How A Baby Ear Thermometer is Vital When Illness Strikes

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					How A Baby Ear Thermometer is Vital When Illness
Written by: Alice Heath -

A baby ear thermometer is an essential product every parent should have...
...and why? Find out here :

A baby ear thermometer is an essential product every parent should have. Babies and
infants will not develop an strong immune system for several years. The numerous
inoculations a child receives throughout infancy goes a long way to protecting them
from serious illness and diseases. However, the injections must be spread over a
period of time and even then they cannot protect a child from every potential illness.

It is inevitable every baby and infant will suffer a
constant stream of sickness. This is not all bad news
as contact with germs, bacteria and viruses help
build and strengthen everyone's immune system which
will offer future protection.

Seeing a baby or child unwell is heart rending and a worrying situation for any
parent. While most illnesses are fleeting and soon pass it is often distressing for
parent and child during the illness. Inevitably most parents become alarmed when a
little one appears unwell. The biggest fear is that the illness may be serious and of
course sometimes they are and become life threatening. Meningitis, for example,
remains one of the most serious and worrying of illnesses.

Because a baby's body system is immature and still developing they are unable to
control temperature as efficiently as an adult. Obviously too is the fact a baby or
infant cannot yet communicate, it is up to a parent to control the situation. The one
vital part that comes into play when a child is ill is what is their temperature? This is
a critical factor in determining how ill they really are. If the body temperature
becomes too high it can and is a life threatening situation.

A clearly vital role as a parent is to be able to monitor your child's temperature. The
ear is the best place to do this as it can provide very accurate measurement of the
body core temperature. Digital baby ear thermometers have proved to be very
accurate. Some other forms of thermometers such as the plastic strip type help to the

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forehead and the old fashioned glass tube ones placed in the mouth do not give
precise measurements. They only give a vague range and not a definite result which
is not what you want when you are trying to assess exactly how high and possible
dangerous your child's body temperature really is.
They are very quick to use and give the result within a few seconds rather than a
minute or more like other thermometers. This is particularly useful as parents will
know, babies and toddlers wriggle a lot especially when they are ill. The quicker you
can pop the thermometer in and grab the reading the less it bothers the child.

    •   The key features that make a digital ear thermometer ideal is they give an
        audible bleep so you know the reading has been done.
    •   The actual readout of simple to understand in number format and very easy
        to read and understand.
    •   These devices are very accurate and leave no doubt in the parents mind of
        the true temperature.
    •   Most models contain a memory function which can be vital in providing a
        series of readings capable of showing a trend of rising or falling
        temperature. The parent will be able to see if the temperature is rising and
        leading to a dangerous level and can call for medical help.

Even if you do not have babies or tiny children a digital ear thermometer is a valuable
item for any medical chest. At any age we can become ill and ear thermometers can
be used for all the family at any age. Many of these devices come complete with
disposable plastic covers which are discarded after use and therefore prevent
infection of other users.

If you wish to learn more about the baby ear thermometer save yourself the
effort of searching for all the important information. As a parent I have done all
the legwork for you. Click here now to see my dedicated web page about baby
ear thermometers.

© Alice Heath 2010

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Description: Taking care of a baby when they are ill is tricky. It is difficult to know if the illness is minor and will soon pass or something serious that will need a doctor. A baby ear thermometer is vital in helping to understand when the child's temperature is too high or rising. Find out why here.