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About Abbott
Abbott: a commitment to life
Abbott (Abbott Laboratories) the company in 1888 in Chicago, founded by
the Wallace ? Dr. Abbott is a global, diversified health care company
devoted to exploring the maintenance of healthy new medicines, new
technologies and new methods. Products across the areas of medical care,
from nutritional supplements to medical devices and diagnostic products
and medical treatment. Full line of products throughout all ages, from
infants to the elderly to meet important health needs.
Abbott: Science and Nutrition, there is evidence to follow
Abbott brand milk powder as a scientific rigorous, evidence-based than a
hundred years of experience, is the industry's only been many evidence-
based milk brand. Abbott Nutrition 120 years history of science,
scientists continue to break 7,000, 139 countries and regions, deeply
trust my mother, it is focused on the U.S. pediatrician recommended
Abbott in infant nutrition continued innovation:
1888, Abbott established major pharmaceutical companies in Chicago
1927 successfully launched Similac infant formula, sold the United States
1959, the first to add iron in infant formula, introduction of Similac
infant formula iron
1966, U.S. infant formula of love came for milk protein allergy and
diarrhea of infants recovering from
Cattle first discovered in 1984, the carbon acid in infant mental and
visual development in the role, and the first to add milk and breast milk
in the same amount of taurine
Formula in 1993 by adding selenium method patents
Launched in 1997 with six U.S. patents Abbott hi Herbalife infant
formula, especially with TPAN days screen protection system and enhance
immunity baby
Abbott in the Chinese market in 2004 with the original system Hopson
Child Gold and Gold Xikang small security force elements
Abbott, 2009 New Listing 100 Gold Hi Kang Lizhi care formula
100% imported, stringent quality control
Consistent with our New Zealand and European quality milk, Abbott and are
100% imported, stringent quality control, each batch of products through
more than 1500 quality inspection. Factories all over the world,
including Singapore plant is Abbott to invest in the global largest and
most advanced milk powder factory, it is Singapore's first get the green
standard "Gold" certified plant.
Abbott's full range of products, there is evidence to the baby's
nutrition plan to follow
1, 100 Abbott Gold intellectual protection
Stage 1: Abbott Gold hi Herbalife (0-12 months old only)

Formula features:
? intellectual vision seven nutrients: DHA, AA, taurine, linoleic acid,
linolenic acid, lutein, choline;
? three protection systems: U.S. Patent TPAN days screen protection,
prebiotic GOS and the antioxidant protection system
? U.S. Patent vegetable oil ratio, excluding palm oil, baby poo soft
paste, calcium absorption rate 53%;
? Abbott Gold Xi Kang Baozhi ? Care TM is also special to add partially
hydrolyzed whey protein, hydrolyzed whey protein is more easily absorbed
Stage 2: Abbott Gold Xikang force (6-18 month old infants only)

Allotment features:
? Seven intellectual vision to bring HighQ HighShield three nutrients and
protection systems;
? fully support the "intellectual development" and
"protection force development";
? 100% lactose-free formula, more digestible absorption, do not add sugar
to prevent baby tooth decay;
? U.S. Patent vegetable oil ratio, excluding palm oil, baby poo soft
paste, calcium absorption rate 53%.
Stage 3: Abbott Gold Children Xikang force (children 1-3 years old only)

Formula features:
? Seven intellectual vision to bring HighQ HighShield three nutrients and
protection systems;
? fully support the "intellectual development" and
"protection force development";
? U.S. Patent vegetable oil ratio, excluding palm oil, calcium absorption
rate 53%.

Stage 4: Abbott Gold Tong Xikang force children (children over 3 years

Formula features:
? advanced intelligence and immune nutrients, scientific formula, fully
support the "intellectual development" and "protection
force development";
? advanced visual intelligence nutrients: DHA, choline, taurine, to
support brain and vision development;
? advanced immune nutrients: FOS prebiotics, antioxidant nutrients
(vitamins A, C, E and iron, zinc, etc.), your baby has a more protective.
2, Abbott Gold Mother Su Kang Xi

l prebiotics FOS antioxidant nutrients
Strengthening the body resistance, maintaining healthy gastrointestinal
Adding prebiotics FOS and abundant antioxidant nutrients, and enhance
Improve the phenomenon of constipation during pregnancy, to mother and
fetus more protection.
The basis of fetal brain development, nutrition
Enhanced folate / choline to promote brain and visual development in
l low-fat
Avoid the pregnancy obesity, keep fit
Similar products in the lowest fat and calorie content to help mothers
keep fit.
3, Abbott love the U.S. soybean protein powder

l highly nutritious soybean infant formula, lactose free, suitable for
lactose intolerance and diarrhea or diarrhea in infants generally.
l vegetable protein, avoid milk protein allergy caused eczema, diarrhea,
asthma, dual carbs increase the absorption rate of embolism;
l does not contain palm oil, fat and calcium absorption is closer to
l B added amino acid, to help the retina and brain development.
4, Abbott small safety factor

Abbott is a small safety factor of international pediatric nutrition
experts, based on a daily diet of children over the age pyramid,
carefully prepared, especially for picky eaters partial eclipse of
l the whole pyramid nutrition programs, providing a complete balanced
nutrition, to support healthy development of children.
l special add Wise Hopson of the original system, good resistance to
intestinal health and the baby, clinical trials show that long-term
consumption can be reduced slightly the prevalence of underweight
children, the number of days.
l 30 kinds of nutrients, including high-quality protein, vitamins and
minerals to provide balanced nutrition.
l with MCT (medium chain triglycerides)
l do not sugar recipes for children to drink milk intolerance.
5, Abbott Gold Music Box training
Abbott Gold formula Pui Fun
Abbott uphold the excellent quality of products, providing a rich and
balanced nutrition, growth and development required to meet the baby.
l from Abbott, reliable quality, 100% New Zealand imports milk, high-cost
support force
l TPAN days of screen protection, your baby has a self-protective
l visual intelligence with IQ six nutrients (including DHA, AA, taurine,
choline, linoleic acid and linolenic acid)
l does not contain palm oil, contribute to bone health baby, poo soft
l Add the FOS Prebiotics promote the healthy gut
Stage 1: Abbott music culture Gold infant formula (0-12 months only)
Stage 2: Abbott Gold Pei Yue large infant formula (6-18 months only)
3 stages: early childhood music training Gold Abbott formula (1-3 years
old only)
Stage 4: Abbott Gold formula childhood music training (3-7 years old
Abbott's leading industry, adhere to high standards of evidence-based, to
the mother more trust
Century of experience: in 1915, scientific evidence-based, the formula
selected from the 200 outstanding recipes from growing to become the
first generation of Abbott's infant formula. After Abbott also to the
rigorous scientific attitude, insist on the formula is optimized for each
generation of scientific evidence-based.
Multi-center: many medical centers around the world combined for
scientific validation, including the prestigious California Jiufu Oakland
Children's Hospital and Research Center, Washington University.
Large sample: Cumulative observed more than 10,000 cases of baby's growth
performance, to ensure that after drinking the efficacy and safety
Multi-directional: the brain involved in development, immune system, bone
development, the digestive system and many other fields, not only is the
development of intelligence and force protection, more concerned about
the baby stool, spits, and other aspects, verify the safety and
effectiveness of the formula.
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