performance there next to the line sharing, not direct.
¡ô "British TVI and pyramid schemes direct the same?"
"First, we need to clear a concept introduced is not necessarily
recommended pyramid schemes or direct sales, such as insurance company
employees, who are recommended to be engaged in insurance business.
Another example to cite a more common example, a lot of friends Party
members who joined the party also need references, but also two
recommended people, it is recommended that exists in our society in many
ways, yes a common of social phenomena and ÈËÀà of behavior. ÔÚ British
TVI Li Mian, in the same disk 7 individuals together to complete the
bottom of the eight empty seats, which may be recommended by 8 individual
relationships may not be recommended and it may be we are not aware of
this and the following results from the traditional way of commission
completely different! this not direct! "
¡ô "The model is very new, but can it be bigger? Do how long?"
"You dare doubt, careful verification and hit a platform for luck, a
platform for recognition by the wisdom!" Indeed, nothing we can not
100% sure, but we can analyze various aspects. First, the United Kingdom
TVI spend such a high price, original with a new marketing model, will
promote research in China began to media, corporat e CEOs really want to
do something in the tourist hotel area of earth-shattering career.
Second, there are many companies is an imitation of someone else's model,
the system will only speculation, or rent a server return Huafei living.
But the wealth will always belong to innovators, the real big money is
the first company to introduce new concepts, while imitating the company,
no matter how hard, it will not exceed the innovator. "
¡ô "this model is true, but how many people accept it?"
"If a new model came out, many people immediately accepted, it means
the model already exists, or has people doing very good. Amway appears,
not many people agree with his model, but created countless millions
rich! Amway's mode is now accepted by many people, but the opportunity to
make money? You say, my friend, we still have much opportunity to space?
Furthermore, any business is not to everyone, 1.3 billion people, 80
million direct sales were prepared, the United Kingdom TVI not for money -
making opportunities for all, only to people who want to make money for
people to accept the new pattern of opportunity! "
¡ô "This project is real?"
"80 early, put a stall will be able to make money, many people dare
not; 90 early, can earn money to buy stocks, many people do not believe;
the 21st century, do Wangzhuan made the wealthy, many people disdain!
Also There is a mentality, fear of domestic many people were tricked, and
that no product is the money game. If you are the following: do n ot
believe that the new items often being unsafe dare, do not want to make
money, do not believe the network to create wealth, that the United
Kingdom TVI is unable to complete the task, you can close the window,
choose to leave, the door I do not want to waste your time to prove our
"make money" opportunities! to stay friends if you have doubts,
come to a halt ...... listen to what sound? like ...... ...... when you
suspect someone secretly Shu Chaopiao! "
¡ô "to allocate 72% of the system will not crash it?"
"In the past done a very low allocation system, do not believe so
many of the allocation of the system, but the fact is put in here, not
speculation the UK system of TVI Corporation to serve as the cornerstone
of the new model company give you the money, but worried?
¡ô "financial crisis, and who still have money to travel?"
"Direct sales in China through numerous hurricane's devastation,
seems to have is an extremely hard way, how many years in direct sa les
makes way for the craze has left, but there are countless continue to
circle Dream, it is because: (1 ) direct sales is already a culture, a
cultural and natural charm have his sympathy; (2) direct sales, after
all, created a lot of millionaires, while also creating a more direct
refugees, but the power of examples is endless; (3 ) China needs the
opportunity, too many people want to get rich. faltering financial crisis
careers, than to face the negative complaining! "
¡ô "1897 is a single, and who has so much money?"
"In excess of goods, consumer transition to a new era, 1897, in
today's society do? A Nokia phone? Month rent? Hupenggouyou several meal?
Nowhere in investment, a new era of economic crisis, how much investment
in 1897 earn what? a possible endless toil stalls? an online shop
salesman dream? a "Do not investment or forget the" lament? if
1897 did not, then that person will never become rich. "
¡ô "Chinese people do foreign companies?"
"British TVI from Australia, Britain TVI domestic hotel guests can
order, on China's tax, to maintain the national interest, the government
permission to do things. Many people say that patriotism should first
throw of the computer, because using a Microsoft operating system. a
friend, you alright? in this business had fought, and now is fruitful, or
scars? do not matter, money is the last word! "
¡ô "I want to do, this is really hard to resist the charm of the
project, but ......"
"Why the rich rich? Why the poor poorer? As: the rich love of
business, the poor love working. Rich, vigorous and resolute, the poor
indecisive. Rich, the trend to work, the poor things to see results. Rich
business with pleasure, and pain with the poor to escap e . the rich have
investments in awareness, sense of saving more than the poor. the rich
have the ambition to make money, the poor satiate enough. the rich to pay
insist that there is gain, the poor expect something for nothing. rich,
bright look at the positive side, the poor and failed to see the negative
side. rich dictionary does not "such a good thing today I finally
met" all the poor dictionary is "not so good thing I met
"..... . "
¡ô "I want to do this project the market is too narrow, right?"
"This project is a project we all need, 1-year-old -100 years old,
men and women, no one likes to travel, has a broad market base! The
implementation of the national holiday system and the tourism development
potential of popular domestic and foreign markets. But to follow the
travel Mission expensive, limited and often one piece, self-guided travel
is the preferred way to future residents. British TVI's products and
services distributed in the world, 200 000 2-5 star hotels, resorts,
cruise ships, are We can enjoy the product. "
¡ô "This project looks like a money game, city, right?"
"You may think it is like" money game. "In fact, it does
not matter as what is important is that you want t o be a sensible. Many
economic patterns are similar, not necessarily the same, the British seem
TVI money games, but there are real products, will naturally have
different results. "
¡ô "This project is very risky, right?"
"We chose a lot of standard business platform, our daily choices,
can choose what items should be? I personally think that should at least
consider the following two points: (1) does not choose the" good
"item, choose only" on "project: the so-called" good
"project is big company, you can do a decade or even longer, but you
stand a very long time poor. so-called" right "project is a new
company, the new model, Italy graphic. (2) does not choose
"safe", she only "risk": a few ideas to keep in mind:
the risk of life to coexist on the risk threshold of wealth, opportunity
and a risk no opportunity is a species at greater risk! So, do not only
see the risks do not see the hidden risks the chance. Some people are
natural skeptics, some people are "once bitten, twice shy," the
two people I would advise them to be contented, Wujin pocket. because the
former do not see an opportunity, the latter one will lose opportunities.
¡ô "But stability is not strong enough to disagree."
"When the birth of the first day of Amway, stability? No one to ask
this question."
¡ô "I want to do, to how to start?"
"271 U.S. dollars (RMB 1897) to find your references help you with
VIP join procedures; follow the system of success in learning skills, our
team has a lot of very good, very strong combat capability of teachers,
they do a good job in other companies, Their experience is our gold mine;
to find two people who want to make money like traveling to a good
network of wealth-creating opportunities to tell a friend, you get huge
sales commission, is a company, you, your friends, win; to maintain a
good attitude ! simple to create wealth in the original network, the
original monthly income of thousands of so easily! "

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