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					Alibaba Promotion

Alibaba ( is a global inter-enterprise (B2B) e-commerce
brands, is the world's largest international trade, the most active
online trading market and business community.
Good location, solid structure, excellent service to make Alibaba the
world's first network has more than 8 million business e-commerce site,
over 220 countries and regions around the world every day to businesses
and merchants to provide 8.1 million commercial supply and demand
information , a global business network of choice for web site promotion,
to be business people as "the most popular B2B website."
Outstanding achievements made by Alibaba public concern. WTO Director-
General Sutherland as the first Alibaba consultant, U.S. Depar tment of
Commerce, the Japanese economy, Trade and Industry, Federation of
European SMEs and other government and private agencies to local
businesses recommended by Alibaba.
Alibaba two-time MBA from Harvard Business School case study in the
United States launched the academic enthusiasm; consecutive five times by
the U.S. financial magazine "Forbes" named one of the world's
best B2B site; many times by the relevant institutions as the global the
most popular B2B website, China Business class outstanding website,
hundreds of excellent sites in China, China's best trade network. By
domestic and foreign media, foreign venture capitalists in Silicon Valley
and praised and Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, AOL shoulder to shoulder on behalf
of the five major schools of one of the Internet business.
May 2003, the company was investing 100 million yuan personal online
trading platform launched Taobao (, efforts to create the
world's largest personal trading site, in July 2004, but also additional
investment of 350 million yuan. As of July 10, 2005, Taobao, the number
of online products more than 8 million, 90 million daily page views a
breakthrough, the number of break 7.6 million registered members, in the
second quarter of 2005 turnover reached 1.65 bil lion yuan, distant leader
in personal e-commerce in China market. In the global authority Alexa2004
rankings, Taobao integrated in the global site ranking among the top 20,
the Chinese e-commerce site ranked 1.
October 2003, Alibaba create an independent third party payment platform
- Alipay, entered the field of electronic payment now, Paypal has the
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and domestic, China Construction
Bank, Agricultural Bank and China Merchants Bank, the international VISA
international organizations and other major financial institutions to
establish strategic cooperation. As of March 2005 data, by Alipay's
average daily trading volume in Taobao had more than 3.5 million yuan,
while the growth momentum is still very fast.
Alibaba founder Jack Ma, CEO of the renowned "World Economic
Forum," selected as "future leaders", Asian Business
Association of the United States selected as "business
leaders", is 50 years, first as "Forbes" Cover Chinese
entrepreneurs, and has been invited as the world's leading institutions
of higher education at MIT, Wharton Business School, Harvard University
lectures. May 2002 Ma Yuncheng as Japan's largest "day after"
the cover of the magazine, "Nikkei" magazine spoke highly of
Sino-Japanese trade Alibaba in the field of contribution.
Alibaba more than 5 years since its inception, more than 400 a dozen
languages worldwide well-known news media reports on Alibaba tracking has
never stopped by the media as "truly world-class brand."
The world's leading Internet traffic monitoring site global
business and trade class ranking site investigation, Alibaba ranked
"Listening to our customers, satisfy customer needs" is the
foundation of survival and development of Alibaba, the survey showed:
Nearly half of Alibaba's online membership through word of mouth and use
that Alibaba Alibaba; the industry member by Alibaba Business platform
partner reached Nearly half of the total membership rate.
Combination of the world's elite dream team is the cornerstone of Alibaba
building, the perfect combination of a solid team, unity of purpose and
conviction, so that 102 years of this business to go to practice every
day in their mission: "Let the world is not difficult business!