Blackstone Capital predators enclosure domestic agricultural income selling vegetables pig Goldman Sachs by fdjerue7eeu

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									Blackstone Capital predators enclosure domestic agricultural income
selling vegetables pig Goldman Sachs
Recently, along with the appreciation of the renminbi expected to heat
up, continue to pour into the international capital market-oriented
domestic agricultural market, led by the United States is famous
investment group Blackstone.
This week by Goldman Sachs "fraud" incident shock, the Asia
Pacific market with a global stock market or sound, the domestic stock
market has hit this year, the biggest single-day decline since the
financial, real estate section to become the main force leading
decliners. Notably, the decline in blue chips surge at the same time,
agricultural products section is still strong, such as the Great Northern
Wilderness, Golden Cereals Industry, Xinnongkaifa other stocks
significantly outperform the trend. This is because in most areas by the
devastating drought in southwest China agricultural products will face
price increases make the expected impact, on the other hand, as most
domestic markets open and competitive industry, agricultural industry is
more and more capital attention. Began last year continues today in the
garlic, pepper and other agricultural prices, are behind the flash out of
the capital from various quarters to promote hand figure. The speculation
pushed the hands of both the capital of agricultural products fueled by
foreign investment, but also within the funding not to be outdone.
600 million U.S. dollars investment in Blackstone Park, Shouguang
Pushing Hong Kong-listed Beijing shopping basket
According to Hong Kong media, led by U.S. investment group Blackstone
fund consortium has the largest agricultural market operator of the
Shouguang Logistics Park reached an agreement listed in Hong Kong in
Shouguang logistics park prior to its approximately 600 million U.S.
dollars of investment , accounting for 30% of Shouguang stake in the
logistics park. The funding is led by the Blackstone, including
CapitalGroupCos, Liu of Atlantis Investment shares the central
consortium, including joint investment.
Dongguan Securities analyst Huang Liming of agricultural products on the
"Securities Daily" reporters that "national policy
restrictions on foreign holding a number of strategic industries of
agricultural materials, such as DuPont Pioneer Group International Ltd
holding 49% of seeds of improved varieties of Dunhuang Seed Co., Ltd.
Pioneer International giant livelihood in various ways into the
development plan of China's agricultural sector, indicating the market
potential and space, but also an indication of their vision. "
Beijing's food basket as a supply base, Shandong Shouguang vegetable
farming industry in the domestic vegetable industry occupies a leading
position. This is probably a fancy Shouguang Logistics Park Blackstone
reason. Investors are quite interested in that Blackstone acquired the
stake from Shouguang logistics park is really the only one from the
agricultural industry in the hands of agricultural products from the
listed companies.
HUANG Li-ming said, "by the end of December 2009, the only domestic
listed companies of agricultural products - agricultural products (000
061) Transfer Shouguang vegetable market shares, transfer of reason may
be that profitability is not strong, may be involved in local government
interests, From now appears, may be listed for packaging. "It is
understood that agricultural products and the signing of Shouguang City-
owned property" share transfer contract "
Will be held in Shandong Shouguang Vegetable Wholesale Market Co., Ltd.
54.41% equity stake in Shouguang City, the state-owned assets transferred
to the Authority, the transfer price of 86.5394 million yuan,
agricultural products, expects the stock transfer tax revenue generated
about 21 million yuan.
One is the domestic agricultural industry's only listed company, an
international well-known investment group, face the same subject matter,
a house, a taking, reflecting domestic and foreign capital on different
attitudes towards the domestic agricultural industry. According to
Logistics Park Co., Ltd. Shouguang, deputy general manager of
agricultural products to shore when the description: "The new
logistics park in China Shouguang farm is owned by the Hong Kong Mong Hay
Group, a construction of a total investment of 2 billion yuan.
A project was in November 2009 has been completed, the second phase
started in April this year, at the end of all completed. The project
covers 3,000 acres, than the old vegetable wholesale market to expand
five-fold. "Agricultural Logistics Park Co., Ltd. Shouguang expected
annual turnover of the logistics park can reach 10 billion yuan in the
next few years will maintain an annual growth rate of 20%.
A source revealed, Shouguang agricultural products by the end of June is
expected to list in Hong Kong. It is envisaged that agricultural products
in the Hong Kong Shouguang IPO, plans to raise 700 million U.S. dollars
of funds, the sponsor UBS people.
Logistics Park Co., Ltd. Shouguang agricultural stakeholders in the
"Securities Daily" reporters said, "Logistics Park is an
integrated logistics park, mainly engaged in agricultural products and
fruits and vegetables, with vegetables." As to Hong Kong can be
completed in June market, they said, "It is a group operation, we do
not know."
Listed companies in China's agricultural wholesale markets inspiring to
look into the eyes of foreign predators "meat and potatoes", is
indeed worthy of serious consideration of domestic capital. When domestic
capital into the player the money madness most profitable real estate
industry today, the international capital but the modest agricultural
trade in the enclosure slowly, Blackstone is not the only one selling
vegetables, as early as 2006, Goldman Sachs investment in the domestic
pig industry crisis would set off a storm.
Have acquired Yurun, Shineway options
Goldman eyeing the domestic meat market
June 6, 2006 and December 9, the leading domestic meat company issued a
public notice Shuanghui development, said the controlling shareholder of
Henan Luohe Shuanghui Industry Group Co., Ltd. (holding Shuanghui
18341.63 million shares, representing 35.715% of the shares) has the
SASAC and the Ministry of Commerce of Henan Province have received
approval, agreed to be SAC Luohe Shineway Group holds 100% of the shares
to 2.01 billion yuan price transfers give Goldman Sachs Group, the actual
controller of Hong Kong Law Tex Ltd (Rotary Vortex Limited, hereinafter
referred to as "Luotekesi"), after transfer of the whole group
change Shuanghui wholly foreign-owned enterprises; while under Shuanghui
December 9 announcement, the Commerce Department agreed to the second
Shuanghui shareholder Luohe Haiyu Investment Limited to hold 25% stake in
Shuanghui to 562 million yuan price transfers to Luotekesi, change after
the transfer Shuanghui Investment. February 13, 2007 Shuanghui issued a
bulletin saying the Luotekesi acquisition, the Commission has given
approval for acquisition of the full report without objection. So far,
Goldman Sachs M & Shuanghui a certainty.
It is reported that Hong Kong Co., Ltd. is dedicated to participation
Luotekesi Shuanghui Group share transfer in the new Hong Kong of
companies incorporated, wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs Group,
Goldman Sachs Strategic Investments (Asia) Co., Ltd. holds 51% stake.
December 2009, issued a statement saying Shuanghui Goldman Sachs has been
the development of the equity held by the majority of the development of
transfer Shuanghui CDH, only holds 5% stake in Shuanghui development. But
the industry generally believe that this is only done between Goldman
Sachs and CDH as a bureau. Shuanghui development in the acquisition of
stake in Goldman Sachs before the rival Goldman Sachs has the largest
holding Shuanghui Yurun Food Group Co., Ltd. China 13% of the shares,
Yurun Food Group listed in Hong Kong, the domestic meat industry is one
of the leading.
Interestingly, one after another at the Goldman Sachs bought shares Yurun
and Shuanghui development, the domestic pork market prices unprecedented
gains, the highest price of pork rose 36 yuan per kilogram. Shuanghui
development in Goldman Sachs stock holdings, the domestic price of pork
all the way down, and now the price per kilogram of pork hovering around
16 yuan. Pork price in advance and retreat of Goldman Sachs ups and downs
of this agreement and will not be too much coincidence, right?
Foreign giants not only necessary for people living vegetables, meat,
soft spot for the food industry, most people drink milk daily will also
be their acquisition targets, the recent major foreign equity ownership
of giant milk around the Prince's battle to become the latest example.
Citigroup set to sell Softbank then expected to resolve the crisis,
Prince milk
Prince Milk Group is China's largest lactic acid bacteria fermented milk
drink science, industry and trade group. Group currently has fixed assets
of more than 30 million employees thousand people in China for ten years
in the production of fermented milk industry, sales volume, market share,
far ahead. That this development may be good producers, now do face
"is bankrupt" bad luck. Purposes in accordance with Prince
Edward Lee, chairman of pure milk on April 15 saying: Prince of milk on
the Citibank when.
It is understood, September 12, 2007, led by Citibank, including DBS
Bank, Rabobank, KBC Bank, Chinese Mercantile Bank and Public Bank
announced a consortium to provide 500 million yuan to the Prince's milk
unsecured, unsecured , 3-year low-interest credit. Since then rolled out
of the stalls make a big Prince milk, as is listed overseas. Prince milk
because at this time the list of major shareholders, Goldman Sachs and
Morgan Stanley already has presence. But the Prince did not milk the
ultimate market success. Followed by a series of problems will crop milk
is difficult to rescue Prince Edward, the foreign creditors and
shareholders lose our patience, in the Cayman Islands, Cayman Prince milk
for the winding up.
The original milk in Prince Edward major shareholders have lost
confidence in the milk to the Cayman Court for winding up the occasion,
Prince Edward enterprises with good milk texture raises the concern of
other foreign giants. April 16, Zhuzhou Hi-Tech Dairy Management Limited
and Chairman of the text Dibo confirmed Softbank China Venture Capital
Co., Ltd., the two strategic investors will be 500 million yuan
acquisition of Prince milk. From this, Softbank also want to become red-
hot domestic agricultural market share.
Blackstone to sell vegetables, Goldman Sachs received pig, Softbank drink
milk, the recent spate of agricultural products on the market in a series
of World War II reflects the acquisition of foreign equity to domestic
markets for agricultural products and food business emphasis. In fact, as
early as 2008, international investment guru Rogers once said, in China,
is the best investment value of agricultural products, agriculture and
agricultural products in the field of international capital investment in
China's next hot spot. Today, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs and even
Softbank's move but it should permit the Rogers just a prediction.
When international capital to compete for the domestic agricultural
industry leading enterprise shares the occasion of big shots, the
domestic capital for agricultural products industry has shown undue
indifference. Think of a few years ago nobody cares about our low-cost
banking option to sell back to the scene of foreign capital is now higher
price, can also make this scene in the agricultural industry again?
(This article Source: Securities Times - net of Capital Securities: Yuan
Yuan Yu-Rong Ma)

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