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									Healthy Aging and your Workplace
More about your workplace and how it affects your health:
Some places that you work at can be dangerous to your health. They can
cause you a lot of medical and mentally problems. We know you have to
work, now days if you do not work your not going to get anywhere. We are
not telling you to run off and quite your job but we want you to do your
work safely. So talk a long look into your work environment to see if you
are safe or not. Does your environment affect your health?

What are some of jobs that are bad for one to do?
Some of the jobs that are bad for your health are sawmills and other
mills the reason for this is because of the small gains that you breath
in your lungs. In sawmills, a person will breathe in the sawdust, which
effects your respiratory system. Other types of mills a person will
breathe in all the small gains like corn, or wheat, and what ever else
they grain up. Breathing all this stuff can cause you to develop lung
disease and/or lung cancer. Factories often cause bronchitis, allergies
and so on.

People in the southern parts work in the coalmines. These people have it
bad too for the same reason. When the person visits the doctor
environment factors are considered, which doctors often find damage due
to the chemicals in the atmosphere or environment?
Coalmines are filled with black Sid. Black Sid will causes diseases known
as the black lung cancer. Once the disease is in your system, unless your
doctor caught it at the first stage, usually a person is out of luck.

Jobs may include the ones where a person has to spray to kill the weeds
and the bugs. Spray is used to terminate lime also. The crops require
such sprays to grow healthy, yet a person breathing in these hard
chemicals are at risk. The chemicals do not only kill what they are
spraying, but it ends up killing the person slowly. These chemicals could
cause lung cancer or lung disease. Alternatively, if you are one of the
lucky ones that don’t get lung disease or cancer you just might various
types of breathing problems.

What can I do to be safe while am at work?
When at work and you want to stay safe. You have options when it comes to
workplace. You can play it smart and ask your supervisor if a mask is
available. A caring supervisor will have one ready for you. If your
supervisor does not offer you a mask, then you take it in your hands, go
to your local drug store, and buy one for your own safety. In addition,
make sure you wear the mask, it will help you in the end, since you will
be better off than if you do not wear it.

What kind of mental problems can a job cause?
All jobs come with stress we have no control over. However, you can learn
to control the stress that is put on you if you let stress control you
that is bad for you. Stress will take control if you let it. We all have
deadlines to meet as well as making sure we are doing our job the right
way. Stress if out of control however can lead to high blood pressure,
heart disease, or even a stroke. Just remember you have all the control
to handle the stress or to let it handle you. If you learn to handle
stress and wear mask you will live a healthier life so play it safe.

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