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On the third trimester of pregnancy, many things to note there is a need
in this list.
1, rest, rest as much as you, then enjoy the last days of the leisurely
life without children, to avoid their tired, so work and rest. Before
going to bed the feet too high to prevent ankle swelling and varicose
2, Do not gobbled a lot of things, especially the last three months of
the last four weeks, the fetus's vital organs have already developed the
basic right, left to do is re-gain weight more, so at this stage what you
eat more high-calorie more mother and baby would get fat, if more than
eight kilograms of normal natural delivery in big difficulty.
3, some pregnant women have begun ÒçÄÌ breast, and that the two issues:
breast tube smooth, plenty of milk. Possession of many breast, should
ensure that clear before delivery, so that breast-feeding after birth can
be successfully. Can last three months of the breast and nipple massage
science (if necessary, can take part in prenatal programs). If the
inverted nipples, a nipple corrector can temporarily help. Milk secretion
vary, but the fact that every mother should have milk, you can drink some
of the fish soup prenatal months, are said to have galactagogue role. If
you do not want milk, down with the milk chanting, but the most
nutritious colostrum is the most precious child should be dedicated.
4, ready to be produced package, including
Before and after childbirth need clothes: a few pieces of pre-cardigan
pajamas (to facilitate breast-feeding), line socks, at least two nursing
bras, casual shoes with a heel (no socks), the several cotton underwear
(General pregnancy When worn on the line, as has just completed delivery
of the body also looks like it five or six months pregnant);
Products: toiletries as simple as possible to bring a few towels, wet and
dry can be used separately, less skin care products, cosmetics without,
sanitary napkins (the kind of super-absorption, not slim Silk what to use
when thicker softer more comfortable), drinking water, straw, thermos
bottle or tank insulation (if the place to draw water away from your room
and if more people would be more convenient), pumping at least three
packs of paper towels, garbage bags a number of ( up bed or under the
bed, convenience and readily throw garbage), lotus root box (after
cesarean section before the exhaust can only drink this), a bag of brown
sugar (to help row lochia), anti-galactorrhea pad (on the nursing bra
inside, absorption flow out of milk), chocolate (add heat before
delivery). Magazine or you can send your game mp3 throes of time and
family and spend time waiting.
Electrical: camera, camera, cell phone chargers, electric shavers, etc.,
do not forget a charger at home or in advance for a good battery.
The following babies:
A, 3 bottles, a milk, a drink, leave a spare, 120 ml is enough to use,
and to wide-mouth, rubber closer to breast milk real sense, NUK and
Beiqin are good, and not the new An Yigui handy.
B, specifically a Lid glass, cool white open, when the use of powdered
milk, newborn something to drink about 40 degrees, each with a water
shower to save water was too.
C, bath supplies: new-born baby is bathing in the hospital every day and
washing, the doctor put your baby away, while what are you going to take
a bath, such as lotion (bath later), talcum powder or liquid (all or in
skin folds is used, it is best to buy chill fluid to prevent pulmonary
aspiration delicate dust), moisturizing cream and a little tired of Nappy
cream, summer preparation point "61 San", Chinese medicine, can
be a powder use; NB diapers (curiosity, Mother And Baby, King, Kao and
many other brands have their advantages and disadvantages, but the
relatively poor reputation Pampers, Phoebe heard that filling is not too
good), wipes (which is also a big brand heap, they are not cheap, I later
discovered the triple combi package is appropriate), change clothes
(General Hospital gave two, fairly comfortable, they can prepare two sets
of replacement).
D, milk, and sometimes hospitals have made, I live it to the pot of
Abbott, not bad, milk powder brands or should investigate ahead of time,
several domestic big brands in my experience are: Abbott --- light taste,
nutrition ratio also good, moderate prices. Wyeth --- sweet, the other
general. Dumex --- a little expensive than Wyeth, slightly pale, had a
problem. Mead Johnson --- you, DHA high. Synbiotics --- shows imported
from France, the students say the French people seem to have not seen
relatives synbiotics. Domestic milk powder are popular in mainland Japan
(Japanese for their own production of, not imported into China), Meiji --
- those who drank the most, taste close to the breast, DHA content was
high, Japanese hospitals have used, than the export of domestically
produced version of cherished children better, more babies are strong.
Morinaga --- Anita are switched, and the sensitivity is low, eczema help,
calcium high. And low light sensitivity --- Church, rich in vitamins and
minerals, added calcium and iron to prevent anemia. --- Your Glico, Japan
ranked NO.1 in the milk powder, baby skin white.
E, disinfection supplies: sterilizer, sterilization cooking than in the
past, the sterilizer is required, saving time and labor, a good effect.
Bottle brush, easy to use another firm AVENT. Special bottle cleaning
agent, the market price looks expensive, in fact, are also very
provincial, doing we are cheaper than diapers and milk powder more.
F, other: adopt a blanket, pack a single, hats, bed sheets (rooming with
neonatal car), diapers best not to use in hospitals, inconvenient to
change and wash, particularly when the patient is simply muddled mess,
children crying, adults extremely busy Finally, do not know what all
busy, anxious mothers in the bed situation occurs from time to time.
Maternal breast pump, nipple protector. Baby handkerchief several
articles, palm size on it, and wash Qinhuan, soft cotton than gauze.
Adults and children hangers.
Must be prepared to do a lot of things, always forget that what are now
some difficult memories.
5 points will be pre-recorded baby born to say, I did want to record, and
who thought water breaks early, and regret.
6, the family as far as possible every day to keep clean and tidy, there
are unforeseen circumstances that bad, you have no time to prepare go to
the hospital, and other home and then come home a mess, and suddenly the
two big head.
7, make a Yuesao, at any time before and after the expected date of
8, must have been fitted crib, a small bed suitable for children is a key
future growth, we have chosen well, until now still use, like the people
around told me that the crib is the ornament, I would say that adhere to
let the children who own bed, training his good character. This bed is
also very convenient and practical, because the bed attached with a
three-drawer side cabinet, side cabinet top and a diaper change station,
and we use it to put some handy supplies, really nice little bed .
9, home use: baby bedding, bath wash basin, a dedicated small washboard,
diapers, every other urinal pad, bed sheets should be more than prepared,
just in case. Iodine, baby special cotton swabs, sterilized cotton balls,
alcohol, baby nail clippers (not nail clippers), 2-3 large towels,
clothes. Bottle number, with the use of breast pump, milk powder, oil to
prevent nipple protection, anti-galactorrhea pad, ready to give himself
at least five small square, often need them. Small kang table, if not
earlier, then come down to earth very useful, I was stan do it yourself,
size appropriate, and no pollution.
Then there would not be prepared my own, such as fresh vegetables, fish
and promote lactation in traditional Chinese medicine.