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Program TBLI 2006 Paris
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November 9: Opening
09:00 Welcome

Robert Rubinstein - Founder & CEO Brooklyn Bridge-TBLI Group

Antoine de Salins, FRR(Fonds de Réserve pour Les Retraîtres), Member of Executive Board,

09:15 Opening Keynote - Paul Watchman, LeBoeuf Lamb, Partner, UK


09:45 TBLI Roundtable Challenge- Will sustainable investments become mainstream
or will the definition be changed?

Moderator: Ylva Lindberg, SIGLA, Founder and Managing Director, Norway

Andreas Knörzer, Bank Sarasin, Head of Sustainable Investments, Switzerland
Wim Vermeir, Dexia Asset Management, Global Head of Equity and Sustainable Management-
Member of Executive Committe, Belgium
Thierry Deheuvels, AGF-AM, General manager of AGF AM in charge of investment (CIO),
George Möller, Robeco, CEO, Netherlands

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break


12:00-13:15 TBLI Roundtable-Integrating Sustainability

Moderator: Leo Johnson, Sustainable Finance, Partner, France

Andy Ruben, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Vice-President, USA
Martin Skancke, Norwegian Ministry of Finance (Government Pension Fund), General Director
of the Asset Management, Norway
Bryan Martel, Environmental Capital Group Managing Partner and Environmental Investment
Advisor to CalPERS, USA
Antoine de Salins, FRR(Fonds de Réserve pour Les Retraîtres), Member of Executive Board,
Rana Kapoor, Managing Director & CEO, Yes Bank Limited, India

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13:15-14:30 Lunch

14:30-16:15 Workshops

1 Alternative Investments I - Experience sharing of sustainable private equity funds .
Where have they invested? What can be learned from the lemons and the plums?

Moderator- Gerbrand Hop, Gerken Capital Associates, Director, Netherlands

Noah Beckwith, Aureos, Partner, UK
Harnessing Synergies: Responsible Private Equity Investment in SMEs
Peter Fusaro, Global Change Associates, Director, USA
How the New Green Business Model is Emerging
Investment in the green energy space is creating a hybrid model somewhere between venture capital,
hedge funds and private equity. This briefing will provides insights on how this new business model is
being applied in both renewable energy and carbon finance sectors.
Andrew Musters, Robeco, Partner, Netherlands
Clean Tech Private Equity Investing: Market Dynamics, our Approach and our Experiences so far
John D. Goldstein, Medley Global Advisors, Director, USA

2 TBLI Research - Non financial criteria and other risks? The latest research from
some of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the field. In addition, some exciting
new pan-european initiatives to speed up the process of sustainable investment

Moderator: Robert S. Earhart, Brooklyn Bridge/TBLI Group, Director Consulting, Netherlands

Geoffrey Mazullo, Partners for Financial Stability (PFS) Program East-West Management
Institute, Director, Hungary
Investor Relations Online and Surveys of Reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in 11
Central and Eastern European (CEE) Countries, BRIC, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and
Ukraine: 2001-2006
Stephen Hine, EIRIS-Ethical Investment Research, Head of International Relations,
"ESG reporting - does it make a difference"
Theo Dijkstra, University of Groningen, Associate prof. Math.Finance, Netherlands
Mathew Kiernan, Innovest, CEO, Canada
Climate Change and Investment Performance – Some Recent Research
Bjørn Tore Urdal, SAM Sustainable Asset Management
Carbonizing Valuation: On valuing value of CO2

3 Emerging Markets I

Moderator: Amber Nystrom, Social Fusion, Founder, USA

Peter F Hinton, Entreprise Holdings, Managing Director, Botswana
Frontier Banking in Africa: The role of SME banking to deliver TBL
Mark Goldsmith, ACTIS, Investment Principal, UK,
Financial Gains for all through ESG Investment

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Dang Le Nguyen Vu, Trung Nguyen, Assistant to the President & CEO, Vietnam
Thai Quang Trung, Hanns Seidel Foundation, Regional Prgramme Coordinator, Vietnam
The Leap From Coffee Plantation to Knowledge Economy
Sarj Nahal, Socgen Securities, Senior SRI Financial Analyst, France
The Iran Factor: Challenges & Opportunities

4 Analyst meeting: Utilities-What has been the sustainable performance of the leading
Utilities and what is their strategy for the future?

Moderator: Ralf Frank, DVFA-Society of Investment Professional, Managing Director, Germany

Stéphane Quéré, Suez, SVP Sustainable Development, France
Suez- SUSTAINABLE performance and strategy
Hans-Peter Meurer, RWE AG, Corporate Responsibility Officer, Germany
RWE- a sustainable electricity supply for the future
Luc Demoulin, GAZ de France , Chargé de Mission, France

5 Carbon Markets-How will the cost of carbon impact the financial performance of
corporations? Is carbon a new asset class?

Moderator: Doug Cogan, ISS-International Shareholder Services, Deputy Director Social Issues
Services, USA

Daniele Cesano, SSN, Institutional Marketing, Italy
Financing Carbon Projects: Current market trends and impacts on corporate business
Ranjan Moulik, Dexia Crédit, Director Energy, France
Mitigating risks associated with Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement
Stéphane Voisin, Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux, Head of SRI, France
Impact of Carbon price on the regulated sectors. What really matters for SRI investors

6 Faith Consistent Investing Seminar

Track 1:Faith Consistent Investment (FCI)- Highlights of Cathlic faith tradition in
relation to FCI

3iG has set itself an historic task of shifting the attitudes and investment policies of the major world
religions from the tradition of a via negativa – not investing in certain arenas because of strongly held
views about, for example, alcohol, armaments or interest income – to a via positiva – selecting arenas to
invest in because the activities thus supported are consistent with faith values and belief.

The question is: which types of investments should we look at? What is the added value of FCI and to
which of the potential investments should we devote our priorities? Many corporations, foundations,

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organisations are involved in SRI, often motivated through risk issues, and utilitarian perspectives such
as new business niches. FCI claims to be a wider concept than SRI. The Faiths share with large pension
funds a long-term perspective on investments unlike the short-term profit orientation of the general
market. FCI practitioners are informed by a world view and vision that is rooted in their religious faith
perspective. According to the Islam we are temporarily visitors on this planet. According to Judaism
God owns the earth and we are his custodians. For Sikhs mankind forms an integrated part of nature, a
belief that is shared by Hindus as well as many Buddhist traditions. Christians adhere to the principle of
stewardship of the planet. FCI practitioners are often motivated by the virtue of solidarity which finds
expression in the struggles of specific communities and peoples in specific regions of the world. For
many of our board members 3iG should focus on the Millennium Goals of the United Nations.

The Board of 3iG has invited five scholars, renowned in the realm of faith as well as investment, to
highlight the various beliefs. These scholars present their views in an engaging workshop during the
conference in Paris.

Moderator: Michiel Hardon, World Council of Churches, Director Income Monitoring & Dev.,

Prof. dr. Alberto Rossetti, Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, Italy
Prof. dr. Mohammad Nejatullah Siddiqi, India
Dr. Meir Tamari, Former Chief Economist of The Office of the Governor at the bank of Israel,
Mr. Ashizu, Association of Shinto-shrines, Japan

7 Fund Performance & Strategy-Are SRI funds performing and what are some
strategies for creating and maintaining a sri portfolio?

Moderator: Pierre Bollon, AFG, Secretary General, France

Frédéric Lorenzini, Morningstar France, Editor in chief, France
Adrian Cornwall, Impax, Marketing Manager, UK
Joos Grapperhaus, SNS Asset Management, Marketing Director, Netherlands
Tobias Hahn, IZT-Institut für Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung, Germany
The Creation of Sustainable Value by European Companies – A Monetary Assessment of the
Sustainable Performance of 65 European Companies
A major research project in which the environmental performance of 65 European companies has
been assessed in monetary terms. The project represents the first large scale application of the
Sustainable Value approach to companies
Louise O'Halloran, Ethical Investment Association, Executive Director, Australia
SRI Certification-…..a catalyst for growth

16:45-18:15 Workshops

Open thematic salons organized around particular subjects of interest to conference attendees will run in
parallel with all breakout sessions. This allows attendees to further explore topics, network, and
stimulate discussion about TBLI.

(Open Thematic Salons)

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1 Microfinance -Does microfinance help create an economy? Has it achieved asset class

Moderator: George Starcher, EBBF, Former Secretary General, USA

Peter Johnson, DWM Developing World Markets, Partner, USA
Nobel Prize Winning…and Making Money Too?
Mercedes Benavides, Women's World Banking, Head of Global Network for Banking Innovation,
Microfinance: a profitable business opportunity and a way to build local economies
Somak Ghosh,Yes Bank Limited, Country Head - Corporate Finance, India
Microfinance – Tool for Economic Inclusion

2 High Net Worth Commitment to Sustainable Investment-What are the motivations to
invest in sustainable sector? Experience sharing.

Moderator: Robert Rubinstein, Brooklyn Bridge-TBLI Group, Founder & CEO, USA

Bob Pattillo, Gray Ghost Fund, President, USA
Jan Olaf Willums, Inspire Management, President, Norway
Titus Brenninkmeijer, Energy Access Foundation, Chairman, USA

3 Sell Side Research-What is the latest sell side research on SRI? Are extrafinancial
issues relevant in company analysis?

Moderator: Michael Jantzi, Jantzi Research Inc., Director, Canada

Wilco van Heteren, Robeco, Specialist Corporate Governance & Sustainability, Netherlands
Investment research with an integrated approach to extrafinancial issues
-What do investors expect from companies on extrafinancial issues? In terms of policies,
performance and reporting?
-How can leading companies convince investors of the relevance of their efforts on extrafinancial
Dominique Habegger, Asset4, Vice President Research, Switzerland
Can extra-financial research complement financial research?
What is the latest sell side research on SRI risk?
Are extra-financial issues relevant in company analysis?
Laurent Poinsot, Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux, Head of Research, France
Top-down and Bottom-up SRI approaches in Sell Side financial research

4 Alternative Investments II - Experience sharing of sustainable private equity funds .
Where have they invested? What can be learned from the lemons and the plums?

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Moderator- Dana Smirin, College of Natural Resources, Special Assistant to the Dean, USA

Michael Liebreich, New Energy Finance, CEO & Founder, UK
European Energy Investment Trends
Leanne Tobias, Malachite LLC, Principal, USA
--What's the Investment Value in Sustainable Real Estate?
--What Needs to be Done to Aggregate Capital in This Niche
Mujahid M. Abdullah, Sustainable Capital , Co-Founder, USA
The Bridge Between Green Principles & The Global Financial Markets
Andre Heinz, Sustainable Technology Capital, Member General Partner, USA

5 Faith Consistent Investing Seminar- The Responsible Catholic Fiduciary

Track 2: New investments for the Faiths: opportunities or sources of conflict?

New medicines, stem cell research, biotechnology, nana-technology, bio fuels, clean tech, micro-
financing, agriculture, forestry, all offer new opportunities for investments as well as new financial
products such as hedge funds, derivatives and commodities. But are they also Faith Consistent
Investments (FCIs)?
This workshop takes the mentioned above views to a next, more practical and concrete level. Learn from
one another the real issues financial advisors and representatives of the Faiths face on a daily basis in
considering new investment policies.

Moderator- Father Seamus Finn, Missionary Oblates, Director, USA

Rev. Jeremy Crocker, Church of England, UK
Harald Glomdal, Opplysningsvesenets fond - Church of Norway, Norway
Mark Campanale, 3IG, Member of Advisory Board, UK
Xavier de Bayser, I.DE.A.M, President, France
John Wilson, Christian Brothers Investment Services, Inc., SRI Dept., USA

6 SRI Program Implementation - Methods and Solutions

This session covers the full spectrum of SRI Program Implementation, from training and awareness,
program development and information systems. This session is most useful for management and staff
considering or currently implementing an SRI program within an organization.

Moderator- Angela de Wolff, Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch & Cie, Head of SRI, Switzerland

Robert S. Earhart, Brooklyn Bridge/TBLI Group, Director Consulting, Netherlands – Effective
SRI Education
How can you develop an SRI awareness and training program within your organization and achieve
the most effective results in your program implementation? Avoid the common misconceptions about
how staff and management will respond and confront erroneous assumptions about SRI.
Jacqueline van Voorthuizen, Zyllian Strategies, Netherlands – From Grant Making To Mission
Related Investments
Leo Johnson, Sustainable Fincance, Co-Founder, France – Information Technology Solutions for
SRI Integration

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18:15 Reception

19:30 Gala Dinner

20:30 TBLI-IPE Extra Financial Award Announcement

20:40 Surprise -2 Minutes of Fame

23:00 After Dinner Party Organised by SAM and Stoxx

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November 10
09:00-10:45 Workshops

Open thematic salons organized around particular subjects of interest to conference attendees will run in
parallel with all breakout sessions. This allows attendees to further explore topics, network, and
stimulate discussion about TBLI.

1 Social Reporting-What should companies report, when doing a social report? How
can analysts be sure that the information is valid?

Moderator: Michael Jantzi, Jantzi Research Inc., President and Founder, Canada

Jean-Philippe Desmartin, ODDO Securities, Equity Analyst SRI Research Manager, France
Bennett Freeman, Calvert Investments, SVP of Social Research & Policy, USA
Social Reporting: An American Perspective
Prof. S. Prakash Sethi, ICCA-ZICKLIN - School of Business Baruch College, President, USA
Emerging Trends in Corporate Social Responsibility - Sustainability Reports
Delphine Poligné, ORSE-Observatoire sur la responsabilité sociétale des entreprises, Project
Manager, France

2 Corporate Governance

Moderator: Matt Christensen, Eurosif, Executive Director, France

Christine Tørklep Meisingset, Storebrand, Head of SRI, Norway
The most fundamental SRI topic? Corruption screening experiences
- at what point does corrupt practices become unacceptable to an investor?
- executive management commitment and contributions
Mark Sinsheimer, Mark Sinsheimer, Director, UK
UCITS & corporate governance
Cyril Lin, IFG Development Initiatives LTD. , Founder and Managing Director, UK

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Corporate Governance in Asia
- Does corporate governance matter in the transition and emerging market economies of East and
Central Asia?
- Are Western codes and models of corporate governance relevant and applicable to these countries?
Olivier de Guerre, PhiTrust Active Investors, Founder and Partner, France
- Is corporate governance really a plus for stock performance ?
- Do we need engaged shareholders in Europe ?
- Can shareholder's engagement enhance stock market's perception ?

3 Case Study-Integrating Sustainable Investment

Moderator: Emma Howard Boyd, Jupiter Asset Management, Head of SRI, UK

Howard Pearce, Environment Agency, Head of Env.Finance and Pension Fund Management, UK
Environmental Overlay Strategy: Active Pension Fund
Arnaud Berger, Banque Fédérale des Banques Populaires, Head of Sustainability, France
Réponse bancaire écologique- Responsible Green Banking- A Case Study
Michel Lemonnier, Groupama, Head of SRI, France
Masahiro Kato, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation, Senior Manager, Japan
Integrating Sustainable Investment- Case Study

4 SRPI- Social Responsible Property Investment

Moderator: Jonathan Wootliff, Jonathan Wootliff Consulting, Belgium

Jean-Pierre Sicard, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, Directeur Développement Durable.
UNEPFI Sustainalb Real Estate Project
What are its goals and how the group intend to reach them?
What SRI policies in property investment could be, and how they could generate value in the long
term for investors, by using criteria which are not yet mainstream, such as the energy efficiency of the
Paul McNamara, Prudential Property Investment Managers Limi… , Director and Head of
Property Research, UK
Sustainable Property Investment – Balancing the Commercial Pressures of Today with the Realities
of the Future

5 Public Policy and SRI:

Moderator: Jacqueline Coté, World Business Council For Sustainable Development, Senior
Advisor Advocacy & Partnerships, Switzerland

Kirein Franck, Imug Investment Research AG, Head of Research, Germany
ESG Reporting – Does it make a difference ?
Vincent Jacob, Crystal Consulting, Consultant, France
Public Policy and SRI-The French experience
Peter Johnston, European Commission DG Information-Society & Media, Director, Belgium
How can business and the investment community be effective partners in the EU sustainable
development strategy ?
Philippe Caïla, ERAPF, Director, France

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A new socially responsible investor: first steps of the ERAFP - the French Public Service Additional
Pension Scheme

6 Faith Consistent Investing Seminar

Track 3:Real estate: asset or liability?

The Faiths wield enormous economic assets– they manage many tourist sites around the world; they
own a substantial portion of the habitable land surface of the planet and they administer literally millions
of buildings, community facilities, welfare networks, youth clubs, employment projects, etc. Do these
possessions constitute assets or liabilities?
This workshop offers an analysis of this issue. It will provide management models for the financial and
operational administration of real estate property (historical sites, facilities and portfolios) as well as
models for running tourist sites in a respectful and sustainable way and social housing projects.

Moderator: Giulio Franzinetti, 3IG, Member of Advisory Board, Italy

Patrick Kanters, ABP Investments, Managing Director Real Estate, Netherlands
Ronald Wuijster, Head of Research, ABP
Kevin Nowlan, WK Nowlan & Associates, Principal, Ireland

7 Emerging Markets II- Where are Tomorrow's Markets?

Sustainable Enterprise Investment Opportunities in Emerging Economies
1. Where are Tomorrow's Markets and what do they look like?
Identifying strategic sectors?
2. Overcoming obstacles to investing in sustainable enterprise in
emerging markets (e.g. business climate, project pipeline, organizing
3. How can private equity proactively and profitably create social and
environmental benefits?

Moderator- Luiz Ros, New Ventures , Director, USA

Patrick Alexander, Batavia Investment Fund, Managing Partner, Indonesia
Pramod Shedde, BTS Investment Advisors Private Ltd. , Managing Partner, India
Luiz Eduardo Passos Maia, Rio Bravo Investimentos , CEO, Brazil

10:45-11:15 Coffee Break

11:15-13:00 Workshops

Open thematic salons organized around particular subjects of interest to conference attendees will run in
parallel with all breakout sessions. This allows attendees to further explore topics, network, and
stimulate discussion about TBLI.

1 Extrafinancials

Discover some of the leading, cutting edge analysis on calculating extrafinancial information about

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listed companies?

Moderator: Ylva Lindberg, SIGLA, Founder and Managing Director, Norway

Stewart Armer, Fortis Investment, Head of SRI, France
Integrating environmental costs and benefits into sustainable investment
processes and product
How can environmental cost and benefit data be used within sustainable
investment processes?
What are the implications for innovation in product design and structure?
Simon Thomas, Trucost, Chief Executive, UK
Quantifying environmental costs and benefits
How can environmental damage be measured and valued?
Can the benefits of clean technologies be integrated into this framework?
Gregory Scheider-Maunoury, CM-CIC Securities, Head of SRI Research, France
From ethical investment screening to extra financial analysis.
What is taken into account by the different ethical screening agencies ?
How to go beyond stakeholders demand through an integrated analysis ?
Sylvain Guyoton, Vigeo Group, Head of SRI Business Development, France
“Extrafinancials” Workshop - How to bridge the gap between CSR research and
mainstream financial research ?
Graham Davies, Gexsi, Director, UK
Measurement of Triple Bottom Line - Social Dividends, Environmental Impact and FIRR - the
GEXSI Index. For Listed And Unlisted Companies

2 Bonds-SRI approach to Bonds

Moderator: Eric Usher, UNEP, Head Renewable Energy and Finance Unit, USA

Rory Sullivan, Insight Investment, Head of Investor Responsibility, UK-Integrating Governance,
Social, Ethical and Environmental Issues into the
Corporate Bond Investment Process
'The Relevance of Social, Ethical and Environmental Issues to the Corporate Bonds Investment
-Are SEEIssues relevant to the corporate bonds investment process?
-Can corporate bond investors exert the same influence as equity investors?
Matthias Bönning, Oekom Research AG., Head of Research and Member of Executive Board,
Bonds and SRI: Relevance - Research - Reactions
- Relevance: Talking about SRI, mostly means talking about stocks. But institutional investors have
to consider bonds even higher. How can a SRI strategy on bonds look like?
- Research: How to identify sustainable bonds? (Institutions and governmental bonds)
- Reaction: Does SRI influence the behaviour of bond issuers in the same way as it does with
Jean-Philippe Desmartin, Oddo, Analyst SRI Research Manager, France

3 Human Rights-Defining the boundaries of investor responsibility.What are the
responsibilities of financial sector companies in relation to human rights? And where

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and how can investors push the boundaries of their influence to increase respect for
human rights and protect their investments and brands by managing and mitigating
the risks arising from human rights abuses?

Moderator: Sally Britton, TwentyFifty Limited, UK

Alastair Camp, Barclays Bank PLC , Head of CSR, UK
P. Birtwell, Barclays Bank PLC , , UK
Gro Nystuen, Norwegian Ministry of Finance (Government Pension Fund), Chair of the Council
on Ethics for the Fund, Norway
Marina d’Engelbronner-Kolff, Humanist Committee on Human Rights, Senior Manager Human
Rights and Business, Netherlands

4 Faith Consistent Investing Seminar

Track 4:Board members of 3iG will present a number of successful examples of FCIs in the realm of:

• Forestry
• Micro financing
• Share holders activism
• Eco tourism in sacred forests
• Ethical and sustainable management of temples, churches, shrines, pagodas as tourist sites
• Social housing projects

Moderator: Rabbi Mark Goldsmith, Finchley Progressive Synagogue, UK

Margaret Rainey, Global Solidarity Fund International-Diocese of Vasteras, Church of Sweden,
Lauren Compere, Boston Common Asset Management, USA
Andrew Musters, Private Equity, Robeco, Netherlands
Birgit Weinbrenner, Oikocredit, Netherlands
Fran Coopersmith, Asset strategy consultants, USA

5 Leadership-

Erik van Praag, Director, The Edge b.v., Netherlands

Workshop: Presence based Leadership.

- Why do we need Presence based Leadership?
- How do we get there?
- What are its results, financially and otherwise?
Where shall we be 50 years from now?
Shall we live in a wasteland, in which the few surviving people fight a life and death war with each

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other? Or in paradise on earth, one in which we learned to care for each other and the planet? Or shall
we be somewhere in between?
The future is in our hands. What’s needed is Leadership based on Presence, instead of based on Ego. A
Leadership based on Awareness instead of based on skill. Based on not-knowing (intuition) instead of
theory. Not focused on short term results, but on connection, sustainability and wholeness. Leadership
not just by the few people in top positions, but leadership by everyone.
There is no contradiction between paradise on earth and a solid economical base. On the contrary, the
latter is a prerequisite for the first. In this workshop we’ll explore what Leadership based on Presence
really means, how we get there and what are its results both financially and otherwise. We’ll do this by
comparing it with Ego based leadership, and by exploring the concepts of Presence and Ego in depth. It
will become clear what role both the executive and the professional can play in fostering this type of

6 SRI Implementation- Bridging the Commercial and Philanthropic Capital Markets

Moderator: Oliver Karius, VantagePoint, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Switzerland

Steven Godeke, Godeke Consulting, Consultant, USA
Hybrid Transactions in the US Social Capital Market:
• How are US foundations implementing and evaluating their community investment strategies?
• How can blending philanthropic and commercial funds create additional value for both social
investors and entrepreneurs?
Philippe Bergeron, SustainAsia, Associate Director SustainAsia, EU Representative Office, France

SustainAsia opportunities

13:00-14:30 Lunch

14:30-15:00 Club of Rome Keynote - Leif Edvinsson, IIIEE Lund University,
(Participant) Adjunct Professor of Intelectual Capital, Sweden

„Capital in Waiting: Hidden values being untapped – that’s why you need a triple bottom

15:00-16:15 TBLI Roundtable Challenge-Mainstreaming Sustainabilty in Investment

Overview of financial sector in naural resource investments.

Moderator: Tensie Whelan, Rainforest Alliance, Executive Director, USA

Mike Tyrrell, Citigroup, Director SRI, UK
Mining index and implications for investments
Chanda Gibson, Goldman Sachs, Vice President in Corporate Services and Real Estate, USA
Energy fund, working on their own footprint - certified paper, furniture, buildings, coffee, etc.
Amy Davidsen, JP Morgan, Director of Environmental Affairs, USA
Jon Williams, HSBC, Head of Group Sustainable Development, UK

16:15-16:45 Keynote

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16:45 –18:00 Reception

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