PAST PAAC PROGRAMS Ms Lynette Lithgow Former CNBC News by mensahbansu


									                                 PAST PAAC PROGRAMS

Ms. Lynette Lithgow               Ambassador Alphonse F. La       Ms. Luisita Cruz-Valdez
Former CNBC News Anchor           Porta                           Vice President for Current
“East-West Synergies in            President of the United        Affairs of ABS-CBN in the
Management”                       States-Indonesia Society        Philippines
                                  “The Road Ahead for the         “Why Are They Killing
Mr. Jose Ramos Horta              SBY Government, Disaster        Journalists?”
Nobel Peace Prize Winner          Reconstruction and Defense
“Human Rights Democracy,          Relations with the U.S.”        Dr. Barry Raleigh
and the Rule of Law in the                                        Executive Director of the
Asia-Pacific Region”              Mr. Bradley Martin              Center for Sustainable Future
                                  Journalist and Author of        “ENERGY: Seeking Global
Mr. Richard Baker                 Under the Loving Care of the    Sustainability”
Special Assistant to East West    Fatherly Leader: North Korea
Center President                  and the Kim Dynasty             Ms. Linda S. Droker
“Indonesia’s 2004 Elections       “Dateline North Korea:          Director, Office of South Asia
– Another Step Forward”           Dispatches from a               & Oceania, U.S. Department
                                  Pyongyang Watcher”              of Commerce
Mr. Joshua Frydenberg                                             “Australia: Free Trade
Senior Adviser to the Office      Mr. Brad Glosserman, Ms.        Agreement”
of the Prime Minister -           Sun Namkung, Mr. Yoichiro
Australia                         Sato, and Mr. Qinghong          Dr. Duane Gubler
“Australia and the                Wang                            Director, Asia-Pacific
International Security            “Reinventing Nationalism:       Institute of Tropical Medicine
Environment”                      A New Generation of Asians      and Infectious Diseases at UH
                                  and their Changing Views of     John A. Burns School of
Dr. Saleem Ahmed                  China, Japan, and Korea”        Medicine
Author of Beyond Veil and                                         “Avian Flu and Other
Holy War                          Mr. Katsuyuki Akutagawa         Pandemic Influenzas: Cause
“Moving from a Clash of           Chief Intellectual Property     for Concern?”
Civilizations to Congruence:      Office of Nichia Corporation,
The Muslim Factor”                and Mr. Yasuharu Nagashima      Lt. General Franklin L.
                                  Founder and Advisor of          Hagenbeck
Ms. Pamela Spratlen               Nagashima Ohno &                Deputy Chief of Staff G-1,
Former Diplomat-in-               Tsunematsu                      United States Army
Residence of the East West        “Changing Dynamics: The         “Afghanistan and an Army
Center                            Future of Japan’s               Transforming”
“To Be Young, Gifted and          Employer-Employee
Russian: The Search for           Relationships”                  Dr. Anwar Ibrahim
Success in Mr. Putin’s                                            Former Deputy Prime
Russia”                           President Enkhbayar Nambar      Minister of Malaysia
                                  President of Mongolia           “Human Rights and
Ambassador                        “Mongolia: At the Juncture      Politics”
Raymond Burghardt                 Between Northeast &
Former U.S. Ambassador to         Central Asia”                   Ambassador Ronen Sen
Vietnam                                                           India’s Ambassador to the
“Vietnam and the United                                           United States
States – 30 Years After the                                       “U.S.-India Relations”

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