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					Book marketing plan
Book marketing plan
Marketing planning is the business book market changes and the
enterprises themselves according to the strength of the company's
products, resources and product markets points to the overall planning of
the program of written material.

The role of marketing planning books
1, accurate and complete content of the performance of marketing plan
Planning the content of the book is accurately convey the true intentions
of the planners, becomes extremely important.
2, fully and effectively to convince decision makers
Qualified as a book marketing plan, we must first make sure that readers
believe; On this basis, then make the reader agree. For a planner, the
first to pursue are: the adoption of marketing planning decision-makers
to view the content according to marketing plan to implement marketing

The preparation of the book the principles of marketing planning
1, the principles of logical thinking.
2, simple, simple principle.
3, operational principles.
4, the principle of creative novelty.

The writing skills of marketing planning
1, to find a theoretical basis.
2, an appropriate example.
3, using figures illustrate the problem.
4, the use of charts to help understand.
5, reasonable use of layout arrangements.
6, attention to detail and eliminate errors.

Elements of marketing planning book format
1, cover. ¢Ù Name of the planning book; ¢Ú is planning clients; ¢Û
planning agency or the name of the plan; ¢Ü planned completion date and
time of the planning application.
2, Preface. Commissioned a brief case, planning the destination meaning,
and the planning of the profiles.
3, the directory.
4, outline tips. The reader through the summary of tips, we can roughly
understand the contents of the elements of planning.
5, the body. Here the overall planning of the book as an example a
general brief.
1) The purpose of marketing planning: for example, companies began
opening Yin, there is no set system of marketing strategy, market
characteristics and therefore need to plan out a marketing plan.
2) Corporate Status.
3) Marketing Environment Analysis:
¢Ù current market situation and market analysis:
A, product-market, real market and potential market conditions.
B, market growth conditions, product life cycle is currently in the
market which stage. Stage for different markets focus on how the
marketing of products, the corresponding effect of how the marketing
strategy, demand changes in the product market.
C, consumer acceptance, this content requires the planners with the
available data analysis, market prospects for development.
If a brand of mouthwash in Taiwan "," Dehn-resistant "case
of marketing and advertising campaign," Dunn in mastermind of the
resistance to enter the market risk analysis, product market to judge
quite wonderful. If the market growth of products that: A similar product
"Listerine" good performance that "virtue" into the
market risk; other similar products, "speed to the net," listed
by the general acceptance that "Listerine" defective; Mouthwash
is a family member to use products, large market; living standards
improve, middle and upper classes increased, indicating its future market
¢Ú The analysis of market factors.
Affecting mainly the product of uncontrollable factors: such as the
macroeconomic environment, political environment and economic conditions
of the residents, such as consumer income levels, changes in consumption
structure, consumer psychology, some influenced by the technological
development of products such as: computers, household appliances and
other products of the marketing plan also needs to consider the direction
of technology trends.
4) Market Opportunities and Problems
Marketing program, is to grasp market opportunities and strategies for
the use of market opportunities, therefore, has become a key marketing
planning. Just found the right market opportunities, planning is half
¢Ù status for the product is currently marketing problem analysis.
General marketing of specific problems, manifested as many:
Company profile is not high, poor image impact sales;
Product quality tests, failure, cold-shouldered by consumers;
Packing too bad, I could not get consumers to buy interest in improper
price positioning;
Ineffective marketing channels, or channel selection is wrong, so that
sales of impeded;
Promotions do not service, consumers do not understand the enterprise
Bad quality of service, consumers dissatisfied; ª¥
Warranty lack of concern over the consumer after purchase and so can be a
marketing problem.
¢Ú features of the products advantages and disadvantages. From the
problem to find weaknesses to be overcome, from the advantages for an
opportunity to explore its market potential. Analysis of the
characteristics of the target market or consumers for market
segmentation, consumer demand for different be met as far as possible, to
seize the main consumer group as a marketing focus, identify the gap with
competitors, take advantage of good market opportunities.
5) Marketing objectives
Marketing objective is to aim the task in front of the company based on
specific objectives to be achieved, namely, during the implementation of
marketing planning programs, economic objectives are achieved: The total
sales of ¡Á ¡Á ¡Á 10000, ¡Á ¡Á ¡Á million forma gross margin, market
share Shi Xian ¡Á ¡Á.
6) marketing strategy (specific marketing program)
¢Ù marketing purposes, companies can focus on such general areas:
Advertising campaign to successfully develop a strong market for products
with precise position and product features to differentiate their
marketing strategy;
To major consumer product marketing for the product focus groups;
Starting point for a broad prospect for the establishment of extensive
distribution channels, continue to expand sales territories.
¢Ú Product Strategy: The opportunities and issues in front of market
analysis, product strategy and reasonable proposal, the 4P form an
effective combination to achieve the best results.
Product positioning. Market positioning of key customers, mainly in the
minds of looking for a vacancy, to make our products to quickly launch
market; ª¥
Quality function program. Product quality is the product of market life.
Enterprises should improve product quality assurance system;
Brand. To a certain reputation, reputation, and establish a well-known
consumer brand in mind, we must create a strong brand awareness;
Product packaging. Packaging as the product to the consumer's first
impression, it needs to meet the satisfaction of the consumer packaging
strategy; ª¥
Products and services. Planning products and services should pay
attention to ways to improve and enhance the quality of services.
¢Û pricing strategies. Here only to emphasize several universal
Pull a large number of zero difference, mobilization, wholesalers,
brokers active;
Appropriate quantity discount, to encourage the purchase; ª¥
Cost-based to the same price as a reference. To make our products more
price competitive. If the price of enterprise product marketing advantage
of even more price-oriented strategy should be developed.
¢Ü sales channels. Currently the state of product distribution channels
to expand the sales channel plans to take a number of benefits policies
to encourage brokers, agents or sales initiative to develop appropriate
¢Ý advertising.
A, principle: to obey the company's overall marketing, promotional
strategies, establish a brand image, focusing on establishing the
company's image; long-term: the advertising of goods not changed his
personality, become multi-functional, and consumers will not know for
commodities, thereby making a regular customer feel strange, therefore,
should be introduced in a certain time line advertising; wide: the choice
of advertising media in style, while emphasizing the effect of publicity
good way; time to time with the stage of promotion, the proper time,
timely and flexible to, such as major holidays, the company has
commemorative activities.
B, the implementation of these steps can be carried out as follows: pre-
planned product launch during the image of advertising; sales agent after
the timely availability and Wanted ads; holidays, major events to launch
promotions; grasp the opportunity to carry out public relations
activities, contact the consumer; active use of media, good use of news
events to create awareness to improve their products.
¢Þ concrete programs of action.
During the time period under the plan characteristics, with the
development of specific action plans. Action plan to detail, careful, and
feasible they lack flexibility. Also consider costs, all within our
capabilities, lower costs as much as possible the principle of good
results. Pay particular attention to short seasonal products, season
marketing focus, marketing advantage to seize the season.
7) the cost of the program budget plan. This part of the entire marketing
program recorded in advance of cost investment, including marketing
process, the total cost on the Cost of the project cost of Deng, the Yuan
Ze is Jiaoshao into Huode optimum effect. Cost budget method is no longer
dwell in the enterprise by virtue of experience, specific analysis of the
8) program to adjust.
This part of the supplement as part of the planning program. In program
implementation may appear incompatible with the reality where it was
implementing the program at any time based on market feedback to the
program in time to adjust. ª¥
The preparation of the book marketing plan generally constitutes more
than a few. Enterprise products, the marketing objectives are the focus
of the different elements in the preparation of detail also have a choice
6, Conclusion.
7, Appendix.

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