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					Banking and financial industry report
????????????????????????Bank financial sector (300)
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A regulatory environment of safety risk management (Ernst & Young,
2 ¡Á Industrial Bank Chongqing Branch Development (DOC40)
3 Bank of China xx xx provincial branch Wireless DDN network access
program (DOC24)
4 China's City Commercial Bank Survey (DOC5)
5 Marketing of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (3 doc)
6 China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Reports (PDF23)
7 Harbin, China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Lei Feng savings
bank corporate culture Planning Case (doc12)
8 ICBC Peony Card Center IMC proposal (doc31)
9 ICBC Peony Card Center VIS manual quotes (doc12)
10 China's Industrial and Commercial Bank of China corporate image
planning strategy (ppt54)
11 strategies to promote the image of China Industrial and Commercial
Bank of China (2) (ppt11)
12 strategies to promote the image of China Industrial and Commercial
Bank of China (1) (ppt15)
13 thematic analysis of China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
14 China Construction Bank, individual housing loans file Implementing
Rules (DOC25)
15 open-end funds to promote programs
16 Wave Group Incentive Options
GEM 17 Loulan Wine Recommendation Report
18 PwC's investment management solutions group
19 Shenzhen Stock Exchange of human resources management consulting
Project Status Report 62P
20 foreign financial institutions in China's business opportunities. PDF
21 China Merchants Bank revised version of training materials (FOR0215)
Securities in the rich Final Report 22 (Beijing Review)
23 Chinese private enterprise listed in Hong Kong action plan
24 China Sunshine Investment Group, the report structure and key
25 China Union Pay General Integral Marketing Platform Description
CITIC Industrial Bank Credit Card Centre 26 organization-building program
27 MBO operation Programme (SW)
28 MBO 15-page manual (in good faith). Pdf
29 Dapeng Securities pay system
30, venture capital investment management approach
31 stock option program integration (12 files)
32 Option Scheme design
33 China Resources Group's capital restructuring of the operation and
34 Huayuan Group's asset restructuring. Pdf
Compilation of 35 cases of mergers and acquisitions (securities company
information 187 25 cases)
36, 2004, review of financial product innovation. Pdf
37 Joint securities seminar overall strategy consulting report (Yuan
38 Dr. Ma Jiang's "Shanghai International Financial Center"
39 of the investment plan the content and methodology
40 Southwest Securities human resources strategy (McKinsey)
41 rapid improvement in retail sales program China CITIC Bank (McKinsey)
42 Galaxy Securities Financial Information System and the book (the text
is issued 83P)
Large concentration of 43 banks at the provincial level middleware
solutions (BEA)
44 banking investment strategy in 2005. Pdf
45 China Merchants Bank Guangzhou complete program of new activities,
planning books (20 documents)
46 China's Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shenzhen Branch
performance improvement and customer management (McKinsey)
47 China Construction Bank, the organizational structure and
implementation of risk management programs (PwC)
48 China Minsheng Bank livelihood card promotion action plan
49 CITIC Industrial Bank Private Banking Manager manual (McKinsey)
50 Bank of China Guangdong Branch of advertising online banking program
5106 Banking Investment Value Analysis (doc11)
522 004 Analysis of the China Banking Report advertising (doc21)
532005, China Financial Stability Report (doc16)
542 005 online banking study in China Brief Edition (doc18)
552,005 Internet banking users in China use the study (PDF17)
562 006 will be opened with the financial sector were mixed in the end
Banking 572 006 why high growth (doc11)
582 006 Banking Investment Strategy (DOC40) (1.49MB)
59 HSBC HSBC budget proposal media (ppt24)
60 IBM Financial Services Advisory (PPT21) in English
61 KPMG latest research report - China's city commercial banks
opportunities (pdf32) English!
62 SAP's financial and banking solutions (PPT144) (3.9M)
63 xx commercial banks spread spectrum wireless networking system (DOC13)
64 XX XX Bank branch office evaluation program (draft) (doc7)
65 Arthur Andersen Corporate Finance Securities and Advisory Services
66 North investment banking lecture notes (1) (ppt125)
67 North investment bank handouts -2 (ppt141)
68 North investment bank handouts -3 (ppt250)
69 North investment bank handouts -4 (ppt209)
70 North investment bank handouts -5 (ppt129) - various forms of mergers
and acquisitions
71 Beijing Financial Street Regional Market Analysis (doc16)
72 currency traders, training materials (DOC93) National Interbank
Funding Center
73 BearingPoint: Fujian Industrial Bank is one of human resources to the
case (PPT36)
KPMG 74 - Bank Information System Control (ppt71)
75 Boston in July 2005 the China Banking Report (PDF11) in English!
76 Boston - Bank of China Bank of China Banking global development trends
and restructuring of the project seminar (PDF144)
77 Boston Consulting Group in August 2005 investment banking and capital
markets report (PDF40) in English!
78 Financial Management: Financial Accounting System (doc45)
79 essential elements of a successful investment bank (ppt25)
80 urban cooperative banks accounting system (doc33)
81 from product advertising to branding - Bank of China Guangdong Branch
open-end funds to promote programs (ppt47)
82 to develop small and medium banks is a strategic task (doc25)
83 Commercial Bank of China (PDF12)
84 bank card market in mainland China Present Situation and Development
85 Deloitte: Financial services company's strategic flexibility (pdf38)
86 E-commerce: the future of the financial perspective to understand the
development of electronic commerce (doc20)
87 EAST financial market research proposal
88 Bank of East Asia, Hang Seng Bank, Bank of China study (more ppt)
89 SMS Banking Systems Technology White Paper (pdf22)
90 BNP Paribas syndicated loans - Presentation (PPT45)
91 non-bank financial institutions, foreign exchange regulations (doc15)
92 Fujian Industrial Bank: To establish a strategic human resource
capacity management system (PPT88)
93 Fukuda equity research reports and financial industry (and Jun start)
94 Fudan University School of Management - International Finance (PPT115)
95 Hong Kong and Macao bank marketing strategy and product trends (DOC14)
96 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China's customer orientation and
marketing strategies (doc13)
97 ICBC Internet Banking Business Manager Marketing Materials (doc12)
98 Corporate Finance topics: mergers and acquisitions (ppt92)
One of 99 corporate finance topics: corporate governance (PPT47)
100 management system: China Merchants Bank's corporate governance system
(13 pdf)
101 International financial risk cases (ppt122)
102 International Finance - Balance of Payments (PPT24)
103 international financial markets (ppt56)
104 International Finance - Foreign Exchange Market (PPT64)
105 International financial derivatives and its business (PPT22)
106 international investment bank, the banking sector some companies in
Asia 0310 study (more ppt) item version!
107 International capital flows and international financial crisis
108 National Development Bank Audit Manual (20 DOC)
109 U.S. Suning type of financial survival of the country s (DOC15)
110 Hall City Commercial Bank in 2004 the whole marketing program (DOC24)
111 Hewitt CITIC Industrial Bank made several job descriptions (5 pdf)
form file!
112 and Jun Fukuda capital operation and financial industry research
report (ppt124)
113 Banking Customer Satisfaction Evaluation System in Henan (ppt23)
114 Human Resource Management Practices Citibank (doc18)
115 Citibank - Credit Card Market (ppt29) English!
116 Hua Xia Bank tenders (DOC63)
117 Watson Wyatt Management Consulting: China Minsheng Banking Human
Resources Planning (ppt92)
118 HSBC Management Trainee System (DOC5)
119 HSBC Bank proposal (PPT24)
120 HP, banking support system solutions (doc5)
121 Royal Bank of Canada's risk management lecture notes
122 China Construction Bank account manager training materials -
Financial Services marketing techniques (ppt196) services industry must
Kunming Branch of Bank of Communications 123 customer credit application
124 Finance and Insurance Accounting System (doc14)
125 Financial Products Marketing (elite training)
126 cases and analysis of financial risk (6 ppt of about 800 pages) - the
banking, insurance, securities and other industries
127 financial services and wholesale e-commerce era
128 Financial Management: HSBC and Royal Bank of Canada's risk management
training (2 ppt)
129 Financial management: banking business processes and internal control
130 Financial Management: Commercial Bank Management (ppt142)
131 financial institutions, large and suspicious foreign exchange
transactions report management practices (doc14)
132 transactions of financial institutions accounting (PPT101)
133 Financial Futures (ppt10) the significance of financial futures
134 Financial Futures (PPT46)
135 Financial Futures Market (PPT29)
136 ---- Financial Futures Exchange organizational forms (PPT9)
137 financial options market (PPT23)
138 financial markets, capital structure and corporate investment
behavior (doc15)
139 financial market regulators (ppt64)
140 Financial Investment Technical Analysis (ppt63)
Financial penalties for violations of 141 (doc15)
142 institutional clients and large financial sector marketing skills
training (PPT15)
143 finance professionals, and Life Planning (doc13)
144 derivatives (ppt52)
145 financial services: World Bank Operations Manual (multiple pdf)
146 financial services: World Bank Operations Manual (multiple pdf)
147 cases of electronic commerce and financial services (ppt85)
148 senior financial services business etiquette (doc15)
149 the relationship between financial and real estate (ppt51)
150 financial marketing training (PPT33)
151 financial advisory services and securities industry introduced
152 Financial Asset Management Companies (doc9)
153 Modern Financial Wizards (pdf140)
154 Manager of practitioners: Private Banking Manager job instruction
manual (ppt40)
155 wary of foreign investors in China's financial assets cheap to buy
156 Lang, "Risks of Commercial Bank case study" training text
information (doc32)
157 Roland Berger - customer service for the financial institution's
long-term competitive advantage (pdf16)
158 Roland Berger - foreign financial institutions in China's business
opportunities (pdf44) English!
159 McKinsey - the merger of the financial services industry: competition
for final (PDF14)
160 --- Bank of background practices to McKinsey
161 --- McKinsey banking practice of lean manufacturing
162 Minsheng Bank Chongqing propaganda proposals (PPT41)
163 private capital to finance the depth of operation (doc6)
164 Morgan: ipo description. Pdf
Bank loans in a recent review of 165 Manual (multiple DOC)
166 Trainer Training (PPT144) Bank of China Shanghai Branch internal
trainer training
167 Ping An Insurance Bank Insurance's past, present and future (pdf26)
168 the use of Balanced Scorecard management of financial institutions in
China significance (PPT22)
169 Pudong Development Bank estimated share reform program (doc7)
170 PwC proposed organizational structure and implementation of risk
management programs (China Construction Bank) (ppt22)
171 Auto Finance Companies (word8) Full Text
172 Auto Finance Companies Rules (doc14)
173 automotive industry: car finance and industrialization issues (ppt53)
174 Human Resources: The Hong Kong Association of Banks account manager
training notes (b) (3 ppt)
175 Human Resources: The Hong Kong Association of Banks account manager
training notes (a) (4 ppt)
176 Mizuho Financial Group - Japanese mainland control the use of
Taiwanese enterprises (PDF40) English!
177 CCID Consulting, the contents of the 2005-2006 series of special
study report 39 (ppt16) China's banking IT service management
178 CCID Consulting, the contents of the 2005-2006 series of special
study report 46 (PPT20) bank card industry, "money" King vast
179 Shandong Province, China Construction Bank Customer Satisfaction
Survey Planning (PPT16)
180 large commercial banks, the program focused discussion (PPT77)
181 commercial banks, development trends (ppt25)
The basic operations of 182 commercial banks (ppt38)
183 commercial banks, securities investment business (ppt60)
184 commercial banks and their regulators (ppt34)
185 Commercial Bank Management (ppt87)
Internal control evaluation of 186 commercial banks in the pilot scheme
187 Commercial Bank Marketing (PPT79)
188 commercial banks and financial regulators (PPT37)
189 commercial banks and financial markets (PPT34)
190 commercial banks and investment banks (3-4) (2 ppt)
191 commercial banks, capital management (ppt34)
192 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Annual Report 2004 (PDF127)
193 domestic-funded commercial banks Shanghai, the basic survey reports
194 Shanghai Bank Internal Management System Performance Assessment
Consultation Report (PDF39)
195 World Bank senior financial officials - from a banker's perspective
on the opportunities and challenges in financing of private enterprises
196 World Bank and IFC report: "China's Corporate Governance and
Enterprise Reform" (pdf119)
About 197 world-renowned investment bank (ppt32)
198 Zurich Financial Services Group Risk Management (pdf 25 pages) - how
to improve risk awareness within the company?
199 Investment Finance: "Morgan letter bar," Morgan wrote to
future generations the essence (chm)
200 Investment Finance: ¡Á ¡Á company funds Chain (doc26)
201 Investment Finance: B share investment guide (pdf134)
202 Investment Finance: IPO valuation and technical issues (ppt44)
203 Investment Finance: IPO Investment Case (doc32)
204 Investment Finance: BearingPoint _ Bank of China credit program
205 Investment Finance: Stock Option Incentive Plan (ppt26)
206 Investment Finance: Guangzhou Holding investment value analysis
report (pdf17)
207 Investment Finance: Citigroup Training Series 1 (pdf190) English!
208 Investment Finance: Citigroup fund training materials (pdf28)
209 Investment Finance: Over the years the stock market Road 2 (doc40)
210 Investment Finance: HSBC Investment Analysis (ppt27)
211 Investment Finance: Financial leasing encourage healthy and rapid
development of security groups (ppt42)
212 Investment Finance: Morgan Stanley's media skills (pdf10)
213 Investment Finance: Morgan Stanley - Alternative Investment Profile
214 Investment Finance: Option Description (PPT50)
215 Investment Finance: Global financial markets fixed-income analysis
(pdf511) heavy Recommended!!
216 Investment Finance: Market Research Report - Financial Market Survey
Report (multiple files)
217 Investment Finance: investment instruments and risk (ppt46)
218 Investment Finance: Foreign Exchange Seminar (ppt17) - LC business
219 Investment Finance: My experience of cities - ten years is the
understanding and the pursuit of deeper (doc22)
220 Investment Finance: the financial security information (multiple doc
221 Investment Finance: Bond Futures (PPT51)
222 Investment Finance: Securities Account Manager Manual (pdf55)
223 Investment Finance: Stock Options in China Design (doc14)
224 Investment Finance: China Securities and Futures Market Profile
(doc57) - Securities Investment Fund
225 investment banking - TCL Roadshow Information Reference (ppt44)
226 investment banking M & 1 (more DOC)
227 investment banking M & 2 (5 DOC)
228 investment banks and development (ppt32)
229 Investment Bank's organizational structure (ppt24)
230 The role of investment banks (ppt20)
231 Investment Banking 1 (PPT41)
Investment Banking 232 2 - the issuance of securities and underwriting
Investment Banking 233 3 - IPO (PPT35)
234 Investment Banking - Investment Bank's role (PDF68)
The basis of 235 investment banking training course (PPT30)
236 investment banking due diligence (PPT33)
237 Investment Banking Marketing Commercial Bank of China (doc45)
238 investment banking business in the marketing function (ppt23)
239 cases of foreign financial risk (ppt165)
Injection of 240 foreign exchange risk management and commercial banks
241 foreign banking regulations (doc85)
242 Analysis and Research Network Bank (doc27)
243 Wuhan City Real Estate Financial Analysis (doc20)
244 West, the development of Internet banking strategy and revelation
245 modern international capital markets and investment banking (PPT44)
246 Hong Kong-listed Bank of Communications prospectus (PDF512) (2.72MB)
247 Hong Kong Association of Banks - Account Manager Training Materials
series (7 ppt 131 pages)
248 Industry Report: Boston Consulting - China Banking Report (pdf50)
249 Industry Report: Banking - China Merchants Bank research report
250 industry report: China's financial industry analysis report (pdf19)
251 Industry Analysis: Banking (doc97)
252 Derivative financial instruments (ppt19)
253 enterprises in the financial industry in Shenzhen, a business plan
254 mobile banking solutions (PPT79)
255 Bank - Financial Management System (doc8 documents)
256 banks operating system information and business information (DOC84)
257 bank account manager and corporate culture building skills (PPT69)
258 bank management system: the investment bank's listing prospectus
259 bank manager manual
260 bank card business (ppt30)
261 bank card marketing, especially for the project (DOC57)
262 Banking Client Manager (ppt427) heavy Recommended! !
263 bank financing of the basic concepts (doc67)
264 Banking (ppt44) - the organization of commercial banks
265 banking personnel management practices (ppt18)
266 banking report (PDF35)
267 Bank Marketing Interactive Discussion (PPT48)
268 Marketing Management: Merchants Bank Guangzhou planning new
activities with a comprehensive plan book (multiple documents)
269 Standard Chartered Bank syndicated loan business seminars (PPT36)
270 Strategic Management: A financial leasing company's business
development strategy (doc62)
271 Strategic Management: Merchants Bank, Time Management Planning
272 important and difficult strategic management - the case of Bank of
Shanghai (ppt61)
Merchants Bank 273 College Computer Festival Marketing Plan (complete
plan) "(doc9 documents)
China Merchants Bank 274 financial services roadshow program (DOC11)
275 Merchants Bank Marketing Analysis (doc18)
276 Merchants Securities - Banking Investment Strategy 2006 report
277 Zhejiang University School of Management - International Finance
Practice (14 ppt)
Zhejiang Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. 278 project proposals (far Zhuo)
279 China Construction Bank - Foreign Exchange (PPT17)
280 China Construction Bank for the performance management system,
consulting (KPMG)
281 Chinese financial corruption research: from qualitative to
quantitative (PDF46)
282 China's financial corruption index Insider (doc7)
283 China's financial reform: property rights infrastructure and the
difference between original sin and disposal (PDF20)
284 Chinese financial institutions business division and trust industry
Agricultural Bank of China Reports 285 (PDF21)
286 Agricultural Bank of China customer credit rating means (doc12)
287 People's Bank branch operation (PPT24)
288 Bank of China Limited primary operating subsidiaries responsible
positions Compliance Manual (xls)
289 China Banking IT application and market research reports (DOC15)
290 China Banking marketing (doc21)
291 China Banking Analysis Report 1 (doc88)
292 China Banking Reports 2 (doc48)
293 CITIC Securities investment bank due diligence (doc12)
294 BOC Hong Kong's personal financial product training materials (PPT25)
295 Innovation Capital Finance and Industry New Drug Development (ppt63)
296 "Financial geek" (DOC355) financial operators must-read!
297 ¡Á ¡Á City Commercial Bank, the overall concept of strategic planning
298 Electronic Banking Business (doc15)
299 Guidance Handbook for restructuring and listing of Everbright
300 McKinsey "rapid improvements in retail banking sales XX" of
the project summary report
301 Hong Kong-listed Tencent QQ complete set of 31 document files

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