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Alibaba Group's companies have five subsidiary companies, the merger is
called Dharma fingers. Celebrate the tenth anniversary of Ali in the
2009.9.10's party, Ma announced the establishment of Ali cloud

Alibaba New Building

Alibaba (B2B)

Taobao & Ali Mom & word of mouth network (advertising platform)
(C2C + B2C)

Alipay (third-party payment platform)

China Yahoo (news media)

Ali Cloud (Business management software)

Has been set up in the future, the company acquired the following

Ali software (software development)

China 10 000 Web: the road leading to one-stop service
* December 1998 Ma and the other 17 founders in Hangzhou, China released
its first online trading market, known as "Alibaba Online"

* Alibaba Group in June 1999 the official carrier.

* October 2000 to promote the company for the better sellers in China's
export trade, launched the "China Suppliers" service.

* June 2001 to better serve the company as an international seller,
available on the international station, "trust pass" member.

* March 2002 launched China Station "trust pass" membership
program, and better service in China's domestic trade sellers and buyers

* October 2003 launched the exchange of software tools
"Tradelink", which can make the buyer and seller to communicate
in real time through the network.

* March 2005 Alibaba China launched keyword bidding service.

* April 2007 launch of Hong Kong "China Suppliers" services,
and promote export trade.

* August 2007 to submit a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock

* Successful listing in October 2007.

* December 2007 launched an updated version of Alibaba Japan website.
* March 2008 Alibaba become Hang Seng Composite Index and Hang Seng Index
constituent stocks in circulation.

* April 2008 launch of the Chinese market "Winport Wang Pu"
service provides small and medium enterprises to a station, the first
step to help SMEs expanding the business.

* May 2008 with Softbank in Japan joint venture (,
operating Alibaba's business in the Japanese market.

* June 2008 "integrity through individual members" service
formally launched. Help companies develop domestic trade in China.

* August 2008 launch of the Chinese market "exports to China
(ETC)" service. Exports to China to help foreign SMEs

* November 2008 launch of a new generation of international export market
- the "export through."

* March 2009 in the Chinese market Pay-for keyword bidding system
"network marketing treasure"

* April 11, 2008, Alibaba strategic level products, "Wang Pu
(winport)" official opening experience, the reporter learned from
Alibaba, the strategic-level product name is called, the product is based
on enterprise-class e-commerce platform that will help first step in
expanding the business of SMEs.

According to the relevant responsible person said that Alibaba, Alibaba,
"Wang Pu," now consists of three platforms: enterprise
information display platform of enterprise marketing platform and
business communication platform; Alibaba in the future, "Wang
Pu," will gradually expand more to help SMEs the basis of e-commerce
application platform.

* February 14, 2009, Alibaba's success and the return of the company Ali
mother network cooperation, the return of the industry as a boss, the
return of network and therefore to a more light with a clear network of
people through the return to Taobao buy things, return of net It will
return up to 50% cash, therefore, the return of network by the majority
of users of all ages.

* Alibaba China 10 000 540 000 000 Net investment

September 28, 2009, Limited (HK.1688) issued a public notice,
and China have reached a million net equity investment agreement, Alibaba
will pay 540 million yuan in cash, two phases of the shares received
HiChina .

This is from November 2007, the company was listed in Hong Kong after the
capital involved in the largest single investment project. Alibaba side
said that through this strategic investment in Alibaba China million net
will be able to play in the Internet-based services advantage.
Alibaba Financing Events:

October 1999, introduced including Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Investments
(Fidelity Capital) and the Singapore Government Technology Development
Fund the first phase of five million U.S. dollars, including Angel Fund;

January 2000, was Japan's Softbank (SOFTBANK) injection of 20 million
U.S. dollars;

February 2002, the third round of financing, Japan Asia Investment
Company injected five million U.S. dollars;

February 2004, received 82 million U.S. dollars in strategic investments.
Investors include Softbank, Fidelity Investments, Granite Global Ventures
and TDF Ventures Ltd. and three other companies;

August 2005, formed a strategic alliance with Yahoo. Alibaba actual cash
income of 250 million U.S. dollars. These include Yahoo's 70 million U.S.
dollars (to purchase ordinary shares), and Softbank's 180 million U.S.
dollars (buying convertible bonds). Taobao to become 100% holding
company. Yahoo become the largest shareholder, with 40% of the shares. Ma
and his team for the second-largest shareholder, with 28.2% stake in
Softbank, the third largest shareholder, with shares of 16%.
Cultural ideas

Alibaba's corporate culture

Since its inception in 1999, Alibaba, Alibaba value system based on a
strong corporate culture has become the cornerstone of Alibaba Group and
its subsidiaries. Their commercial success and rapid growth in the spirit
of entrepreneurship and innovation-based, and always focus on meeting
customer needs.

Alibaba Group's six core values, they dominated all of their conduct, is
an important part of the company's DNA. In the hiring, training and
performance evaluation of the company's management system integrated into
the six core values. When new employees join Alibaba, their headquarters
in Hangzhou, a two-week induction training and team building courses, the
courses focus on the company's vision, mission and values. Moreover, in
our regular training courses, training and corporate team-building
activities should reinforce these elements.

Alibaba from Hangzhou, China started the first 18 entrepreneurs grow 20
offices on three continents with more than 5,000 employees of the
company. They strive to create for the staff to the positive, flexible
and results-oriented environment to work closely together in the family.
No matter how much they grow the company, a strong shared values so that
they maintain a common corporate culture and Ali House.

Alibaba's dream: the development of new business by way of creating a
different world

Alibaba's mission: to make the business world is not difficult
Alibaba's vision, mission, values

Vision Vision

1, as a company sustainable development 102

2, the world's largest e-commerce service provider

3, the company become the world's best employers

Mission Mission To make doing business easy.

Let there be no hard-to-business Values Values

Customer First

- Customer is Yisifumu

Respect for others, at any time to maintain the image Alibaba

Smiling face of complaints and grievances are, and actively work to solve
problems for customers

Communication process with customers, if not their responsibility, not

The position of a customer to think, based on the principle of adhering
to the ultimate satisfaction to customers and companies

Sense of service in advance and take preventive measures


- Shared shared, ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Actively integrate into the team, willing to accept help from colleagues,
with the team to complete its work

Constructive views before making an active, full participation in group
discussions; decision-making, regardless of whether the individual has
objection must be supported entirely from the words and deeds

Proactive sharing of knowledge and experience; initiative to help
colleagues in need; good use of the strength of the team to solve
problems and difficulties

Good and different types of colleagues, not to individual preferences
into the work of the spirit of "No name" principle
A sense of ownership and positive impact on the team, improve team morale
and atmosphere

Embracing Change

- To meet the changing and innovative

Adapt to the daily changes, no complaints

The face of change, rational treatment, effective communication, good
faith with the

Changes produced on the difficulties and setbacks, self-adjustment, and a
positive impact and lead colleagues

Advanced awareness of the work in the establishment of new methods and
new ideas

Create change and bring improved performance breakthrough


- Honest, magnanimous words

Honest, what they seem

Through the correct channels and procedures, accurately express their
views; expressed criticism at the same time be able to make
recommendations accordingly, frankly there are taboo

Do not spread unconfirmed information, do not talk behind the
irresponsible things and people, and to give positive guidance, advice
and feedback for any "chance for improvement, if any, Tsutomu"

Courage to admit mistakes, accountable and responsive, and timely

Interest on the damage the company's bad faith acts correctly and
effectively to stop


- Optimistic, never give up
Like his job, recognition Alibaba Culture

Love of Alibaba, the overall situation, no thought to personal gains and

A positive and optimistic attitude to face the daily work, encounter
difficulties and setbacks never give up, and constantly self-motivated
efforts to enhance the performance

Always the spirit of optimism and the will to win, influence and lead
colleagues and team

Constantly set higher goals, the best performance today is tomorrow's
minimum requirements


- Professional dedication, excellence

Today, things are not pushed to tomorrow, working hours only do work-
related matters;

Follow the necessary processes, not because of work to repeat the error
caused by dereliction of duty

Continuous learning, self-improvement, doing things that fully reflects
the results-oriented

Arranged according to priorities to correct the priority of work, doing
the right thing

To follow, but are not limited to workflow, to simplify, with smaller
results of the work into a larger

"I think the employees first, customers second. Without them, there
is no such site. Only they're happy, our customers will be happy. The
customers are encouraged to language, words of encouragement, but also
make them like mad Like to work, it also allows us to continually develop
the website. "- Ma Quotations
Awards Honor
Alibaba e-commerce platform to create the enterprises (B2B), by domestic
and foreign media, foreign venture capitalists in Silicon Valley and
praised and Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, AOL shoulder to shoulder one of the top
five Internet business schools. * Continuous five times by the U.S.
financial magazine "Forbes" named one of the world's best B2B
site; * the world's leading Internet traffic monitoring site
global business and trade class ranking site investigation, Alibaba
ranked first. * Alibaba twice been elected MBA from Harvard Business
School case study in the United States boom started in the circles. *
Competition Organizing Committee for the China Internet Network China
Business class to Alibaba as excellent Web site. * Was awarded the China
Internet Weekly hundreds of excellent site. * 21st Century Pokka brand
Site Selection Committee selected the best trade network of Alibaba. *
"Far Eastern Economic Review" readers voted as the world's most
popular B2B Alibaba website. * The famous "World Economic
Forum," Alibaba CEO Jack Ma will be selected as the Global 100
"Future Leaders" one. * Asian Business Association of the
United States Alibaba CEO Jack Ma selected for the annual "business
leaders", in recognition of his innovative business models and
enterprises to enter international markets to help countries achieve the
contribution of globalization.
Yahoo aides dispute

¡ô 2005, Alibaba acquired Yahoo China 8 ÔÂ its by-products Yahoo
Assistant, July 2006, Qihoo launched a professional killing malicious
software "360 security guards", and Yahoo is defined as the
assistant to remove the rogue software causing Ali Baba's strong
dissatisfaction, causing nothing to fall back. August 17, 2007, odd tiger
and Alibaba on the "rogue software" nothing to fall back the
case to an end the victory. Qihoo successful prosecution of unfair
competition, Alibaba, Alibaba v. Qihoo constitute unfair competition won.
According to Qihoo company, Alibaba's Yahoo Assistant interference Qihoo
360 for normal operation and installation, and the user selects "no
delete" the case, contrary to forcibly remove 360 software user
instruction, constitute unfair competition, illegal behavior. Haidian
District People's Court ruled that compensation Alibaba Qihoo 80,000
yuan, and the official website for 7 days in the company apologized to
the odd tiger. But only 7 days before the Beijing Second Intermediate
Court sentenced Qihoo lost, Qihoo Alibaba compensation 30,000 yuan
economic loss and reasonable litigation expenses 4 million yuan. Alibaba
prosecution, said: "Qihoo security guards" (also known as
"360 security guards") software tools through other Web sites
and free software bundle spread to Yahoo Yahoo Widget assistant and the
so-called software as malicious software, the customer can not normally
Yahoo Assistant and Yahoo Widget software, constitute unfair competition,

Prior to Yahoo, because the assistant was once considered a rogue
software because the user is installed without the knowledge of, and can
not be deleted, so aroused much controversy.

Events are being addressed in the trademark registration

In 2007, is universal technology litigation. It is related to general
company description, are common company May 14, 1999 in 42 categories of
goods and services in the application for registration "alibaba
alibaba" in Chinese characters and English mark, and was recently
issued by the Trademark Office to obtain trademark registration of 42
Classes and e-commerce related services within the exclusive right of
trademark. And Alibaba on September 9, 1999 established in its official Web site use "alibaba alibaba" trademarks,
and are common in 42 categories constitute approximately trademark
services, violation of S & P companies are "Alibaba
alibaba" trademark. The company has a trademark registration are
common, so that Alibaba proceedings in this case there is a great legal
risk. Once Alibaba lost, the establishment of trademark infringement
actions, it means the site can no longer use the "Alibaba
alibaba" words.

Alibaba registered trademark controversy sprung up in the market before,
now have multiple reports that Alibaba mark really is not approved, this
means Alibaba Group not own any type of principal operations in China,
"Alibaba" relevant trade mark exclusive right.

Understood that the present in all 45 categories of trademark
registration, the applicant appears as Alibaba Group and associated
businesses, "Alibaba" text mark of 10. In contrast with the
phenomenon is, as of now, all 45 Class, the parties have covered the
application for registration of enterprises and individuals,
"Alibaba" word trademark registration has reached 126
(including invalid TM), which does up to 10 the number of pieces of
trademark rights.

According to some insider, "Alibaba" brand food situation in
sub-long encounter, early in the Alibaba Group, before the establishment
of the predecessor company, that several pieces of the same name as
trademark in different classes of goods and services do right.
Site conditions

Site Overview

¡ô Alibaba ( is a global inter-enterprise (B2B) e-commerce
brands, is the world's largest international trade, the most active
online trading market and business community, has integrated the B2B,
C2C, search engines and portal. Headquartered in Hangzhou, eastern China,
in Mainland China has 16 sales and service centers, with branches in Hong
Kong and the United States. As of December 31, 2006, the company has more
than 3,500 full-time employees. Become the world's first network has more
than 8 million business e-commerce sites, over 220 countries and regions
around the world daily business and business to provide 8.1 million
commercial supply and demand information to be business people as
"the most popular B2B website" .

¡ô Alibaba outstanding achievements made by the public attention. WTO
Director-General Sutherland as the first Alibaba consultant, U.S.
Department of Commerce, the Japanese economy, Trade and Industry,
Federation of European SMEs and other government and private agencies to
local businesses recommended by Alibaba.

Alibaba two-time MBA from Harvard Business School case study in the
United States launched the academic enthusiasm; consecutive five times by
the U.S. financial magazine "Forbes" named one of the world's
best B2B site; many times by the relevant institutions as the global the
most popular B2B website, China Business class outstanding website,
hundreds of excellent sites in China, China's best trade network; by
domestic and foreign media, foreign venture capitalists in Silicon Valley
and praised and Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, AOL internet par five business
school representatives.

Site History

¡ô 2003, 5 months, invested 100 million yuan Alibaba personal online
trading platform launched Taobao (, creating the world's
largest personal trading site, in July 2004, but also additional
investment of 350 million yuan, in October 2005, additional investment of
1 billion yuan again. As of December 31, 2005, Taobao, the number of
online products more than 16.63 million, the number of breaking 13.9
million registered members, the fourth quarter of 2005, turnover reached
3.03 billion yuan, accounting for 70% of China's C2C market share leader
in China's distant individuals e-commerce market.

¡ô 2003, 10 months, Alibaba create an independent third party payment
platform - Alipay, entered the field of electronic payment now, Paypal
and domestic industry have been banks, China Construction Bank,
Agricultural Bank and China Merchants Bank, the international VISA
International organizations to establish strategic cooperation with major
financial institutions, to become the largest independent third-party
electronic payment platform. As of December 2005 data, by Alipay's
average daily trading volume in Taobao had more than 20 million yuan, and
the momentum of growth remains rapid.

¡ô 2005, 8 months, Alibaba and the world's largest portal, Yahoo reached
a strategic cooperation, Alibaba merger all the assets of Yahoo in China,
Alibaba become China's largest Internet company. Alibaba currently owns
the following business: B2B (mainly with Alibaba), C2C (Taobao),
electronic payment (payment Po), portal + search (Yahoo).

¡ô 7 Alibaba Group dated 28 start the listing process in Hong Kong,
Alibaba to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Committee submitted its
first formal listing application will be Alibaba's B2B (business-to-
business) companies listed in Hong Kong.

¡ô As a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, is China's leading B2B
e-commerce company. From the total amount of user access point of view,
the global import and export enterprises in international trade websites
( and for domestic trade buyers and sellers of domestic
trade website ( is the most Welcome to B2B online
trading platform. Alibaba SMEs around the world to provide an effective
B2B e-commerce solutions.

¡ô Alibaba International station's leading online B2B marketplace, global
buyers and importers looking for in this country from China and other
manufacturing suppliers. As of December 31, 2006, Alibaba International
station has come from more than 200 countries and regions more than three
million registered users.

¡ô Alibaba China Station is a leading B2B online marketplace. As of
December 31, 2006, Alibaba in China China's stand has more than 16
million registered users.
¡ô Ali Mama ( is a new trading platform, first introduced
its "Advertising is a commodity" concept, to show ads for the
first time as a commodity in the trading market, so buyers and sellers
can clear to see. Advertising is no longer a part of people's patents,
Ali Mama buyers (advertisers) and sellers (web master) to easily find
each other!

The new building network platform Alibaba

Alibaba site includes two adjacent markets:

Alibaba B2B online international station market leading, global buyers
and importers looking for in this country from China and other
manufacturing suppliers. As of June 30, 2007, Alibaba International
station has come from more than 200 countries and regions more than 3.6
million registered users.

Alibaba China Station is a leading B2B online marketplace. As of June 30,
2007, Alibaba in China China's stand has more than 21 million registered
Alibaba and Society
Support for entrepreneurs, creation of economic opportunities worldwide

Alibaba since its inception in 1999, its core mission is to make it easy
to do business with merchants all over the world.

Alibaba has come from more than 200 countries and regions more than 19
million members, its membership base mainly composed of entrepreneurs and
small and medium enterprises.

We believe, will power and the Internet open and fair integration of the
global trade environment, can create economic opportunities for the
grassroots and to alleviate the world of poverty Fangmian play
Zhuyaozuoyong. By providing SMEs with cost-saving products and services
marketing platform, Alibaba in developing countries and developed
countries to create jobs and economic opportunities play an important

Corporate social responsibility activities

Alibaba think the first thing to establish a sense of responsibility in
their model corporate citizen. Established values-based Alibaba a strong
corporate culture, Alibaba efforts to ensure its employees and affiliates
to work together to give their clients, colleagues and local communities
in a positive impact. In addition to our own internal procedures, the
company was entrusted with a unique responsibility - with the global
business community more than 19 million registered members to share
ideas, and they exert a positive influence. Exciting events include:

Entrepreneur Training
Over the years, Alibaba has business in China and around the world to
provide management training courses, to share our e-commerce, global
trade, value management and corporate social responsibility experience.

Community volunteers

Alibaba Group encourages its employees to actively participate in
community service activities. Group often provide their employees to
participate in community activities and charitable projects to facilitate
the opportunity.

Sua mode

December 29, 2008, Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Jiangsu
Province and the world's leading e-commerce companies - Alibaba (China)
Network Technology Co., Ltd. jointly create a "sub-station in
Jiangsu Alibaba International Electronic Commerce" formally
launched. The two sides will use Alibaba's corporate data and business
information, aimed against the world's top regional e-commerce platform.
According to statistics, more than 4,000 Alibaba Jiangsu Province,
"China Suppliers" at the date of the first settled in the

Foreign Trade "winter" mode upgrade completed

In fact, openness and dependence on foreign trade as a higher provinces
of Jiangsu's export business has been very much agree with Alibaba's e-
commerce services, there are already thousands of SMEs in the use of
Alibaba "China Supplier" service to develop the international
market and are get a good return, but there are still many enterprises in
Jiangsu did not use e-commerce.

"The main reason, there is insufficient understanding of the
advantages of e-commerce, there is too much reliance on the traditional
trade channels, there is a lack of determination to advance the cost of
inputs, etc.," said Liang Chunxiao, vice president of Alibaba Group,
"Sua mode" integrates Jiangsu Foreign Economic and Trade Office
of the policy guidance, overall coordination and management capacity, and
Alibaba in e-commerce for many years of experience and advantage,
"compared to a single government, enterprise single 'core' driver, a
government guidance and market operation phase combined, efficient and
practical, the country's leading e-commerce platform, will effectively
promote the foreign trade enterprises in Jiangsu province high-speed
development. "

It is reported that, in addition to "sub-station in Jiangsu Alibaba
International Electronic Commerce" on-line the initiatives, Alibaba
will, and Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Jiangsu Province to

* Universities

Alibaba and China are more than 70 leading universities, by Alibaba
Institute for professors and students to provide e-commerce training
courses. Alibaba annually invites more than 100 university professors to
study in Hangzhou based e-commerce core curriculum. Upon successful
completion of courses of study, the professors return to their university
e-certification courses for students. Through the program, China's future
business leaders get the real e-business skills, improved their
prospective employers and Group's value.

* Alibaba Network Business Conference - Entrepreneur of the Year summit

Alibaba Alibaba net annual Business Conference held in Hangzhou. Up to
10,000 merchants to participate in activities they engage in dialogue,
learning from the use of the Internet for business trade the experience
of other entrepreneurs. The campaign eventually "Ten network
operators" to pull down the curtain Awards, winning the award
recognizes human E-commerce and community contributions.

* Lake swordfight

Alibaba in 2000, the activities held in the first round this lake, which
brought together businessmen, government officials and industry leaders
to discuss joint cooperation of all stakeholders to further develop the
Internet industry and e-commerce methods. Recent session of the West Lake
swordfight, including those from the world's leading Internet companies
as the main speaker speaker and former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Alibaba to become China's first Internet companies 20 billion dollars

Financing into the global Internet, the second

China's leading B2B e-commerce company Alibaba Group's flagship company,
and Limited (Stock code: 1688) in October 2007 at the Hong
Kong Stock Exchange started trading on the Main Board.

Alibaba listing on the first day, opening price 30 Hong Kong dollars,
representing an issue price of 13.5 Hong Kong dollars rose 122%, became
the first Chinese Internet market value of more than 20 billion U.S.
dollars of the company, taking into account after the close of the
exercise of the over-allotment option of the funds raised, Alibaba become
the world's second-largest Internet financing. Alibaba midday closing
price of 35.75 Hong Kong dollars.

Management team, 18 Founder and over 100 guests attended the listing
ceremony of Alibaba, Alibaba shares witnessed the opening transaction.

Jack Ma, Alibaba Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer to the guests
at the launch ceremony, said: "We welcome new investors in Hong Kong
and around the world to join, and we build a world-class e-commerce
company. Today is an important Alibaba milestone, a symbol of e-commerce
development will usher in a new era, the global benefit of SMEs. We hope
to build the first eco-systems and e-commerce infrastructure to enable
SMEs to grow their business in China and the world. "
David Wei, CEO, said: "We listed in Hong Kong is an important
milestone for the company. Alibaba was founded in 1999, aims to help
small and medium enterprises around the world via the Internet to develop
their business. Today, we have become a public company Our goal remains
the same. We will use the listing of the resources and brand recognition
to bring to expand our membership communities, to add more value to their
business. "

Alibaba and its parent company Alibaba Group, the first sale of the
global total of 858,901,000 shares, of which 227,356,500 shares sold by
the company, Alibaba Group, by the sale of 631,544,500 shares.
International underwriters exercise over-allotment option, the additional
sales Alibaba Group 113,678,000 shares.

8 based investors to participate in Alibaba's global offering, including
Yahoo, AIG Global Investment Corporation (Asia) Ltd., Foxconn (Far East)
Limited, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Ltd., Cisco
Systems International BV and Kowloon respectively Warehouse Group Limited
Chairman Mr Peter Woo, the Kwok family (Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited,
the controlling shareholder) and Mr. Kuok Hock Nien.

Based investors total investment of 2.1 billion Hong Kong dollars (274
million U.S. dollars), while investors have agreed to share all the basic
lock on the date of listing of 24 months. Start callback mechanism, based
on a total investment of 2.1 billion Hong Kong dollars, or about 18% of
the scale of the global offering.

26 noon in the public offering, the public offering of more than 258
times oversubscribed, the freezing of funds up to 450 billion Hong Kong
dollars, the Hong Kong stock market to create the highest ever funding
freeze. Hong Kong stock market had a record freeze funding is Belle
International (1880) in May 2007 to 446.3 billion Hong Kong dollars
recorded, the following is the world's largest IPO of 2006 events ---
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China's 411.5 billion Hong Kong
dollars, and in April 2007 Mainland Real Estate Country Garden 333
billion dollar commercial frozen funds.

Goldman Sachs (Asia) Limited and Morgan Stanley Asia Limited as its
global offering of the Joint Global Coordinators and Joint Sponsors; the
two companies, together with Deutsche Bank Hong Kong branch of the joint
bookrunners and joint lead managers ; NM Rothschild & Sons (Hong
Kong) Limited for the company's financial advisor.

6 Day, Alibaba set up specially invited to 8 years 8 customer
representatives to Hong Kong to participate in public ceremony to witness
this on Alibaba and SME bosses are for the moment. Alibaba Chairman Jack
Ma said earlier that a company has three represents, on behalf of clients
interests first, the second representative of the interests of staff, is
the first three represents the interests of shareholders.

For investors, they attached even greater importance, Alibaba and its
customer base --- hundreds of millions of small and medium enterprises,
growth of these enterprises and self-adaptability to face the environment
has already experienced nearly 20 years The baptism of the market, once
they have mastered the way the world via the Internet for their growth
will face an explosive growth. Wall Street Journal that "China,
Alibaba has the most populous country in the world more than 2 / 3 of B2B
business market and a growing number of SMEs list."

And Alibaba is the world's most realistic way to small and medium
enterprises, "because they are almost grown up together, with
options to globalization." Analysys International CEO at Young,
said: "More and more Chinese companies are beginning to feel the
Internet to help them improve the power of business, prompting more and
more popular Alibaba service."

Internet experts Jiang Qiping that this also represents the trend of
world economic development. Traditional view that the Asian economic
development model should be representative of Japan, "Toyota
economies of scale", but Alibaba's listing will be replaced by
China's experience in a landmark event in the Japanese experience, this
is "China's economic rise in the sample."

Alibaba B2B market, the Alibaba Group will integrate its five corporate
resources, Ali will make its users to find reliable business partners and
consumers, with these partners to complete the transaction, the
management of their enterprises, information flow, capital and logistics
services. Through a variety of services to maximize the positive feedback
amplification of the network effect. Undoubtedly, the Alibaba Group, and
the overall strength enough to Google, eBay, Yahoo, Amazon the world's
major Internet giants compete (market value of the four after a minimum
of 35.7 billion U.S. dollars). By virtue of this so-called "Dharma
five fingers" of punching, Ma is expected ahead of schedule,
"Alibaba should be in 3 years to become strong global Internet 5 and
10 years, the Internet 3, a strong" dream.
Mythical figures
Alibaba (??? ????), "Arabian Nights" in the "Alibaba and
Sishitaidao" a hero of the novel.

Some researchers think that the article is the Arabian Nights story of
the first European translator Antoine Galland arbitrarily added to the
original's, but according to Richard Francis Burton's view, and this one
did from the original .

Vividly depicts the story of a medieval Arab empire in the life story:
born poor, impoverished woodcutter Alibaba to firewood in the road,
accidentally discovered the robber's treasure land. He easily get a large
number of treasures, but he was not entirely for themselves. In addition
to troubles for the robber who had plotted to kill Alibaba. Alibaba has
been clever, witty, Jieruchou maid Mo Jina's help, it saved the day, and
defeated the bandits. Mo Jina has destroyed the three robbers wit evil
plans, so that the two robbers died in his companion's sword, the other
37 criminals being burnt to death by her with boiling oil. She also used
the opportunity offered dance, with a dagger stabbing bandit chieftain.
Finally, the Alibaba half of the treasure-house of property given to her
and let his son marry her.
Works easy to understand language, plot twists and turns are wonderful,
vividly express people's desire and pursuit of a better life.

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