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									Alibaba Alibaba Group Promotion ----
Alibaba Alibaba Group Promotion ----
???????Alibaba ( is a global inter-enterprise (B2B) e-
commerce one of the best brands, is the world's largest online trading
exchange market and business communities. Alibaba was founded in late
1998 and headquartered in Hangzhou, and set up overseas in Silicon
Valley, London branch. Alibaba ( is a global inter-enterprise
(B2B) e-commerce brands, is the world's largest online trading markets.
Good location, solid structure, excellent service to make Alibaba the
world's first merchant has 2.2 million e-commerce website, a global
business network to promote the first site to be business people as
"the most popular website among enterprises . " Outstanding
results to Alibaba, and various people's attention. Sutherland served as
the first Director General Alibaba consultant, U.S. Department of
Commerce, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, SMEs in the European Union
and other government and private agencies to local businesses recommended
by Alibaba.
???????Alibaba founder Jack Ma, CEO of the renowned "World Economic
Forum," selected as "future leaders", Asian Business
Association of the United States selected as "business
leaders", is 50 years, first as "Forbes" Cover Chinese
entrepreneurs, and has been invited as the world's leading institutions
of higher education at MIT, Wharton Business School, Harvard University
?????????May 2002 Mayun Rong Teng Japan's largest "day after"
Magazine Cover, "Nikkei" magazine spoke highly of the Sino-
Japanese trade Alibaba contribution to the field: "Alibaba has to
break even, as the entire Internet world proud. "Alibaba has set up
four years, 400 dozen languages worldwide famous news media reports on
Alibaba tracking has never stopped by the media as" truly world-
class brand. "
?????????SARS outbreak in 2003, highlighted the value of the network
business, the company was to become the preferred business platform for
global enterprises, the website continued rapid development of the
indicators, of which the level of activity on behalf of commercial sites
and sites important indicator of quality - daily new supply and demand
information compared to same period last year 3 to 5 times. Alibaba China
by 1.4 million members of the sample survey found that three months in
the SARS period 42% of the total business deals, performance contrarian
up 52% of enterprises to further consolidate the world's first commercial
platform Alibaba position.
?????????Detection of the world's leading authority on global commerce
site and trade class ranking site investigation, Alibaba ranked
No. 1.
?????????"Listening to customers, satisfy customer needs" is
the foundation of survival and development of Alibaba, the survey showed:
Nearly half of Alibaba's online membership through word of mouth and use
that Alibaba Alibaba; the Alibaba business platform by industry members
percentage of total membership reached Nearly half of collaborators.
?????????The Dream Team from the world's elite team is the cornerstone of
Alibaba buildings, perfect combination of strong team, target firm
conviction, to go 102 this year (late 20th century the century .22 the
year count for one year, can be said that Ali Baba to walk three
centuries) in the enterprise to realize their mission: "Let the
world is not difficult to do business!"
??Alibaba site includes two adjacent markets:
??Alibaba International Station ( a leading online B2B
marketplace, global buyers and importers looking for in this country from
China and other manufacturing suppliers. As of June 30, 2007, Alibaba
International station has come from more than 200 countries and regions
more than 3.6 million registered users.
??Alibaba China Station ( is a leading B2B online
marketplace. As of June 30, 2007, Alibaba in China China's stand has more
than 21 million registered users.
Alibaba's company
??Alibaba Group: Alibaba Network - China International Station Station
Station Taobao Alipay Japanese Chinese word of mouth Yahoo Yahoo network
software Alibaba Ali Ali Mama
??????Site Overview
???¡ô Alibaba ( is a global inter-enterprise (B2B) e-commerce
brands, is the world's largest international trade, the most active
online trading market and business community, has integrated the B2B,
C2C, search engines and portal. Headquartered in Hangzhou, eastern China,
in Mainland China has 16 sales and service centers, with branches in Hong
Kong and the United States. As of December 31, 2006, the company has more
than 3,500 full-time employees. Become the world's first network has more
than 8 million business e-commerce sites, over 220 countries and regions
around the world daily business and business to provide 8.1 million
commercial supply and demand information to be business people as
"the most popular B2B website" .
??¡ô Alibaba outstanding achievements made by the public attention. WTO
Director-General Sutherland as the first Alibaba consultant, U.S.
Department of Commerce, the Japanese economy, Trade and Industry,
Federation of European SMEs and other government and private agencies to
local businesses recommended by Alibaba.
??Alibaba two-time MBA from Harvard Business School case study in the
United States launched the academic enthusiasm; consecutive five times by
the U.S. financial magazine "Forbes" named one of the world's
best B2B site; many times by the relevant institutions as the global the
most popular B2B website, China Business class outstanding website,
hundreds of excellent sites in China, China's best trade network; by
domestic and foreign media, foreign venture capitalists in Silicon Valley
and praised and Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, AOL internet par five business
school representatives.
Alibaba strategic level products, "Wang Pu (winport)"
??April 11, 2008, Alibaba strategic level products, "Wang Pu
(winport)" official opening experience, the reporter learned from
Alibaba, the strategic-level product name is called, the product is based
on enterprise-class e-commerce platform that will help small and medium
first step in expanding the business enterprise.
??According to the relevant responsible person said that Alibaba,
Alibaba, "Wang Pu," now consists of three platforms: enterprise
information display platform of enterprise marketing platform and
business communication platform; Alibaba in the future, "Wang
Pu," will gradually expand more to help SMEs the basis of e-commerce
application platform.
??February 14, 2009, Alibaba's corporate success and the return of Ali
Mama network cooperation, the return of the industry as a boss, the
return of network and therefore to a more light with a clear network of
people through the return to Taobao shopping network will return return
up to 50% of people in cash, therefore, the return of network by the
majority of users of all ages.
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