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									January 1, 2006

Chet Robinson
793 Fourth Circle
Pinehurst, NC 28374

Dear Mr. Robinson:

I enjoyed our opportunity to discuss _______________(COMPANY)’s plans for the future.
Clearly, your company is made up of committed team members who take their work seriously
and enjoy working together. I would like to contribute to such a team.
As we reviewed this morning, as a new start-up company, _______________(COMPANY) is
already highly respected in the industry. With my previous experience and reputation in this
field, I know I would be an asset to your firm. I have a capability for streamlining operations,
finding more productive methods to achieve top performance, eliminating waste, and reducing
unnecessary expenses.
I will call you next week after you have had an opportunity to review the remaining candidates. I
am confident that my abilities and qualifications will stand out from the rest.


Drew Sterling


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