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???????Today, going to night classes to a three, this week ended on
another, both looking forward to want to see the arrival of holidays
because of 11 long holiday is over, I hope for a winter break, and very
long. Who said only students hope vacation, teachers are like holiday ah!
???????I am looking at the "Happy Tree" listless listless
appearance, friends said that this "happiness" is the need to
care, and I blew against it did not air half-day stretch blow it up, but
Daorang how my morning thoughts also can not focus, ears always smelled
something the other teachers talk salaries. How the original thought he
has thousands of children 800 a month, and listen to a longer seniority
wages of the teachers said she was 1200, that I not pitiful? Fortunately,
people said later that the basic wage, but also with what the class fee,
there are a lot of money three risk it, then I roughly figured, it seems
1000 45 should not be a problem (as a fledgling new teacher, I Henzhi
Zu's), the United States, the United States and the United States!
However, should the wage pressure from time to time too long, or else how
life ah?
????????Morning writing class, ask students to write to
"mature" as the topic of the essay, the classroom once a nest
on the bombing, people said: "We are still very small!" I said
"You are 16 7, and not the child of", "Teacher, I
15," a child said: "Write 'do not want to grow up' right?"
My God, such a great person, and how a were actually all so childish and
brought their own when the children? Chinese children's mental age is not
generally keep up with the actual age? I was sent forth that they
Zhuangnen up. Then I thought, they just come up, but just middle school,
they can not expect too much, or haste, less speed but bad things, not
general knowledge with you, and anyway I asked, and simultaneously
training the question you should be able to write out, and workbooks on
the issue on the point of the article have explained, you start to write,
to see to what extent can. Two classes received only half of the writing
down of this, depressed!
???????Art students are there, you partly responsible for their own all
right, life does not depend on the dream alive, not hard to pay, but
where's the catch? !

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