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					About Rodin
Auguste Rodin (Auguste Rodin1840 ~ 1917) French sculptor. He was born in
a poor Christian family. His father was a police messenger, the mother is
poor civilian women. Rodin childhood love for art, and other homework is
very bad. In support of her sister Mary, disappointed father had agreed
to send him to art in Paris. Sister Mary earned wages on their own to
supply his room and board, so deeply beloved childhood Rodin his sister.
His 14-year-old with Helasile Hancock (Lecongde Boisbaudran) studied
painting, sculpture and later with the Bayer School, and worked as
Jialiaibei Terrace (Carrier ¡¤ Belleuse)'s assistant, to create
decorative sculpture five years in Brussels, Belgium . 1875 Tour of
Italy, inspired by popular works of Michelangelo, thus establishing the
realism of creative expression. His "Bronze Age", "The
Thinker", "Hugo", "Burghers of Calais" and
"Balzac", "walk" and other works are a new creation,
has been criticized by the French academic . Contains 186 sculptures in
the "Hell Gate" design was selected because the government
failed to block the planned implementation, only complete the
"thinker", "Kiss," "Eve," so part of the
works. He was good at painting with a variety of tactics and demeanor
create a vivid image of the rich power of art. Life made many sketches,
style, and the "Art of" handed down. Rodin sculpture in the
history of Europe's position, as the poet Dante's position in Europe.
Rodin and his two students and Boodell Mayor, known as the European
sculpture "three pillars."
For modern people, he is the old time (classical period), the last one a
sculptor, but also a new era (modern period) was originally a sculptor.
One of his feet remain in the classical courtyard, the other foot already
crossed the threshold of modern children. Can be said that Rodin used his
training in the classical period were mature and powerful hands, not as
tradition-bound with his creative spirit of the new era opened the door
to modern sculpture; when young artists swarmed go forward he already
step into the bad year, he walk. His works on the development of European
modern sculpture have more impact.
????Rodin's art technology into the school is the favorite of Mrs. Peng
Badu artist Baxieliai created in 1765, students studying here Binding and
mapping. Here he met lifelong admiration for the teacher who Helasile
Hancock. Lecoq was a regular art teacher, but he started to encourage the
faithful to the true art of Rodin feeling, and not according to academic
dogma to behave. Perhaps it is this teaching affected Rodin's life.
During this period, he frequented the Louvre copying master paintings.
Unable to afford oil paints, Rodin turned to sculpture class, and has
since fallen in love with sculpture. Lecoq was also introduced him to the
famous French animal sculptor valle (Barye 1796 ~ 1875) there to learn,
so he was good basic training. Through three years of hard and diligent
in learning time, Rodin complacent, ready to applying for the Paris
Academy of Fine Arts. Lecoq was introduced to the famous Rodin sculpture
Mandolong (Hippolyte Maindron 1801 ~ 1884), who recommended him as
Rodin's enrollment application was signed, but this is useless, Rodin
lost. The second year is still unsuccessful. The third year, a host of
aged next to his name altogether in Rodin write: "There is no order
to this life, continue to sit, pure waste." In this way, the future
European sculpture master, the Paris Academy of Fine Arts was hit by the
door will always resist outside. It aspires to be a young sculptor Rodin,
a heavy blow.

Bigger blow came one after another beloved sister Mary Rodin spends
monastery for romance, and two years later, her fragile mental and
physical frustration but can not afford to claim the lives of
disadvantaged families withered, died of illness. Rodin's spirit in the
total collapse under the double blow, and he resolved to take his
sister's way, when a monk. But Rodin his endless supply of strong
physical desires, which create the desire in an artist's mind is
difficult to contain the fire kindled, so that the same God and the arts
into a devout Rodin inner conflict and suffering. Good and informed abbot
Ai Maer, from Rodin to see repressed expression on his mind. He created
the conditions for Rodin have the opportunity to paint and sculpture.
When he saw after Rodin really talented, they persuaded Rodin return to
secular life, to continue its sculpture business, "Art for God to
use service." This encouraged Rodin. Rodin was comforted with a
heart full of gratitude to the President in the monastery for the Ai Maer
did a statue, this statue shows a 23-year-old already has as a sculptor
Rodin's insight, skill and hands awkward.

Lecoq Rodin back side, with his help and support, and began learning the
struggle while working career. Could not afford a model, he invited a
beggar Tabi Beebe to him as model. Beggar's ugly to see Rodin was worn in
his face, and with universal human suffering and miserable, and he also
thought up his life of drudgery and lonely sculptor Michelangelo. Which
in the eyes of Rodin's beauty and ugliness of life and art have a
different meaning or beauty. Attention to light when he created the
performance work surface, will have to show the ideological content of
its content into the works in order to enable sculpture become a powerful
language, the people in the ideological content of the experience far
more than the visual experience . The art of thinking is hard in pursuit
of master Michelangelo in his old age, but after 300 years after the
first time in Rodin's "Tabi man" to become mature, and
throughout his life, as they are the source of the soul and charm .

Rodin was not only a sculptor, is also a great teacher. His students or
assistants, even if it only had contacts in the art of Rodin deeply. But
Mr. Rodin as the artistic point of view, never bound students, so his
students can mature their own unique style and stand out. They learn that
Rodin's creative spirit, so many of them were outstanding, some future
par with the teachers.

Rodin's life is being attacked and ridiculed, and to provide
understanding and support of human life. But he has a great personality
to correct all this ground. Rodin life of climbing, and eventually
boarded another peak after Michelangelo. Rodin convinced: "Art is
feeling." All his works are proof of this concept, are profoundly
reveals the wealth of human emotions. In this context, Rodin is the most
distinguished Romantic sculptor. However, he's great, also because of his
deep thought: he was not romantic in the visible of those ills, such as
superficial enthusiasm, empty exaggeration, false connotations. Tragic
theme of his preference, be good to explore the strength and beauty in
dilapidated. This makes his art with profound character, both dynamic
touched the person they think of Kai, so that we can magically
transported to the mind of the waves, the profound meaning of life, the
universe's mysterious far away, create the magic. From this perspective,
Rodin has gone beyond the romantic, beyond the portal factions, beyond
the times and regions, history in a dazzling star Galaxy. He sympathized
with the bottom of the working people, who love their country, their life
into their pursuit of art and life in agonizing pain all go. He ushered
in a new era, created a new artistic techniques. His work embodied the
spirit of thought and charm, always bring people to the beauty of deep,
enlightening the people to keep thinking.
?Rodin works

Rodin's sculptures are as follows:
Thinker (The Thinker)
Kiss (The Kiss)
Meditation (Thought)
Hand (The Hand) (Rodin's hand the hand of God the devil's hand stretched
out the hand of the grave secret handshake relief
Ugly Beauty (Heaulmiere)
Hong (Iris)
Eve (Eve)
Adam (Adam)
Gates of Hell (The Gates of Hell)
Bronze Age
Yimin Calais (The Burghers of Calais)
Balzac (Balzac)
Man injured nose (The Man with the Broken Nose)
People walking (The Walking Man)
Scaffolding under the shadow of three (The Three Shades on ascaffolding)
Eternal Spring
Romeo and Juliet
Ye Li homes Isinbayeva
I am beautiful
Dana Sorrow