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???????????????Anti-cancer marine products
????Consumption of seafood is very good for health. Some seafood also has
good anti-cancer effect.
????Sea cucumber can slow the aging, can inhibit growth and metastasis of
cancer cells, but also inhibit the growth of mold.
????Octopus octopus has a strong anti-virus, anti-cancer dual function.
(Octopus, also known as eight-band).
????Jellyfish jellyfish extracted from the jellyfish, which has strong
anti-cancer effect.
????Seaweed, including kelp, seaweed, spirulina, etc., have a certain
anti-cancer effect. The kelp high calcium, can regulate the pH balance of
blood, while kelp fiber difficult to digest, after eating some
carcinogens can promote intestinal excretion, help the body prevent
cancer care.
????Croaker treatable esophageal and gastric cancer.
????Oyster oyster meat to the cancer cells was inhibited, oyster shell
can promote the spleen cells to increase antibody production.
????Sharks Sharks are a kind of marine life from cancer animals, there
are 67 kinds of shark cartilage proteins can inhibit the growth of new
blood vessels. Today, shark cartilage has been introduced in many
countries cancer program, its success rate as high as 50%.
????Cutlass cutlass silver powder sweetlips is to produce raw materials
for anti-cancer drugs, can cure leukemia and cancer.
????Sardines are rich in high-quality nucleic acid, can enhance immune
function and reduce the incidence of cancer. Sardines also contain
selenium and vitamin E, anti-cancer benefits.
??????????????Four kinds of anti-cancer vitamins may
????Multi-vitamin good for you. In recent years, scientists have further
found that there are four kinds of vitamins can prevent cancer.
????The first is a vitamin A. Research shows that vitamin A can prevent
and suppress cancer cell proliferation, prevention of gastrointestinal
cancer and prostate cancer is especially significant. It can restore
normal tissue function, but also to help chemotherapy patients reduce the
recurrence rate of cancer. Tomato, carrot, spinach, leek, pepper, apricot
and other plants, animal liver, cod liver oil and dairy products contain
a lot of vitamins directly A.
????The second is vitamin C. It is also called ascorbic acid, can reduce
the carcinogenic nitrosamines in the body together, greatly reducing the
incidence of esophageal and gastric cancer. Vegetables and fruits more
vitamin C content, such as pepper, bitter gourd, garlic, radish leaves,
rape, coriander, tomato, etc..
????The third is the vitamin E. Eat more foods containing vitamin E may
enhance the body immunity, inhibit the formation of carcinogens. United
States, a recent study also confirmed that vitamin E has prostate cancer
and bladder cancer prevention role. Vitamin E primarily in vegetable
oils, especially soybean oil; eggs, cereal, carrots, fresh lettuce and
other foods are also more content.
????The fourth is the B vitamins, including vitamin B1, vitamin B2,
vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and so on. They can inhibit cancer cell
formation, synthesis of the human body can help a number of important
enzymes, regulate metabolism. Grains, beans, yeast, dried fruit, animal
offal and other content of the food more.
????It is noteworthy that the normal diet of vitamin essential to meet
the human needs, not to add too much to take tablets, or may cause
adverse reactions.
???????????Frequently drinking black tea can prevent influenza,
cardiovascular disease and skin cancer
????Black tea is made of baked after fermentation, fermented tea leaves
under the action of enzymes in the oxidation of red oxide, a black tea.
Black mild, taste of alcohol
Thick, in addition to containing a variety of water-soluble vitamins, but
also rich in trace elements of potassium, when 70% of potassium after
brewing tea in soluble. K has enhanced the role of the heart blood
And can reduce the consumption of calcium in the body. Manganese
contained in black tea because of bone structure is one of the
indispensable elements, which frequently drinking strong black tea is
also good for bone.
Newcastle University's Medicinal Plant Research Center, and colleagues,
Dr. °£µÂ°Â¿-Âå "Phytotherapy Research" published an article
that they found that drinking tea can prevent the synthesis of an enzyme,
this enzyme can destroy acetylcholine, and acetylcholine is the
transmission of information between brain cells in the middle of the
In recent years, foreign countries have information to report regularly
drinking black tea are prevention of influenza, stroke and skin cancer.
Shimamura, Showa University, Professor Zhong vine has been found: with
the regular tea drinking mouthwash or direct role in the prevention of
influenza. Studies have shown that black tea contains
Of a substance can kill the flu virus. The researchers used 4 times
weaker than the usually black tea liquid immersion infected area only a
few seconds, it found that it was the loss of infectious virus. Experts
believe that, in order to prevent the virus from the mouth to enter, as
long as the usual drink black tea with black tea or mouthwash can
effectively kill the virus, to prevent violations of human influenza.
The results show that, as a kind of black tea contains flavonoids, whose
role is similar to oxidants, can prevent stroke and heart disease. Dutch
scientists had red
Whether the effects of tea have made an observation to prevent stroke.
Researchers 552 men aged 50-69 years were tested, the subjects were
divided into two groups. A daily average of less than 2.5 cups of black
tea to drink, the other group drank black tea 5 cups per person per day.
The results show that intake of flavonoids from black tea more persons
(those who drank more tea), the smaller the risk of stroke. And drink tea
every day up to 5 Cup, including the wind of the risk than those who do
not drink black tea reduced by 69%. A recent U.S. study: those who drank
a cup of tea and not tea than people, the former risk of heart disease
more than 40% lower than the latter.
Australian scientists believe that drinking tea can effectively reduce
the opportunity for people to skin cancer. Researchers to use mice in the
laboratory for testing to prove: When exposed to
In excess of UV which, the mice drink tea by cancer or skin damage than
the simple ratio of 54% less water in the mice, and also found that
drinking red
Tea drink green tea than those mice the incidence of skin cancer should
be much lower. This is the first confirmed in the prevention of skin
cancer, the tea stronger than green tea anti-cancer effect.
??????????????Parental smoking significantly increased the risk of child
????A recent German study found that parental smoking may increase the
child's future risk of nasal cancer, lung cancer, bladder or kidney
cancer risk.
????At the German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg release said, the
researchers analyzed the relevant agencies in Sweden from 1958 to 2002
lung cancer patients between information, including people with lung
cancer in 18 000 mothers and 42,000 fathers who the offspring of nearly
174,000 cases of cancer cases.
????They found that if mothers were smokers, so their children suffering
from respiratory tract cancer and bladder cancer risk is 1.5 times the
normal children, suffering from nasal cancer and lung cancer risk rose by
almost 3-fold and 1.7-fold. Male lung cancer patients suffering from
nasal cancer, and so the children of the risk of cancer will increase,
but the risk of bladder cancer and did not increase the risk of kidney
????The researchers believe that children of smoking parents, the health
effects of these differences exists, may be attributed to the role of
some degradation products of nicotine. If pregnant women or new mothers
smoking, then the fetus or infant will be, respectively, or breast milk
from mother's body to absorb nicotine degradation, and excretion through
the kidneys and bladder. Experts point out that the fetus, the baby's
kidneys and bladder are particularly sensitive stage in the growth and
development of vulnerability, the mother and the milk in the degradation
of nicotine to the kidneys and bladder on the former adverse chronic
???????????????Wonderful curry flavor; anti-cancer has strange effect!
????Both because of the unique curry taste loved by many people, perhaps
discouraged many people, but you know, there is still a curry in a unique
anti-cancer efficacy of it. British scientists have found that capsaicin
and other ingredients in curry, not only provides a spicy taste, but also
can suppress tumor growth. And curry in these components can effectively
kill cancer cells in lung and pancreas. In addition to Curry has anti-
cancer effect, with the spicy food has a lot of anti-cancer effect, for
example, pepper, pepper also Congjiang Suan, also great deal of diversity
in the prevention of cancer. Experts suggest that you eat properly every
day a little spicy food, this is conducive to good health.
????????????????Female breast cancer should eat what protection
????Female breast cancer has become a common disease, a serious threat to
the health of women. According to the researchers found that about one-
third of cancer incidence and diet. Food reasonable with both cancer
prevention effects, but also sick with some role of adjuvant therapy.
The first edible fungi:
White fungus, black fungus, mushroom, Hericium, Poria, etc. is a natural
biological response modifier, can enhance human immunity, strengthening
the body resistance, strong anti-cancer effect.
The second category of fish:
Fish, turtles, loach, octopus, octopus, squid, sea cucumbers, oysters and
kelp, Sargassum, etc., because they are rich in trace elements, protect
the breast, the role of inhibition of cancer growth.
The third class of fruit:
Grapes, kiwi, lemon, strawberry, citrus, figs, etc., not only contains
multiple vitamins, and contain anti-cancer and the prevention of
carcinogen nitrosamine synthetic substances.
The fourth category of vegetables:
Reasonable match with the staple food is conducive to good health. Such
as tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin, garlic, onion, asparagus,
cucumber, gourd, radish, and some green leafy vegetables.
The fifth type of milk and its products benefit breast health, to add
Cereals such as wheat (flour), corn, soybeans and some cereals are
beneficial to health. Barley contains a large amount of soluble and
insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps the body fat, cholesterol and
carbohydrate metabolism and reduce cholesterol. Insoluble fiber helps the
digestive system healthy and prevent cancer. Nuts are nuts and fruit
types of food, rich in antioxidants, may play anti-cancer effect.
?????????????????Prevention of childhood cancer, parents, self-care
???April 15 to 20 is the 14th Cancer Awareness Week, the theme of
"advocating the smoking, so that children from cancer." But
experts said that childhood cancer is not just smoking, a more global
level, but also the parents of modern life lead to delayed child bearing,
birth after birth, overweight and other factors and exposure to
environmental hazardous objects.
According to statistics, 60 years from now, the incidence of childhood
cancer increased by 25%. Therefore, experts suggest that cancer
prevention and treatment of children, young parents of self-care from the
start, the age distribution of childhood cancer, from birth to age 18 are
possible, but the most common in 3 to 10 years old. International Union
Against Cancer (UICC) statistics indicate that the incidence of childhood
cancer is about one ten thousandth of the world there are more than
160,000 children each year are diagnosed with cancer, about 90,000
children died.
In general, children with multiple cancer within five years after birth,
10-14-year-old children the rate of cancer recurrence than patients 10
years of any previous age group are low, but the species is more.
Including acute leukemia, brain tumors, malignant lymphoma, neuroblastoma
and liver tumors are relatively common, and leukemia is particularly
prevalent, accounting for 60% of tumors in children.
Four kinds of causes
In general, the leading children's cancer There are four general reasons,
the first is genetic, the incidence of childhood cancer because of
genetic and higher, for example, parents, brothers, if suffered from
leukemia, appears to increase risk of cancer. Second, and the immune
system, such as people with immune deficiency diseases or suppress the
immune system of children affected by human factors, but also prone to
cancer. Third, the virus, some drugs and viral infection can easily lead
to childhood cancer, some of the specific virus in question and in
particular types of cancer. Fourth, environmental issues, such as
maternal smoking or passive smoking, whether I, the future of their
children, leukemia or other tumors likely to increase more than 50%. In
addition, the child nutrition imbalance also easy to cause cancer.
Experts remind that prevention of childhood cancer, on the one hand need
to pay attention to environmental and nutritional problems of children,
on the other hand, need to note that young parents of self-care.
Therefore, to ensure the physical health of parents is essential to
ensure the health of children; the mother during pregnancy should pay
attention to avoid unnecessary contact with harmful substances,
particularly drug therapy, radiography; to ensure essential amino acid
and vitamin intake.
Easily ignored early symptoms
As the relatively low incidence of childhood cancer, parents and even
some doctors know it is inadequate, some early symptoms of the disease
may be prompted not paid enough attention, it summarizes some clinical
manifestations of common diseases and neglect. In general, if the
following symptoms, parents should be alert, bring the child to the
hospital to be checked.
(1) pale of unknown etiology, such as excluding partial eclipse,
malnutrition, parasites and other reasons, also appeared anemia, or
unexplained bleeding occurs, sudden bleeding or purpura, pediatric
hematology need to check as soon as possible.
(2), unexplained fever, more than two weeks or more can not identify the
causes of fever, unexplained pain, such as abdominal pain, joint pain,
headache, in particular, will hurt some children awake at night sleep, or
unexplained neurological symptoms appear such as headache, vomiting,
ataxia, facial nerve paralysis and convulsions, parents with children
should be swift doctor promptly.
(3) persistent swelling of lymph glands. Virus infection in children can
cause local or even systemic lymphadenopathy, but it will soon disappear,
such as a sustained rapid lymphadenopathy, should be detailed inspection.
(4) eyes with reflected light (commonly known as cat's eye), deep in the
eye, can see a white object, an ophthalmologist should quickly find and
diagnose children with blood oncologist.
In addition, if unexplained hepatosplenomegaly, or unexplained skin
tumors appear, should be inspected as soon as possible.
Childhood cancer increased with the modern lifestyle
A recent European study found that children suffering from cancer
patients in Europe increased year by year, of which 17% of cases with
modern lifestyles and environmental change.
The researchers found that at least 17% of cases and the parents of
childbearing lead to modern lifestyle, overweight and other birth after
birth, exposure to environmental factors and harmful objects.
Studies have shown that older mothers and their children will suffer from
cancer, leukemia, and increase the likelihood of other children born
overweight also leukemia, kidney cancer and neuroblastoma and other
cancer causes.
????????????????Pay attention to danger signals gynecologic cancer
????Women's lives, with the gonadal development and decline, in various
physiological periods there would be special physiological phenomenon,
also subject to certain factors and pathological changes. Menarche and
menopause, mode of delivery and delivery frequency of tumors is closely
related to women. Epidemiological studies show that these factors and
female breast cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical
cancer, choriocarcinoma incidence of other common tumors closely.
Therefore, we warm to the nation's female compatriots: Please attach
importance to the risk of gynecologic cancer signal, active prevention
and timely treatment of cancer.
????Gynecological tumors include breast cancer and reproductive cancer.
Women, the high incidence of breast cancer, benign tumors in the breast
fibroadenoma, and breast cancer is a common breast malignancy. Female
genital tubes and ovaries from the genital to the most common are
cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, uterine fibroids, uterine cancer,
ovarian cancer, choriocarcinoma, and vulvar cancer, etc.. Most patients
have early symptoms, we should pay more attention to their own bodies.
Gynecologic Oncology found that the best way to do each year to the
hospital routine Gynecological Examining and medical advice for cytology
and histology. Because early detection and early diagnosis of cancer cure
is very important renewal of life.
Breast lumps: Bilateral breast asymmetry, breast skin changes and
inflammation-like orange peel-like edema. Flat with your fingers when
touching the breast pain and oppression of the areola with nipple
discharge discharge, check the sternoclavicular touch the larger lymph
node papillary muscles are likely suffering from breast cancer.
Abnormal masses: can grow in any part of the reproductive organs. Genital
tumor, some of the ovarian tumor, uterine tumor larger patients that they
can touch, generally, I stumbled across. Some of these mass texture hard,
some soft, activity too big or small, mostly round or irregular shape,
growth rate can be fast or slow. Even without any symptoms of these tumor
is an abnormal phenomenon, most of a tumor.
Abnormal vaginal discharge: Under normal circumstances, endometrial,
cervical and vaginal secretions of endometrial formation of vaginal
exudate, usually are small, and with the menstrual cycle. When the female
reproductive tract tumors, and tumor necrosis, ulceration, can be watery,
bloody and rice soup-like vaginal discharge, such as the merger of
infection, can smell. Abnormal vaginal discharge may be cervical cancer,
endometrial cancer or fallopian tube cancer performance.
Menstrual change: the periodic shedding of endometrial menstrual formed.
Under normal circumstances, menstrual cycle regularity, moderate amount
of bleeding.
When the growth of tumors such as uterine myoma, endometrial cancer,
uterine sarcoma, choriocarcinoma, may appear abnormal menstruation,
including excessive menstrual, cycle disorders lose the law, the duration
of menstruation, bleeding and so on. Some cancers such as ovarian
granulosa cell tumor, theca cell tumor can secrete estrogen, menstrual
cycle disturbance, but also can cause menstrual abnormalities.
Postmenopausal bleeding: As we age, generally about 50 years old, due to
decline of endocrine function in amenorrhea occurs. In the first year of
amenorrhea, and sometimes occasional vaginal bleeding. If more than one
year there postmenopausal vaginal bleeding bleeding after menopause is
called. Bleeding after menopause are many reasons, most cases are caused
by benign disease, but can not be ignored cervical cancer, endometrial
cancer may be.
Abdominal pain: torsion of ovarian tumor, rupture or infection, uterine
prolapse or fibroids to the degeneration of the cervix, can cause more
severe lower abdominal pain. Most malignant tumors have significant
abdominal pain and development of late.
Toilet change: the first performance of ovarian cancer may be the only
gastrointestinal symptoms, when the tumor compression or violations of
the bladder and rectum may cause frequent urination, difficulty
urinating, dry stools and so on.
When the above symptoms, the patient should be timely treatment, can not
endure because of symptoms of mild to relax vigilance, delaying
treatment. Of course, the above symptoms are not you got cancer, you do
not have too much panic, you have to do is prompt diagnosis and
?????????????????????????People who have family history of cancer should
pay attention to anti-cancer check
?????Whether the cancer genetic? This is widespread concern. Based on
current scientific research results show that the cancer directly by the
very few genetically determined.
Animal experiments and clinical studies have proven that smoking may
cause cancer. Many people in the smoking population, cancer is rare,
which in addition to, and how much smoking and smoking duration of the
foreign, mainly in people's physique, physique is genetically determined,
this is often medically that susceptibility. Even predisposition must
also factor in the carcinogenic effect of the outside world before
Also common in clinical cancer for future generations to cancer rate
higher than the normal people, and this is the genetic factors play a
role. Such as gastric cancer patients with children have higher than
average chance 3 to 4 times. Another example is the mother suffering from
breast cancer, her daughter's breast cancer incidence 3 times higher than
the average person. Others such as esophageal cancer, liver cancer, colon
cancer, also have a similar phenomenon. This phenomenon is difficult to
explain the common living environment, because many family members often
scattered around, but its incidence was still no family history of cancer
were higher. This only shows that a large number of genetic factors, but
can not be said to be hereditary cancer.
Some patients are not cancer, but cancer can occur, but also hereditary.
Clinical syndrome called genetic tumors. Such as family colonic
polyposis, polyps can be malignant as cancer, such patients must be
vigilant and close observation.
The genetic complexity of the issues of cancer. Occurrence of cancer is
still a mystery not yet solved. Therefore, the masters of the time was
suffering from cancer, must not be cranky, to maintain a good mood,
improve their immunity, learning and understanding the basics of cancer,
to help families with cancer to build confidence.
Many data indicate that the typical high genetic type and family cancer
accounts for only a very small number of all cancers, while the majority
of cancer is "genetic susceptibility" way to express. Clinical
diagnosis and treatment of medical staff also found that many cancer
patients are associated with varying degrees of family history of cancer,
in particular, it is interesting that the residents of high incidence of
cancer in the move to low-incidence area, their descendants still had the
high tendency of cancer . For example, China's Guangdong and Fujian
provinces, the majority of residents suffering from nasopharyngeal
carcinoma, the residents of these areas after moving to Europe and
America, their descendants still nasopharyngeal cancer who are mostly
local residents, higher than the incidence of several times.
Therefore, with obvious family history of cancer (especially parents,
brothers, sisters, and a relative risk of cancer) of the people, to
correct bad habits, reduce and even out the impact of environmental
carcinogens, and actively participate in regular anti-cancer screening is
an effective way against the threat of cancer.
??????????????????????????Anti-cancer weapon - the gene targeting
????"The emergence of gene targeting technology so that we hand over
a weapon against cancer. Gene targeted therapy in clinical application,
for some to accept conventional radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients
see hope invalid, so the survival of many cancer patients period has been
extended. "even more crucial, because only the targeted therapy
against cancer cells, the basic normal tissues do not harm the human
body, so patients during treatment significantly reduced the pain level.
Therefore, in the eyes of many cancer specialists, is a targeted therapy
for cancer patients not only live longer, and allow them to live a more
quality. "Gene therapy targeting won the Nobel Prize, is indeed well
deserved." Although ÂíÀï°Â¿¨Åå»ù such as the birth of three to gene
targeting technology, scientists, and this year it received a Nobel Prize
in Physiology or Medicine, but the technology In fact as early as 56
years ago, China had already entered the clinical treatment of cancer and
many cancer patients to benefit.
62-year-old Chen small girl (not his real name) is one of Guangdong
Zhaoqing, 5 years ago, she was diagnosed at a local hospital suffering
from advanced lung cancer. "The doctor looked at my mother's lung CT
scans, shaking his head told us to do well worst, because the cancer has
reached advanced, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy have not
done." Sister's son Chen Li thin on told reporters. However, fine-
mei Chen Several children are especially filial piety, they do not want
to leave so the mother watched, then they took her mother to a family
doctor in Guangzhou.
A top three major hospitals in Guangzhou, the Department of Respiratory
Medicine, a doctor told them, in accordance with national treatment at
the level of fine-mei Chen disease do nothing to rule, but when the
United States and Britain have developed a new drug for cancer, oral very
good, and the patient ate too little pain will not be released, after the
severe side effects of chemotherapy, suggest that they try to find
channels for their purchase of the drug.
"Later, we pass a number of relatives in Hong Kong found that the
drug, expensive, day 1, each piece should be more than 500 yuan."
Lee said, but to save the mother, brother and sister and several wound
they bought. "But the magic is that the effect of this drug really
is almost immediate: the night before the mother can not sleep cough,
cough decreased, you can sleep and appetite and better social lot of the
people much better state of mind . "Three months later, Lee returned
to hospital with his mother," The doctor looked at her mother's CT
slice, shocked almost speechless, because the tumor has not only been
brought under control, but also reduced! "
5 years later, had been sentenced to "death" of Chen small girl
is still alive today. Recently, this reporter met her in the hospital
referral, in good spirits, speaking in the atmosphere is hard to imagine
she had a patient with advanced lung cancer.
Targeted therapy to prolong survival of cancer patients
"In fact, Chen is a small girl taking a targeted anti-cancer
drugs." Cancer Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, director of
thoracic surgery, said Professor Wang Yuandong, and the drug research and
development base, is precisely the Nobel Prize for gene targeting
"Targeted gene therapy is a new way of treating disease is a general
direction." Wangyuan Dong said, "ÂíÀï°Â¿¨Åå»ù other reason why
the three scientists received the Nobel Prize this year, is that their
research Gene therapy targeted basis, for the benefit of the patients
around the world. especially the cancer patients. "
It is understood that gene targeted therapy in China has begun a five or
six years time, the technology will become a major cancer drug treatment
If Chen small girl then get the number of targeted drugs also points the
way "illegal", now in China, the development of gene targeted
therapy represents a major step forward has been. Today, many are
available through targeted therapy of cancer: lung, liver, breast cancer,
lymphoma, colon cancer ... ... research has shown that in patients
receiving the targeted therapy, more than 50% survival in varying degrees
extension, the quality of life improved.
I understand that the current targeted therapies are no longer limited to
intravenous injection, there is also a growing number of oral drugs,
patients no longer need to go to the hospital every day, their own
medication at home on it.
In addition, targeted therapy has been the United States and China, as
second-line treatment guidelines for cancer drug. This is for many cancer
specialists, the equivalent of a hand on the addition of powerful
weapons. "In the past, in the face of some patients who relapse
after chemotherapy, we really are helpless. But now, with targeted
therapy, we can 'change from passive to active attacked beaten'." A
cancer specialist, told reporters.
According to statistics, in the Cancer Hospital, approximately 20% of
patients receiving second and third line treatment to the targeted
What is the gene targeted therapy in the end?
However, for most ordinary people, the gene targeted therapy is still an
unfamiliar concept which in the end what is it?
Recently, the award-winning news Capecchi him coaching the University of
Utah became the focus of world attention, in the eyes of students,
Professor Capecchi talkative, his hand always holding a pencil. He often
used a pencil to line their own ideas or clutter with some letters that
came out in the paper, saying it as "doodles."
As early as 1977, only 40 years old Capecchi in his molecular genetics
laboratory, University of Utah, took his "knockout gene targeting
technology" ideas with a pencil "Graffiti" to the paper.
Capecchi's idea initially seemed wildly imaginative and bizarre. He
believes that there are tens of thousands of human genes, major diseases
such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes incidence is due to a genetic
change results. If you could find a change in the gene, then this part of
the targeted gene "knockout" can make it a loss of biological
activity, no longer pathogenic to cure a variety of chronic disease.
Simply put, this is a disease found the right target - a gene, then the
removal of the treatment methods.
In 1987, Capecchi started upon application of his invention in mice gene
targeted knockout technology. In 1989, the first "knockout
mice" was born.
Now, many people enjoy talking about Capecchi received the Nobel Prize
from the King of Sweden when the hands of the brilliant, just, and his
colleagues fought with the most clear, Capecchi spent a number of pencil
for this. People familiar with his jokes, he was knocked out with a
pencil in hand mouse genes.
Gene targeted therapy: identify the target before rounds.
"We are currently used by the targeted gene therapy, research is
Capecchi developed on the basis of this up." Wangyuan Dong explained
that in the past, the mention of cancer treatment, people think of first
is surgery, then that is radiotherapy and chemotherapy. "The three
traditional methods of dealing with cancer is undoubtedly effective, but
also means great pain." Wang Yuandong of clinical experience in
years, was to endure such treatment of "living death" and
numerous examples. "The traditional treatment methods, surgery is
invasive, chemotherapy is the toxicity of the treatment, in killing
cancer cells while normal cells were not spared. So much physical pain
"The gene target therapy precisely to the contrary, it is found the
right target (cancer) was placed bullets." Wang Yuandong to liken
the growth mechanism of cancer cells into a car, "the car needs a
lot of channel launched cancer cells, too, its growth in many key 'node',
for example, enzymes, proteins, receptors, and targeted therapy drugs, to
accurately pinpoint the growth of cancer cells in these nodes to attack,
to this to block the growth of cancer cells. "Because the target
accurately, so the body targeted therapy will not hurt other normal
tissues, patients will no longer have so many painful complications.
In fact, the reporter contacted a number of genes being targeted therapy
of patients, they are normal people live and no significant difference.
76 year old uncle was found to colon cancer week. "The doctor gave
me a kind of ongoing clinical trials with targeted therapy drugs, I eat
for two months, tumors disappeared, and I eat sleep and almost forget he
is still a patient has." Uncle week's optimism indeed hard to be
related to him, and cancer.
Does not require the tumor "ruthless"
Recently, reporters from Harbin, the Tenth National Conference on
Clinical Oncology understand that medical treatment of advanced cancer
now thinking has changed. Non-small cell lung cancer, for example, the
medical profession now do not advocate the complete elimination of cancer
cells as a target for those who receive standard chemotherapy is invalid,
the body can not tolerate chemotherapy or relapse after successful
treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients is needed with
second-line treatment. The advanced non-small cell lung cancer second-
line treatment focuses on control, so that no increase is to the survival
of patients with tumors; the same time, treatment is designed not only to
prolong survival, but also to improve their quality of life.
In the surgical treatment, many doctors have changed in the past have to
tumor "ruthless" concept. "Especially for some older
patients with advanced cancer." Wangyuan Dong said he had admitted a
few years ago, a 70-year-old terminal cancer patient. "At that time,
he had no surgical operations, and so I told him to take a minimally
invasive method of ablation, the principle by hyperthermia, as long as
small an incision will be able to kill cancer." Surgery, the patient
was discharged, In the following 10 years, this patient has been
recurrence of the tumor, but Wang Yuandong has not given him undergo a
major revamp, but through the 18 minimally invasive ablation treatment to
help him fight against cancer. Today, this old 80 years old. "From
advanced lung cancer detected up to now, he lived a full decade. And
because he has not received much the treatment of traumatic, so it is not
ten years he spent in the endless pain, but to live very good, very high
quality. "
Gene targeted therapy still have regrets
Of course, the application of gene targeting therapy is also not perfect.
First, the majority of ordinary people, the gene targeted drugs are
expensive, but some of the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer drugs,
the cost of the monthly needs of 16,000 to 2 million, while the treatment
of liver cancer drugs cost as much as 4 per month million, as well as
breast cancer drug, an injection of the price is more than 20,000 yuan
... ...
Second, not all patients are sensitive to these drugs, that not all
patients using these drugs are effective.
Third, some patients with targeted therapy drugs used to a certain stage,
the tumor or relapsing. And when the tumor recurrence, then use the same
drugs may be ineffective. Also, although the targeted therapy
significantly reduced side effects, but individual patients will suffer
from skin rashes and so on.
It is understood that these problems, the medical community is doing
further research, such as how to reduce and surgery in patients with
tumor recurrence after medication, how to use with conventional
chemotherapy drugs and so on. In addition, sources, individual gene
targeted therapy may lower the price, but also wants to be included in
Medicare Drug List.
????????????????????????Bacterial anti-cancer magic
????Imagine having such a wonderful bacteria, will be injected into the
blood stream, it will automatically run to the tumor location, and then
produce a cancer-killing compound. This is the University of California,
Berkeley (UCB) and San Francisco (UCSF), has been done.
Bacteria cancer
Conventional cancer treatments are limited to two key reasons: First, the
real drug directly to the tumor is small, is drugs, like cancer and
health organizations have toxic effects. Bacteria, however, accurately
find the potential ability to target cells. Boston, Harvard Medical
School geneticist Church (George Church), said: "In a way, bacteria
panacea Terminator." He added: "It is difficult in a small
molecule or protein molecule structure for a lot of intelligence
research, but bacteria have sensors and actuators that can drill into a
cell, like a submarine. "
To build a cancer-killing bacterium, biologists must create a function
that can perform a series of complex organisms, that is, in the
bloodstream, these bacteria can feel the tumor environment, and to make
their response. Once inside the tumor, the bacteria must infiltrate the
cancer cells, and then they begin to tumor-killing toxin. The researchers
intend to use genetic engineering methods to specific parts of different
types of bacteria into E. coli (Escherichia coli), synthesized a kind of