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There is a very common problem people have when creating ebooks.

It goes something like this. You find an excellent niche with plenty of willing buyers. Then you start to do
your research but after a lot of effort you just can’t seem to find a good solution.

This problem seems to happen with health products more often than others. There are a lot of excellent
health related niches out there but the last thing any of us want is to deliver a dodgy health product that
doesn’t help or even makes things worse.

The first thing to consider is that this does not have to be bad news at all and likely you’ve made
productive use of your time. You’ve found a hungry market and through your research know exactly
what they are looking for. That is a great thing to have and sooner or later could make you a lot of

From here you can try different things:

Have you asked?

Instead of just looking for answers, try flat out asking for a solution to your problem in a forum or to a
blogger or author. Don’t just make it a one sentence email or post though, try and establish a
relationship. Give some of your background and knowledge. Help others where you can. It’s a great idea
in any case to get involved in the community of your niche. The more involved you are, the more likely
you’ll find solutions for creating ebooks. Sometimes the solutions will come ‘out of nowhere’.

Can you provide enough great information to build a list?

Instead of selling an Ebook, how about giving away a free one in exchange for their email address? You
can then build a list of people who are actively seeking a solution to a problem. Which is a very valuable
thing to have.

Can You Find a Business Partner?

Is there an expert who could provide a fantastic solution for creating an ebook? What about trying to
create a partnership with them? Something like they provide the expertise and you run the business?

Are there ‘sideways’ solutions to the problem you could become an affiliate for?

Coaching programs? Seminars? How about a health resort to help with a health problem?

Are there physical products you could acquire PLR to? E.g. Vitamins.
Keep the market in mind as you go about your normal business; ask yourself how to solve the problem.
Answers will often come from surprising places. Something a friend says or something on television
might prompt an answer. Remember, creating ebooks often involves not giving up too easily.

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Liam Alexander

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