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					And look
???Home life has also unable to settle down in August hot weather to me
on the spot
???Unbearably hot all the way, the family must have also weariness ocean.
???Light seems bent on risking heat to the students, has been chasing me
to finalize the time,
???Wish I had a good trip set the mood to understand.
???Dad called yesterday, and I told him to prepare to go home in August,
said line
???Lunch break at noon time
???PLB students talking in front of the return plan
???Asked when I leave
???I said in mid-August Bai
???Said to ask for instructions
???I casually said he went to
???(¡Ñ o ¡Ñ) ... really satiated incoherent ah
???Shortly after the afternoon will be too hot too hot sister on the
line, said point or return it no later than
???Mother said the first call so hot that fear also suffer ill on the
???I said OK then we'll talk talk
???Have not had time to discuss
???PLB students happily leave me success
???I said just call me later point
???... ... ... ...
???This is the error error
???Evil creature ah
???J back to tell any connection with some
???She worried because she caused harm to our conflict
???Said the decision would now go home
???Do not my mother cooking, she cooks for us to eat
???Expect to see other people's QQ signature "family is family"
???Moved ING

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