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Wired and wireless alarm, burglar alarm, security, anti -theft device
Home security is an emerging industry in recent years, the industry has
so much appeal to reason, is that it not only has huge market capacity,
growing at an astonishing rate, but also give insight to those who
display their infinite space. Telephone penetration is rapidly growing
popularity of the product laid a solid foundation in China, and Jin
Huicong strong production research and development capabilities is the
rapid spread of the system guarantee for the Chinese market. Join the
Golden Eagle is low and profits large, investment will have an
opportunity to do a few million regional Dujiazongdai, retail profit up
150% -200%. Jinhui Cong company not only has the right to import and
export business also have to export to Israel, Belgium, France, Britain,
Sweden and other European countries Wei Zhu of the wireless anti-theft
alarm device product CE certification, with China's Jiang Zhixing
certification 3C certification, can Ji major domestic and international
sales agents of our products on a secure legal protection. Chinese
companies are quickly becoming household burglar alarm product brand. In
recent years, the demand for home security products increasing, the
support of national policy, the Housing Industry and the change in
people's attitudes are the Golden Eagle brings unlimited opportunities.
You can direct marketing, community outreach, project, distribution to
retailers, contractors, business center and many other flexible way
alarm, China Export Commodities Fair, accomplish great! Of course, Jinhui
Cong cooperation, high-profit does not mean that high-risk, Jinhui Cong
products are excellent quality, strong technical support, service body
complete, more comprehensive marketing your help.
The company developed products: wired and wireless alarm, burglar alarm,
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burglar alarm, remote control, radar shutters, home security systems,
anti-theft devices, home security alarm, home burglar alarm systems, home
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cameras, network cameras, network monitoring, monitoring system, security
system, security equipment, control engineering company DVR Security
Anti-head bracket Smart dust cover infrared night vision one hemisphere
ball speed ball screen lens Quad processor decoder.
Our company is China's largest production base of security products,
product range, can certainly provide you with the best quality and cheap
products and services, please contact us!
Burglar alarm wireless burglar alarm sound and light alarm alarm burglar
alarm security phone
In 2009 joined the preferential conditions:
ABC¡¿ ¡¾latest to join the policy
1, first cost of supply;
2, several million in the first phase of Distribution Issues;
3, the largest security industry;
4, the central television advertising support;
5, the most homogeneous varieties up to the number of grades;
(More and more are welcome to inquire!)
Move around the country recruit for agents, distributors, OEM cooperation
partners to support lots of welcome to inquire, email Request product
Burglar alarm wireless burglar alarm sound and light alarm alarm burglar
alarm security phone
¡¾Agent, marketing, information sharing¡¿
Business Manager: Xie Jian-ke,
Online QQ: 363052206,
Hotline :0755-33022555 15889474919,
Profile URL:
Shenzhen Security Group brands, including A World Without Thieves,
Falcon, Sword, Golden Unicorn, Golden Eagle, On the world, gold-rich
star, Will Eagle, Jinhui Cong and other subsidiary brands, is a high
degree of monopoly of China Telecom's strategic partn er, the production
strong, thousands of employees, 39 fully automatic high -speed SMT SMT
production lines, production of alarm host and accessories accounted for
more than half of total market share in China, the China Central
Television advertising perennial with multiple channels (CCTV-7 for 10
:03-10: 10), the company received 463 domestic and international
certification, which will have 137 light CCC certification. in China
Telecom, China Netcom, China Mobile, China Unicom users an excellent
reputation. We are a large number of German \ the United States and other
countries in the world famous brand OEM alarm. Shenzhen Security Group
product range up to more than 14,500 series of varieties, our products
include: security, mobile value-added products, home / business burglar
alarm, GSM MMS alarm GSM MMS alarm commercial anti -theft alarm, mobile
phone MMS MMS alarm wireless home security alarm burglar video alarm,
smart home security alarm, smoke detectors, gas detectors, anti-gas / gas
leak alarm, electronic alarm, wireless alarm, wireless smart phones. dial
alarm, wireless door magnetic, wireless remote, wireless intelligent IR
detector, wireless video transmission control systems, home burglar alarm
systems and burglar alarm center network based control systems, telecom
value-added services, broadband and value-added services, ADSL value-
added services, broadband new. business, global eye, telecommunications
global eyes, eyes global business, global focus, the Global eye products,
eye global clients, China Telecom, the world's eyes, moving eyes mobile
value-added services covering the world a burglar alarm, video
surveillance, building intercom, GPS car navigation and other security
industry in various market segments, in the telecommunications
transmission, monitoring, intercom and other areas of buildings, set
within the industry unshakable position and advantage, laying the
Shenzhen Security & Protection sector in the leading position.
Burglar alarm wireless burglar alarm sound and light alarm alarm burglar
alarm security phone
Provide the following services:
1, production of low-cost high quality security products, burglar alarm
systems, surveillance equipment, security products, building intercom,
electronic intelligence products
2, for the agents to provide anti-theft system, all industrial products,
large establishments for. Monitoring system, involving the production,
scientific research, medical, financial, industrial enterprises, real
estate Zhu Zhai, security services, education, Jiguandanwei fields sudden
event emergency help handling systems products and marketing programs,
technical support and training
3, to provide marketing advice and all over the rationalization of
success. Security store model, manufacturers super low price products, a
variety of cooperation for the election, lots of support!
4, the security company profitable marketing program,
5, E-Commerce Security Products business model reference,
6, Telecom, Netcom "phone housekeeping" fixed mobile phone
anti-theft MMS, CDMA color marketing e alarm reference,
7, safe in rural areas "10 defense," City "shop 1000
defense." Such success stories,
8, Europe and the United States, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other
places, "SOS," making "old peace bell," "family
links" platform for mobile multimedia, "a small hard disk video
recorder", 3G video technologies such as anti -theft alarm system,
consultation and cooperation programs
And so on. . . .
????????Recommended brand of deep security CCTV Security Products:
household / commercial burglar alarm, digital surveillance cameras CCTV,
DVR hard disk video recorder, video building intercom, GSM burglar alarm,
network video security products, base stations, alarm , power alarm, MMS
alarm 3G device products, transformer alarm, security company security
projects, power outage system, for help through telephone housekeeping,
telecommunications, Unicom, mobile value-added security services, public
works, urban construction, city emergency works 3111, 10 defense, rural
networking safety system.
Market Prospects
????As the polarization of rich and poor, law and order situation is more
complicated. Therefore, there are two related industries in China is
developing rapidly, first district security team, and second, security
market. All road junctions in the city, under the overpass, often see the
security guard on duty there, in fact, have their guard duty, the case of
robbery has been reduced. Large and medium cities in China, home to
install electronic security systems rarely in developed countries the
United States, Japan and other family installed a high penetration of
electronic security systems.
????But if people with "door unlocking" house theft, robbery,
even with cell security, but also very hard to detect. In the high-rise
residential, illegal entry is also relatively easy. From this, the
traditional mechanical anti-theft devices to today, has come to a stage
of reform must be. Electronic home security with a high-end to replace
the traditional mechanical anti-theft is a big leap
Burglar alarm wireless burglar alarm sound and light alarm alarm burglar
alarm security phone
Project Benefits:
World famous brand, the brand hit CCTV, Shenzhen Security Wireless Alarm
¡ñ Easy installation: wireless surveillance for ease of installation,
without construction wiring, you can use.
¡ñ Alarm time: microcomputer automatic dial alarm, you can call the 6
groups remote alarm number, to your PHS, mobile phone, cell management,
as well as your relatives, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, your office
phone alarm.
¡ñ site monitoring: high sensitivity of pickup trucks to people to
clearly hear - all the sound field in order to make judgments.
¡ñ loud alarm: alarm bell given by the more than 120 db, scare away
criminals, can also choose to mute the alarm and thieves.
¡ñ Emergency Relief: Use the emergency switch, can avoid the rush
security, but also in an accident emergency (sick, fall, etc.).
¡ñ backup power supply: power supply or power outage even if the culprits
destroyed, the system can continue operation of the dozens of hours, to
eliminate hidden dangers.
¡ñ Safe and reliable: magnetic induction through the door and window
detectors, infrared detectors such as multi-angle curtain monitoring, and
spread a dragnet.
¡ñ grab line alarm: When the user nobody at home, someone from outside
the police lines into the phone trying to occupy the burglary, theft
alarm occurs, the system will automatically grab line d ial-up alarm.
¡ñ Anti-telephone line cut: When the phone lines were cut, the alarm
system products that generate 120 dB alarm sound blew.
¡ñ Remote Control: Users can call on the home alarm system to arm and
disarm, alarm, monitoring and so on.
¡ñ Expansion function: at any time by a need to increase the number of
detectors in order to expand the detection range. Remote video
surveillance can be.
¡ñ service: three months of non-human damage replacement, one year
warranty and lifetime maintenance.
¡ñ Fireworks sense detectors, gas leak detectors can be. Early prevention
of fires, gas leaks and other accidents.
¡ñ Product by Ministry of Public Security and Police Electronic Products
Quality Inspection Center of qualified, all passed CCC certification.
Burglar alarm wireless burglar alarm sound and light alarm alarm burglar
alarm security phone
An honor deeply the world
July 2006. Shenzhen Security Group is Russia's Wireless Electronics
Association awarded the "most popular foreign brand security
In December 2006. ºÉÀ¼°¢Ä·ÌØ Danan defense forum in Shenzhen Security
Group was awarded the "2006 Top Ten Smart Home foreign brands"
In February 2007. Southeast Asian Chinese Chamber of Commerce awarded the
"2007 Malaysia's most popular security brand"
In April 2007. Munich, Germany, European Security Exhibition Shenzhen
Security Group by the German SCVT Electronics Industry Association
awarded the "high-tech enterprises in East Asia 2007"
In March 2007. In the Nordic Norwegian international security at the
European exhibition Shenzhen Security Group was awarded the "China
2006 the most prestige of Chinese products enterprise"
January 6, 2009 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands at the European West in
four districts of deep security at year-end customer appreciation open
again as customers in Germany: "German engineers have assured the
quality assurance system of the Chinese factories."

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