Bay Bridge construction background by fdjerue7eeu


									Bay Bridge construction background
¡ñ Taiwan's first large offshore bridge cluster in northern China,
Qingdao Gulf Bridge is built of salt frozen region's first large offshore
project bridge cluster is the national highway network, the starting
point of Qingdao to Lanzhou section of highway is in Shandong Province
"five vertical and four horizontal one ring "road network an
important part of the main frame is in Qingdao Transportation
Planning," all the way, a bridge, a tunnel "in" a bridge.
¡ñ red island will become Taiwan's first marine Interchange Interchange
Bay Bridge length 28.057 km, of which 25.1 km long bridge. Main line with
the standard two-way six-lane bridge is 35 meters wide, the design speed
of 80 km. The main construction contents include cangkou Channel Bridge,
Red Island, Channel Bridge, Daguhe Channel Bridge, the sea of non-
navigable bridge, land-based Approach and Interchange. Red Island
Interchange Interchange for China's first maritime, scientific design,
unique, trend was Mirs wings.
????¡ñ Construction of new mode of operation of the Qingdao Municipal
Government of Qingdao Bay Bridge taken from the franchise mode, the world
bidding. After bidding, Shandong High Speed Group, a legal person, access
to Bay Bridge 25-year franchise to achieve a large-scale infrastructure
projects with an international management integration, will be our major
highway bridge construction investment and financing system to provide
reference for innovation. The concession period, Bay Bridge and tied the
completed operating the Jiaozhou Bay Expressway.
¡ñ 11 of integrated credit and commercial banks, Qingdao Gulf Bridge
project the total estimated 9.04 billion yuan, Shandong High Speed Group
invested 3.164 billion yuan of capital projects, financing models to
raise other funds. Financial sector in the province's strong support, at
present, a total of 11 commercial banks in the Gulf Bridge project has
been integrated credit, credit line to 26.1 billion yuan. September 30
this year, Shandong High Speed Group Co., Ltd. Qingdao Expressway and the
China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Qingdao City & Bank
acted as the nine members of the line from a consortium signed the
"Bay Bridge Project syndicated loan contracts", syndicated
loans degrees to 6.5 billion.
¡ñ construction period of three and a half Shandong High Speed Group set
up in October 2006 in Qingdao Expressway Company, responsible for Bay
Bridge construction and operational management. Qingdao High-Speed
Company in accordance with state laws and regulations, strict bidding,
preferred construction, supervision team works on December 26, 2006
started construction, construction period of three and a half, was opened
to traffic in 2010. Will be a magnificent, magnificent majestic symbol of
the modernization of the bridge will stand on the beautiful Jiaozhou Bay.
However, as the Bay Bridge by the salt, freezing and thawing, sea fog,
typhoons, storms, industrial emissions such as the integrated effect of
multiple corrosive environment, the Bay Bridge during the construction
process there are many new issues need to overcome corrosion.
¡ñ to bring multiple effects of Qingdao, Qingdao Bay Bridge is completed,
will improve the state east and west highway transportation network to
further improve transport links in Qingdao East Sea, promote the westward
movement of Qingdao economic strategy to expand the framework of Qingdao
city, which greatly ease Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Expressway traffic pressure
on Huangdao of Qingdao to reduce more than 30 km trip, according to
design speed of computing time can save 22 minutes, reduce Qingdao, Red
Island, Huangdao of space and time, to promote the city of Qingdao and
the City Group The development of Qingdao in Shandong Province to play
the leading position of economic development, to further speed up the
construction of City Group, to promote tourism in Shandong Peninsula of
great significance.


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