Critical Incident Response Programs:

Catholic Charities: Crisis Response and Support Network

Millie Burns, Director: (510) 768-3188
Myesha Walker: (510) 768-3156 (office); (510) 773-6159 (cell),
Eric Butler: (510) 867-0358 (cell)

The CRSN is a collaborative project led by Catholic Charities of the East Bay in
partnership with Khadafy Foundation for Non-Violence, Alameda County Behavioral
Health Care Services, the Oakland Police Department, Oakland Unified Schools, Victory
Outreach and the many organizations participating in the Measure Y Violence Prevention
Initiative of the City of Oakland.

The CRSN provides intensive support to the families, relatives, friends, classmates and
neighbors of homicide victims who died in Oakland. Crisis Response Teams, consisting
of network staff and trained volunteers, may be called by the Oakland Police Department
to provide crisis support to family members and affected individuals at crime scenes,
hospitals or in homes. Crisis Support Teams provide intensive and on-going support to
help families get through those difficult days and weeks following a violent death and to
provide support to the friends, classmates and others grieving a violent death. Alameda
County Behavioral Health Care Services (ACBHCS) provides professional crisis
counseling to help families deal with their loss, and local professionals volunteer their
services to the Network to provide the specialized support needed by affected youth.

The network’s crisis response services are provided by teams of network staff and trained
volunteers known as Crisis Response Teams (CRTs). The members of the Crisis
Response Teams are often referred to as First Responders. They are called out by the
Oakland Police Department or Network staff to provide comfort to those gathered at the
scene of a crime, or at a hospital, home, or other site associated with a homicide.

Grief and Crisis Counseling:
       Providing comfort and support to the family members and others gathered at the
               scene of the crime, at a hospital, and/or in a family member’s home.
       Assessing the scene of the crime and victim group to help identify affected
               persons and plan and coordinate on-going supportive services.
       Helping affected persons understand what is happening – to the extent possible –
               and what to expect in the coming days.
       Helping families notify friends and relatives of their loss, and access their
               personal support system.

Support Services:
      Helping families plan funerals, memorials and vigils
      Helping next of kin apply for Victims of Crime assistance funds and other
       Providing emergency financial assistance through the CRSN Emergency Fund
       Transportation and escort
       Referrals for mental health services
       Referrals for spiritual and religious support

Target pop: Oakland residents under 30, affected by homicide.

10 of 16 cases since January 2008 have been under 25.

Youth ALIVE!'s Caught in the Crossfire

Intervention program works with youth who are hospitalized due to violent injuries to
reduce retaliation, re-injury, and arrest. Any youth treated for a violent injury at Highland
Hospital is automatically referred, youth treated elsewhere can be referred from other
sources. The program is very well established, existing since 1989, and its effectiveness
has been demonstrated through research. There is a sister program in Los Angeles.

Marla Becker, (510) 594-2588 x307,

Khadafy Foundation for Nonviolence

Part of the Oakland Crisis Response Support Network, described above.

The foundation provides support services for victims of violence. The organization
accepts donations to run its programs.

Phone: (510) 839-1706
Address: 1112 Eighth Street, Oakland, CA 94607

Alameda County District Attorney's Office Victim-Witness Assistance Division

Victim Consultant Unit: The unit provides crisis intervention, emergency assistance,
resource and referral counseling, direct counseling, assistance in property return,
orientation to the criminal justice system, court escort, case monitoring information and
many other services.

Claims Unit: This unit provides assistance in the filing of victim compensation claims
under the State Compensation Program for victims of crime.

Phone: (510) 272-6180
Address: 1401 Lakeside Drive, Suite 802, Oakland, CA 94612

Crisis Support Services of Alameda County

The service offers free support to people of all ages and backgrounds during times of
stress and grief. They work to prevent suicide and offer support during times of

***24 hour Alameda County Suicide/Violent Crisis line: (800) 309-2131.
***National Lifeline: (800) 273-TALK – automatically links to the local crisis line.

Web site:

Grief counseling program: open to anyone, at community locations, their offices, or at
       school sites. (800) 260-0094

Teens for Life: Suicide prevention and education, does group presentations on
depression and suicide at schools, youth groups, agencies, etc…

Adult services: Provide trainings on depression and suicide prevention for adult
supporters and caseworkers. Grief & Loss, Depression & Suicide, Depression & Suicide
for Adolescents.

Also provide debriefings and grief processing trainings

For more information about programming/trainings, call:
      Bettina Bepler 510-420-3203, Community Education Coordinator.
      Chrissy Brewer 510-420-2471, Clinical Director

Oakland/Alameda County chapter of Family and Friends of Murder Victims

A Bay Area support group for victims of violence that provides activities designed to heal
emotional wounds and help victims make it through holidays and the anniversary of a
loved one's slaying.

Phones: JoAnn Benford, (510) 895-9440; Helene Davis (510) 452-2553

Violence Prevention Programming:
Youth UpRising
Youth UpRising employs structured violence prevention programming that includes
intensive case management, outreach, violence prevention education and recreational
opportunities for higher-impact youth. Outreach is focused on higher-impact youth,
including those trending towards chronic truancy, expulsion or suspension from school,
and youth on probation and parole. Through a sub-grant with The Destiny Arts Center,
participants receive instruction in recreational activities including basketball and dance.
Youth UpRising’s primary population are youth and young adults ages 13 to 24 living
throughout Alameda County, with an emphasis on those living in East Oakland.

They are well aware of the overlap of Foster Foster Youth with their client base. On
intake, they do an assessment from which they prioritize cases. They generally consider
Foster Youth to have increased needs.

4 – 5 case managers carry caseloads of 30-40 youth each.

YU conducts men’s and women’s groups; they have an onsite clinic staffed by mental
health professionals provided through contract with Children’s Hospital Oakland. YU
employs its own clinical psychologist.

All services are free and voluntary. Also have GED prep, testing, job preparation,
recreation. Offer some scholarships.

2000 members total, 100 new members per month

Chloe Mayes, Community Engagement Director, 510-777-9909 x157

East Bay Agency for Children

The agency provides programs in Alameda County that prepare children to succeed in
school, assist families in times of crisis and provide therapeutic support to children who
have suffered from abuse and/or neglect.

East Bay Agency for Children also provides outreach, assessment, case management and
mental health services to increase school attendance and diminish involvement in
violence among students at Dewey and Rudsdale Continuation High Schools, with a
focus on probation youth.

Contact Steve Eckert, 510-268-3770 x110,
Web site:
Address: 303 Van Buren Ave., Oakland, CA 94610

Self Expression/Identity Formation
Attitudinal Healing Connection of Oakland

The center works to eliminate violence through spiritual and educational programs that
incorporate art, health, cultural diversity and social justice. The center provides in-school
and after-school programs for children. For information on volunteering, call the center
and ask for Kokomon Clottey or e-mail

Phone: (510) 652-5530
Address: 3278 West Street, Oakland, CA 94608

Creative arts, fashion design, performance, artistic expression: self-reflective, from a
restorative justice perspective, provide arts and after school programming. Serve 3000+
youth in Oakland through the OUSD. Provide scholarships, etc… Concerned with social
justice. Fairly comprehensive

Drop in Crisis Support group on Tuesday mornings in West Oakland
Last Wednesday Racial Healing Group 7:30 – 9:30 PM
Synchronistic drumming 7:30 – 9:30 PM

Youth Radio

Program for Oakland Youth 16 – 22, involved with Juvenile Justice or Chronically
Truant, funded through Measure Y.

Belia Mayeno Saavedra 251-1101

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