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					January 1, 2006

Scott Wilcox
69238 Seventh Circle
Houston, RI 02886

Mr. Wilcox:

As I mentioned at our last meeting, I am beginning a job search in the
___________(LOCATION) area. Our working relationship has been enjoyable and productive,
and you have seen firsthand the quality of my work. I would be pleased if you would agree to
serve as one of my references.

In my new environment, I plan to secure a ___________(TITLE) position in which I can
continue to provide quality results through proactive service and timely project completion. As
you have mentioned to me on several occasions, the hallmarks of my _____(NUMBER) years of
service are my consistent attention to detail and my practice of providing frequent
communications regarding __________(ACTIVITY).

Thank you for your help with this request. I will check in a few days to confirm that it is
acceptable to include your name on my list of references and verify your contact information.


Drew Sterling