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Development Program

                 January 24–29, 2010
                   “This seminar is a must for everybody
                    who wants to be challenged beyond
                    what conventional seminars offer. It is
                    one of the few that is clearly focused
                    on top entrepreneurial performance.”
                   Axel Schmiegelow
                   CEO, Denkwerk Neue Medien Holding GmbH
                   Vice President, German Multimedia Association (dmmv)

Program Facts

Duration:           One week

Dates:              January 24–29, 2010

Location:          Tang Center
                   MIT Sloan School of Management
                   Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Cost:               TBD ($8,800 2009)
                    (covers tuition, all program materials,
                    and most meals)

Apply online at:   http://mitsloan.mit.edu/apply

              > http://mitsloan.mit.edu/execed
 Entrepreneurship Development Program

                                   An intense, one-week program for aspiring entrepreneurs/
                                   intrapreneurs, corporate venturing officers, academics, and
                                   regional development officers.

                                   Program Overview
                                   This course introduces participants to MIT’s entrepreneurial education programs,
                                   technology transfer system, and global entrepreneurial network. The Entrepreneurship
                                   Development Program covers the entire venture creation process, from idea generation
                                   to building viable global businesses, with special emphasis on the nurturing roles of
                                   corporations, universities, governments, and foundations. Using MIT’s entrepreneurial
                                   culture as a model, participants learn what they need to know in order to develop ideas
                                   into successful businesses and to increase entrepreneurial opportunities in their corpora-
                                   tions, institutions, and regions.

“The program delivers on its promise—                                               The MIT Edge
                                                                                    Entrepreneurship is an evolving discipline,
 entrepreneurs can be made, not born.                                               and MIT is at the vanguard of that evolution.

 I have been able to harden my ideas in
                                                                                    From the Institute’s first “New Enterprises”
                                                                                    course launched in 1961 to the founding of

 the crucible of entrepreneurial participants,                                      the MIT Entrepreneurship Center in 1996,
                                                                                    MIT has played a major role in shaping
 faculty, and business builders.”                                                   modern entrepreneurial concepts and best
                                                                                    practices. MIT’s programs are powered by
 David Gallimore                                                                    leading-edge technology and breakthrough
                                                                                    business research, and offer extraordinary
 Senior Manager, Boeing Ventures
                                                                                    opportunities for those wishing to study

                                                                                    In addition to its leadership in the develop-
                                                                                    ment of new technologies, MIT has an
                                                                                    unparalleled track record of driving technology
                                                                                    from the lab to the marketplace. MIT’s
                                                                                    entrepreneurial network has created more
                                                                                    than 5,000 new firms with combined
                                                                                    annual sales of over $200 billion.
 Program Benefits
 The program will enable participants to:

 • create, identify, and evaluate new venture opportunities
 • interpret customer needs and quantify the value proposition
 • navigate the venture capital investment process
 • understand how the process of starting new ventures may vary geographically
   and culturally
 • obtain critical feedback on business plans
 • start and build a successful technology-based company
 • develop the skills and kindle the fervor needed to create totally new industries
 • leverage new science and technologies from corporate or university laboratories
 • enhance and expand their networks

 A Landmark Week in the Life of a Successful Entrepreneur/Intrapreneur

 Day 1                                          Day 2—Visits to Startup Companies            Day 3—Visits to Startup Companies
 • The Spirit of High-Tech Entrepreneurship     • Organizational Models for Fast-Growth      • Entrepreneurial Marketing I
   at MIT: What’s Hot and What’s Not              Enterprises                                • Starting and Building a Successful
 • The Importance of Sales and                  • IP Strategies to Achieve Sustainable         High-Tech Venture: Strategic and
   Quantifying the Value Proposition              Competitive Advantage                        Product Marketing for New Enterprises
 • Networking, Trade Shows, and                 • Starting and Building a Successful High-   • Internationalization Strategies
   Managing the Media                             Tech Venture: Critical Success Factors       for Startups
 • What Makes a Good Elevator Pitch               for Early-Stage Ventures                   • Global Sales Strategies for Startups
 • Starting and Building a Successful           • The Importance of Human Capital—           • Reception and Gala Dinner Hosted by
   High-Tech Venture: Finding the Inspiration     Paul Revere Case Study                       MIT Entrepreneurship Center
 • Team Formation                               • Networking Dinner Hosted by MIT
 • Corporate Venturing                            Entrepreneurship Society                   The MIT E-Center
                                                                                             The mission of the MIT Entrepreneurship
 Day 4—Visits to Startup Companies              Day 5                                        Center is to educate and nurture the leaders
 • Entrepreneurial Marketing II                 • Business Plan Presentations and            who will make startup companies successful.
 • Technology Strategy for Startups               Elevator Pitches by Participants           More than 1,400 students attend over 20
 • Starting and Building a Successful High-       (with Judging)                             entrepreneurship courses each year.
   Tech Venture: Financing and Governing        • Institutions for Entrepreneurship
   the New Enterprise                             Promotion                                  Over 500 participants from 30 countries
 • MIT TechLink Research Symposium              • Entrepreneurship as Public Policy          have attended the Entrepreneurship
 • MIT Networking Event Hosted by               • Starting and Building a Successful High-   Development Program since the course was
   MIT TechLink                                   Tech Venture: Developing, Building, and    launched in 1999. Alumni of the program
                                                  Selling Your Products and Solutions        form a vibrant and dynamic worldwide
                                                                                             support network for the next generation
                                                                                             of aspiring entrepreneurs.


“MIT’s Entrepreneurship Development Program was
 enormously valuable, not only for the topical and well-
 prepared presentations, but also for the invaluable
 networking opportunities.”
 Larry Plotkin, Department Manager, New Business Creation, Hewlett-Packard

                                                > http://mitsloan.mit.edu/execed
 The Learning Experience
 Through lectures by senior MIT faculty, visits to high-tech startups,
 and live case studies with successful entrepreneurs, participants
 will be exposed to the content, context, and contacts that enable
 entrepreneurs to design and launch successful new ventures based
 on innovative technologies. Specially designed team projects give
 participants hands-on, practical experience developing a business
 plan, while networking events bring participants together with
 members of MIT’s entrepreneurial community.

 Who Should Attend                                                                             Organizations of past participants
 The Entrepreneurship Development                Titles of past participants                      have included:
 Program is designed for aspiring entre-           have included:                              Biogen Idec
 preneurs, corporate venturing officers,         CEO                                           Boeing Technology Ventures
 and persons who would like to develop           Managing Director                             Cambridge Enterprise (UK)
 or strengthen a climate of entrepreneurship     Vice President                                Catalunya Politechnica
 in their corporations, universities, and        Chief Technology Officer                      Convergys
 regions. Teams of entrepreneurs or              Director of Knowledge and Technology          Danfoss Ventures
 intrapreneurs are encouraged to attend          R&D Manager                                   Danish Venture Capital Association
 the program together with university            Business Development Manager                  Denkwerk AG
 staff and/or development professionals          Investment Manager                            Enterprise Equity (NI and Ireland) Ltd.
 from their region.                              Venture Manager                               EOI Business School
                                                 Development Officer                           Grupo Guayacan, Inc.
 The benefits of the program are reinforced      Head of Innovations and Enterprise            Hewlett-Packard R&D Labs
 when three or more executives from the          Professor                                     Invest Northern Ireland (Belfast)
 same organization attend. Companies                                                           Manchester Science Enterprise Centre
 are strongly encouraged to sponsor team                                                       Motorola Ventures
 participation, and admissions preference                                                      National Technology Enterprises
 will be given to teams.                                                                          Company (NTEC)
                                                                                               Sevenval GmbH
“The passion, energy, and talent at the MIT Entrepreneurship Center                            Swedish Agency for Innovation
                                                                                               Swedish Royal Institute of Technology
 and in the surrounding entrepreneurial community are both humbling
                                                                                               Tech Capital Partners (Waterloo)
 and inspiring. It’s crystal-clear to me that they know what the building
                                                                                               TechnoGlobal Advisors
 blocks of entrepreneurship are.”                                                              WaveStar Energy
 Robert Davila, Chairman of the Board, Grupo Guayacan, Inc.                                    Wellington Partners

 Industry Sectors                                                            Geographic Regions
                                                                               (excluding UK/Scandinavia) 11%
                    Venture Capital 8%
                                                       Education 25%                                                       US/Canada/Mexico
       Telecommunications 3%                                                     Eastern Asia 2%                           31%
         Health/Medical 3%                                                   Middle East 12%
   Scientific Research 3%

   Financial Services 3%
 Computer Hardware 3%
 Electric & Electronic                                                          Other 3%
                                                              Oil & Gas 8%
           Equipment 4%
   Industrial Machinery
           & Equipment 4%
                                                          Motor Vehicles     Scandinavia 14%
       Government/Public 5%                               & Aircraft 8%

               Software & Internet 8%             Other 15%
                                                                                                                  UK 27%
The faculty team planned for the Entrepreneurship Development Program includes:

Kenneth Morse, Senior Lecturer and Managing Director, MIT                    Richard Locke, Alvin J. Siteman Professor of Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship Center, is the faculty leader for the program.              and Political Science and Director of the MIT Italy Program,
He has played a key role in launching several MIT-related high-tech          studies economic adjustment and development, comparative
startups, including 3Com Corporation; Aspen Technology, Inc.;                labor relations, and political economy. His current work examines
a biotech company; and an expert systems firm. His expertise                 cooperative patterns of economic development in southern Italy
includes global sales and marketing strategies for new high-tech             and northeast Brazil. He teaches the highly popular Global
ventures and university-based technology entrepreneurship initiatives.       Entrepreneurship Lab course.

Steve Brown, Technology Licensing Officer at the MIT Technology              Fiona Murray, Class of 1922 Career Development Assistant
Licensing Office, manages the evaluation, patent prosecution,                Professor, studies and teaches innovation and entrepreneurship,
maintenance, marketing, and licensing of MIT inventions in the               with an emphasis on the life sciences sector. Currently, she is
chemicals, materials, bio/pharma, and medical device areas.                  studying how firms can best structure their early relationships
                                                                             with founding scientists, scientific advisory boards, and the
Diane Burton, Fred Kayne Career Development Professor of                     scientific community, in general.
Entrepreneurship, studies the design and organization of successful
entrepreneurial companies and human resource management                      Edward Roberts, David Sarnoff Professor of Management of
practices. In ongoing research, she is studying entrepreneurial              Technology, focuses on technology strategy and management
teams and executive careers.                                                 in both newly emerging and major firms, including technology-
                                                                             based entrepreneurship, venture capital, corporate venturing,
Michael Grandnetti, Senior Lecturer, has served as senior executive          and new business development. He is the founder and chairman
in four venture-backed technology companies, most recently as                of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center.
SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Yantra, which was sold for
$170 million to SBC. Previously, he co-led Raptor, ranked as                 Duncan Simester, Professor of Management Science, investigates
America’s fastest-growing software company, through an IPO.                  retail pricing and how customers form inferences about competitive
He also contributed to the successful IPO of Viewlogic, and                  prices from common marketing cues, such as sale signs, price
positioned Connected for their $125 million acquisition by Iron              endings, installment billing offers, and credit card logos. His current
Mountain. He previously served as a management consultant                    work explores the long-term costs of stockouts; the long-term
with McKinsey, and has long served as a judge in MIT’s $50K                  impact of promotion decisions; dynamic catalog-mailing decisions;
global entrepreneurship competition. His expertise includes                  and adaptive techniques for the optimal design of pricing and
strategically positioning new ventures with advanced technologies            product decisions.
for sustained, rapid growth and commercial success.

Executive Education Opportunities at MIT Sloan
Strategic Thinking                              Building Enabling Capability                         Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• Building, Leading, and Sustaining the         • Fundamentals of Finance for the                    MIT Sloan School of Management
 Innovative Organization                          Technical Executive                                Office of Executive Education
• Business Dynamics                             • IT for the Non-IT Executive                        50 Memorial Drive, Suite E52-126
• Corporate Strategy                            • Leading Change in Complex Organizations            Cambridge, MA 02142-1347
• Developing and Managing a Successful          • Managing Technical Professionals
 Technology and Product Strategy                  and Organizations                                  Phone: +1 617.253.7166
• Reinventing Your Business Strategy            • Strategic Marketing for the                        Fax: +1 617.252.1200
• Understanding and Solving Complex               Technical Executive                                email: sloanexeced@mit.edu
 Business Problems
                                                Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship                    http://mitsloan.mit.edu/execed
Leading Across the Value Chain                  • Entrepreneurship Development Program
• Developing a Leading Edge
 Operations Strategy                            Life Sciences Industry
• Driving Strategic Innovation*                 • Leading Innovative Enterprises
• Managing Complex Product
 Development Projects                           * Offered jointly with IMD
• Managing the Extended Supply Chain
• Product Design, Development, and Management
• Supply Chain Strategy and Management
                                                                                                                                         PSB 05-06-0354

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