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How parents can protect their children online.

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Protecting Children Online

     Victoria Rowin

       CM 105 06
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       In today’s times, it can be hard to know what your children may be doing on the

internet and even more upsetting and scary to know that someone could be stalking your

child and you and the child don’t even know it. Children today are very into technology

and computers but it is very easy for them to have access to pornography and very easy

for pedophiles to access to children. In this high tech world of the twenty-first century,

chat rooms and My Space have replaced the local hang out as the prime meeting spot of

the young. To a lot parents, chat rooms are where adolescents go to chat with friends,

meet new peers and maybe a little innocent flirting. But the cyber world is not a perfect

world, and there are those out there who use internet access for activities that would not

fall under the category of innocent.

       The internet has become a stalking ground for child molesters who have now

gone from the playground to the internet. Defined as “adults whose sexual fantasies and

erotic imagery focuses on children as sexual partners” ( Durkin 1997; pp. 14-18), the

number of pedophiles who use the Internet as a tool for child 
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