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					                                                                                                         July 2006, Volume 3, Issue 3

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Southern Comfort       P1
                            Southern Comfort                                                                       By Ryan Moore C18

                            The Atlanta Falcons are the                                                  Just months after graduating from
Students – Recent      P2                                                                                USF in February 2005, the
                            team to beat this year. At least,
Internships & Jobs          that is the pitch I’m going for.                                             Falcons new head coach, Jim
                            With some key acquisitions in                                                Mora, was looking for a public
Alumni – Recent        P2                                                                                relations specialist. Through his
                            the free agency market, a solid
Job Changes                 draft class and the retention of                                             previous ties coaching for the
                            all six 2005 Falcons Pro                                                     49ers, in no time, I was on a
Students Continue      P2                                                                                plane flying across the country for
                            Bowlers, the team is looking to
Their Education                                                                                          an interview. Three weeks later, I
                            have a historic season. So big
                            in fact, I’m on the verge of                                                 was hired as the Football
Sport Management       P3                                        Ryan Moore (right) and Atlanta
                                                                                                         Communications Coordinator for
Updates                     booking a flight for my fiancé       Falcons player Patrick Kerney
                            right now to Super Bowl XLI in                                               the Falcons. In my current
                            Miami. It sounds a bit brash                                                 position, I, along with three others
Alumni & Student       P4                                                                                in the department, are responsible
                            and arrogant, but that is the        Shortly after starting my internship
News                                                                                                     for all of the public and media
                            kind of swagger an NFL team          with the 49ers, I was introduced to
                                                                 the USF Sport Management                relations matters for the team.
Announcements          P4   must exude when going after
                            the Lombardi Trophy.                 Program by a 49ers co-worker,           These responsibilities include
                                                                 Rocky Harris C13. Rocky had just        facilitating interviews between
Congratulations        P4   Upon taking your first few steps     finished the program and said it        players and coaches with media
                            into the Falcons training facility   was something that I should             personnel, handling the majority
C21/C6S Graduates                                                                                        of written material that leaves the
                            in Flowery Branch, Georgia (45       highly consider pursuing. With a
                            minutes northeast of Atlanta),       bit of support and encouragement        building (i.e. press releases,
                            you immediately sense several        from my peers, I jumped head first      media guide, etc.), credentialing
                            underlying themes, one of the        into school and started what            media, preparing players and
                            most apparent being a                would be a two-year adventure on        coaches for interviews, assisting
                            continual effort to be the best.     the fast track, consisting of family,   the media on game days, among
                            As an employee of the Falcons,       school and work. This being said,       various other duties.
                            this type of fast-paced and          all those who have completed or
                            goal-oriented environment is         are currently enrolled in the           The job has been a blast so far
                            exactly where I want to be.          program know that the continuous        with each and every day
                                                                 sacrifices you make will definitely     presenting a whole new set of
                            The path to Georgia has been         pay dividends in the end.               challenges. However, that is not
                            long and winding, but full of                                                to say that I’m surprised with the
                            great life experiences. After        One of the biggest sacrifices I had     ins-and-outs of the position,
                            graduating from the University       to make occurred a few months           having focused my master’s
                            of California at Santa Barbara       before graduating from USF. In          project on the field of public
                            in 2002, I moved back to             February of 2004, I put school          relations in the NFL. I’ve found
                            Northern California and landed       and the 49ers on hold for four          that the main conclusions stated
                            a public relations internship        months in order to serve as the         in my project over a year ago hold
                            with the San Francisco 49ers.        Public Relations Manager for the        true in regards to what a position
                            What started out as a one-year       Scottish Claymores of NFL               like mine actually entails: long
                            commitment turned into a             Europe. In my capacity, I acted as      hours and relatively low pay, but
                            three-year stint with the team.      the American liaison for all public     challenging and enjoyable work
                            The 49ers made the playoffs          relations matters regarding the         with great perks.
                            during my first season in 2002,      team and the NFL. The
                            but the team eventually steered      experience was as educational as        I’d have to say that it has been an
                            towards a rebuilding stage over      it was enjoyable.                       enjoyable experience for both my
                            the next two years. From a                                                   fiancé and I to reside in Atlanta
                            learning experience standpoint,      Upon arriving back in the States        this past year. I’d be lying if I said
                            it was great because I had an        after NFL Europe, some of the           there wasn’t an itch to make it
                            opportunity to practice public       most challenging decisions were         back to the west coast someday.
                            relations for both ‘hot’ and         coming my way at full speed. With       However, only time will tell. A lot
                            ‘cold’ teams. And let me tell        helpful guidance from the fine          of things can change in the
                            you, every facet of the job          folks up at USF, I made a               course of a couple of years. With
                                                                 decision and couldn’t have made         that said, I hope to see y’all at
    Visit the Sport         changes based on wins and
                                                                                                         Super Bowl XLI! Go Falcons!
                            losses.                              a better choice.
Management website at:                                                                                                     Page 1 of 4
Students – Recent Internships & Jobs                                         (C1 = Cohort 1 in SF, C1S = Cohort 1 in Southern California)

Michelle Boone C7S, Street Team Member,         Alysia Hendricks C7S, Community Program                Ricky Pellum C22, Sales and Marketing
AEG/JP Morgan Chase Open Street Team            Director, Santa Barbara YMCA                           Intern, Oakland Raiders

Cathy Chang C23, Intern, USA Baseball           DeAnna Holland C24, Marketing Assistant,               Lena Pereira C7S, Community Events Intern,
                                                Oakland Raiders' Raider Image Department               Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA)
Daniel Chole C23, Director of Membership
Services, Bay Club-Marin                        Jesse Hooper C23, Intern, Korer Media Ltd.             Buddy Rose C7S, Marketing & Promotions
                                                                                                       Coordinator, Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
Dustin Dunkovich C24, Operations Intern,        Sara Kindig C7S, Intern, ASA Events
Oakland Raiders                                                                                        Marc Rosenberg C7S, Marketing & Business
                                                Tim Koncel C24, Summer Coordinator-Kids                Development Associate, Positive Ions, Inc.
Angie Fitzpatrick C7S, Head Women's             Camps, USF Koret Health & Recreation
Cross Country Coach/Assistant Track & Field     Center                                                 Michael Selvidge C23, Media Relations/PR
Coach, San Diego Mesa College                                                                          Services Manager, San Francisco Dragons
                                                Casey Leppanen C7S, Marketing                          (MLL)
Jessica Gomez C22, Customer Services,           Coordinator & Broadcast Manager, Los
Stub Hub                                        Angeles Galaxy (MLS)                                   Whitney Tool C24, Internship, Sacramento
Marcie Haduca C24 Sports Marketing Intern,      Matt Nuthals C22, Social & Athletic Director,
San Jose Sports Authority-2006 Dew Action       Pacific Athletic Club                                  Mike Wagner C7S, Marketing, Promotions &
Sports Tour                                                                                            Development Intern, University of San Diego

Alumni – Recent Job Changes
Cary Dy Buncio C13, Managing Director,          Susan Moniz (Holland) C13, Director of NTR,            Lisa Simms C6S, Account Coordinator,
Pacsports Philippines Inc.                      Clear Channel Radio-Ft. Myers, FL                      U.S. Marketing & Promotions

George Kavouridis C13, Fitness Manager-Life     Mary Beth Noel C21, Account Manager,                   Simon Reynolds C15, SDI Marketing,
Fitness, Super Sport S.A., Greece               Positive Coaching Alliance                             Senior Account Manager

Ilisa Kessler C9, Business Operations           Todd Owen C5S, Account Manager, XOS                    Jason Weber C4S, Men's & Women's Head
Manager, KGO TV                                 Technologies                                           Swimming Coach/Director of Aquatics &
                                                                                                       Faculty Member, University of Chicago
Eric Kwait C11, Director of Corporate           Traci Peterson C20, Event Manager, Global
Development, Houston Rockets/Houston            Spectrum, FL
Comets/Toyota Center

Sport Management Students Continue Their Education                                                                         By Dan Rascher

The Sport Management Program is proud           Joris is beginning his third year in the Sport         economics and is pursuing his Ph.D.
of its history in sending students on to earn   Management Doctoral Program at the                     because he found out, through the USF
their Doctorate. Although not the focus of      University of Northern Colorado (UNC). He              Sport Management Program, that he
the curriculum, the breadth of course           has completed his coursework and is fully              enjoys doing research and questioning the
offerings allows a student to prepare           engaged on his dissertation and other                  status quo.
themselves for a doctoral program in sport      research. He is studying the secondary ticket
management. Recently, there has been a          markets and their impact on ticketing                  Rich Campbell (C5) completed his Ph.D. in
boom in USF students attending Ph.D.            strategies and public perception. He is also           Business with an emphasis in Marketing
programs. Currently, Nola Agha (C8), Joris      involved in the Sport Marketing Research               from the University of Oregon in 2002. His
Drayer (C16), and Tiffany Richardson            Institute at UNC.                                      research is focused on the application of
(C3S) are enrolled in Doctoral programs                                                                consumer behavior theory to sport
with Gary Deeds (C20) to begin this fall.       Tiffany just completed her first year at the           consumption. Rich is now an adjunct
                                                University of Illinois in the Ph.D. program in         faculty member for the SM Program
Nola will begin her second year at the          Recreation, Sport, and Tourism. She is                 teaching Sport Business Research and
University of Massachusetts, where she          focusing on professional athletes, the                 Master’s Project.
will earn her Ph.D. in Sport Management         products they endorse, and how their
from the Isenberg School of Management.         behavior affects the efficacy of the                   The market for newly minted Ph.D.s to
She is focusing on sport economics and is       endorsement. This coming fall, she will co-            teach in sport management programs
collaborating on research involving the         teach the Introduction to Sport Management             throughout the country is hot right now.
World Baseball Classic. She also teaches        course in the undergraduate program.                   The Sport Management faculty
a senior level course, Sport Finance, which                                                            recommends that any students interested
I taught when I was a professor there.          Gary will begin at the University of Illinois this     in pursuing their Ph.D. meet with any of the
                                                fall. Gary will focus on finance and                   faculty in the Program to discuss the

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                                                                                                       process and options that are available.
Sport Management Updates
Ross Hayduk C20, is putting his Master's
Project to work and was able to bring in a
sponsorship worth $10,000 to Team San
Francisco. The team will be participating in
the 2006 Gay Games VII this summer in

On May 5, 2006, Dennis Bickmeier, adjunct
faculty member for So Cal, started his own         Exemplary Academic Acheivement Award              Attendees at the Absolute Addiction
company, Partnership Marketing and                 recipient Pamm Hubbard C6S (center                Event coordinated by Koji Shirai C21, &
Communication Group, focusing on sports            holding award) pictured with, from left, Stan     Shiho Kadota C24
marketing partnerships and activation, as well     Fasci, Peggy O’Leary, and Dan Rascher.
as Public Relations consulting. He and his         Alexander Stanford was the recipient of
wife Erin are also expecting a brother or sister   the award for C21.                                Director of Academics and Associate
for their 2.5-year-old son Joshua in August.                                                         Professor, Dan Rascher and his wife
                                                                                                     Heather had their first child. Daniel Aidan
Koji Shirai C21, & Shiho Kadota C24 have           Stars and who formerly served as the
                                                                                                     Rascher was born on April 10 at 7:38am
organized and produced an exciting event for       director of the program, has been an active       weighing in at 7 lbs 5 oz and 18.75 inches
the Soccer World Cup. The event, "Absolute         member of After-School All-Stars since its        long. Congratulations to the Rascher
Addiction", had a successful first night event     inception in 1997.                                Family!
with over 300 people showing up in
Japantown. For more info visit:                    JP Holland C12, launched Holland Sports           Two of our Cohort 25 students came to the The        Properties LLC, the successor Company to          program in January after having been
San Francisco Chronicle ran a nice piece           the business he built and managed at the          awarded the NCAA Ethnic Minority and
about the event in the June 11, 2006 edition.      Hutt Sports Group. Holland Sports has             Women's Enhancement Programs'
                                                   established itself overnight as a leader in       Postgraduate Scholarship for Careers in
The romance report for Spring leads off with       this industry segment. In addition to             Athletics ($6,000 for the one-year
Scott Wing C22, who is engaged to Michelle         developing and selling corporate                  scholarship). Congratulations to Colleen
Maciel. The two will wed in April 2007. Alum       sponsorship programs, Holland Sports will         Price C25, Siena College, who received
Cary Dy Buncio C13, was married to Ms              also provide consulting and advisory              this for 2005-2006 and to Lenli Corbett
Lizzie Go on April 30 . C7S student Sam            services to companies and organizations in        C25, Creighton University, who received
Brown was engaged on Friday, June 2 to             the sports industry. Holland Sports               this for 2006-2007.
Jaime Moore. Congratulations to the happy          Properties is located in Portland, OR
couples!                                                                                             The Sport Management Program recently
                                                   Jarrod Dillion, Nor Cal adjunct faculty           updated its curriculum by adding Business
Charlie Faas (Nor Cal adjunct faculty              member, accepted a position as the                Development and Sales in Sport as a core
member) is the recipient of the Mary Angela        Director of Ticket Sales for the Oakland          class, and expanded the Master’s Project
DiGiovanni Beacon of Light Award for 2006.         Raiders in mid February. Jarrod was               to twelve uninterrupted weeks (and four
Faas, who was the founding President for the       previously with the San Francisco Giants          units). For more details, see
Greater San Jose chapter of After-School All-      as the Special Events Manager.          

Welcome Andrew Choi – New Assistant Professor
  The Sport Management Program would                 consulting firm whose clients have            because of the overall "fit". One of his
  like to welcome Andrew Choi to the full-           included Mercedes-Benz, Budweiser,            research interests is multicultural sport
  time faculty position of Assistant                 LaCoste, and POSCO (one of the                marketing, and the Bay Area is one of
  Professor. Andrew comes to us from                 world's largest steel companies). He is       the most multicultural places in the
  the University of Northern Colorado,               also the founder of, a            world. He was very impressed with the
  where he attained his Ph.D. in Sport               pioneering sport webzine in South             students, faculty, staff, and
  Management with emphasis in                        Korea. After Andrew sold the company,         administration he met with during his
  marketing and research methods (both               the focus and direction were changed          visit. He is interested in reaching out to
  qualitative and quantitative). He also             and today is mostly a             Asia and tying the Program closer to the
  holds a master's degree from NYU and               series of bulletin boards.                    emerging economies of Asia. Andrew
  a bachelor's degree from the University                                                          was also interested in teaching in an
  of Pennsylvania.                                   During the last FIFA World Cup in 2002,       applied program to master's students
                                                     Andrew's company was responsible for          who want to learn how to apply theory to
  Just as important, Andrew has ten years            developing and managing Budweiser             the real world. The closeness of the
  of experience in sport marketing and               Korea's World Cup Football Website. In        Program to the sport industry in the Bay
  management. His previous jobs include              addition, Mercedes-Benz Korea was             Area and Southern California were also
  Regional Apparel Marketing Director for            Andrew's biggest client for whom              important factors in his decision.
  Nike Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Hong             Andrew's company ran the Annual
  Kong and Brand Manager at the Coca-                Mercedes-Benz Golf Tournament for             As Andrew gets settled in to his new
  Cola Korea Company. As an                          three years.                                  position, and office, please stop by or
  entrepreneur, Dr. Choi founded                                                                   contact him to welcome him and get to
  Hoochoo Enov8, a sport marketing                   Andrew chose USF (over multiple offers)       know him.

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                                                                   Alumni & Student News
                  USF                                                !    Todd Owen C4S and his wife are expecting their first child in August.

           Sport Management                                          !    Mike Champion C5S and his lovely wife had their second child: Brody
                                                                          Michael Champion born April 13th weighing 8lbs 11oz 21” long.
 Dr. Stan Fasci – Director of Administration
 Dr. Dan Rascher – Director of Academic Programs and                 !    Robert Quan C20 and his wife had a baby boy, Rudy Quan.
 Associate Professor
 Peggy O’Leary, MS – Senior Associate Director and                   !    Sofia Rosa Ortiz, 8lbs 4oz & 21in long, was born at 5:06 am in mid-June to
 Administrator of Southern California Program                             C5S alum Marisol Ortiz and her husband.
 Dr. Jeremy Howell – Associate Professor
 Dr. Rich Cellini – Assistant Professor                              !    Adam & Nikole Bresciani, both C3S alums, welcomed Colten William
 Dr. J. Andrew Choi – Assistant Professor                                 Bresciani on June 20th at 5:15pm. He weighed in at 6lbs 7oz 18in long.
 Maria Palmo – Program Assistant for Northern
 California Program                                                  !
                                                                          Jessie Elizabeth was born at 7:01 pm on June 16 to Mark Reeves and his
 Sabrina Karras – Program Assistant for Southern                          wife Dorian. Mark is an adjunct faculty member for the Nor. Cal campus.
 California Program
                                                                     !    On July 6 , Jae Wilson C17 and wife Julie welcomed Jacqueline Louise
 Northern California Program                                              Wilson, 7lbs 4 oz 19.5in long.
 Lone Mountain Pacific Wing 116
 2130 Fulton Street
 San Francisco, CA 94117-1080
 Phone: (415) 422-2678                                             Announcements
 Fax: (415) 422-6267                                                  !    Dan Rascher will be on sabbatical from July 2006 through March 2007.
                                                                          He will be completing a co-authored textbook, Financial Management of
 Southern California Program                                              Sport Organizations, during that time.
 480 South Batavia Street
 Orange, CA 92868                                                    !    The Southern California Social will be held at the So. Cal. campus
 Phone: (714) 633-5626                                                    August 10 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Please mark your calendars and
 Fax: (714) 771-4264                                                      join us if you can!                                                                                                               th
                                                                     !    The Northern California Social will be held on August 14 from 6:00 p.m.
   Visit our website at                                  to 8:00 p.m. in Lone Mountain Room 100. Please mark your calendars and
                                                                          join us if you can!

                                                                     !    What Are You Up To? Keep sending us news about yourself and a picture
                                                                          to be included in future issues.

                                                                     !    Moved recently? Be sure to let us know if you have new contact
                                                                          information so we can keep you in the loop and in the know!

   Congratulations Cohort 21 & 6S Graduates, May 19, 2006

     C6S: Jennifer Alegado, Tracy Baca, Erica Bakeman, Eric                             C21: Jennine Aiello, Shawn Beckham, Timothy Della
     Bankston, Barbara Bartee, Rebeka Bet-Eivaz, Alexander Calderon,                    Maggiore, Gabriela Duno, Richard Egan, Regina Gutierrez,
     Kevin Carrera, Alexandria Cribbs, Kim Cruz, Jessica Edwards,                       Amber Hadisoenarto, Jeanine Haldi, Moritz Hoemke,
     Chris Forrest, Linda Ghazarian, Ozan Gocer, Loren Grover, Pamm                     Shamisa Ingram, Courtney Iwanaga, Albert Jaimes,
     Hubbard, Jason Jones, Kristen Lange, Ebony Lawson, Kurtis                          Michael Joyce, Bojana Korach, Stacey Mallison, Amy
     Matzkind, Molly Miller, Jeff Miller, Carlos Mora, Paul Phootrakul,                 Murphy, Mary Elizabeth Noel, Matthew Roberts, Perrin
     Jason Piombetti, Anthony Plancarte, Amie Prichard, Kelly Schulte,                  Rowe, Keri Russell, Jordan Sharon, Koji Shirai, Kevin
     Lisa Simms, Brian Sutton, Art Valdez                                               Skabo, Deidre Smith, Krista Smith, Alex Stanford, Mark
                                                                                        Sylva, Nanako Tamaoki, Jeffrey Williams

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