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Job Openings and Companies

                                          Insider Advice
                                          Job Searching
                                                Searching for a     Create a List of Target Companies
                                           new job can be one             Determine the type of company you would
                                           of the most challeng-    prefer to work for. Consider the type of work,
                                           ing, yet potentially     size, location, and corporate culture. Sources of
                                           rewarding, endeavors     information include area business guides,
                                           you undertake. The       chambers of commerce, articles on local compa-
                                           challenge is to          nies or industries, and company web sites. You
                                           maintain the commit-     should identify at least 30-50 companies for your
              ment, patience, and perseverance that a job           initial job search effort.
              search requires. The reward is finding a job that
              is a perfect fit for your personal and professional   Establish and Measure Goals
              needs. For a successful job search, it is important                                     Set aggressive
              to be prepared, focused, and organized. An                                         daily, weekly, and
              important tool for achieving this goal is a Job                                    monthly goals for
              Search Plan that clearly defines, tracks, and                “Having               yourself and track
              measures the progress of your search. Use a              a clear objective         your progress. One
              notebook or personal organizer to create your                                      goal might be to
              own personal plan.
                                                                           will help             contact three hiring
                                                                      keep you focused           managers each
              Necessary Steps for a Successful                            on finding             week,another might be
              Job Search                                                                         to send out 20
                                                                        the right job.”          resumes each week.
              Define your Career Objective                                                       Keeping a log of your
                   Identify the type of job you are looking for                                  job search activity will
              and what skills and abilities you are looking to      give you clues on how to improve your job
              use. Having a clear objective will help keep you      searching abilities. If you are using the Contact
              focused on finding the right job.                     Manager, a log of your job search activity will be
                                                                    kept automatically.
              Develop a Positioning Statement
                    Develop a concise statement, 30 seconds or      How Do You Know Which Job is
              less, outlining what you can bring to your new        Right for You?
              career. This should include your skills, capabili-
              ties, and key accomplishments; and can be similar         Deciding if a position is right for you will be
              to the summary statement of your resume.              one of the most important decisions you make
              Memorize your positioning statement so you can        during your job search process. You need to
              quickly and succinctly state your qualifications to   determine if the position meets your personal
              a prospective employer.                               and professional needs. What do you like to do?

                                                                                                   4th Edition, Volume 3
                      Set daily and weekly goals for
                      yourself and monitor your plan to
                      ensure your goals are being achieved.
                      What kind of work environment do you enjoy?               Research: Research you gathered about the
                      What level of salary are you looking for? How         company. Bring research so that you can refer to
                      many hours a week are you willing to devote to        these materials during the interview to generate
                      your career? Each job will represent a balance        questions and topics of discussion.
                      between a variety of potentially opposing factors.
                      You have to determine the right balance between       How to Manage Your Job Search
                      your professional and personal life.
                                                                                 Think of your job search as a job. It is
                          One tool that can help you define the right       important to spend the time doing the research,
                      career is Career Planner. Follow the steps in         tracking down leads, and pursuing opportunities.
                      Career Planner to create a Personal Profile. By       Each day review your Job Search Plan. Analyze
                      completing this self-assessment exercise, you can     your progress and determine if you need to
                      view a list of careers and job titles that fit your   adjust your plan. Set daily and weekly goals for
                      personal and professional needs. Also, for more       yourself and monitor your plan to ensure your
                      information, refer to the Career Planning section     goals are being achieved.
                      of Expert Advice.
                                                                            The Best Sources for Finding Your
                      Essential Job Search Tools                            Next Job

                           The following list represents the                                Networking
                      essential tools every job seeker needs                                     Studies have shown that the
                      for a successful job search.                        “Try              majority of all jobs are filled
                                                                       to contact           before they are published in
                            Resume: An updated and                                          newspapers, listed on corporate
                      professionally written resume. Be               at least one          Web sites, or posted at career web
                      prepared to tailor your resume to the              or two             sites. The best way to locate these
                      requirements of each job opportu-                  people             jobs is through networking. Your
                      nity.                                                                 network includes friends, family,
                                                                       per day, ”           industry contacts, and members of
                            Cover Letter: A persuasive                                      professional, community, or
                      cover letter. Start with a persuasive                                 volunteer organizations to which
                      cover letter that you can modify for each              you belong. Try to contact at least one or two
                      employer.                                              people per day, either to make initial contact or
                                                                             to follow up on a previous conversation. Give
                            References: A list of personal and profes-       your resume to family, friends, former col-
                      sional references. Contact potential references        leagues, and industry contacts. Stay in touch with
                      and obtain their permission to include them on         each person at least once every two weeks to see
                      your reference list.                                   if they need additional resumes or information.
                                                                             This repeated contact should ensure that if they
                            Samples: Examples of your work. If               do come across a job opportunity that meets
                      appropriate for the type of job you are seeking,       your needs, they will think of you first.
                      gather examples of your best work to bring to
                      the interview.
Search Job Openings
& Companies
Direct Contact                                         School Placement Offices
     You have done research and identified 30 to            Your school should have a placement office
50 companies you would like to work for. Call          with a variety of resources available to assist you
each company directly to determine who the             in your job search. These should include tools for
hiring manager would be for the type of position       assessing what career is right for you, resume and
you are seeking. Once you have identified that         cover letter advice, job listings, and job place-
person attempt to make personal contact.               ment services.
Explain why you would like to work for the
organization, and describe how your skills and         Job Fairs
abilities can help the company achieve its goals.           You can find announcements for job fairs in
If there is a position open, ask for                   newspapers, magazines, or through the Internet.
an interview. If there is no position                                 Note the location, date, time, and
available, ask for an informational                                   companies that will be present at
interview to learn more about the                 “Prepare            the fair. Research each company
company and its business. If you                                      beforehand to learn what job
                                                and practice          openings they have in your career
meet the hiring manager in person,
and the meeting goes well, when a               a 30-second           area. Visit booths for the compa-
position opens in your field, you will       introduction that        nies you are interested in first,
have an excellent chance of being                                     while you are still energetic and
                                            describes your best enthusiastic. Prepare and practice
on the list of candidates for the job.
                                               qualifications         a 30-second introduction that
Staffing Agencies and Search                    quickly and           describes your best qualifications
Firms                                                                 quickly and succinctly. Finally,
                                                succinctly. ”         bring plenty of resumes, dress
     These organizations — including
Search Firms, Recruiting Agencies,                                    professionally, and wear comfort-
Private Employment Agencies, and                                      able shoes.
Temporary Employment Agencies — work with
job seekers to fill open positions. Ask members        Resume Databases
of your network to recommend search firms,                  You can use Resume Caster to post your
recruiters, or private employment agencies that        resume to most major career web site and
have the ability to provide quality job leads.         resume databases. Potential employers and
Another way to locate staffing agencies and            recruiters use resume databases to find candi-
search firms is through the Internet or your local     dates, so it’s a good idea to have your resume
yellow pages.                                          listed on as many of these sites as possible. You
                                                       can also use the Internet to post your resume on
Advertisements                                         local or industry specific job banks.
     Employment ads can be found through the
Internet on company Web pages, local and               Stay Focused and Productive
national job sites, and career-related Web sites; or       Job searching can take a lot of time and
in newspapers, trade magazines, and some               energy. You need to stay positive, focused, and
government publications. Your local library will       productive. Do not become discouraged if your
have a variety of these resources available. When      search doesn’t produce immediate results.
you find a job that meets your search criteria,        Remember, you are not the only person looking
keep a record of the company name, job title,          for work. It may be helpful to contact a local
required qualifications, and contact information.      support group for people seeking employment, to
If you found the job on the Internet, include the      hear how others are dealing with the problems
web page address so you can locate the listing         and frustrations of a job search. Members of
again. The Contact Manager allows you to store         these groups might also become valuable net-
this data easily. Remember to tailor your resume       working contacts in the future.
and cover letter to the requirements of the
position before replying to the advertisement.

                                                                                                             4th Edition, Volume 3

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