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									Bulletin                                                                           Mission Statement
St. Andrew’s Parish                                                                Our mission is
A Parish of the Diocese of Quincy                                                  “to restore all people to unity with
3700 Woodmont Boulevard                                                            “God and each other in Christ,”
Nashville, Tennessee 37215                                                         in an Anglo-Catholic parish
The Rev. James M. Guill, SSC, Rector                                               with a rich tradition of community
Carl F. Smith, Organist and Choirmaster                                            within the full sacramental life
Kaye P. Howry, Parish Secretary                                                    of the church.
Church Phone: 292-9935
Rectory Phone: 385-1872
Fax: 292-9917      Preschool: 297-5225
Website:                                                    Year C
                                                                                   7:30 a.m. — Prayer and Low Mass
Sunday, August 8, 2010                                                             9:00 a.m. — Choir Practice

Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost                                                       10:00 a.m. — HIGH MASS with Homily

                                                                                   5:00 p.m. — Evensong (Chapel)

                                                Welcome, Visitors!
        We extend a most cordial welcome to our visitors. Please use the Visitor’s Guide in the pew to follow our service.
As you enter the Lord’s House, be thoughtful, be silent, and be reverent. Please remember to turn off all cell phones and
pagers. Before Mass, speak to the Lord; during Mass, let the Lord speak to you; after Mass, speak to the Lord through
one another, as you join the Parish Family for fellowship in the Parish House. Remember to sign our guest book, please!

       FEAST OF ST. MARY                   your directory with the following
         The Feast of St. Mary falls       address and phone number:                       BABY BOTTLES FOR GRACE
on Sunday, August 15 this year.            Dave and Sharon Backs                                  Grace            Pregnancy
Normally, as Sunday is always a            161 Ivy Hill Lane                             Resource Center provides support
feast of our Lord, it takes                Goodlettsville, TN 37076                      services for women facing difficult
precedence over all feasts other           615-448-6399                                  or unexpected pregnancies. An
than      the      Principal    and                 We also welcome Nancy                outreach of New Life Resources
Incarnational Feasts. In the Ordo          Phillips back into our fold. Her              and Tennessee Right to Life,
Calendar, St. Mary’s is thus               address and phone number is                   Grace is a private charitable
translated to Monday, Aug. 16.             Nancy Phillips                                organization       providing     free
This year, however, we will                104 Hickory Highlands Drive                   community outreach services and
combine the Feast of our Lord and          Antioch, TN 37013                             counseling for abortion vulnerable
of Our Lady, His Mother, on                615-750-5774                                  mothers. We want mothers to
Sunday the 15 with the High                         Our new parish directory             choose life, and to support them
Mass and a Parish Potluck                  will be out in draft form shortly for         and their child.
Luncheon afterwards. The offering          review of your contact information.                    You will notice some baby
for that Sunday will go to St.                                                           bottles in the parish hall and in the
Mary’s of Malawi. This would be a                THANKS FROM JEWEL                       narthex of the church. Please
good Sunday to bring a friend                          CRANDALL                          consider taking one home, use it to
along with your offering and                       Jewel’s hip replacement               hold your offering and collect your
something for the Potluck!                 surgery was over a month ago,                 spare change, and return the
         We will still observe Lady        and she should be back with us at             bottles for collection on Sunday
Day on Aug. 16 at 5:00 p.m. as             church either this week or next.              August 29. Thank you for
well with Evensong and Low Mass            She wants everyone to know how                supporting this life saving cause.
in the Chapel of St. Mary.                 much she appreciates the cards,
                                           letters and flowers she has                             HARVEST PLAIN
  WELCOME TO DAVE BACKS                    received during her recovery. She                      For those of you who
     AND NANCY PHILLIPS                    is most grateful!                             could not download “Harvest Plain”
        Please welcome Dave and                                                          from the Diocese of Quincy, we
Sharon Backs into our Parish                                                             have a few hard copies on the tract
Family! You should note them in                                                          table in the parish hall.
        CANDLE SIGN-UPS                   not be published. Look for our           support that you already have
         We are in need of people         dynamic editor, Vicky Davis, to          been giving to Our Lord.
to sign up for candles in the             resume this ministry in September.
sanctuary and in the chapel. The                                                         FORWARD IN CHRIST
sheets have been mostly empty                SUMMERTIME AND TRAVEL                          We have a few copies of
lately and the candle fund is                     As we prepare to enjoy           FIF/NA’s     excellent  bi-monthly
behind. Please consider signing up        vacation travel this summer, let’s       Forward in Christ available in the
for a contribution to a week’s worth      remember that God our Father             parish hall. If you would like to
of keeping the candles lit.               doesn’t take a vacation. If you wish     have your own subscription or
                                          to check out ahead of time the           would like a personal membership
            QUINCY IX                     churches in your vacation area,          application to FIF/NA that includes
        We have a new Bishop for          please take advantage of a book          a subscription please see Fr. Guill.
the Diocese of Quincy, Abbot              we have in the office entitled
Alberto Morales, OSB. He is the           “Directory of Traditional Anglican                AUGUST REQUIEM
Abbott of St. Benedict’s Abbey that       and Episcopal Parishes” published                  The Requiem Mass for
we support with our Ascension             by the Fellowship of Concerned           August will be held on August 17.
Day offering. Please pick up a            Churchmen. St. Andrew’s is a             Please call the office with the
copy of his biography in the parish       member of this group, and we             names of any of your loved ones
hall to learn more. He even has           have our own listing.                    who departed this life during the
Chihuahuas!                                       In addition, remember that       month of August, or add names to
                                          the Church’s obligations do not          the list located in the parish hall.
“THE NET” GOES ON VACATION                take a vacation either. Please
        While it is summertime,           continue your great financial
and the living is easy, The Net will

                                                  Other Items
Confessions: The next scheduled date for Fr. Guill to be in the confessional is September 12, at 4:00pm. You may also
call Fr. Guill to schedule your confession at any time.
The Sanctuary Candles in the church and in St. Mary’s Chapel are given by Muriel Hebden to the glory of God, and in
memory of Bud Hebden.
The flowers for the Altar are provided by Muriel Hebden to the glory of God and in memory of Bud Hebden.
The Acolyte Team for today is Team I. The 7:30 Acolyte for next week is Ken Pitts and Team II will serve at the 10:00
a.m. service.
This week’s Coffee hour does not have a host. Next week’s coffee hour is a parish potluck in honor of the Feast of St.

                                       Schedule of Daily Services
                                               Mon., August 9:Feria (green)
                                           9:00 a.m. — Morning Prayer (Chapel)
                                           5:00 p.m. — Evening Prayer (Chapel)
                                                5:15 p.m. — Mass (Chapel)
                            Tues., August 10:Laurence, Deacon and Martyr at Rome, 258 (red)
                                           9:00 a.m. — Morning Prayer (Church)
                                           5:00 p.m. — Evening Prayer (Chapel)
                                                5:15 p.m. — Mass (Chapel)
                                  Wed., August 11:Clare, Abbess at Assisi, 1253 (white)
                                           6:30 a.m. — Morning Prayer (Chapel)
                                                6:45 a.m. — Mass (Chapel)
                                 Thurs., August 12:Hippolytus, Priest and Martyr, 235 (red)
                                          10:00 a.m. — Morning Prayer (Chapel)
                                               10:15 a.m. — Mass (Chapel)
                                           4:00 p.m. — Evening Prayer (Chapel)
                   Fri., August 13:Jeremy Taylor, Bishop of Down, Connor, and Dromore, 1667 (white)
                                           9:00 a.m. — Morning Prayer (Chapel)
                                           5:00 p.m. — Evening Prayer (Chapel)
                                                5:15 p.m. — Mass (Chapel)
                                   Sat., August 14:Jonathan Myrick Daniels, 1965 (red)

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