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									New Adventures in Healthy Aging

Life is just another adventure if you really look into its channels. On
the first day we are born, we begin a new adventure to healthy aging.
After a while, we take our first baby step. Our muscles, joints and bones
have already started its progress of aging. Yet, we continue to use our
muscles, joints and bones throughout our life to balance our weight. As
we reach puberty, despite the notion that we maintained activities the
muscles, joints, and bones begin to degenerate. After puberty the
declination continues, which our body and minds start weakening.

Throughout our life, we depend on soluble fats to reduce heart disease.
We depend nutrients that prevent high cholesterol, which affects so many
of us by not eating and exercising correctly. We understand that
incorporating the right amount of fibers into our bodies daily will add
bulk to our stools. It will speed up to come through and out of our body.
High-Fiber diets are something we rely on to slow cholesterol in which
the liver produces. We use fibers to keep down the levels of cholesterol,
which if increased we know can block the arteries.

Throughout our youthful days, our body changes, yet as we reach age 35
the same body we took time to maintain starts to decline, i.e. the bodily
functions start to decline despite the notion that we took time to
provide what our bodies needed. Along some time in our life we ask, do I
need to lose weight? Many of us ask these questions followed by food
binges, ignoring meals, and sitting on the couch hoping that we lose
weight. Well couch potatoes, you missed the point, yet help has arrived.
High fiber foods links to potential weight loss and control. Because
fibers carry through our bodies, it takes some excess calories along t he
way. Foods that are high in soluble fat are more filling, we eat less of
them, and there is the lost of more calories. When trying to lose weight
be sure to consult with you doctor before hand, because it might not be
the best choice for you. Diet supplements can be harmful even the fiber

Our journey continues:
As we reach 40, we start to look back. Throughout our life journey, we
have established a residence, vehicle, children, and more. Now that we
are older, we find it harder to maintain or keep up with the bills. Seems
the harder we try, the more difficult it becomes. You might say I can’t
afford to live here anymore by the age you reach 50. The home taxes,
maintenance, etc is weighing you down. You start to wander in your mind,
what should I do. First, you must ask, do I enjoy traveling and meeting
new people while learning at the same time?

At this time, you begin because your situation requires adjustments. You
take moments out of each day dwelling on what you need to do. You check
into your community to find low-subsidized housing for seniors. You
realize that one day; you may be that senior resting a community housing
arrangement. If you vision this now, take action instead of waiting until
you are too old to do something about your situation. Unfortunately, many
older folks lose their homes, belongings, vehicles, insurance etc as they
grow older, which causes them to sink into the world that leads to death.
Now is the time to save your future by checking into community housing
for seniors. Learn what these facilities have to offer you. In addition,
if you like to travel why wait until you are too old to move. Your local
travel agent to see if they have any outings planned in the future, that
you might like to take. Some times travel packages are cheaper and nicer
because they make the entire plan and you just go along with the flow of
things. Traveling can be educational as well as a relaxation time for
you. Seeing new things and meeting new people are both education. Seeing
and going to new places you’ll be learning about things and meeting new
people you’ll learn how others live and enjoy their life. Who knows
socializing with others may build your relationships up for more fun and

Have fun with your new adventure and stay healthy.

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