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					Know More about Smile Glen Ellyn Teeth Whitening

Teeth do not remain white. This is a part of life. Some teeth get
discoloration from various things such as food, coffee and tobacco.
Others may get discoloration from poor dental hygiene. Not enough
brushing can cause your teeth to become yellowish in color. Then, there’s
also genetics. Some people may try their best to make their teeth whiter
by brushing, but genetics can sometimes get in the way. Some people are
just born to have discolored teeth. However, that does not mean that they
have to live with discolored teeth. People who want to have whiter teeth
can try various whitening products or services. One service that rises
above the rest is Smile Glen Ellyn Teeth whitening.

The Smile Glen Ellyn teeth whitening service uses two different methods
in giving you a more radiant smile. In order to find the proper method
for you, you need to come in for an interview and preliminary
examination. A specialist will be able to tell you if you are, indeed,
qualified for a teeth whitening procedure. Here are the two methods used
by the Smile Glen Ellyn teeth whitening service:

1) At-home – Many patients opt to have the at home procedure from Smile
Glen Ellyn teeth whitening services. This is because of the fact that
many people do not have the time to spare to go to the dentist for a long
appointment. This method, as implied by the name, can be brought home. A
patient is fitted with a mouthpiece which would hold the bleaching
material against the patient’s teeth. The results for this procedure are

There are a few things that need to be said about this method, however.
First of all, this method takes a longer time than a procedure done in
the office. Up to 10 days of treatment may be recommended by a dentist
for better results. This is because of the fact that it involves less
concentrations of bleaching agent. However, there are also instances
during the treatment when your teeth may become sensitive to heat and
cold. In case this happens, a desensitizing agent is provided.

Hey, sometimes beauty takes sacrifice, right?

2) In-office –This procedure is more effective than the at-home method,
and may require several appointments to complete. This method involves
higher concentrations of bleaching agents and therefore, requires a
professional to supervise it. In this procedure, your gums are covered in
order to protect them from the adverse effects of the bleaching agent.
After the agent is applied, a high-intensity light is applied to speed up
its activation.

The ZOOM! Treatment is included in the at-home method of smile glen Ellyn
teeth whitening services. This treatment was made famous by the show
extreme makeover. This treatment is designed for people who want to have
whiter teeth but do not have very much time to get them. The ZOOM
treatment offers same day lightening. Within one hour, you can have the
whiter teeth that you dream of. Isn’t that just amazing?
One of the questions surrounding the smile glen Ellyn teeth whitening
services is safety. People want to know if the procedure will help and
not harm them. Be assured, professionals will supervise the bleaching
process and Smile glen Ellyn teeth whitening services will not leave you
susceptible to tooth decay or other harm.

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