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Cell Phone- PDA Policy for corporation on use of cell phones while driving, personal use of Company cell phones

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                          Cell Phone and PDA Policy for Employees

       Cellular telephones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) – such as Blackberry,
Smartphone and Treo devices – enable fast communications, remote wireless network
connectivity and more productive mobile employees. However, such devices add significant
operating expenses and create additional security concerns for the Company. As such, we
maintain and enforce this Cell Phone & PDA Policy to help us maximize security while also
managing costs and liability exposure.


       Our Cell Phone & PDA Policy exists to control costs, secure organization data, protect
mobile devices from theft, and protect us from liabilities relating to use of such devices by
employees in certain situations.


       Every officer, manager, employee, contractor, temporary worker, authorized agent and
volunteer is subject to our Cell Phone & PDA Policy.

        This policy about cellular phone usage by employees applies to any cellular telephone,
Blackberry, iPhone or similar device that makes or receives telephone calls, leaves messages,
sends or receives text messages, accesses the Internet, or downloads and allows for the reading
of and responding to email, whether the device is company-supplied or personally owned.

Company Owned and Supplied Devices or Vehicles

        An employee who uses a company-supplied device or a company-supplied vehicle is
prohibited from using a cell phone, hands on or hands off, or similar device 
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