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                                   2006 - 2007



The American Turkish Society continues to play a unique role in enhancing the cultural,
economic, and political ties between the U.S. and Turkey. Reaching out to both Americans
and Turks, the Society provides awareness and knowledge about Turkey in the U.S. and an
understanding of issues of current importance to U.S. - Turkish relations. The Society
pursues this mission through educational, cultural and philanthropic programs.

In Fall 2006 – Spring 2007, The American Turkish Society produced 13 events which were
attended by over 800 registrants (excluding the annual gala). They hosted prominent
speakers, such as Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul; State
Minister H.E. Kursad Tuzmen; Permanent Representative of Turkey to the United Nations
H.E. Ambassador Baki Ilkin; and Central Bank Governor Durmus Yilmaz.

An important addition to the roster of events was the all-day conference on Foreign Direct
Investment and Private Equity in Turkey, co-hosted with the Turkish-US Business Council
(TAIK). Over 200 guests attended the conference which featured keynote addresses by H.E.
Ali Babacan, Turkish State Minister in charge of the economy, and Nick Rohatyn, CEO & CIO
of Rohatyn Group, as well as three panels with distinguished speakers.

In addition, the Society’s new Book Club, which offers recommendations and discussions on
books on Turkey, held four meetings and was well-received as a unique addition to the
Society’s cultural programming.

In May 2007, The American Turkish Society held its second annual gala dinner celebrating
the recent partnership between Citi and Sabanci Holding in Akbank. Charles Prince,
Chairman & CEO of Citi, and Guler Sabanci, Chairperson & Managing Director of Sabanci
Holding, were honored by over 350 attendees. As the Society’s largest fundraiser of the
year, the event raised over $500,000.

In addition to events, The American Turkish Society supported several organizations and
activities that share its mission to advance social, economic, and political exchange between
the two countries. In the cultural arena, the Society continued to sponsor the Moon and
Stars Project’s Annual Turkish Film Festival and MayFest, a month-long cultural festival, as
well as supporting a new artist residency program. In the educational arena, the Society
continued to support the Global Educators Program with American Field Service (AFS), as
well as launching a new Arif Mardin Music Fellowship at the Berklee College of Music.

2007 Events

May 7         Second Annual Gala Dinner
              The American Turkish Society hosted a gala dinner to celebrate the
              recent partnership of Citi and Sabanci Holding in Akbank at The
              Waldorf=Astoria in New York on May 7. The event honored Charles
              Prince, Chairman & CEO of Citi and Guler Sabanci, Chairperson &
              Managing, and Senator Phil Gramm, Vice Chairman of UBS was the
              dinner committee chair. The event also included a tribute to the
              Society’s late chairman Ahmet Ertegun.
              Attendance: ~350

April 11      Turkey’s Monetary and Fiscal Policies
              The American Turkish Society held a meeting on Turkey's monetary
              and fiscal policy with Mr. Durmuş Yılmaz, Governor, Central Bank of
              the Republic of Turkey and Mr. İbrahim H. Çanakçı, Undersecretary,
              The Undersecretariat of Turkish Treasury.
              Attendance: ~80

March 23      All-Day Conference: “Turkey: The New Destination for Direct
              Investment and Private Equity”
              Turkish State Minister H.E. Ali Babacan, Nick Rohatyn, CEO & CIO
              of Rohatyn Group, and several other distinguished speakers addressed
              American investors and senior business executives from the U.S. and
              Turkey. Co-hosted by the Turkish-US Business Council (TAIK), the
              conference discussed growing foreign interest in direct, private equity
              and real estate investments in Turkey.
              Attendance: ~200

March 2       Memorial Service for Ahmet Ertegun (1923-2006)
              The American Turkish Society held a memorial service for Ahmet
              Ertegun, chairman of the Society and the founding chairman of Atlantic
              Records. The memorial service gave the Turkish-American community
              and American friends of Turkey a chance to honor Mr. Ertegun's legacy
              of enhancing relations and understanding between the two countries.
              Attendance: ~200

February 21   Meet the Ambassadors Series: H.E. Ambassador Baki Ilkin
              H.E. Ambassador Ilkin, Permanent Representative of Turkey to the
              United Nations, addressed The American Turkish Society members and
              friends at a luncheon on issues of current importance to Turkey and
              the United Nations, such as Turkey’s candidacy to the Security Council,
              the Cyprus issue, and peace-keeping efforts, among others.
              Attendance: ~30

February 15   ATS Book Club: Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul
              The discussion was moderated by Ms. Esra Akcan, a postdoctoral core
              lecturer at Columbia University.

January 11    ATS Book Club: Orhan Pamuk's Snow
              The ATS Book Club discussed Snow by 2006 Nobel Literature Laureate,
              Orhan Pamuk.

2006 Events

November 17    A Discussion with Dr. Fatih Birol on "Global Energy Markets and
               Turkey's Strategic Role"
               Dr. Fatih Birol, Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency
               (IEA) addressed corporate members of The American Turkish Society
               about the world energy outlook and key issues for Turkey.
               Attendance: ~30

November 9     ATS Book Club: Halide's Gift, by Frances Kazan
               The ATS Book Club hosted author Frances Kazan to discuss Halide's
               Gift, with moderator Professor Sibel Erol, New York University.

November 7     Lecture and Book Signing: Foreign Palaces in Istanbul, by Tuna
               Tuna Koprulu, Consul General of Monaco in Istanbul and the author of
               the first book about the thirteen palaces that were the residences of
               the ambassadors accredited to the Ottoman court, addressed a group
               of diplomats, scholars, and executives at a reception and book signing.
               Attendance: ~60

October 25     Discussion with Josephine Powell (1919 -2007)
               Josephine Powell, photographer, ethnographer and expert on Nomadic
               Weaving and Traditions in Turkey, who lived there from 1974 until her
               recent passing in January 2007, discussed her work and travels.
               Attendance: ~35

September 18   Address by H.E. Abdullah Gul on "Turkey's Foreign Policy
               H.E. Abdullah Gül, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of
               Turkey, addressed a group of more than 160 diplomats, foreign policy
               experts, and business leaders in New York on issues of current interest
               to Turkish foreign policy, from Northern Iraq to Cyprus. Co-hosted by
               National Committee on American Foreign Policy.
               Attendance: ~160

September 12   Private Meeting with State Minister H.E. Kursad Tuzmen
               H.E. Kursad Tuzmen, Turkish State Minister in charge of Foreign Trade
               and Customs, discussed Turkey's plans to increase trade with the
               United States, as well as topics ranging from Turkey's service exports
               to competition with China.
               Attendance: ~20

September 7    ATS Book Club: Birds Without Wings, by Louis de Bernieres
               The inaugural meeting of the ATS Book Club discussed this epic
               chronicle of the making of modern Turkey and was moderated by
               Frances Kazan, author of Halide's Gift.

Cultural Expansion Initiatives

        The Society continued its long-term support of the Annual New York Turkish Film
Festival and Mayfest, a month-long festival of Turkish visual and performance arts, both
produced by the nonprofit Moon and Stars Project.
        The Society provided its last grant to Ebru: Reflections of Cultural Diversity in
Turkey, a multi-year photography Project by Atilla Durak, which was completed and made
public in May 2007 with a book and exhibitions in Istanbul, Europe, and New York.
        The Society provided support to The Textile Museum in Washington D.C. to honor
Josephine Powell, renowned photographer and expert on Turkish textile arts.
        As a joint-project with the Moon and Stars Project, the Society supported a Summer
Residency Program for Turkish artists at the School of Visual Arts.

Education Programs

        The Society continued its involvement to the Global Educators Program with
American Field Service (AFS), which enables Turkish teachers to visit and teach in the U.S.
for one year. Unfortunately, the teacher selected by AFS Turkey for Fall 2006 was unable to
complete the program due to a family emergency. AFS is currently in the process of
identifying new teachers for the program for Fall 2007, and has requested support from the
Society for two teachers.
        In honor of Arif Mardin, long-time Vice Chairman of the Society who passed away
last summer, the Society launched the Arif Mardin Music Fellowship at Berklee College of
Music, Summer Performance Program, Mr. Mardin’s alma mater. The Fellowship will enable
a Turkish student to attend Berklee’s 5-week summer performance program.
        The Society offered a matching grant to the Bridges of Hope Project, a Turkish-
American community initiative, to build libraries at three public schools in rural Turkey.

Annual Gala to Celebrate U.S.-Turkish Corporate Partnerships

The American Turkish Society hosted its second annual gala dinner to celebrate the recent
partnership of Citi and Sabanci Holding in Akbank, the most profitable banking institution in
Turkey, at The Waldorf=Astoria in New York on May 7. The gala honored Charles Prince,
Chairman and CEO of Citi, and Guler Sabanci, Chairperson and Managing Director of
Sabanci Holding.

The gala was attended by leading executives from the American and Turkish business
communities, as well as political and diplomatic dignitaries and select guests from academia
and the arts. Prominent guests included former Senator Phil Gramm, Vice Chairman of UBS
Investment Bank and Dinner Committee Chairman; Akbank board member Suzan Sabanci
Dincer; Akbank General Manager Zafer Kurtul; Turkey's Permanent Representative to the
U.N. H.E. Ambassador Baki Ilkin; Turkish Consul General in New York The Honorable
Mehmet Samsar; and former World Bank president James Wolfensohn, among others. The
evening also included a memorial tribute to the late Ahmet Ertegun (1923-2006), founding
chairman of Atlantic Records and chairman of the Society. A brief film honoring Mr. Ertegun
was presented by Lawrence Kaye, The Society's Events Committee Chairman, and Lyor
Cohen, CEO of Warner Music Group's US Recorded Music. Mrs. Mica Ertegun, Honorary
Chairwoman of the gala, was also present.

This year's gala raised over $500,000, thanks to the generous support of Citi, Sabanci and
Akbank and other Platinum Benefactors UBS, Altria, American International Group (AIG),
The Coca-Cola Company, Delta, International Paper, and Mrs. Mica Ertegun. Other
companies and individuals who bought tables at the event included The Fairchild
Corporation, Herrick, Feinstein LLP, Mr. and Mrs. Murat Koprulu, News Corporation, Archery
Capital LLC, Baker & McKenzie LLP, DuPont, Joukowsky Family Foundation/Multilateral

Funding International, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kaye, Kiraca, Mr. Metin Negrin/Lexin Capital
LLC, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Paramount Bio Capital, Inc., and Dr. and Mrs. Tamer Seckin.


The American Turkish Society upgraded its membership program in 2006-2007 in order to
better serve its members and increase membership support. New corporate membership
categories – Chairman’s Circle and President’s Circle – offer increased recognition
opportunities for corporate members and other additional benefits. The Coca-Cola Company
has signed on as the Society’s first Chairman’s Circle corporate member. In addition to
corporations, individual members’ engagement in the Society also increased in 2006-07 in
terms of both attendance at events and payment of membership dues.

Press Relations

The Society’s press relations have expanded significantly in 2006-2007. The organization
issued press releases for almost each event in both English and Turkish, and attendance at
events regularly included members of the press from leading Turkish and American media
outlets such as Dow Jones, Reuters, Associated Press, Turkish Daily News, Voice of America,
Dogan News Agency, and Anatolian News Agency. Consequently, coverage of the Society’s
activities in both Turkish and American press has been extensive, in particular for the
conference and the gala, which are available on the organization’s website.

New Brand Identity

In 2006-2007, the organization underwent an extensive effort to renew its brand identity.
The new logo of the Society - and its applications - represent the merging and blending of
the U.S. and Turkey through the organization’s mission, programs and activities in an
ongoing, dynamic, and refreshing way. This coherent brand identity will be a key contributor
to the growth of the organization going forward.

New Website & Database

As a part of its brand identity update and overall capacity building efforts, the Society has
launched a new website in early 2007. In addition to its updated and expanded
informational content, the website offers important new functions in interacting with
members and other constituents. An integrated database manages email campaigns such as
event notifications and press releases and offers online event registrations, membership
payments, and donations. The content management system for the website has been
partially introduced and is currently available only for event listings. A comprehensive
system for the rest of the website will be completed by the end of Summer 2007, which will
enable the Society to offer updated information on an ongoing basis in a variety of areas.

Looking to the Future

The American Turkish Society prides itself on being the only U.S. non-profit with a strong
focus on reaching out to a broad spectrum of Americans with educational programs on
Turkey while supporting initiatives that promote an exchange of ideas between the two
countries. At a time when the U.S.-Turkish relations are at a challenging juncture, the
Society’s mission of enhancing understanding and relations between the two countries is
more important than ever. Since the inaugural gala of the Society in March 2006, the
organization has significantly revamped its efforts to develop new programs as well as build
organizational capacity to accomplish even more in the future. Much more remains to be
done, and the Society continues to actively seek the resources and opportunities that will
help accomplish its mission.


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