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					ENL Investment (previously Espitalier Noël Investment Trust)
is ENL’s main investment company. It is one of the largest
publicly traded companies in Mauritius and deals in shares and
securities, many of which are quoted on the Stock Exchange
of Mauritius.
ENL Investment, which is listed on the DEM of the Stock
Exchange of Mauritius, holds a wide range of investments in key
sectors of the Mauritian economy such as tourism, commerce,
agro-industry, and finance. It holds sizeable shareholdings in
some of the major groups in Mauritius, namely the Food and
Allied Group, the Rogers Group and New Mauritius Hotels, as
well as smaller stakes in a number of local companies.
Creating long-term value for our stakeholders
through sustainable development.

Corporate services

We remain committed to:
Maximising profits for our shareowners.
Being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
Nurturing a winning network of economic and social partners and building mutual loyalty.
Preserving the natural beauty of Mauritius whilst striving to enhance the quality of life
of one and all by being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

                                                                                                            Main investments of ENL Investment (Jun-10)

                                                                                                                                                                Rs m
                                                                                 Rogers Consolidated Shareholding Ltd                                           2,020
                                                                                 New Mauritius Hotels Ltd                                                         795
                                                                                 The Savannah SE Co Ltd                                                           733
                                                                                 Companies of FAIL Group                                                          663
                                                                                 ENL Commercial Limited                                                           206
                                                                                 Others                                                                           166
                                                                                 Total                                                                          4,583
7th Floor | Swan Group Centre | 10, Intendance Street | Port Louis | Mauritius

                                                                                                                            Rogers Consolidated Shareholding Ltd - 44%
                                                                                                                            New Mauritius Hotels Ltd - 17%
T +230 213 3800 | F +230 208 0968

                                                                                                                            The Savannah SE Co Ltd - 16%
                                                                                                                            Companies of FAIL Group - 14%
info@enl.mu | www.enl.mu

                                                                                                                            ENL Commercial Limited - 4%
ENL Investment Limited

                                                                                                                            Others - 4%
             ROGERS GROUP

                                                            The Rogers Group, one of the largest       Rogers is engaged in the following core
                                                            conglomerates in Mauritius, has            business sectors – Financial services,
                                                            interests in over 150 subsidiaries         Hotels, Leisure, Logistics, Property,
                                                            and associated companies. Its              Real Estate and Agribusiness as well
                                                            original activities of shipping and        as Travel and Aviation. The footprint
                                                            trade have experienced substantial         of our major local and international
                                                            growth, driven by new lines of             brands stretches across 10 territories,
                                                            business. Diversification within the       with operations covering the Indian
                                                            group comprises tourism (Veranda           Ocean region and France. Rogers and
                                                            and Heritage brands), avia-tion and        Company Limited also holds interests
                                                            logistics, global business and financial   in various other industries through
                                                            services.                                  strategic investments.
                                                            Rogers and Company Limited has
5, President John Kennedy Street | PO Box 60 | Port Louis

                                                            been an innovative contributor to the
                                                            development of the Mauritian economy
                                                            since 1899. Over more than a century,
                                                            its pioneering spirit has been key in
T +230 202 6666 | F +230 208 3646

                                                            exploring new opportunities for the
                                                            country, especially through its active
                                                            participation in founding the national
                                                            carrier, Air Mauritius, and via the
                                                            setting up of the leading hotel group

                                                            on the island, Beachcomber Hotels.
Rogers House
               BEACHCOMBER GROUP


                                                       New Mauritius Hotels Ltd owns and       Beachcomber built its first hotel
                                                       operates the Beachcomber group of       in Mauritius in 1952. Since then,
                                                       hotels. Since its inception in 1952,    the group of hotels has sustained
                                                       Beachcomber has played a pioneering     the development of high service
                                                       role in the development of tourism      standards within the tourism industry
                                                       in Mauritius. The group owns and        and contributed to position Mauritius
                                                       operates some of the most prestigious   as one of the sought after destinations
                                                       beach hotels on the island, located     in the world.
                                                       on stunning coastal sites namely        Beachcomber has agencies in
                                                       the Royal Palm, Dinarobin Hotel Golf    various countries like in France, Italy,
                                                       and Spa, Paradis Hotel and Golf Club,   Germany, U.K, Spain, South Africa,
                                                       Shandrani Resort and Spa, Trou aux      Australia, Japan and the United
beachcomber@bchot.com | www.beachcomber-hotels.com

                                                       Biches, Le Victoria, Le Canonnier and   States. Beachcomber hotels maintain
                                                       Le Mauricia. It also owns the Sainte
10, Robert Edward Hart Street | Curepipe | Mauritius

                                                                                               the tradition of excellence for both
                                                       Anne Resort in the Seychelles and is    hospitality and the quality of service
                                                       presently undertaking a major hotel     that is associated with the island of
                                                       and villas development in Morocco.      Mauritius and Seychelles.
T +230 601 3232 | F +230 675 3240


                                                          MADCO is a well diversified group with
                                                          investments in companies spanning
                                                          a wide range of activities. The main
                                                          investments of MADCO are in the
                                                          Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel and
                                                          Suffren Hotel and Marina, in Livestock
                                                          Feed Ltd, the largest producer of
                                                          animal feed in Mauritius, Panagora
                                                          Marketing Co Ltd, the marketing arm
                                                          of the FAIL group and in Pick ‘N’ Eat
                                                          Ltd which operates the KFC franchise
                                                          in Mauritius.
Management & Development Co Ltd (Food and Allied Group)

communication@food-allied.com | www.food-allied.com
Royal Road | Gentilly | Moka | Mauritius
T +230 433 4225 | F +230 433 4145
                FOOD & ALLIED GROUP


                                                      The Food & Allied Group, established
                                                      30 years ago, is among the largest
                                                      in Mauritius. It is a diversified agro-
                                                      industrial group engaged in poultry
                                                      production, animal feed compounding,
                                                      flour milling and dairy products as
                                                      well as canning and freezing of food
                                                      products. It holds the franchise for
                                                      global brands such as KFC, Yoplait,
                                                      Candia and Miko amongst others.

                                                      It is also the owner and operator of
communication@food-allied.com | www.food-allied.com

                                                      the Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel
                                                      and the Suffren Hotel & Marina, both
                                                      situated on the Caudan Waterfront in
Royal Road | Gentilly | Moka | Mauritius

                                                      Port Louis.
T +230 433 4225 | F +230 433 4145
Food & Allied Group of Companies