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Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs by mensahbansu

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									                                                                                        Fall 2005 Newsletter

Dear MAAP Members:
                                                        Don‘t be afraid to put your name in the hat. Each of
I hope everyone is off to a great school year.          us that has served on the board understand how
MAAP has many exciting things happening                 scary it is to run for an office but the rewards you
throughout this school year and there are several       gain professionally and personally are definitely
opportunities for everyone to be a part of them.        worth the time. When I was seeking a person for
                                                        Professional Development, I had three individuals
Are your Mid-level students driving you out of your     that were interested. I found a place for each of
mind? Be sure to attend the Mid Level Conference        them to help the association and I am very happy to
on October 27, 2005 (see the MAAP website for           have them part of the board and/or conference
details). I personally attended this conference last    committee. Don‘t ever think you have nothing to
year and found it extremely valuable and will be        offer. We need more new ―blood‖ on the board and
sending two other staff members this year. Laura        I would love to see five names running for each
Freer does an excellent job of putting the              position.
conference together and bringing in top-notch
educators to share ideas that have worked for them.     Alfie Kohn!!!! Never heard of him? You don‘t
You really do not want to miss this conference if       want to miss this year‘s state conference. Mr. Kohn
you have a mid-level component.                         has written several books and articles. Visit
                                               to learn more about Alfie and
MAAP STARS Fall Conference: I think that every          his philosophy. Read a current article written by
school should find a way to get their students          Kohn in September, 2005 on unconditional teaching
involved in MAAP STARS. For those of us who             at:
have attended several STARS conferences, we   
know what a wonderful job Kip and Deanna, along         tm. The following website you can actually view
with their large committee, do for kids when they       sample clips of his speeches on unconditional
attend. It is a ―natural‖ high and awesome self         parenting:
esteem booster for students. Try it and I guarantee We
you will be hooked!                                     hope to have a record high number of members at
                                                        this year‘s conference.
Election time! Over the past few years, I have
heard that members see the MAAP Board as a              The 2007 State Conference is currently being
closed group unwilling to let new ―blood‖ become        booked at Cragun‘s Resort scheduled for February,
involved. I feel bad that our membership would          2007. Exact dates will be announced at a later date.
feel this way. I would like to personally invite each
member to consider running for office. We need          Sincerely,
candidates to run for the following positions:
President-elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and Director-    Synova Nelson
At-Large.                                               MAAP President
MAAP BOARD MEMBERS                            MAAP Annual                        Stupke, from the Moundsview
                                                                                 ALC, has taken on the newly
Synova Nelson
                                             Conference Report                   created ―Future Conference
                                                  Submitted by Terese Seitz      Planning/Conference Co-Chair‖
                                                                                 position, which entails working
Terry Lydell                                MAAP has the honor of hosting        closely with the Director-at-
President Elect                             Alfie Kohn as our Keynote            Large AND cataloguing and
                                            speaker for the 23rd Annual          pursuing ideas for future
Tom Wendt                                   MAAP Conference. The focus
Treasurer                                                                        conferences. Jeff Stenroos, from
                                            of his presentation is the           Dakota County ALC, has taken
Cathy Tschida                               importance of teaching our           the Vendor Chair position that
Secretary                                   students to be empathetic and        was held by Chris Thompson.
                                            skeptical. Both qualities fit well   He also offered the copying and
Deanna Chiodo                               with the conference theme, ―We       folder-stuffing services of his
Immediate Past President
                                            are Many, We are One.‖               program, which will save us
Therese Seitz                                                                    money and keeps MAAP ---
Director At Large                           The Conference Committee is          within the community. Steve
                                            working on several strategies to     Allen took on the job of acting
Regional Directors:                         use Alfie‘s notoriety to increase    as liaison with the MDE, and
Greg Herder
                                            awareness of alternative             Greg Herder is our new Awards
Bondo Nyembye
Central Metro                               education and of the                 Chair. Thank you for stepping
                                            Association. For example, we         up to the plate! Many thanks to
Lucy Hart                                   will be offering the general         Chris Thompson and Mary
Northeast                                   public, students and staff from      Ecklund-Tollas for their
                                            post-secondary institutions the      dedication to the positions they
Frank Herman
Northeast Metro                             opportunity to purchase a ticket     have vacated.
                                            to Alfie‘s keynote address as a
Julie Johnson-Willborg                      stand-alone event, or as a           We will need student workers
Northwest                                   ―package‖ that includes              for this conference!! Duluth‘s
                                            admission to the keynote and a       ALC is on break during the
Tamara Newlander
Northwest Metro                             copy of one of his newer books.      conference. If your program is
                                            A description of his keynote is      geographically close to Duluth
Anne Runck                                  available on page 3.                 and you think you can provide
South Metro
                                                                                 students, please contact me at
                                            Because we received positive
Charles Brandt
Southeast                                   feedback about the ―second‖
                                            keynote on Friday, we will be        Included in this newsletter are
Karen Wolters                               approaching Tom Boman, a             the conference registration
Southwest                                   professor in the Education           form, a call for the annual
                                            Department at UM-Duluth for
Sue Boehland                                                                     student art design competition
West Central                                that position. You can check         and a call for Presenters.
                                            out his philosophy by reading        PLEASE pass copies of these
The MAAP Newsletter is published three      the articles he has published at:    on to your colleagues. IT
times a year, October, January and March
for the MAAP Membership. If you have
                                                                                 TAKES ALL OF US TO
submissions, or comments you would like                                          MAKE THE CONFERENCE
to see published, please contact the        nists/tom_boman/ .                   GREAT!
newsletter editor: Julie Johnson-Willborg
at                 We would like to welcome              Make sure to check out more
                                            several new members to the            conference news on pages 3-6
                                            Conference Committee. Lynn                  of the newsletter
                 Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs
                           23rd Annual State Conference
                 February 22-24, 2006          The DECC in Duluth

           MAAP is honored to announce Alfie Kohn as the 2006 Keynote Speaker.

Alfie Kohn is the author of ten books, including Punished by Rewards, The Schools our
Children Deserve, What Does it Mean to be Well Educated?, and, most recently, Unconditional
Parenting. He has been described by Time Magazine as ―perhaps the country‘s most outspoken
critic of education‘s fixation on grades [and] test scores.‖ Kohn lives (actually) in Belmont,
Massachusetts and (virtually) at

In keeping with the conference theme, We are Many, We are One, the message of Alfie‘s
keynote address will be the importance of two human qualities, empathy and skepticism. He

      ―Deborah Meier has suggested that two of the most important human qualities are
      empathy and skepticism: the ability to see a situation from the eyes of another and
      the willingness to wonder about the validity of what we are told.

      In his keynote address, Alfie Kohn will explore how alternative schools can take
      the lead in promoting both of these features.

      What psychologist‘s call ―perspective taking‖ is quite literally the opposite of self-
      centeredness. To imagine how others experience the world offers a foundation for
      morality; it predisposes us to help rather than to hurt. Simultaneously, as a way of
      thinking differently, perspective taking fosters intellectual growth. But at the same
      time, we want to help students develop the skills and the disposition to question, to
      challenge, and to oppose that which is unacceptable.

      The content and style of our teaching, as well as the climate of our classrooms,
      play a role in helping children to grow into adults who are both caring and
      courageous, willing to reach out to others but unwilling to simply follow orders.
      Kohn will explain how our schools can encourage students to become not only
      good learners but also good – that is, empathetic and skeptical – people.‖

Alfie will present his keynote address on Thursday morning of the conference.
        Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs 23rd Annual State Conference
                               The DECC, Duluth, MN                              February 22-24, 2006

                                            Conference ONLY Registration Form
                                          (Please complete a separate registration for each person)

Name: ________________________________________________________________
School/Org: ____________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________________ State:____ Zip: __________________
Phone #(s): _____________________   __________________________
e-mail: ______________________________________________________
MAAP Region: NE NW SE SW S Metro W Central NE Metro NW Metro                               Central Metro    Unsure

___ Administration or non-teacher position:                  ___ Teacher; Content Area(s) you teach:

Presenter Discount: As a “thank you” to those who are presenting at this conference, we offer one $30 presenter
discount per individual/group whose presentation is received by the Conference Committee by Friday, December
16th. If you are presenting in a group, please be sure that only one of you has used the discount.
____ I am presenting alone and have subtracted $30 from my registration payment.
____ I am the group representative for my presentation and have subtracted $30 from my registration payment.

Indicate day(s) of attendance. Registration fee includes $20 MAAP and $10 IALA membership fees. Does NOT include hotel
registration. Please note that there are no meals provided on Wednesday.
                                      By 1/28          After 1/28      Meals Included
____ 3 days        W-F                $230             $255            Thursday BLD, Fri BL
____ 2 days        W, Th              $170             $195            Thursday BLD
____ 2 days        Th, F              $205             $230            Thursday BLD, Fri BL
____ 1 day         W                  $120             $145            No meals
____ 1 day         Th                 $145             $170            Thursday BLD
____ 1 day         F                  $135             $155            Friday BL               ____ I prefer vegetarian meals.

____   $30 Unable to attend the conference but wish to maintain my MAAP membership
____   $60 Alfie Kohn Package (includes admission to keynote Thursday a.m., and one of Alfie’s books)
____   $50 Alfie Kohn keynote only (Thursday a.m.)
____   $30 Alfie Kohn keynote only (Thursday a.m. STUDENT RATE. MUST SHOW STUDENT ID.)

TOTAL $__________________

Lodging Information
MAAP has reserved rooms at these hotels, located near the DECC, at reduced room rates. Lodging accommodations and costs are
separate from conference registration. Reserve a room early to ensure adequate lodging. State that you are with the MAAP Conference
in order to receive the conference rate.

Radisson Hotel Duluth              $70 per night, double room
Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites       $72 per night, single or double, $82 per night, triple, $92 per night,
800-465-4329                       $92 per night, quad
Comfort Suites                     $89 per night, double room Harbor Side,
800-517-4000                       $79 per night, double room City Side

Tom Wendt                                                                   Therese Seitz
St. Croix Valley ALP                                                        ISCS
5640 Memorial Ave. N.                                                       1232 School St.
Stillwater, MN 55082                                                        Elk River, MN 55330                                       
fax: 651-351-8456                                                           fax: 763-241-3532

                               Early Bird Registration Deadline: January 28, 2006

                          OFFICIAL REGISTRATION DEADLINE: February 13, 2006
                     Needs You!

                  to present at the
     2006 State Conference
    The conference theme is “We are Many, We are One”
Each program is its own universe, yet we have a common goal:
         educating and giving hope to at-risk youth

        Please sign up to share the wonderful things
            that you are doing in your program.

Visit the MAAP website to download a Presenter Proposal
  ($30 conference discount if we receive it by December 16!)

                      Address questions to
                          Therese Seitz
                    763-241-3400 ext. 2328
                              $$$                              $$$

                         AND have your art immortalized on
                    a pin or mug and on Conference Publications,
                           seen and used all over the state!

                       Design a state conference logo for the
                   Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs

                      1st place wins $100       2nd place wins $75
                                  3rd place wins $50

                              The theme of the conference is:

Size of entry limited to 8 1/2‖ x 11‖. LEGIBLY write your name, your advisor‘s name and school phone
number on the back of your entry. Your design must include MAAP or the words Minnesota Association of
Alternative Programs.


             Mail to:                                   Questions:
             Therese Seitz                      Call 763-241-3400 ext. 2328
             Ivan Sand Community School         e-mail
             1232 School St.
             Elk River, MN 55330
                                             “Preeminent Voice for Educational Options”
                                    Contributed by Deanna Chiodo, ImmediatePast-President
In just a few short months at the MAAP State Conference in Duluth, we will vote for four executive board
members. We have the serious task of electing a treasurer, a secretary, director-at-large and president-elect.
Each of these positions is vital to the continuation of our organization. I urge each of you to consider
committing yourself or encouraging another strong individual to step up to an introductory or high level
position in the organization.
If you have nominations, please contact Nominations Chair, Deanna Chiodo at If
you have any questions regarding the officer positions, please contact me, President Synova Nelson at, or President-Elect Terry Lydell
We are all volunteers and need each other to keep MAAP focused and strong. Consider standing up for MAAP
so we can all stand up for kids!

MAAP Bylaws: Approved February, 2004

Following are the MAAP Bylaws with proposed changes highlighted. These changes will be voted upon by the
membership at the annual meeting in February.
The name of this organization shall be "Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs", noted hereafter as MAAP.

Alternative Education: The study of practice of implementing alternative schools or programs.

Alternative School: An established environment apart from the regular traditional school designed to accommodate specific students‘ comprehensive
educational needs; such as; work-related training, reading, math, science, communication, social skills, physical skills, employability, study skills,
life skills, or cultural awareness.

Regular Traditional School: An established environment designed to provide a comprehensive education to the general populace and to which
assignment of students is made more on a basis of geographical location than unique educational need.

Public Alternative Education: Public Alternative Education serves to ensure that every young person may find a path to the educational goals of the
community. Programs focus on what they can offer the student not on what problems that student has had in the past.

Charter Schools: Schools approved by the Minnesota Board of Education under the relevant statues.
Schools Within Schools: School programs within a regular traditional school, that may not have been designated as alternative programs, but do offer
a some students educational choices to some students that they otherwise would not have.

MAAP STARS: A youth organization of chartered chapters recognized by the MAAP Board to promote a variety of activities for youth involved in
alternative educational programs. Goals and organization are described in the MAAP STARS Constitution.

Region: The organization, roughly based on the geographical area where MAAP members have organized and aligned themselves with ALC‘s or
Alternative Programs and the MAAP Board of Directors to form the MAAP organization.

IALA: The International Association for Learning Alternatives is an association of individuals and state organizations dedicated to educational
reform through systemic change. The mission is "to lead, support and promote learning alternatives and choice options." IALA was incorporated in
August 2001 due to the extraordinary efforts of a Task Force supported by MAAP [ 1 ].
Section 1. The purpose of education is to provide for the maximum intellectual, personal/social, and career vocational development of students so
they can function as effective citizens. Alternative schools play a vital role as a change agent in the educational system.

Section 2. The Mission of MAAP is to lead, promote and support innovative learning experiences.

Section 3. The Purpose of MAAP is to meet the needs of students, parents, teachers, future teachers, administrators, and the general citizenry through
a professional organization dedicated to the improvement of alternative education.

     1.   To provide educational options that will allow learners to develop their personal, academic and career potential on their way to becoming
          productive citizens.
     2.   To provide technical assistance to practitioners.
     3.   To be a change agent for the traditional educational system.
     4.   To represent the common interests of alternative learners to the greater community.
     5.   To provide professional development opportunities.

Section 1. Any person involved or interested in alternative education shall become a voting member upon payment of dues [of MAAP]. MAAP
members are eligible to vote, hold office and attend meetings.

Section 1. The officers of MAAP shall be: President, Immediate Past President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director-at-Large.

Section 2. The length of term for each office shall be two (2) years. The President-Elect shall become the President two (2) years following election
to the office of President-Elect, at which time the President succeeds to the position of Immediate Past President and the former Immediate Past
President retires from the Board. The President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director-at-Large are elected by the organization members at
alternate annual meetings.

Section 3. In the event an officer is unable to fulfill the term of office, the President shall direct that the Board of Directors fill the unexpired term
with a person who is currently a member of MAAP. This choice will be based on a majority vote of the remaining officers and the Board

Section 4. When directed by the Board of Directors, the officers of the MAAP organization will be designated the Executive Committee. Except for
the power to amend the Articles of the Bylaws, the Executive Committee shall have all the powers and authority of the Board of Directors in the
intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors, subject to the direction and control of the Board. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be
reported at the next regular meeting of the Board.

Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of MAAP and of the Board of Directors, submit names of recommended committee appointees
to the Board of Directors for approval, and perform all other duties as needed, including the delegation of responsibility of officers and the Board.
The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and assume the responsibility to see that the committee's function. The President shall
serve as a delegate to IALA.

Section 2. The President-Elect shall act in place of the President at all MAAP and Board of Directors meetings, which the President is unable to
attend. The President-Elect shall be responsible to learn the duties of President and work to make connections with regions. [ 2 ][ 11 ].

Section 3. The Immediate Past President shall serve as chair of the nominating committee and perform such duties as may be assigned by the Board
of Directors.

Section 4. The Secretary shall keep the records of the current activities of MAAP and shall serve as chair of the bylaws committee [ 3 ].

Section 5. The Treasurer shall collect dues and dispense funds of MAAP, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors; shall be responsible for
the maintenance of the membership roles of MAAP; shall keep a complete financial record which ensures responsible fiscal operation; shall submit a
financial report to the Board of Directors at the regular meeting and to the Association at its annual meeting. The Financial Report shall be kept from
April 1 to March 31, which shall be considered the fiscal year. An annual review will be conducted by August 31 every two years by a committee of
no less than three persons appointed by the President. The treasurer shall submit a proposed budget to the Board of Directors at the summer meeting.

Section 6. The Director-at-Large shall take on leadership of the statewide conference planning for the MAAP organization and/or leadership of
MAAP statewide special projects of and initiatives as directed by the Board of Directors. [ 10 ]
Section 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of the MAAP officers and nine directors (one from each region). All officers and the nine directors
would be considered voting members of the board.

Section 2. The board will also have up to five [4] up to four [4] ex-officio members representing the State Department of Education, and other
educational services. Ex-officio members will not have voting authority on the Board of Directors. The make-up of ex-officio membership will be
determined by the Board of Directors and could include representation from the Minnesota Department of Education and other educational interests,
as deemed worthy and appropriate. Ex-officio members will not have voting authority on the MAAP Board.
Section 3. The existing Board has the power to fill all emergency vacancies.

Section 4. Each Region shall elect a Director from their regions its membership who would then be considered the Director from that Region and
would to act as the Region‘s representative to the Board. The Director‘s term of office shall be two years, at which time the Director could be re-
elected. A Region shall establish a procedure for succession. If a Director is unable to finish a term, and no plan for succession exists, the Region
shall elect a new Director to finish out the term before the next Board meeting.

Section 1. The Board of Directors shall meet at the President's discretion, to conduct official business, when it is not feasible for all the total
membership to meet. Seven Board members of the Board of Directors shall be present to conduct official business of the association.

Section 2. The Board of Directors may annually formulate goals and objectives for the Association to be presented to the membership for approval.

Section 3. The Board of Directors shall formulate the agenda for the annual meetings of the Association.

Section 4. The Board of Directors may authorize expenditures to conduct the general business of the Association and direct all matters of budget and

Section 5. Directors will represent and report back to their respective regions as related to the business of MAAP, and will serve as the MAAP
Boards representative at Regional meetings.

Section 6. The Board of Directors shall recognize and issue charters to Regional Organizations, thereby establishing the Regions as an official part of
the State Organization. The Regional Organization in turn will provide an "Annual Regional Report" immediately following the Regional Meeting at
the Annual State MAAP Conference each year.

Section 7. The Board of Directors shall recognize and issue the charters of MAAP STARS Chapters.

Section 8. The Board of Directors will establish such committees as may be desirable [5].

Section 9. Duties of ex-officio members: Ex-officio members act in an advisory role and may take special assignments as determined by the
President [ 6 ].

Section 1. A nominating committee of not less than three members to be chaired by the Immediate Past President shall be appointed by the President
and approved by the Board of Directors.

Section 2. The nominating committee shall present two candidates each for the offices of President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director-at-Large
to the membership at the annual meeting beginning in 1996. Election of association officers will follow every even numbered year thereafter.
Nominations from the floor for any of these positions would also be accepted.

Section 3. The election of Regional Directors shall occur at the Annual MAAP conference during the Regional Meeting on alternating years. The
following five Regions shall hold their elections on odd numbered years: Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, Northwest Metro, Northeast Metro,
beginning in 1997. The remaining four on even numbered years.

Section 1. An amendment may be proposed in writing by a member or members of the Association. A proposed amendment must be submitted to the
Board of Directors who will publish it a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting.

Section 2. Adoption of a proposed amendment of the bylaws shall be by two-thirds vote of those members attending the annual meeting.

1. Committees
The Association, through its Board of Directors, may establish such committees as may be desirable. Chairpersons of the committees will be
appointed by the President with confirmation of the Board of Directors to follow [ 7 ].
2. Dues
The annual dues for membership shall be established at the annual meeting. All dues will be recommended by the Board of Directors and approved
by the voting membership. In case of an emergency, members will be assessed an additional amount to cover expenses, the amount to be determined
by the Board of Directors. Dues shall be used for normal operating expenses. A $10.00 fee will be added to MAAP Annual dues which shall be
applied to IALA membership. [12 ]

3. Rules of Debate
At the Annual Meeting the Association shall be governed by the ruling that in debate, each speaker shall be limited to three minutes unless otherwise

4. Voting
Section 1. At regularly scheduled Association meetings one vote over half of the membership present shall constitute a majority vote.

Section 2. The Board of Directors may call for a written ballot when they deem necessary. All such voting will be on ballots provided to members
only by the Board of Directors.

Section 3. All ballots will be counted by the Board of Directors or their designee.

Section 4. The Immediate Past President, serving as chair of the nominations committee, shall submit a copy of the official ballot to the Board of
Directors for approval, before the Annual Business meeting of the full MAAP Membership.

5. Revisions
The standing rules may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the MAAP members attending the MAAP BYLAWS rev. '99 MAAP annual meeting.

6. Guidelines
1. Attendance at National Conference: MAAP shall send two representatives to the National Alternative Education Conference. They shall be the
President and the President's designee.

2. Reimbursements:

 1.        Travel: MAAP will pay the IRS rate up to $50 to Board members attending meetings if their district does not pay the cost of travel.
 2.        Substitutes: MAAP will pay $90 per day for substitutes for Officers and Committee Chairs attending State meetings if their district does not
           pay the cost of substitutes. This reimbursement may be used up to 3 days per year for Regional Directors and Committee Chairpersons, up
           to 5 days per year for Officers, and up to 7 days per year for the President [ 8 ].
 3.        All requested reimbursements must be attached to a voucher with receipts.
 4.        Non-budgeted expenditures must receive prior approval from the Board of Directors.

3. Governance: The MAAP organization shall be the governing body guided by these bylaws, and the MAAP Board of Directors acting on behalf of
the members shall recognize and issue or revoke charters to regional and youth organizations. The Board of Directors shall determine the number of
Regions [ 9 ] and the governance and the regions will elect a director to the MAAP Board of Directors at the MAAP Annual meeting when their term
expires. MAAP STARS shall be governed by its own constitution and shall maintain contact with MAAP through the MAAP STARS Standing
Committee and its Chair.

4. Financial Support: The MAAP Board of Directors shall determine how money collected through MAAP membership dues shall be distributed to
Regional Organizations, to MAAP STARS, MAAP expenses, and professional development. Otherwise, each region may determine the more
specific use of money. Moneys will be distributed equally to regions regardless of how much money each region previously spent. However if it is
determined that the Region has not implemented a plan for using the funds the MAAP Board of Directors may recall the unspent funds to make
available for uses it determines beneficial to the mission of the MAAP Organization.

      1.  IALA definition added 2/2002. IAASP definition deleted.
      2.  Last sentence added 2/2002.
      3.  Last sentence added 2/2002.
      4.  Changed from "up to three" to "up to five" in 2/2002.
      5.  Section 8 added 2/2002.
      6.  Section 9 added 2/2002.
      7.  2/2002 a change was made to delete the standing committees and their designated chairs from this section. Previously all standing
          committees and chairs were listed here.
      8. Reimbursments letter b. added 2/2001.
      9. The words "the regions" added to this section 2/2002.
      10. The duties of Director at Large changed 2/2004
      11. The duties of President Elect changed 2/2004
      12. The conference fee increases $10.00 for Support of IALA 2/2004

                                              Lead, Promote, and Support Innovative Learning Experiences
                                              MDE Update
                                          Contributed by Glory Kibbel

MDE has a new web page that is much more user              As many of you are already aware I was promoted
friendly; check it out at                                  into management, as a Supervisor, this past June.               Although I miss the site visits and contact with
                                                           many of you, this is one of the positions I
To locate information about State Approved                 supervise—so I will still be involved with
Alternative Programs, click on Academic                    alternative education, albeit a different role. The
Excellence (at the top); school choice; alternative        Alternative Program Specialist position has not
programs. If you are interested in information on          been posted; hopefully I will be introducing my
alternative programs you can request e-mail updates        replacement in the next newsletter. Until then, I am
(as information is posted) by putting in your e-mail       the ‗go to‘ person for information and questions
on the left side to the page. All areas at MDE have        about alternative education.
the same option.
                                                           Just recently I heard Cornelius Rish, Center for
MDE has hired a full-time Online Learning                  School Change, speak on poverty and his opening
Specialist that is available to help you set up a          comment was that you have to ―Reach before you
program, or answer any of your questions. Contact          teach‖. Thank you to all of you for reaching out to
Karen Johnson at or            your students so that you can teach them. Because
651-582-8733.                                              of you they will succeed. Have a great fall.

                                                           I can still be reached at or
                                                           at my new telephone number, 651.582.8695.

                   MAAP Web Site Now Offers Syndication Feed
                                    Contributed by John Lustig, Webmaster

Have you visited the MAAP web site lately and              The MAAP web site offers RSS Feeds for each
wondered what the orange icon is on the bottom             section in the navigation menu. Subscribing to the
right hand side below the navigation menu?                 MAAP web site RSS feeds will allow you to keep
                                                           track of new content to any section of the MAAP
The orange XML button                       is a link      web site. You can subscribe to one or all of the
to an address that is used for web-based                   MAAP web site sections by visiting each section
syndication. RSS stands for Really Simple                  you are interested in tracking updates for and
Syndication and is a web technology that allows            copying the RSS feed address into your news
Internet users to subscribe to a web site and,             aggregator. For example you can subscribe to the
through the use of a news aggregator, track when           Calendar section to track MAAP events around the
new content is available. Unlike traditional news          state, or the MAAP STARS section to keep abreast
sources, RSS subscriptions are free and only require       of information about STARS events throughout the
an aggregator to be informed when new content is           year. You can even subscribe to the main MAAP
available on web sites. and                  page to learn when new information has been are two examples of web services              added.
that both offer free news aggregators that allow for
personal tracking of web sites using RSS.                  If you would like to learn more about RSS, Will
                                                           Richardson of has a great RSS
                                                           resource at
                                                  “Achieving extraordinary life changing results for
                                                           learners throughout the world”
                                                  Contributed by Deanna Chiodo, STARS Co-Chair

Exciting changes are on the horizon! Kip Sackett and Deanna Chiodo announced that they will step down as
the committee chairs as of June 2006. Todd Mensink has offered to take one of the co-chair positions. Kip will
continue as the Spring Conference Event Chair for a few years and assist in the development of STARS.

Our 13th annual Fall Leadership Conference will be held at the St. Cloud Holiday Inn on November 17 and
18, 2005. The mailing has gone out on the list serve and is posted on the MAAP website. We have added a
quality breakfast and two great presenters!! Derek Greenfield has returned to conduct his workshops
throughout the two day conference and Craig Zablocki is back to keep us laughing and give us some valuable
insights into our lives as our keynote presenter. Craig has a new book out and will have books available for
purchase at the conference. Your hotel registration needs to be faxed to the hotel by October 18, 2005 and your
conference registration is due by November 4, 2005.

Our 13th annual Legislative Day at the State Capitol will be Wednesday, February 15, 2006. Please plan on
attending with a number of your students.

Our 13th annual Spring Conference will be held again at the Hyatt in Minneapolis on Wednesday and
Thursday, April 12 and 13, 2006. We are in need of volunteers and judges to help make this event a success.
Registration materials will be handed out at the MAAP State Conference in Duluth. If you do not have a
chance to pick up materials in Duluth, they will be sent out on the list serve and available on the MAAP

Next year MAAP STARS may begin adding Regional Conferences, prior to the STARS Spring Conference.
We are in the planning stages and your MAAP Regional Directors are working with the STARS committee on
this task. Students would attend a STARS Regional Conference prior to going to state. Students would need to
qualify at regions in order to participate in the Spring Conference. This adds another opportunity for our
students and shortens the length of the STARS Spring Conference. For questions or comments, contact Kip

To view current and future MAAP STARS events please visit the MAAP website at,

To get the most recent updates and information on STARS events you must get on the STARS advisor
distribution list. Send an e-mail to:

If you have questions regarding any of the following events, please contact:

Kip Sackett                                  Deanna Chiodo           
763-391-8868                                 763-241-3400 ext. 2327
                                     LEGISLATIVE REPORT
                                     Contributed by Chris Thompson, Chair


We have found in the past that if an individual               from taking full advantage of educational
legislator is not sure about how to vote, a phone             opportunities. Our state should support
conversation from someone in their legislative district       meaningful learning experiences, which match
is the best means to get through to them. Therefore we        an individual student‘s Continual Annual
want to match each legislator with a MAAP                     Learning Plan (CLP). We request removing
representative from his or her district. Please contact       the cap that was imposed during the 2002
Chris Thompson at                                             session and reduced during the 2003 session. if you are              Site Based Management Options: State
willing to do this. Please write ―MAAP Contact‖ in            Approved Alternative Programs, (SAAPs)
the subject line and include your home and work               would be allowed to convert to site based
addresses (including street address, city, state and zip      management schools upon a 60% vote of full
code) in the e-mail. This information will be kept            time licensed staff. Site based management
confidential and will only be used if we need to gain         centers determine their allocation of budget,
some swing votes from a few selected officials.               employment and deployment of staff, and the
                                                              nature of their program offerings.
Three of our biggest issues continue to be:                  Generating Revenue Based on Membership
   1.      The funding cap placed on the learning year        Hours: State Approved Alternative Programs
   2.      Licensure and the effect of NO CHILD               will be allowed to generate revenue on the
           LEFT BEHIND (NCLB) will have on our                membership hours that are earned by each
           teachers                                           student at these programs irrespective of how
   3.      NCLB and Adequate Yearly Progress                  (seat-based, project based, independent study,
           (AYP)                                              etc.) the membership hours are generated by
                                                              the programs. The hours would be irrespective
Our platform for this academic and legislative session        of the calendar of the local school district.
has not changed from last year. This is due to the fact       When a student attends one of these programs,
that no new issues have come up before our                    the student and the staff should be allowed to
committee. We also feel that consistently raising the         follow the Continual Learning Plan (CLP) for
same issues shows our dedication to these efforts. If         each student and allows for the flexibility that
you have a new issue that needs to be addressed, please       these students need. Revenue should not be
email that issue and a description or explanation to me,      affected by how the students are making
I will bring it before the committee and we will see          progress towards graduation.
what we can do. Sometimes are our issues on our              Promoting a Positive Learning and Adequate
platform are rearranged due to the immediate impact,          Yearly Progress (AYP): Assure that schools
as well as the climate at the state department and            who service at-risk youth are not labeled as
legislatures. I firmly believe that without our efforts a     underachieving or any other pejorative term, on
few years ago, the learning year cap would have been          the basis of a single measure such as
reduced to 1.0. However, because of our emails,               standardized test or state tests scores. Rather,
phone calls and meetings, the cap was only reduced to         evaluate these programs using multiple
1.2.                                                          measures for student improvement including:
                                                              improved test scores, improved attendance and
A copy of our platform follows: Feel free to print this       graduation rates; reduction in socially
platform and share it with your elected officials.            inappropriate behaviors, completion of
                                                              graduation standards and post-high school
    Remove the Learning Year Cap: Energized and              success.
     motivated students should not be restrained
 English Language Learners: MAAP supports                   Approved Alternative Programs, work on a
  the re-instatement of funding for English                  calendar that has less membership hours then
  Language Learners (ELL) to the full amount.                the 1.0 ADM rate. Students who then attend
  Students who come to us from other nations                 our programs are not able to generate revenue
  deserve a longer time frame to learn our                   until they hit this point.
  language. An understanding of the English                 Alternative Licensure: We suggest the
  Language increases further academic success.               following: State approved alternative programs
 ALC age moved to 23: MAAP requests that                    may employ licensed teachers to teach out of
  funding streams that affected the services that            their subject major field in small programs
  were delivered to our adult students, which                where it is not feasible to have teachers
  were changed during last years sessions, be                licensed in every secondary field. Small
  changed back. We also request that State                   schools find it impossible to have teachers
  Approved Alternative Programs (SAAPs) be                   licensed for all subjects in the secondary
  allowed to work with these students until they             curriculum. Most of the students in these
  are 23 years old. SAAPs, through continual                 programs require intensive remedial or
  learning plans, help students achieve their                individualized instruction because they qualify
  goals. Some of these students may be close to              for statutorily defined graduation incentives.
  graduation from high school when they turn 21.             Licensed teachers in any of the core subjects
  This would affect approximately 1000 students‘             are able to assist students in fields outside their
  statewide.                                                 licensure Programs will still make every effort
 Non Graduation Incentives (formerly HSGI)                  to employ specialist teachers to the extent
  Students Attending Alternative Programs: We                possible.
  suggest that State Approved Alternative                   Quality Schools Using Baldridge Criteria:
  Programs (SAAPs) may enroll up to 30 percent               Establish a pilot program for the state‘s
  of their students who do not meet High School              alternative programs to infuse the Education
  Graduation Incentives criteria. These programs             Criteria for Performance Excellence of the
  occasionally receive enrollment requests by                Baldridge National Quality Program into their
  high school students and their parents to obtain           management practices, and fund this pilot for
  a more flexible and appropriate program. Such              six years in the amount of $1,200,000 per year.
  students may need adjustments in their school              This would help the state meet No Child Left
  hours or may feel the conventional program                 Behind (NCLB) criteria.
  restricts creativity or talents or stigmatizes their      Contract School Funding: Change the funding
  differences such as dress or beliefs.                      formula for contracted alternative programs
 Sports and Other after School Programs for our             under MN Statute 124D.69 making contracted
  Students: Students from educational programs               alternative programs revenue identical to that
  of choice must be allowed to participate in                of charter schools.
  Minnesota High School League activities in the            Health and Safety Levies: Provide health and
  students‘ district residence area school on the            safety levies for cooperatives. Currently,
  same basis as other students in the residence              school districts do not receive health and safety
  school if the small school does not have the               revenue for cooperative facilities. MAAP
  activity the student wishes to participate in.             believes that the students in alternative
 ADM Cap Deduct Coming From Where it                        programs and participating programs provided
  Belongs: If an alternative learning center takes           by cooperative education entities deserve to be
  a loss of ADM caused by the previous or future             educated in facilities that are safe. We support
  school district, the alternative learning program          making cooperative facilities eligible for health
  may bill to recapture the lost revenue. Some               and safety revenue.
  programs in the state, not necessarily State
                                           Southwest and Southeast Regions
                                           Contributed by Karen Wolters and Charles Brandt

SOUTHWEST NEWS:                                                       Golden Hills in Rochester. The alternate will be Shauna
This summer the SW and SE MAAP Regions met at the                     Otterness from CEC in Rochester. They will be contacted by
Lincoln Community Center in Mankato to plan a fall SW and
SE Regional MAAP Conference. The conference brochure                  the region secretary for information on how to claim their
was mailed to everyone on the MAAP Board, all SE and SW               awards.
MAAP schools and Glory Kibbel at MDE. The Conference
was for Friday, October 14, 2005 at the Lincoln Community             One thing our region does need is a state rep from the region
Center in Mankato. The keynote speaker was Mike                       to attend state board meetings. I cannot attend them because I
McGuiness, LADC, Director of ARCHER Services, Addiction               can‘t get the necessary time off. I am a teacher in Austin, not
Recovery Technologies, Inc.                                           the director. Please think about volunteering your time. It‘s
                                                                      only a couple of times a year. In the meantime, we won‘t have
The Southwest Regional survey results from spring 2005                a representative there. Our new director in Austin, Keith
indicated a strong interest in subject-area networking, more          Fleming, said he may be interested in taking over the
MAAP STARS regional activities for students and continuing            directorship of the Southeast Region. Please let me know if
with regional conferences at least every other year. The              you have any objections to this, or if you would like to take
concerns that were brought forward all centered around two            the position over. Keith would do a great job and would have
things: Time and Money. Most members are interested in                more flexible hours than I have. Our prior director, Brad
what is happening in MAAP, want to be involved at some                Bergstrom, had other duties that limited his time for the
level, but have difficulty finding the time or money to attend.       position.
Moving the meetings around the region will allow teachers
from different schools the opportunity to attend one meeting a                       Central Metro Region
year, but for now, most teachers are attending the fall                     Contributed by Bondo Nyembye and Greg Herder
conference and the other regional meetings generally end up
with 7-8 attendees consisting of ALC/ALP directors.                   The Central Metro Region got off to a great start this fall. On
                                                                      September 1st, the Central Metro region again co-sponsored a
Southwest MAAP will hold regional meetings quarterly this             Kick-Off conference in partnership with the Metropolitan
school year and will rotate from school to school. A schedule         Federation of Alternative Programs and the Minneapolis
of meetings will be posted on the calendar at                         Public Schools. At lunch, we had the pleasure of hearing MPS after the October 14, 2005 Regional                    Superintendent Peebles address the group before our keynote
Conference is complete.                                               speaker, Education Commissioner Seagren took the podium.
                                                                      Commissioner Seagren pledged her support to alternative
Three $200.00 scholarships have been awarded from the SW              programs statewide and was very specific in her commitment
Region this summer. The recipients are Sarah Wagenius,                to alternative educational options. The afternoon pull-out
Mankato Diploma Completion Program, Lorin Schwieger and               sessions consisted of content specific curriculum sharing and
Danyelle Thornberg both from Southern Plains ALC in                   disciplinary collaboration planning meetings: our goal is to
Fairmont. All scholarships are awarded upon proof of                  better organize the constituent regional members into cross-
enrollment in a post-secondary institution of the recipient‘s         program partnerships, using MAAP as a facilitator. Our
choice.                                                               eventual goal is an Urban Education compendium of best field
                                                                      practices, organized by discipline. Over 225 Central Metro
SOUTHEAST NEWS:                                                       Region staff attended the event and evaluations were
Hello Colleagues!                                                     overwhelmingly positive.
This summer the SW and SE MAAP Regions met at the
Lincoln Community Center in Mankato to plan a fall SW and             The Central Metro Region has also instituted informal
SE Regional MAAP Conference. The Conference was Friday,               monthly informational meetings at a downtown Minneapolis
October 14, 2005 at the Lincoln Community Center in                   coffee house, and formal partnership meetings using the
Mankato.                                                              Federation as a medium for communication and planning. As
                                                                      such, Bondo and I hope to better organize the Central Metro
Two $500 scholarships were awarded this year to Julie Hain            Region through active partnerships between colleagues and
from Rochester Night School Program and Hilary Sharp from             through shared regional planning driven by the active
               West Central Region                                           Northwest Metro Region
                Contributed by Sue Boehland                                   Contributed by Tamara Newlander

West Central has had difficulty in getting the year off to a     The NW Metro met on September 8, 2005. We discussed
good start. The fall meeting has been changed twice already      what the group is looking for and how we may fill those
and now needs to be changed a third and hopefully the last       needs. We talked about the upcoming student‘s summit and
time.                                                            were planning on raising the cost per student. The group felt
                                                                 this was a good decision. The group would like support for
West Central will meet on November 29th at the American          the MAAP conference in February. The group was going to
                                                                 think of different ways to get other staff to attend. The MAAP
Heritage Bank in St. Cloud. In place of our November 1st
                                                                 conference is still looking for people to present at the
meeting it is recommended that each site try to send a
representative to the November 1st conference on Meth that
will be held in St. Cloud. This conference will be excellent
with great speakers. Our meeting on the 29th will include a                        Northeast Region
follow-up discussion of meth and its impact on our population,                     Contributed by Lucy Hart
a State Department update, a discussion on licensure and the
HOUSSE process, a discussion on proposed legislative             The NE Region of MAAP had their Fall meeting on Thursday,
platform, a focus group on special education and other topics.   October 13th in Cloquet. Randy Docauer will be in charge of
                                                                 checking on solicitations of local Duluth restaurants for the
                                                                 Conference folder.
My second term as director is nearly finished. It is time to
think about who will represent West Central for the next two
                                                                 We discussed our Regional MAAP Stars competition last
years. If you are interested, please let me know at
                                                                 March and have decided to conduct another competition in I would like to have this decision
                                                                 March for this school year. The following people will put it
decided at our November 29th meeting.
                                                                 together: Randy Docauer, Mike Cary, Teri Monson and James
                                                                 Pavlek. They will be meeting to make arrangements. Anyone
                  Northwest Region                               in the region interested in participating contact one of the
           Contributed by Julie Johnson-Willborg                 members of the committee or the regional director for
We wrapped up last year with a student retreat in May. It was
a great time. Ten students and three staff members from three    Cammy Lehr spoke about the Special Education Grant from
alternative schools in the region participated in a two day      MDE. She surveyed those members present about Special
leadership retreat at Camp Wilderness near Park Rapids.          Education concerns and practices in alternative settings.
While the weather didn't fully cooperate (it rained), a great
learning experience was had by all. Many thanks to Lee           I presented information from the MAAP Board. The site of
Palmer, Youth Ed. Services in Moorhead for setting it up for     the 2007 conference will be Cragun‘s with no date set at this
us. We hope to offer it again this year.                         time. Information on the 2006 conference was distributed. If
                                                                 you would like information on being a presenter, a student
We awarded three $500 scholarships last spring to the            worker, or attending the conference go to the MAAP website
following students: Melissa DeFrang-New Paths-Crookston,         at
Lindsey Burroughs-Border ALC-Warroad, and Megan
Anderson-Perham ALC -Perham.                                     The NE Region members have been invited to participate in
                                                                 the NW Region Fall Conference. This Conference will be at
The Northwest Region had its first regional meeting of the       the Holiday Inn Express, Bemidji on December 1 & 2. For
year on October 14th at the Ness Café in Erskine. We are         registration and other information contact Julie Johnson-
planning our Fall conference for December 1st and 2nd at the     Willborg contact me at
Holiday Inn Express in Bemidji. Look for registration  
materials within the next few days.
                                                                 Our next meeting will be at the State conference in Duluth,
As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any        February 22-24. The regional director will be up for election
questions. The best way to reach me is via e-mail:               at the next meeting. Lucy Hart, current director has been                                          nominated. Any further nominations need to be in to Lucy no
                                                                 later than January 19th.

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