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                  FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPlE

1>1,   """,on J Illlu
ConCftD t-",,"nul
PO &x 15'5

Kd.",,,,,,,, M.lana C""moll"'uc, 1'1'OjI:ram Ith\ :'\u; \J/OAA/GH-OS        1~7

Dar "-I, 1I&ilu

PU1'>u.nt to ,he .uthor1l), COln~1Il«.l1ll mr l' or<:lgf1 . \ .",.,anee Act of 1%1, II amend<tl, the ll.S
Agcn"Y     r",
             Intc","tionil Develop""'" (LISA II); h(l'(!b)' I",a,d. ,,, Concern Umyc...l h.",,,,.rler
refund to •• the "Reopu,m". Ih...."n of 51 ,312.3S).IX) to pro,.. ,dt l"PJ'OrI for • progrom In MaJ.",~
u doc"l....! on th .. Scheduk oflh,••",'Ud and '" ,\Itachmm[ B, CJ1utlcd "Phalombc C\t.bno
Communi ... J>r.:>J~ .•

llu. CO<>f"'l"''''-c ."gTC'Cf11"'" II .rr""uv. ond obhp"Qr1 III nude •• of the dale of .he "gna,,,,,, or ,h.
Agrtt,,,,,,,, Offic •• and ,h.U "PI'''' to n~ruhturn milk by th. Ree'I',"n! '" furtherance of progrvn
ob;cc!,,-u during 'he pcnod bc~'''Wlg ,,'th tn •• ff«uv. ,h1< &plemoo 30, 2OO!lond .",lll1g
Scpu",bn-:!?,2012. USAID will not be bobl. fu, '''''''00''''''8 th. Ilc<:'p,enl for an., coo.. '" nco..
of the: obl'l,.lcd l",ounL

Tl". too 'l'""1ro·( Agn:nn<1" ,. made to th~ Rt-c!pIrnt C":oncnn Ll1I'·~ "" conmllOh th>! Ihe
fund. ,,"III be adrnum,crcd In llCCQ.danC<" ,,'th the 'emu ."d conmn""... set forth '" ..\ n:aduncol A
:the Schcdule;, Atudtrru:nt II :llIc Prog=n n..,Cl1l'uun). Ano<:hmml C (Brondwg S<r>"'10· .nd
Markmg Plan), Attochment D (-,a"dord Pro"''''0''") and An.chIllenll (1"'1U1 En,·"onmc,n.1
E=runou",,). oil of ,,-hleh have bet" ogrn..! to tn." your <><go",,.oo,,

Pka.(.,~ I~       ongiml:ll1,j all ....dOlcd copies oflh«l..u.. 10 .ckn""i~ your ="'J'1 oftIK
Coupcnlt\"e      .\~"      and..,rum the origuW...u all bu. one copy 10 the A~I OffICer



  '. ..;, 1:<, !.':

                      Page 2:

1 Approprlluon
2. Amourn Obbgtoued Iius Acuon $550,{XX).00
3. Taul E.f""""rd CSAID .\mount: $1.312.35300 

" Total Obbgo,rd U.\ID Amount: $550.000.00 

5 CoIt·SIwI11fI Amount r.-;on·hdtnl) $.0.. 

6. Acm~'Y T,tk PIWombc "Wana Comm.uru~ P"'trd
7. l:S.\I D Techrncal Office: GII/HID:-ijlD
8. Tax 1.0. t>;wnbttc N/.... 

9     Dt:~S   :-':0.: S06824!.103 

10.   ux: l\;wnbn: '\iIA


For AID/W Acoonl:

1 !Judget hscal YClIO" 2008
2. Pw,d: GH.C
3. Opc,,"ung Una; G I {/ IIION
4. StN.tcgic Ob)t<:m<.: A I 1
S.   D,.,nbu1lnn: 936-3100
6.   Manognncn" ,0.1).19
7.   l~ncfi1lng Goo Area: 612
8.   Oblt<:1 0....: 4 100201
9.   Amourn Obhgat«l: $550.00000


u.s Agmcy for Intcnl.Dona! Dcvdopmcnt
Office of hNnaal        ~!:o.nogttncnt
:-'ljCFO/C.\IP/tx:, RR Il 7.07.981l
 I JO() Pcnnsyh"""" ,hc "W
Wislungron. DC Z0523

                                         Pa ge 3
Table of Conknto


  A.1 P URPOSE OF COOPERATIVEAGREEME1'.'T                       S
  A.2 PERIOD OF COOPERATIVE AGREDIENT                           5


  A.4 COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT BUDGET                              5

  A.5 REPORTING AND EVALUATION                                  6

  A.6 INDIRECT COST RATE                                        6

  A.7 TITLE TO PROPERTY                                         6

  A.8 AUTHORIZED GEOGRAPHIC CODE                                6

  A.9 COST SHARING                                               7

  A.IO SUBSTANTIAL INVOLVEMENT                                   7

  A.11 PROGRA.'\IINCO;>.IE                                       7

  A.12 SPECIAL PROVISIONS                                        7

     A.12.1 U5.0\1O DISABIUTY POLICY (DEC 2(04)                  7



     CONFEREJ--.;CES (IAN 2(02)                                  8

     A.12.4 ACCOL!l'o.'TING SYSTE1\-1 SURVEY                     8

     A.12.S \X'ORKPLAN APPROVAL PROCESS                          8

     A.12.6 E'JVIRONMENTAL CONCEfu'lS                            9

ATTACHMENT B _ __ __ _ __ _ __ _ __            PROGRAM DESCRIPTION


ATfACHMENT D                             STANDARD PROVISIONS




                                Page 4
      .... .. . . .. . ... ,...



    T he purp<»c of du. C~ranve Agr«mC:11I" 10 pt'O",cie .upport for the progt'"m dcocnbe-d
    in At1~clun.m 2 10 th" Cool'"rau,,, Agrt<:rncnl entitled "Ph.lom~ Malan. CommunlOes


    lbe .ffeclJ>"e do,., of du. Coopn-au,·. A~cn' is &ptember 30, 2008. The ettunated
    completion dote of tIus Cooperau,·. Agrc:cmml IS Seplember 29, 2012.


     I. Th. 101;01 esrurulted amount of tIu. Cooperau"c         A~Cfll           for the: p=od ,ha.."T1   If)   :\.2
     ol>o\'c is $ U] 2,353.00.

     2. r.;SAID hereby obIJg:o..e. ,he &m(1<.Inl of 55."10,000.00 for prognm dunng the
     pcnoo ,.1 forth 111 A.2 ao shown In the Budgrt belov.. Th. Recipient will be St"CfI W'"'Hen
     nouce by Ihe Agre"",en, Officer ,f ~dd1uo!\a1 fund, will be added. USA ]!) '" not obhg.tcd to
     reimburse the Recipie'" for the       .~pcl\d1turc   of atnO\l""   III   exe.," of the tota! obligated

     3. P",=I ,hall be made to the R=p'Cfltll1 accordance ",~th I'l'OCroun't KI (onh In 22
     CFR 226 ."d the f>l<>"1,ion. <muded "I"rm"", _ Rcitnbursernml (/'Ia) 1986)."


     The fOU....,ng" the Agreement Budget. U>dudmg local coo< fin:mcmg                    "«N.
                                                                              If .uthOrtled
     RcvWon. to !hi, budgtt .haD be mid. If) ~ccordmce with the ""'"dolory S,andard ProvisJon
     e"Ulled "R"'''5I'''' of A,,-ud B~I (Octobe. 1(98)." 


     COSt Element                  COli in U SD 

     0=<:1 Coots:                  $1,312.}53.00 

     Ind"ecl   Coo,,,              , O· 

     TOTAL:                        $1,312,353.00 

                                                     page 5

    I. Financial Reporting

    Th~ Ikepi"'" mu« .ubnut one ongmll.nd        two   cop,e._ Finane!..! Rcport. ,hall be in
    kecpmg '-wh 22 C FR 226

    2. Program Reporting

    Th~ R~ctpi"'" .h:dl .ubmll on~ ongmal and rv.-o cople!! of an &IlIl.IIil performance rcpo" '0,
    the Cogruz:uu Techrucol Officer (CTO)_ Annual porformmce rcport guid~line. will b<:
    provided to the rccip,en' po<t award.

    In .ddlPon. the ceop'ent ,hall submu quarterly proiec' up<bt~S to th~ era thirt). diy.
    following ,h~ end of the quarter. Guidelines for quarterly updates will be proVIded 10 the
    reop'en, post a",,,rd

    3. Final Report

    The Reapi<ttl must .ubum the ongm.l . od one copy to l\-I/FM. the Agrecm<ttt Office<. and
    the era ~nd one copy. In electronic (preferred) or paper form of fino! docurru:ntS to one of
    th~ foU<",'mg. (a) Via E-mo.iI:,(b)ViaU.S.Pos(alService:
    D""elopment E'pcn<ttce Cleannghou.e, 8403 Cole",ille Road. SUlte 210 S.ih-er Spnng.:-'IO
    20910, USA , (c) Vi. Fox; (301) 5S8.7787; Or (<I) Online:

       bUp-1 (y.y,;w   dec ruglinda dm'fllSraC]jnQ   dQr'il)bmll bQIDe

    Guidelines for the [mal reports "'In be provided by the ero.


    The Rectpim, h.s not proposed my mduec( cos," unoo this         Coopenti\'~   Agreement.


    Property Title "ill be ,'~,,«I "ith the Coopttating Counlr)'.


    Th~ authonz«l geographic code for procurcmm, of ..,rnee> under this Coopent"'e
    Agre<:mmt is 935. Th~ authoti2«1 gc-ogr.ophic code for procurement of corrunodoncs under
    thil Coopcnti,,~ Agm:men( IS 000_

                                            Pas" 6

 The Reopl<n' 'gr<=a '0 contribute co",      ,h=  ill ac<:or<bnc~ ,,~th thell" ~pprm-cd budget_ Pie.."
 ",fcr to Sttoon A ... for dtt<U!ed co", I ha", ",formation


Sub<," nti.1 involycm<n' during th~ impkmen .. uon oftlus Agr=nem mu" be luruted.o 01'1',,,,...1
of the elements hsted below:

        1_	    apprm-.1 of annual u-orkp12ns and modificonon. tlu., describe th~ .p«ific I c';vi';.,. to
               be c:uri~d ou' und~r the Agrttm<n,;

        b. 	   apI""''''] of 'pccificd key perSonnel a'''gncd to th~ po,iuon. liSle<! below . The
               personnel currently listed ha'-. be.." app,,,,·ed. All chan~' thereto m""t be l ubrnmcd
               for .he approvol by the Cognizan. Technicol Officer;

        c_ app''''-al of monltonng and ",-.1\1.1tioo plan •. ond CS.AJD inyo,,"emcnt In momtonng
progress tov....rd I chioytIlg expocted re'u1ts .nd outcome, ;

        d. concurrence ,,'th m e .docuon of .u\J.-aw.,-d =ip=t5

A.11 	 PROGRAM       INCO~IE

        Program Income i. no. on.icipated under this prOloct_ Should \ncom~ be genera.ed             u~ dcr
        thi, prajret, it will be added to the proj«t in accottbnce "mh 22 C FR 226.24.


        A.12.t USAID DI SABILI TY POLICY (D E C 20(4)

        (0) The objretivc, of the US.AJD D i,.billt)· Polic)" are (I) '0 enhance the >ttamment of
        Cruted State. foreign .."stance progt2!Tl goal. by promotmg lh. pa"'opanon and
        eq\1.1lizanon of opporturu';... of individual, ,,~th dl •• biliti", in Cs..... JD policy. countr)" and
        .ector .tnl<glCS, leri",,· dcs'S"" and ,mplementallon; (2)      .0   ",c",a.e awaren.,., of 'sou.,. of
        p«>ple wuh disabiliue. bo!h ",ithm USAID programs and In h""t coun.n... ; (3) to engage
        Olher U.s. government agenci~., h""t eountry counterp""', go.-cmm<n!S, impbn<nting
        org:oni2.~on ••nd omer donors In fo-stcn ng a chmate of ~ondlScnnunaoon ag...           m.     people
        ""~th dl•• biliue, : and (4) to ,uppon ill1 c,ua';on.1 advocacy for f"'O ple ",tit do .abiloneo_ The
        full text of !he policy paper can be fou~d Ol the foUowing websi,e :
        http ://'''''')I' l!§i!dW,·iabOUt \I.ajd Idj" bWn I.

                                                   Page 7
  (b) USlIID rhrrefore re<jwus rha, the reop,en, no, mocnnunOle aglmS! people "",h
d,.ahiliues m!he ,mplememation ofUS.O\ ID fundw program> and !luI it c>-~ry effort
10 ~omply ""th Ihe obj«t"-cs of !he USAID DisabililY Policy If] perfonning!h~ prognm
under this gram or coopeN.U,·c agreement. To thot end and 10 !he "",en' it con ac~omph.h
Ihi. gall within the .cope of the program objective., the ,ecipient .hould d~monS""te a
compreh~n.ive and consistent appl'Olch for utdudmg men, women .nd duldren ",th


The Contractor/Recipient i. remindc<l thOl l.'.S. Er.ccutive Order> and U.S. \:ow prolubm
'N.nsacUom ""h, and ,he pro,.. "Ofl of resources and ""ppon 10. mdl"duill. and
organi.2ations aswci:"w WI!h terrorism. It IS the responoihility of ,he contraCto'/ recip,ent '0
en.ure comphance ,,":,h!hose Er.t:CI.IU'-C Order> .ud \:ow•. 'nus pfO\~.ion must be mduded
In all ,uh<;ontraCI./subaW.rd. ,"sued under this contrac,/ ogreem~nt.


Fund. In ,h,. [oS"".ment, amendmem] m.y not be used to fln.nce th~ "",·el, pet diem, ho,d
eiPfflses . ' ntl]', conference fees Or o!her conferenCe coM. for any member of. fOreign
go'-cmmem', deleg.mon to an m'ernauon.l conference spon""ed b)·. pnblic illl"mation .]
organization. except as prrn":ded 'n ADS MondalOry Reference "G",d.nce Ofl Fundmg
Fomgn eo.'.-rnn>m' Dd"S.tions to In,.-tn.tional Conferences" O£ a. approvW by ' hc AO.


The R~opien, ,h.U undergo an .ccounting .yuem ourv"y aflcr the .",..,d of 'he gron'. The
'un-,,}, ",~Il be performed by UMID·. Contract Audit /o.-:b"a&<,ment Branch. Office of
AcqwSJuon and A"i'tancc, C",,- Audit .nd Suppon D",,",on. The our',"}' IS me.", to
dete,m",. If the Rec'pIent's .ccounung s),,,em is in . ccordance ","h Gcne.-.Jly Accep,ed
Accounung Principle. and If It to capable of accumul.ung costs for go"erlllnent contracting.
The Reclp",nt i. tequired to implement rccotnrrtendation(.) tha' may ",.ul, from occountlng
'y"ern deliacnc,,," noted dunng the .ur...y of the .ccounting system. P. )'men,. for se,..-",ed
rendered by!h~ Reciptctlt will be on. rctmhuro.bk bas .. dunng th.. pcnod unw ,h••yilern
is deemed adequ",c for government contracting.


A worl<plan 'emp\:o'. will be pfO\-ided '0 'he Reap,,"nt ""hin fifteen (IS) da).. af,er .",-.rd of
tIu. Coopcno,-e Agreement. FIflIll workplans will be due '0 'he CTO approxlm.tely ",xty
(60) days .f,ef .,,-.rd of this Coopenm'e Agreement.

                                        Page 8

Dunng   th~ hfe of the Agre<:fn<:fu. the Rwpoent ",111 follow tIu: 'f>P1O".,.,j mvuonm<nw
mlllgatlOn measutt< dcs<;nbffi In th~ lnlna] Env!fOrllI}tmal,,.,j U
,\ttachm<nt E .

                                       Pa\le   ~


       Pag.. 10 

                                   "halomhe Malaria Communities 1'rojcd
1. Executive Sum man'

Concern Universal (CU) proposes to implement the Malaria Communities Programme (Mep) in
Phalombe District in the southern region of Malawi in partnership with the Holy Family Hospital
(Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM» and the District Health Office (DHO). Proposed
start and end dates of the proje>:t are 1" October 2008 lind 30t~ Se ptember 2012. The total cost of the
project and the request from USAID is USS I,351,5JII. Estimated number of total population in
Phalombe District is 300,451 people. The project will target llnder-five children and pregnant mothers
who are the most vulncrable to malaria. Tne proposed primary beneficiaries in the proposed target area
are 66,000 people comprising 51,000 under-five children and 15.000 pregnant mothers (expected
pregnancies). The project will also target People Living with HIV and AIDS (PL WHA). Phalombe has
a high mv and AIDS prevalence of 18.8% (CU, 2006) i(compared to the national prevalence of 14%)
in the district as well as the poorest of the poor (i.e. the elderly, child-headed households, Orphans and
other Vulnerable Children (OVCs».

The overall objective of the proposed project is to reduce malaria associated mortality and morbidity by
50% compared to the current level. The project specific objectives arc : (i) Increased community
awareness and knowledge on malaria prevention, treatment and case management; (ii) Promotion of
correct and consistent use and treatment of Insecticide-Treated NelS (l1Ns); (iii) Increased access to
Intermittent Preventive Treatment (!pn; and, (iv) Building the capacity of indigenous organisations m
malaria management. Key activities to be implemented include community and local leaders malaria
education and sensitisation workshops; knowledge, altitudes and practices on malaria assessment and
conununity based strategy development in Ihe fight against malaria; conununity and school campaigns
and competitions and health talks; development and distribution of malaria IEC materials; ITN correct
use and treatment demonstrations; support to malaria week; formation of community based
organisations to support IPT: and training and capacity building of community based organisations in
the fight against malaria. Isslles of Gender, HIV and AIDS and environmem will also be mainstreamed.

Malaria is a major health problem in Malawi, especially among under-five children and pregnant
women. It is the commonest cause of outpatient visi ts, hospitalisation and death. f'halombe District has
been chosen as the target district bc<:ause of high under-five children malaria cases (62%). high malaria
cases of total population pegged at 21% and an increased percentage of malaria cases in out patient
attendance of 23% (HMW. 2007'). These stati stics indicate low adoption of malaria prevention
practices. This project fits very well with the President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) Malaria Operational
Plan and Strategy for Malawi and it addresses National Malaria Control Programme (NMCI» identified
needs and gaps. The project ",ill achieve this by increasing malaria awareness at community level,
promoting correct and consistent use of ITNs and IPT, and by building the capacity of indigenous
organisations in malaria control and management. CU will implement the proposed project in
partnership with CHAM and the DHO and in collaboration with the Phalombe District Assembly. the
NMCP. the PMI Team (United States Agency for International Development (USAlD) and Centres for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Village Health Conunittees (Viles), and CommunityfFaith
Based Organisations (C!F HO) (approximately IS).

, Concern Un;"e=1 (2006). Mkhumoo Bound~ry Communi,ie., Uvelih""d, imp"J"emenl Project fIIV andA1DS Situalion
Analy.". Draft R'f>Ort I. Aug"<t 2006

 , H.atth Managem.nt tnformation Bull"in (2007) Annual Report. July )OO5-Ju", 2()()6. Ministry of He.1th PI.nn ing 

 Depanment Healh Management Information Un;!. 

According to thc 2006-11 slr.I.tegy. CU will focus its efforts in five of Malawi's 28 districts v.hile 

maintaining ncxibility to respond to emergeocies wherever it ean make a significant difference. The 

fi\e districts are among !he poorest and densely poPulated centtnl (Ded7.a and Ntcheu) and southern 

( Balaka, Phalombe and Thyolo) TCgion districts of Malav.;. The proposed malaria proj«t v.;ll be 

implemented in Phalombc whcre most of the mabria indicators are low and below the national average. 

i\hin Met hods of O peratio n 

CU's main mode of operation is partnershi p with existing local structures including governmcnt 

(nationnl nnd local), NGO s, C/l1IJOs. the private sector, elC. Partnersh ips usually include participatory 

development of projects and joint implemcntation. monitoring and evaluation, The most appropriate 

panners for each initiative are determined based on the context of the project. thc structures that exist 

on the ground and the o"erall and specific objectives of the project. Each project idea is scrutinised to 

check if it fits well with local. national and international policies. prioritics and tarsets (for example, 

MOOs, Mala ....i Growth and [)e\'elopment Strategy {MGDS), NMCP, etc). Then the most appropriate 

role that CU could play is determi~d after taking into consideration what other stakeholders are 

already doing and the major gaps that CU could effectively filL In this particular project. CU will work 

in collaboration with a T1UIge of organisations including Phalombe District Assembly. the District 

Health Office (DHO), CHAM health ecnUl:S. ClFBOs. etc. 

E~pc ricMe in Co mmun ity· LcH lll ea lth 1> ~ogr1l mm cs 

CU has morc than a dccadc of e",pericnec in designing, implementing and monitoring community-Icvel 

health programmcs in Africa and Asia including Malawi. CU strives to adopt and usc national and 

international monitoring indicators and systcms, CU's comparative advantage is related to its extensive 

experience in community mobilisation. scnsitisat ion and education, especially in the relevant areas of 

targeted nutrition, H[V and AIDS. and Hygiene Education and Sanitation Promotion (IIESP). CU has 

been implementing HESP initiatives in Malawi since the early 1990s and lIIV and AIDS and targeted 

nutrition in the last six years. In relation to malaria. CU has been supporti ng IW distribution through 

health centres in Dedza District and through village commillCt;'S in Thyolo District. II has also 

participated in the Southern Africa Dc\'clopment Community (SADC) mosquito net dipping campaign 

and it suppons distribution of malaria drugs .... ;th H[V and AIDS home based care packs. Three past 

perfonnnncc references are summarised and attached (An ach meut I). 

Rciati Bn~ h i p~ wit h t be HBs t Count ~y GO\'ern mcllt Mnd O ther OrgMni SDti ons 

CU started to operate in Malawi in 1989 under an agreement signed with thc Government of Mala\\} 

(GoM). CU is a member of the Council for Non-Goyenuncntnl Organisations of Malawi (CONGOMA) 

and it is registered ....ith the NGO Board of Malawi under the NGO Act. The GoM, through ministries 

of Health; Irrigation and Water Oevelopm~nt: Agriculture and Food Security; Women and Child 

Dc\elopme!ll: etc. has been our most important partner. 

CU involvc5 potential participating communitics and OoM personnel in a participatory design of new 

projccts and lellen of support arc usually received from the rele\'ant local go\'emment official or a 

GoM department confirming support to thc project. Please find attached letters of support from thc 

DHO in [>halombe and from the Holy Family Hospital in Phalombe (Atta chm ent Z). Onec funding is 

secured. a district project management commillee will be established comprising CU and GoM 

personnel to plan, implement, and monitor the project by integrating the project activities within the 

district plan. In most eases, CU employs only \:cy personnel that will complement ex isting GoM 

extension workers in order to avoid selling up parallel structures. prevent duplication and maximise the 

usc of project resources. This has !xen a highly successful approach as 1\105t GoM personnel have the 

addressing this important deficiency through awareness rai,ing and dissemination of health information
in remote rural areas oflhe distric\.

Trend data for malaria in Phalombe District is illustrative of data collected and used at dislrict level.
The trend data in the Table 2 highhghts that Phalombe District continues 10 encounter significant
malaria problems. In as much as there has been an increase in ITN distribution in 2006, the impact on
malaria burden has been limited due to relatively low level of ITN usc and due to lack of distribution to
the remote and impoverished areas. This is another reason to implement Ihe proposed project in order
to maximise the impact oflTN distribution and other malaria control initiatives.

Table 2: Malaria Occurren ce in I'ha lom bc Oistri ct (2005-2007)

Although malaria incidence is not relatcd 10 malnutrition, fatality from malaria is directly related.
Indeed. the nutritional status of children impacts on disease outcomes and vulnerabi lity, Phalombe
Districi sho""S higher underweight. wasting, and stunting statuses than the national average putting
many children at risk of contracting complicated malaria leading 10 monality (see Table 3). A 10-year
survey (1997-2006) indicates that Phalombc is one of the three districts in Malawi with under-five
mortality rates above 150; this is higher than the national average (77) (MICS, 2006).

Table 3: Com parative Nu tritional Statu s   ]) ~ta   (%)

        Nntrition Status       Na tiona l Le\"C1            Sout hern          Phalombe
                                                             I~ e ,ion
       Smntin                        45.9                      46.3               46.7
       Wastin                        l.l                       3.0                 4.0
       Underwei ht                   19.4                      19.0               20.2
    rce: MICS. 2006
Current status of health care service delivery
As per the Decentralisation Policy, the District Commissioner is the head of the District Assembly
Secretariat and oversees all District Assembly activities including health. The District Health Office
(OHO) coordinates all district health activities undertaken by various stakeholders and reports to the
national Ministry. Phalombe District has onc CHAM hospital, 12 health centres, onc dispensary and 66
outreach clinics that are managed by the Ministry of Health or CHAM. Table 4 illustrates the different
types of malaria intervention implemented by institutions in Phalombe district. The district has no
government hospital, and there are no adequate health facilities, thus posing the problem of long
distance to the nearest health facil ities. This has also increased mortality rates in communities and late
accessibility to treatment of diseases (especially malaria). Patients in the district arc referred to a fee
paying Phalombe mission hospital run by CHAM . Along with preventive and curative services. the
hospital also offers minor surgery units, labora!ory, radiography and HIV and AIDS testing equipment.
Health centres in the district have maternity wings. Preventive and curative services are provided in the
health centre. The Dispensary mainly offers out patient services. Other important services like under­
five groMh monitoring, infonnation education and communication services are also offcred. Minor
ailmcnts arc treated in the health posts. Diseases commonly treated include malaria, eye infections,
diarrhoea and intestinal worms. As outlined earlicr, the district also has TBAs who assist with
reproductive health services at community level.

Table 4: Type of illalaria 1nt~ n-e nt ion by Institution

~ .                  i s and
CHAM hospital I health centres
                                      I   1~        I                    1   1

                                      I;: Tra;ning of health workers in antenatal care including IPT
Poor road infrastructure, long distances to health faci lities. shortage of health personnel. lack of
medical supplies at health facilities, and the requirement of fees at CHAM facilities make access to
health care difficult for the vulnerable segments in rural and poor communities in Phalombe. As an
alternative. many people frequent trad itional healers as a source of medical care. These arc some of the
factors thai lead 10 low adoption of services that could help to reduce malaria by yulncrable segments
of the population in these districts. Self-medication is another dangerous practice Ihat is observed in the

Loc al Partner Organisa tions and Process Used to llJ\'ol\"e Rclc\"ant Stakeh olders
Private sector inc ludes the CHAM that provides health care services for a fee . CIFBOs and NGOs
provide mostly public health services in the form of education and awareness raising and they also
promOle demand for health care services. The Malawi health sector is heavily reliant on development
partners for financial suppon and technical advice. The Global Fund for HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis
and Malaria has provided resources to MoH for malaria control activities. The DHO. the CHAM
coordinator and their assistants have been consulted on the gaps in malaria control that this project
would address. They have been fully supportive and provided data and contributed ideas to the
development of the project. A memorandum of understanding will be dra\\TJ if the proposal is
successful. However. for now. two support letters arc attached (see Attachment 3) from Holy Family
Hospital (CHAM facility) and Phalombe DHO on projeet partnership wilh CU.

During these consultations, stakeholders identified the following activities thaI are required in
Phalombe District to reduce existing gaps in malaria prevention: a district wide survey on net usage:
insecticide residual sprn>'s in community households; malaria Infonnation, Education and
Conununication (IEC) matcrials in the communities: quarterly review meetings with health workers on
case management; monitoring and supervision of activities; the provision of ITNs; training volunteers
to re<!ognise signs and symptoms for malaria and take appropriate treatment within 24 hours of the
onset of symptoms; and, scaling up IPT for pregnant women. This CU projects proposes to address the
majority of these existing gaps (with the exception of insecticide residual sprays in community
households and the provision of rlNs) .

Population Services International (PSI), a US,bascd NGO, was consliited and they expressed an
opinion that although they have a national network to distribute ITNs, infi ltrating deep into the remote
areas with ITNs as well as education and public awareness has been a seriOliS challenge and this project
could focus on that niche. Successful implementation of this project would produce valuable lessons
regard ing strategies and approaches for a national and international malaria communities' progranune.

4. Pnlgrammc Stralcp' and      Technic~II\'-Apprflpriatc Inl crvcntiflll ~

Goal and Objectives of the Proposed I'roject
The goal of the proposed project is to reduce malaria associated mortality and morbidity by 50%
compared 10 the pre-initiative leve l. The project specific objectives are to: (i) increase malaria
awareness at community level: (ii) promote correct and consistent use and treatment of ITN's: (ii i)
increase access to IPT; and, (iv) build the capacity of indigenous organisations in malaria management.
These objectives will have a primary emphasis and focus on pregnant women, chi ldren under five_
PLWHA, and other vulnerable groups (i.e. the elderly, child-headed households, OVCs), as well as at
general Phalombe community as appropriate. The goal of the proposed project is similar to the PMI
goal and MDGs while focusing on Phalombc District. The objectives of the programme arc also
directly related to the NMCP strdtcgy that advocates scaling up of IlNs, IPT. case management for
treatment of malaria cases, etc. and the proposed project provides an excel lent opponunity for
penctration into remote rural areas through community mobilisation, sensitisation and education, and
by making linkages with other specialised organisations who provide services such as ITN distribution
by PSI.

Overview of Pro posed Project Strat egy
As illustrated in the si tuation analysis, the adoption of malaria prevention practices in Phalombc
District is below both national and regional averages. This implies that both under-five chi ldren and
pregnant women are at high risk of contracting malaria_ In order to meet the goals of the PM I and
NMCP, the project will work in partnership with all stakeholders in the district (MoH staff at disuict
and community levels, CHAM_ PSI. VHCs, Ministry of Women and Child Development, etc) to
conduct malaria awareness campaigns through the yellow van. theatre for development, songs and
other relevant media in rural communities _It will also enhance malaria intervention in the home-based
care groups that exisl in the district

As the facilitating agent, CU plans to work with health surveillance assistants. CBOs (see Table 7), and
other extension staff to reach out to communities to train, inform, raise av.-areness and fill knowledge
gaps on malaria management and prevention. in order to increase adoption of existing and improved
malarial treatment and administration, particularly for pregnant women and under-five children_
PL WHA etc. as well as build community and institutional capacity. The ultimate goal is to empower
communities (particularly target groups) and increase sustainable local ownership to reduce the
prevalence of malaria in Phalombe Disu;ct, as well as assist service providers to provide quality and
timely services.
CU will work with VHCs that are already in the commumtles, and will facilitatc fonnation or
strengthening of such commiuees where they are non-existent or weak. Each village will havc a V!-!C
as well as volunteers who will be trained in basic malaria information. Regular village meetings on
health issues, especially malaria will be conducted. Information wi ll be provided on how to prevent
malaria infection and where to go to seek assistance if symptoms of malaria are observed. CU will
network with other service providers such as PSI and MoH to expand distribution of ll1'Js to remote
rural areas and potentially advocate for procurement of nets by the private st"Ctor. CU understands that
there are policy issues that are currently limiting subsidised 1m distribution to poor households cxccpt
those households that have under_ five children or pregnant women. Therefore. CU will work with the
GoM 10 encourage the development of!l1'J distribution systems at affordable prices that could benefit
the poorest segments of the community. CU wi ll use existing com munity structures to implement
activities under this initiative. especially building on the mv and AIDS activities and food security
projects that eu is already implementing in the district. Malaria activities will start in areas where there
are ongoing CU activities within the district and gradually scale up and move into new areas ultimately
covering the entire district by the second year of the project.

These approaches ensure a pragmatic, systematic and cost effective scale up Strategy and lessons
learned can be applied to speed up implementation in the new areas. Increasing awareness in a
sustained manner and bui lding capacity of local population will enhance demand for services and
commodities ncressary for malaria control. These approaches are key to suslainability of programmes
under the initiative because communities will understand their purpose and benefit and will, therefore,
appreciate and value (he programmes as their own. With concerted effort from the initiative and
willingness of beneficiaries to participate in the programmes, the targets can be achieved.

I)~Sfription   of Proposed Key Mal a ria Aetivitiu
Ii) To increase communitv awareness and knowledge on malaria prevention. treatment and case
The plan is to ""Ork with communities to raise awareness of (he risks if malaria is left uncontrolled, the
signs of malaria and lreaUllent issues. There are myths about malaria in the communities that need to be
corrected. Discussions with the Phalombe DHO revealed that they mainl>· treat severe malaria cases
because people seek treaunent too late: this results in greater difficulty treating malaria, and may result
in death. The following are some of the key activities that will be implemented to achieve the specific
). Orient traditional leaders. traditional healers and VHCs on malaria prevention and control via
      workshops. panel discussions and open days. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) assessments
      on malaria will also be cnnducted to assist in partici patory deve lopment of relevant malaria
      strategies for the commumties in the fight against malaria.
 ). 	 Facilitate community campaigns and health talks in all public community forums to raise awareness
      of the new malaria drugs, and access to drugs.
 ). 	 Develop malaria disease cycle posters and distribute. The project will facilitate production and
      distribution of malaria control IEC materials at health centres. schools and market CentreS that
      contain basic mformation on prevention, cont rol and treatment of malaria as well as symptoms of
 ). 	 The project will facilitate community and school campaigns to raise aWliTCness on health seeking
      behaviour. prevention and treatment of malaria. Campaigns on malaria management at community
      level will be conducted with men, women. boys and girls during regular village meetings and youth
      meetings. This activity will also stimulate behaviour changes on health seeking. CU will also work
      with education institutions especially primary schools to enhance young pc<lplc's understanding of
:;.. Train home based care volunteers in the new malaria drug administrntion and drug management in
     their drug kits.
,.. Train indigenous groups and school youths in theatre for development in malaria diagnosis. di sease
     cycle, prevention lII1d development of d f e<;tivc community based IEC materials.
:;.. Tmin Govcrnmcntllnd C HAM health staff in malaria case management.
:;.. Trai ning health C BOs in malaria data col lection and utilisation. The volunteers, VHCs and home
     based care groups will also be trained in data collC(:tion and panicipalOry M&E.
:;.. Train TBAs in malaria prcvl'ntion interventions including IPT & correct use and treatment of ITNs.

Tht ])edsian-m a king   l'roe~5   for Ibe Seleclw Appromch

Rationale for selected population lII1d district:
The proposed project will be located in Phalombe District in the southern region of Mala ..... i (See
AUac hmcnl 3 for a map of the area). Phalombe is one of the 13 districts of the southern region . It
borders MOZlllllbique on the eastern sid c, Zomba District in the North and Mulanje District in thc west
and southern pan. Phal ombe District has been chosen as the target district because of low adoption of
malaria prevention pTllttices, high malnutrition levels for under-file children. and high HIV and AIDS
prevalence (18.8%) among others_ A IO-year period (1997-2006) survey illd ieates that Phalornbe is one
of the three districts in Mala"; "lth under-the mortality rate above I SO. higher than the national
a,'erage of 77 (MICS, 20(6). Major diseases in Phalombc District include malaria, HIV and AIDS.
malnutrition. diarrhoea. respiratory infections. Anaemia. Meningitis, Tuberculosis, Obstetric
complications and Malignancies. OU! of all thcse diseases. the leading causes of hospitalisation in the
district for all patients are ma laria and upper respiratory infection (S EP, 20(6). Phalombe is
predominantly roral with a few semi-urban centres. CU has substantial developmcnt activities in the
district and the proposed project ",;11 build on these activities and relationships and complement and
add value to its current dc" eiopmem work in HIV IlJld AIDS. food security and sustainable Ih·clihoods.

Although CU has been implementing the above activi ties, there remains a gap in addressing problems
of malaria, and this is 8 timely opportunity to include malaria prevention and control activities. The
simultaneous and integrated implementation of these interrelated activi ties is expected to result in a
significant improvemcnt in the health status and livelihoods of communities. The malaria intervention
will also build on, and add val ue to current CU's projects.

CU has gain ed extensive experience in working "ith and targeting under-five children, pregnant
mothers and other vulncrable groups such as PLWlIAs (the same target group for the malaria project).
CU is alrcady working ..... ith these ''llinerable groups IlJld this project ";11 provide an opportunity to add
a malaria pre\'ention and control component tbat has been largely missing so far. CU also has
experience in distributing ITNs in therapeutic feedi ng centres, especially in Dedl.a District. Th is project
will admcate for scaling up of IlN distribution at affordabl e prices. especially in remote rural arcas. in
collaboration with Moll and CBOs. as well as lobbyi ng the private sector for financial contributions.

Adoption of good heal th pTllttices (such as slceping under IlNs) will hclp to control malaria in the
most vulnerable segments of the population in the southern region, which is generally below the
national average (see Table I). Similarly. the target district falls below the regional average of ITN
O"lIership and usc highlighting the priority that this district deserves priority assistance. CU h:l.'i
established good relationships with key go\emment and NGOs in the district. Therefore, it will be easy
for CU to Slart and implement the project "ith stakeholder support. CU has gained trust from its
partners, making it e:l.'iY to mobilise partners and to gain support.
Phalombe District has six Traditional Authorities (TAs). 46 VDCs. and 445 >illages. Phalombc has a
population of 300,451 people. Table 5 pro>~des a breakdown of thc population and Table 6 illustrates
positive HIV tests and AIDS cases from 1998-2005.

T . ble 5: I'o llula tion by Group and I)istriet

Tahl~   6: Positi\"t III V t~sU and AIDS cases (1998 -20(5)

Factors in the communitv Ihat led to choice of community mobi lisation and behaviour change
> Inadequate knowledge of malaria as a disease. its pTe>emion and control practices. There is much
   misconception of the causes of malaria and disease epidemioloaY. and a lack of awareness
   regarding the new drug for malaria treatment. Tne communities arc also not aware of the mortality
   and morbidity lc"els that malaria causes and how it impacts on thei r social and econom ic lives.
    However. it can be prevented and treated. Local leaders are instrumental in guiding the
   communities in both de>'dopment and health issues. [nvol them will not only sustain the
    interventions. it will also stimulate participation of all members of the communities. The
    in>'o!>'ement of school going children "ill educatC fulUrc generations to reduce the kno"ledge gap
   and fight malaria. [)e>" eloping their own community strategy on malaria will enhance ownership
    and intcrest as well as participation in the project both now and in the future. The com:et use of
    ITNs and treatment will also ensure proper prevention of malaria.
)- Beliefs in traditional medicine for treatment of malaria. The belief in traditional medicines and
    witchcraft causes delays in sedinlii: conventional medical treatment oftcn resulting in mortality. The
    communities will be educated on the signs and symptoms of malaria and treaunenL
~ Poor health seeking behaviour. Most communities visit health serviees too late and proclice drug
    administration at home. This leads to drug abuse and drug resistance problems.
» Pregnanl women not accessing IPT. Communities are still not aware of the dangers of contracting
    malaria for pregnant women and its efTects. Communities will be in\'olved to encourage pregnant
    women to attend a heal th faci lity to have IPT. e>cn if they atlend antenatal clinics run by TBAs.
    Moreover. communities will be empowered to ensure that pregnant women enrol for antenatal
    clinics early enough to avoid complications related to malaria infections.
Roles and Responsibilities of Local Partners
The key local partners are the Phalombe DHO and the Holy Family llospital under CHAM. CV's main
role will be facilitating the planning. implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of the
project. CV ""ill employ a small number of well-qualified and experienced personnel to work with the
above-mentioned key partners and other collaborators such as the MoH, the NMCP, the PMI Team
(USA ID and CDC). CU ""ill ensure that the plans developed are reasonable and appropriate to help the
achievement of the project objectives and will follow up implementation to assure high standards. In
addition. CV will support the local partners in their efforts to develop their capacity to provide effective
services to the district population. Finally, CV will cnsure that cash flows are prepared to allow smooth
implementation of plans and all project resources are effcctively utilised and accounted for.

The Phalombe DHO and the Holy Fami]y Hospital will be the main implemcnters of the project with
support from CU. Their key responsibilities will be around diagnosis and treatment of malaria,
administration of appropriate drug n:gimes, and participating in the monitoring of malaria prevalence
and efTecth'eness of services provided by their institutions and by the project. Health Surveillance
Assistants from the DHO will be thc key implementers of community education and awareness raising
including campaigns and field days. The Holy Family Hospital ""ill administer IPT.

MoHlNMCP along with the PMI Team (USA ID and CDC) will provide leadership on all PMI malaria
control activities. They will take the lead to determine research to be conducted, coordinate all malaria
control programs and help mobilise resources for malaria control. The MoHINMCP will disseminate
malaria control research. updates and best practices. CJFBOs will participate in implementing MoH
developed malaria control programmes. Thcir activities are mostly community based and tend to
provide pc<lple level impact programmes, and they help to fill the hwnan resouree gap at community
level. USAID Malawi has substantial involvement in: the approval of key personnel. work plans and
programme modifications; appro,"al of monitoring and evaluation plans and participating in monitoring
progress towards achieving expe<:led results and outcomes; and, in the concurrence with the selection
of sub awards. The PMI Team will collaborate with the NMCP and assist with thc building of local
capacity to address malaria and promote sustainability of host country efforts. ]n order to move towards
sustainabi lity of efforts to control malaria. there is need for local ownership of the programme. VllCs
could mobilise communities: disseminate IEC messages; acquire. store and distribute !TNs: and
promote re-treatment of nets where long lasting nets are not available. The committees "i]] participate
in supervision of volunteers and monitoring and evaluation of their local programs.

As outlined earlier. key stakeholders (including the MoU, CHAM, CBOs) have identified the existing
gaps and limitations in malaria prevention and trcauncnt in Phalombe District, and support this CU
project proposal. Agreed and identified roles and responsibilities arc Olulincd in Table 7. Community
Home Based Care (HBC) groups provide chronically ill patients with comprehensive care from home
and community to institutional scrvices in order to ensure that their diverse needs and those of falmlies
are met. Key interventions include: medical care; basic nursing. psychosocial iIIld palliative care:
transfer of skills 10 the primary care giver; monitoring of the patient in ARV and TB trcatment; and
discharge planning and referral to appropriate services. So far, HBC groups in the district havc focused
main ly on HIV and AIDS care and support. Therefore, the project will build the capacity of HBC
groups to include malaria diagnosis and treaunent within their roles and responsibilities. For example,
the project will take advantage of the existing drug box to enhance malaria case management. Drug kits
will be strengthened or established to ensure availability of malaria control supplies within the
Table 7: Roles anti r...sponsibilities or slakcholtlers

          Stakeholders                             Role                        Res   on ~ ibilitv
eu                                           Facilitating anti     Capacity building for stakeholders and
                                             managing agency       community mobilisation. gender
                                                                   mainstreaming. and monitoring and
                                                                   evaluation (M&E)
Phalombc District Health O ffice           Implementing agency     Diagnosis. malaria treatment .
                                                                   communitv awareness, !PT, M&E
Holy Family Ilospital (CHAM)               Implementing agency     Diagnosis, malaria treatment and IPT,
CBOs - Thandiw, Mpasa,                     Implementing agencies   Commun ity case management, drug kit
Bwanaisa, Lin§unL Masangano.                                       management and malaria referrals.
Migo\\,1 CCAP and HBC,                                             M&E
Chikondano. Sambanjati, Dindi,
Mlambala. Tigwirizanc,
Milemc. Cbisomo Orphan and
Disability, Michesi Tiwolokc. &
Target groups/community                       Implementing         Community participatory monitoring,
                                            agencies/recipients    malaria activities and competitions

Work I'lan Matril

Table 8 Y,
             '" 1 W " kl'l'"                                                     Key sub Location (at
 Objective f      Outputs           PM! Target (s) to which Timeline                     least at
 Activity         Year I            outputs will contributc                (GoM.
                                                                                 P""""   district
                                                                           NOOs etc) levell
  Ohject;,·... 1: Increase community awareness anti kn ow letlge on malaria pren ntion , treatment
  a nd case m a naJ,!cm enl
  I. Activity: • 460 local          • 85 % ofunder-5           Community MoR             Phalombc
  Conduct 6          leaders are       cbildren with           campaigns: CHAM,
  tmditional         aware of           suspected malaria      Nov-Oct           eu
  leaders and        malaria            will bave received
  VHe                prevention and     treatment witb an
  orientation        treatment. and     anti-malari al drug in
  workshops          encourage          accordance with
  on malaria         eommWlity          national malaria
  prevention         members 10         treatment policies
                     seek timcly
                                        within 24 hours of
                                        onset oftbcir
  including          treatment.         symptoms
  IEC              • 50010 of
  material           bouseholds

' Church ofCentral Afrioa Ptesbj.'lerian
           ATI'ACHMENT C 


            Concern Universal (CU) I USAID Branding Strategy

Date submitted:                    19 September 2008

CU Information:
CU Office:                         CU Malawi
CU Contact Person­                 Samson Hailu, Country Director
Contact Phone Number               +265 1823761/1823262
Contact E-mail                     samS9!l hailu@concem-uniyelsal,org

For a New Award :
USAiO SoliCitation Number:         USAID MJOAAfGH-08-147
USAID Solicitation Name:           Malaria Communities Program (MCP)

Describe how the project, or Individual activities, w ill address the following:


1. Programme, project or activity name-

The project name is · Ph alombe Malaria Communities Project' , At the activity level,
marking will include logos of tne President's Malari a Initiative (PMI), CU and, in
exceptional cases, other relevant local implemen ting partners

2. Program logo-

CU has received a sample of a special PMI program logo that contains USAID and
other partners' logos (Departmen t of Healtn & Human Services, CDC and Department
of State), CU will use ttlis PMl logo_

Program Communications and Publicity

3, Primary and secondary audiences-

The primary audience for ttlis project is ttle direct beneficiaries in ttle proposed target
area - 66,000 people compris in g 51 ,000 under-five children and 15,000 pregnant
mottlers (expected pregnarlcies). The project will also target People Living with HIV and
AIDS (PLWHA) (Phalombe has a hi gh HIVarld AIDS prevalence) as well as ttle poorest
ottne poor (I.e. the elder1y, ch ild-headed households, orphans and other vulnerable
chi ldren (OVCs)). The secondary audience is the rest of the popul ation in the district
who will benefit from improved urlderstanding of malaria prevention and management
by members of the family and from public campaigns_
4. 	 Communication or program malerlals to be used to explain or milrket the
     program to beneficiaries-

These include public campaigns, lEG materials, training materials, brochures, b an ne ~.
end band end drama performances. These materials will have a duall1Jnction of
publicising the program to beneficiaries and educating program participants about
simple actions that need to be taken to prevent. treat and manage malaria

5. 	 Main program messages-

Main program messages inClud e importance of
 );. 	 Correct and consistent use and treatment of ITNs
 );. 	 Anti malaria treatment during the second an d third trimester in order to have a safe
       and better pregnancy outcome
 );. 	 Prevenllon, control and tre atment of malaria as well as symptoms of malaria

6. 	 Wi lt there be public promotion of the program to host country cltlzens-

Yes. Public promotion of tI1e progra m 1 potential berleli ciaries will happerl th roug h local
governmen t arid Irad ltional leaders and through health centres in Phalombe District.


7. 	 Direct Involvement from host country government ministries-

CU successfully partners with local government authorities in various districts of Malawi
In relabon to this program. CU will co llaborate with the Phalombe District Health Office.
Holy Family Hospital (a Christian Health ASSOCiation of Malawi hospital) and a number
of community-b ased org anisations.

8. 	 Any other logos or identities to be used on program materials or
     communications ­

Only CU and PMllogos or identities will be used on program materials or
                 Concern Universal (CU) J USAID Marking Plan

Date submirt&d.                    19 September 2008

CU Information
CU OffICe:                         CU Malawi
CU Contact Person '                Samson HaUu, Country Director
Contact Phone Number:              +2651823781/1823262
Contact E-mail.                    samson.ha'!!!@gJ!]Cem:_ll[li~e['~l!l2rg

For a New Award'
USAID Solicitation Number          USAID MlOAAJGH..(l8·147
USAID Solicitation Name            Malaria Communities Program (MCP)


CU plans to mark the following with the Presid6flt's Malaria Initiative (PMI) Graphic

     B. Public Communications

          t8J Reports
          !ZI Public Service announcements
          o   Promotional Materials
          !SllnfolTllation Products

       More infonnation: The above listed communication materials. plus others such
       as job and consultancy (e,g, evaluations) advertisements in national daily
       newspapers, will have the logos of CU and the PMI displayed in equal size and
       prominence The appropriate logo for such purposes will either be downloaded
       from USAID website or obtained from USAIIJ..Malawi. Financial support from the
       American people witt be acknowledged in reports and other appropriate materials
       with a disclaimer that the views expressed In these reports do not necessarily
       reflect the views of USAID or the US Government.

     C. Events

          !ZI Training workshops
       More information Thera Will be a number 01 training workshops and public
       awareness raISing events during the implementation of this project Workshop
       materials will display the PMI identity al'ld communities who ""';11 attend public
       awareness rarsing events Will be informed of the fInancial support from the
       American peop~ Equipment such as vehicles. m<.ltorcycles and computers that
       will be used at such events will have a sticker with the PMllogo
   D. Commodities

          l?l Equipment (noo Administrative) 

          L8l Program Materials (non Administrallve) 

More information There are motorcycles (5), a vehicle, computer sets (5) aOO a
photocopier that will be procured with the prOject grant These will have sticlo:efl; of CU
and the PMI disptayed on them CU will approach USAID Malawi if tile PMI stickers are
available for collection, II not, CU has experience of genlng such stJckefl; made locally
aOO we will make th8 necessary arrangement to get them made, There is a health
centre that will be maintained as part 01 the project implementation and a placard stal'ng
the contlibution of the US Government will be displayed in a prominent location.

Table: Summary of Marking Strategy


                                        -' I logo;

                                        01 US Government


Ma.....inQ Plan Submitted By (CU):

Marking Plan Approved By !USAID):

Printed Name                                             Signature
       Dale                                              Olf~


a. 	     Th~      recipient .h.JJ be reimbursffi fo, costs incurred m catryJng out the purpo,u of this
         a.......,d which are determllled by the Agreement Officer to be rea,onable, illOC1ble, and
         .1I0",.ble 1Il ae<;ord.nce ",th the term. of this .w.rd .nd the applicable' cost pnnapl"" m
         effect on the due of this • .."..rd. 'Inc uap,ent may obt.,n a copy from the Agttement
         Officer, Bnd defirunons o f wh.t may be eon,idered •• reosonabk allocable, .nd . 1I0",.ble
         com are provided below, hov."CVer, it i. the ttcipient's responsibility to en,uu th.t co,t.
         incurred .u 1Il accordanee ",mh the applic.ble .et of Coot Principles,

         (I)      Reasonable, Shall mean tho,e coo" which arc generilly rceogni>cd OS ordinary and
         ncc".. ary md ",..,uld be incurred by a ptud<nt person in the conduct of nonnal busllle.,

         (2)       Allocable Co,,", Shall rn.-an those costs which are Illcurred 'p"ClfjC'Uy for the
         . ",.rd ,

         (3)    AlI=cabl<: Cost •. Shall m ...n those costs which conform to any !mutanons       1Il   the

b, 	     Prio, to incurring a question.ble or unique cost, the uClp,ent shall obtolll the Agreement
         Officet'. ",,"tten deterrrnnanon on whether rhe co" ,,-ill be allowable,

c. 	     It IS USA!D polIcy that no fund, .han be p.>id a. profit or fcc to a .caplent under thIS
          agreement o' on)" , ubrecipien', This restriction dO<cs not apply to COlltn.ctual rei.non.mps
          under this agreement.


"NOTE; For educational institution. u'" OMB Cirruw A_21; for all other non-profit orgmi2.tion,
use     o"m
       Cucuw A -I22; .nd for profit malung flrtm use federal AcquJSlnOll Rcgulanon 31.2 and
USAID Acqui.ition Regula,ion 731.2,

                                         [END OF PROVISION]


 •	       The reClp,ent ,hall maint ..n financial re<:ords, ,upportlllg document., Manso",,1 record, .nd
          all other records pertinent to ,he .·".-.. rd in aaord.ncc ...-i,h generally .ccepted . ccounting
          pnnc'ple, formally pre,cnbffi by the U.S" the cooper.ung country, or the Intern.nona!
          Accounting Standords Comrrunee (on affiliate of tho Intern.nonal Foderauon of
          ACcOtull.nts) 10 suffici.ndy substanti... charges to this a",.. rd, Accounting ,<'Cords that ore
          .uppo<led by documentation ...iIl .... nurumum be adequate to ,how aU costs mcurred under
          th. award, "'c<:JP', and uoc of good, ~n d ,ervice. acquired undor the .ward, the eo," of the
       progr.m .upphed from oth~r .ourc~s, and the over.ll progress of the progrn.m, Unl",.
       othcrn1!C notified, tne reCIpient re<;onh and subreoplffit r","ords which pulain to thi' award
       <hill be retaincd for. period of throc ye.,.. from the ""te of ,ubnu,,,on of the fmal
       expcndllmc report and m.y be .uruted by USA ID .nd! or its repre,enuti,-e.,

b. 	   Forelgn for-profit and non-profit organiz.tion, that exp,nd S3OCI,OOO or more per their fisc.1
       )'ear in "USAID award,,', 1.e_ a, rc<lp,ent, or .uhfeopiem, of USA ID gnn" or wopcr.nyo
       .greements, or as cost reimbursable subcOlluactOr> of USAID gnnt5 or coope...."'.-e
       agre"""nts, 'hall h,,·c an annual audn conducted I!l ~ccord.nce ,,~th the "Guidelmes for
       Financ"l AudItS Conu:.cted by Foreign Recipi""ts" issued bl' th~ USAID In.pector GeneraL

       Foreign for-profit .nd non-profit organization. expcnding Ie" than S3OCl,OOO per therr fiscal
       )".r under C'SAID co.t-re,mburs.ble conlnets,, coopcr'uv<: agreemmts, Of
       ogre"",ents ...-i,h host goycmmcnt> ,hall be "'empt ftom the .oo,·e iinoncial.udit
       re<julfemems, but.", subject to the r"'luirementto make rc<ords .,.aiI.ble upon re<juest for
       review by USA ID offioal. or thelf dCSJg!1ees.

d. 	   USAID ,hall retam the nght to conduct 0 finanei.l review, require an audit, or othe"'~,e
       ensure .d"'luote accounubility of organization, expending USAID funds ", of th..
       audit reqUIrement_

       ForeIgn orgoruz.tions thot provide US,\ID re'outee> to other org.ruz.uons to carry OUt the
       USAID program and .cci,~ues ,hail be ""portsibk: for morutoring th.,r .ubcontractors or
       .ubgntttee" CO", for limited >cope ,ubreeiplent .udits charged to U5..-\ID fund,
       ,h.ll be hmi!ed to one or more of the follov.1ng typ•• of comp~anc~ rcqrnremcnts: .clivine,
       allowed or unallov.-cd; . cmrs!co,t pOlloples; eligibilit),; m>tching, I.,-d of <ffo«;
       e.rmarhng; .od reportIng,

f, 	   'lb. al1dit report .hall be submitted to USAID within 3D da,.. oftcr compleuon of the audit;
       the .udit shall be completed, and the repon ,ubmitted, no! bter than 9 month. aftcr the
       do•• of the reClp1cnt', fI,cal year. The USAID Impector Gene....1",ill w.~ew thi, report to
       dctetmine wheth .. it comphe. ""'th the audit ,"""uuements of this award. No audit cost,
       flU)" be charged to tlu, award if .udi" hay. not been 1fI .ceord.nce ",;m the terms of
       tlus provision, In c ••", of conunued in.bility Or unwilhngnc.. to h.'-e.n audit perfonned in
       accordance ",~th the term. of thi, pro,~.ion, USAID will consider appropriate unction,
       ".-hich mol' Il1dude suspenSIon of.ll Or a p~rcent'ge of disbursemem, until the audit i•
       ..cisfactorily completed_

g	     'ibis provision m its cnurety .holl be incorporoted into.ll .uba"..rd, ""th non-U.S.
       orgaruzauons which meet th, S3OCI,OCOO thrc,hold os de,eribed at paragraph (b) of thIS
       Pro,~!ion_ Subawards to non-U,S, organiz.uon> which are for mo", than 510,000 but do
       not meet the S3OCl,OOO tru.:.hold ,h.U ot. mtrlltnum incorpot:ote pa..gnph (d) of this
       Prm~,ion_ Subaw.rds of grants and cooperative .greements made 10 U.S. organization.
       shall "Ol'm"    the US orgarnzauon is subject to the audit reqUlcemcm, eontamed m OMB
       Cirrul.. A-\33.

                                     I&"D OF I'ROVlSIOl\l

3,   Recipients ,hall maintain .,kanees of USAID funds in inte,e" bearing accounts, unless'

     (1) the ,"Clp'ent re<;ewes less th.n $120,000 in U.S, Governmont a"",ds per ye",:

     (2) the best ,eason.bly .\'aibble inter.,.t bearing account "'ould not be upeCted to cam
     intero>! In exce" of$2~ per year on U.S. Goyernment ca,h balance,; or

     (3) the depomory would require an .yerage or mirumum balance so high that it wowd not
     be p....cticolto main tam the a"'...nce Ill.n interest be.ring 'CCOunt ,

b.   Intere" earned On .dnnce. ",ij be ,emme>! to USAID. ]]owe>'er, the reCIp,ent may retam
     up to $250 of ",tcrest .....rungs per account]X,. year, fo, :adrruru,tr.u,'" expen'e<,

c.   At the time the aW"1rd e"piN:. or '" terrruru.!ed, the fono,,";ng type> of fund, shall
     immediately ,"vert to USAID:

     (1) USAID ha, oblIg:ued fund. to the aw.rd. but has not disbursed them to the
            reGp,mt: or

     (2) US,AID ha. am'aneed funds to the recipient, but the "'Clp'ent h.s not expended them.

     Not"";thmnding (c) (1) and (2) .bow, fund, which the recipient hog obltgated Illlegall)·
     binding tr.n..ctions applicable to thi, award ,,1.11 not reven to USA 10.

d.   liSAID re..""es the nght to requite refund by the recipient of my amount which the
     "'Gp'ent did not spend in .ccorthnce "mh the tenu, md condition, of thi$ aw.rd. In the
     event that a fmol audit has not been performed prio, to tne c!o,;eout of this ."",d. USAID
     ,.tam, the right to. refund until all clOlffiS "iuch m.)' re.ult from tho finol audit h,,'e been
     rewh'ed betv.con USAID and the reciplent.

                                     [END OF PROVISION)


a    The app.",'ed a",ard budget" the f",onelOl expression of tne ,ecipient', progrnm os
     'PP'''''ed dunng tne .,,~,d process,

b.   The recipient" required to repon d""i.tioo. f'om budget."d progr>m plan., and '«Juest
     prior .pprov.lo f,om the Agreement Officer for an)' of the followlIlg '''''SOIlS:

     (I)     To change the scope or the obj""uy"< of tne Prol""t and/or r",~se the funding
     ollocated among project objective'S

     (2)    To enanS". key penon wnerc SpeCIfied '" the .",ard. 0, .llow a 25% reduenO!1 in
     time devoted to thc prOlect.
     (3)     Additional funding i, needed.

     (4)    \Vhere mdIrect coo" h"'e been outhoriud. the re.ipient plans to transfer funds
     budgeted for indirect costs to .bsorb ,,,cre~se, In direct com or "ce ,.~,...

     (5)     The inclusion of .os," th11 require prior approval in accordance with the .pplicable
     set of Cost Principles.

     (6)     The transfer of funds aIIoned for lli.llung aIIo"'·.nce, (direct p.yment to trlune.,.,) to
     other categories of expense .

     (I)    lbe recipIent lntend, to contract or ."baw"rd any of the ""rk und~ du. award. and
     ouch eontr.lct> or .ubaw:ud, werc not ind uded in the 'ppro"ed award budget.

c.   If specified in the Schedule of the aword. the recipient m.)" be further restricted from
     transfening funds .mong eo,t categene, . S\lch. restnctlon would reqUI<C the re<"p,cnt to
     get the prior approval of the Agreement Officer befo,e making budget shifts "mch expect
     to exceed IO"!. of the total budget.

     L"SAID i, under nO obligation to reimburse the tecipier>' for costs incurred in excess of the
     totol .mount obligated unde. the a""rd. 1f the total obligated .mount unde< the award hu
     been mcreased. the Agrccment Officer ,,-ill notif)" the recipient Ul WIning of the increase and
     spe.:ify the new total obligated.ward .mO\lnt.

                                     [END OF PROVISION]


a.   The Agreement Officer ""'y tenninate this .ward ot an)" rime. in whole or in pon, upon
     wunen noUce to the recipient, "neneve! Jt IS detemuned that the recipient has maten.ll),
     failed to cornpl}" ,,~th the term, and condition, of the award.

b    Thi, award rn.)" be temunated at on)' amc. In ",-hole o. III put, by the Agreemem Office.
     with the consent of the recipient. Both p.nie, shall agree upon tcnnination conditions.
     mcludmg the effe.:\J\·e dote and, In the ca,e of portul tennin.lIotls, the portion of the award
     to be tertninated. The agreement to tcnnm ate ,hall k .et fonh In a letter from the
     Agreement Officer to the recipient.

     Thi, a'''ar<! moy be ternunoted at .ny rime in "nole o. in part by the recipient upon sending
     written notifi ..tion to the Agreetnent Officer with thc follcm-ing Information: the ",awn,
     for the temUllaUou. the effe.:tive date, .nd, in the case of a partialterrnin.tion, the portion   10
     k temun.ted. Hcm"cver, ifUSAID determmc.m the case o f porual ternunanon thot the
     reduced Or modified portion of th .ward will nOI accompli,h the pU<pOSe, for which the
     .w:rnl was mode. USAID may lernunate the award in ito entirety in aaotdan.e with
     p....graph, (0) or (b) .bove

d    If 01 any WIle USlllD deternune, th. t continuation of . ll or part of the funding for a
     progr.m should be ..,spended or tonrunated becau,e ,ucb "",lance would not be In the
       nanonal mterest of the United Sate. or would be in yiol.tion of on apph""bl~ law, then
       USAID may, following notice to the recipient, suspend or temunate this a"'.. rd m ",hole or
       part and prolubit the rectpl.nt from Incurring addition.l oblig.tion,; charg""ble!O this .word
       other than those cO,t, specified in the notice of ,u'pension dunng the penod of .u'penSJon.
       If the 01lu.OOn e,u'Ing the ,U$peOSlOn continu~, for 60 d.p or more, thm USAID may
       terminato this .w.rd on wriuen notice to the recipIent .nd cance!th.t pon>on o f th" a""lid
       which ha, not been disbursed or Irr~'ocab l)' committcd!O third pame,.

e. 	   Termmanon ond SuspcnSJon Proc.dur"" . Upon receIpt of and In .ccordan~e "'~th a
       termmation notice .. ,pecifi~d .boyc, tho rc<:ip,,,nt ,h.ll immediate action to mirumize
       all expenditures and obhgo.tion, fin.nced by tins .".... d and shall c.ncel ,uch unhquld1'ed
       obligation. whenever po$sible. Except as providod bdow, the <ecipien, ,hall not incur co,ts
       after the dfecti,'e d.te of tennin.tion.

The rttipient ,h.ll ,,~thin 30 C1.lcndar doy' after the effective d." of such termination rtpay to the
U.S. Go"emment all unexpended USAID funds "tuch are not otherv.~sc ob~gated by. legally
bJnding trn.n,.ction .pphc.bk to thi. 1wlld. Should the funds paid by CS.AID to the ..opimt prior
to the effective do" of the temunation of thi, aword be insufficient to oov.r the reClplOnt',
obhgation, In the legally bInding '<IIn'1ction, 'he reapient m.y ,ubrrut to the Government ",thin 'Xl
C1.lend.r day •• ftor the effectivo dote of .uch termination a wriU<n claim co,"ering such obiIgations.
The Agreement Officor shall determme the amount(.) to be paid by USAID to the reclp,ent under
'u~h claim in .ccordanu ,,~th the' Co.. Prin~iple',

This prm'ISion must boo included In .ll .ub. greements.

                                       [E.l'm OF PROV1SI0f-...']

6. 	    DISPUTES (OCTO BER 1998)

•. 	    Any di,puto under thi, '''''lUd ,hall 1>< d<eidcd by 'he CSAID Agreement Officer. The
        Agreement Officer .h.ll furru,h the rc<:ip",nt. written copy of the """i.ion.

h. 	    Deci,ion. of the USAID Agreement Officer .h.ll boo final unlc<>., ""thin 30 daY' of receipt
        of the deci,ion of the Agreement Officer, the rec.tpimt .ppeals the deCISion to USAID',
        A,S\St.nce Executi"e. Any .ppeal mad. under this pro"mon ,hall boo m wnung and
        addressed to the .-\,si"",,ce Executivc, U.S. Agency for Internation.l D",'clopment, Office
        of Procurement, BOO Pennsykaina A"e, N.W., \l;-'a,bJngton, D.c. 20523 A ~opy of the
        apf'<'al ,h.ll be concuHoody furru.hcJ to the Agreement Officer.

c. 	    In otder to facilitate rn'iew On the record by the A,.i"",,ce Ex~'CUuve .. ,he teClplet1' shall be
        gw~n  on opportunity to ,ubmit written ",'idence in ,uppon of it' appe.l. No hearing will h<

d. 	    A decmon undor tlus provlSJon by the Assist.nce Executive sh.ll be fmal.

                                       [END OF PROVISION]

Unless oth"",;s. approved by the USA ID Agreement O ffic.r, funds " ill only b< expcnde<! for
>"1Stanee to counln<. d ig1ble (or a"i,una under the Foreign ASSl'tance Act of 1961. as amen ded,
Of undcr an . appropri.ting funds for foreign as",t.nce

                                       [END OF PROVISIO:.JJ

       (lANUARI' 200.t)

•. 	 The recipicnl .grees 10 notify the Agreement Ofiicor lll1llled!.tcly upon le. romg    th~t   it Or an)'
     of its

       (1)    Arc pr"sendy exclude<! or di''lu. lIIied from con<ed """n,.cnon. by ~ny Feder:al
       department or agency;

       (2)      H."e been con"lcted Wldun the pr"".ding three-y""'. period prccedmg this proposal
       becn com~cted of or h~d ~ civil judgment rendered again't them for comn"" ion o f [",ud or
       a crimin.1 offffis, in connection ,...,th obt.mmg, ouempnng to obtarn, Of p«forming ~ pubhc
       (Feder:al, St~", Or 10<01~ tnnsoction or contnct under . pubhc tnmsocnon, Vlolotlon of
       Fed....lor State antitrust . tatutc. or commission of embezzlement, theft, forgery, bribe, y,
       f.l,ification or d ..truction of t<Cords, making f.l,e 'tatements , tax "".,ion, recei'~ng ,tolen
       property, making false dOlIn" or ObSlfU<tlon of Ju,nco; cOmrn1"ion o f :my oth or offense
       mdico.ting a lack of bu, me.. integrity Or bu, in'" honesty that .eriously and directly affeet'
       your p ",ent responsibility;

        (3)     Arc pre,en tly mdICted for or othtlV.; se crimin. ily or civilly chatged by a
        govemmem .1 enuty (Fede:ml, St.te, or 10<011) WIth comn",,,on of .ny of the offen,e.
        enum ....ted In paragraph (t)(b); ~n d

        (4)   H",'e h.d one or more publIc UO" sactlon, (Federol, S,.te , or locol)     t~nntnated     for
        came or default "" thin the prcceding threc yearS.

        The rccipient . gre.. that. unless authorized bJ.' the Agreement O fficer, it ",ill not Imov.'ingly
        enter into .ny ,uhitgreemffit' or contr. cts under thi' grant \VIth a perSon or mut)' that IS
        Included on the Excluded Portte.    Lt.,Sy'tem (http)/cplurnet_     gov). The recIpIent further
        agree, to include the provi,ion ill any .ubagreemem, or cont",ct. entered onto
        untler thi ••,,=d:


(DEC BIBER 2003) 

The recipient/ cOntr.ctOr certifi!" that n6th!'r it nor in principal. is presen tly excluded or
cit'qualified from particip. tion in this tran,acUon by any Fed"",1 dep. rtmffit or 'gency,

c_ 	    'lbe poliCIes and procedures .pplIco.ble to debannent, suspenSIon, .nd ",elIgtbility under 

        USA 1 D_fm m<;~d tran,action. ",e oct forth tn 22 CFR Fa" 208 

                                        [r,.ND OF PROVlSION]

9.     DRUG--FREE WORKPLA CE (jANUAR J' 2()().1)

o. 	   The recipie", ogree. that it ",ill publish 0 drug· free workpl."" st.tement .nd proVIde. copy
       to each employ"" who ",~n be engogeci In the performance of any Fedc".J .",.,rd. Th.
       <Utemcnt must

       (I)       Ten the employ.,." thll the unI.wful manufacture. di.tribunon, di>pcnllilg.
       POS"""""',    or use of. controlled ,ubstance is proh,blted In tIS """Orkpl.,,,,;

       (2) 	     Sp<"cify the a.lion. the ,<'Cipieni will take ogoin" employ"", for 'iot..ung that
                 prohihinon; and

       (3) 	     Let empIOJ''''' know that, a • • con<hnon of <mploym=' under:my .",-ard. he or
       (i) 	     MuS! abide by the term. of the ,U'.ment. and

       (11) 	    \lust noufy you In wriung 'fhe or ,he .. COnVlcted for. ,",ol.oon of a cnmtn.1 drug
                 ".rute occurring in the workplace ••nd muSt do.o no mo", than ftve calend.. d.y.
                 ofte. the conVICtion.

b. 	   The recipIent ogr..,. th.. i. will ",,.bh.h on ongoing drug. free owuen... progrom       to   inform
       employ.,." .bout

       (i) 	     The d.nger-s of drug abuse m the workpl.",,;

       (ii) 	    Your po~~' of a drog·free ,,""Orl<ploce;

       (lit) 	   Any .vOII.ble drug counsehng, rehabthuiion and empIOJ'''' p.ogmm; 1Jld

       (IV)    "lbe penalnes thot you nuy impo.., upon them for drug obu.e viol.lion. occurring tIl
       the "-o,kpl'ce

c. 	   Without .he Agreement Officer'. upressed wn!ten .pprov.l, lhe pohcy ,t.tement .nd
       progro!n mUst be In as soon as possIble. no 1>t.r thon the 30 day> after the cffc<:tn'c
       due of ,hi, ''''"IIn!. or the oomplenon wte of!!u, .",.-ard. "iuch""er ocrurs first.

d. 	   The ree'ptcnt agr"" to unmediately notify me Agrennent Officer if an emplOJ·tt i,
       com,e'ed of. drug "ol.oon In lhe ""Orl<pI.",,. The nouficooon must be In "'nung, ,denofy
       the employe.·s pOlition title. the number of nch aw.rd on which the employee worked. The
       nooficalion mllSt be sent to the Agrttmtm Officer ",~iliin tell calendar day. of,er the
       ,.oplen!   1=.  of the com-ieiion.
t. 	      Wlthm 30 cakndar do).. ofkanung .bout an cmployc..'. con'<"1coon. the rttIplWl mu"

          (\ )     T~ke ~ppropfUt~ pcrsonn~1 acl100l "pmt the employee. up to and tndudmg
          lertrun.tiOfl. COfISiSln.t \\;th the u-quiremems o f the Rehabihl3uOfI ACl of 1973 (29 USC
          794), as .mended. or

          (2)     Reqwre the emplo)",e to poruc,p "c uti.f.ctorily In. drug ~bust aIIIS,"nCe Of
          ",habilit.tion prognm approved for ,hese Pt.l1J'O'''' b)". Federal. Stole or local h.alth, I.,,·
          <nforcemet\!. or oth ,"" appropnafe og<'ncy.

f. 	      The poheirs:and ptottdwn apphable 10 ,,,,buons of these reqwrann.lS'~               Jet   fonh in 22
          CFR Pon 210.

                                         [END OF I'RO\1SIO:-'1

10. 	     NONUABIUTY (NO VEMJJEH /985)

t.:SAID &;..,s not ."U~ liability fOf any th,ro parry d.lIno for danu.g>" ortWlg out of Ih" ."..m

                                          {END OF PROVISION ]


The .".,.m ""'y be :amendood by formal modtflCluoo. to the baSIC .,, docwne1U or by mean. of
an Cl<th~ of kners or fOrtnll bcN.'tt1l the ,-\grtnntnl Offie,"" :and :an ~rop ... t. offlOol of the

                                          [E.'m OF I'ROVISION]
 12. 	    NOTICES (OCTOBER 1998)

'-\n)" nOUce 8'v~n by CSA1D or the reoptent sh.lI be .u(ficlent OfIly If '" ",,,,ung and dthe.w         In

I",....,n o. m..,led . s fonow",

To the USAID Agreement Office. ond Cogn,zam Te<:hlllcal Offiut, 0' the .ddte.... spec,f,ed,n
the '''"Old. To .ecip,ent," .ecplenl"l t~11 shoun'" the ."..m or to ,uch oth~ .ddress
MllgU.tW ",thin the .,,-.rd.

NOUCCf shill be dfe<:u"e "'-hen ddf,.' ereo:!   In   .«onion.., ""th tlu. J>fO'",oon. or on e««u,·. do,~ of 

the noo..., wtuch~"..'r is Ia,e. 

                                          Jl:'.."D OF I'ROVIS10:-'1

\\ner",-cr m""uremen" lle rcqUltt<! or ~uthorized. they shall be made. computed. and recorded In
metric ,yS!em urnts of measurement. unl .... othc"'Me . utho".cd by the Agrttment Officer in
"'Dung when t1 h•• found th o, such uu~ lS Iffipracual or .. likcly to caUSe C.S. firms 10 rxpenence
significant ineffiaencie. or the los. of markets. \X"here the mctnc ' j'''em IS not the prMominant
slan<brd for ~ PllQl."Ular Ippbcal1Oll, mca.urement> may be uprcsscd tn both the memc and the
tradi tio"'.! eqlllVili:nt uni ... prm-ided the metric listed first.

                                          [END OF PROVISI00l]

          CO,\fMUNI7YORGttNIZA TIONS (FEBRUAR)' 2004)

•.        The recipIent nuy not discnnunlte again" . ny bencfiCl~' or potenuol bcnefic:i.ary unoo this
          •• . rd On the of religion Or religiou, belief ,"'ccordingl)" in prO\idmg service.
          supported in ,,1I01e or m pari by tlus agret'menl or '" tts outreach activiti .. rebted to .uch
          ","'Ice.. the "'Clplenl moy nOt diocnmin. tc 'gam" currenl or pro'pttUve progr>m
          bendiciari ... on the b:tsis of religion,. religIOus belief. a refusal to hold. <ellgl"'" bebef, or.
          <efu,allo .<o-'"ely,t. In • <ehgiOU$ p ... cticc;

          Th. Feden.! Gm-emmen' mu,' implement Fcden.! programs in . ccordanee with the
          Esubhshment Cl.use . nd the hee Exe""",, Clause of the Fltst Amendment 10 the
          Consutution_1"he...,fo<e. If the <eaplen1 engage> In Inherently religlOU' >CUVlti....uch '"
          ",o,-slUp. religiou; tn,uuction, and prosdytization, it must offet tho"" """'Ie... II. different
          time 0' location from any prognms or .. ,,~c.,. directly funded by tlus .,,-an:!, and
          p.ruClpauOflIry bendioaneo In any ,uch Inherently <dill'''''' ICti,-iUc> must be ,-clunt..,..

<         rf the 'O"CtP\CIIt mIkes subo ...-an:!. under thi, agreernCflt. fllth-b:tscd otg,nI ..oon••hould be
          eligible to p . rticipate On the Same basi, .. other orgarUzotion •. and should no. be
          dJscnmmlted Ig>lnst on the b:tstS of the" <ellgtou. chll.cter or .ffiliauon,

                                          [Fl"'D OF PROVISI00l]

15.       IMI'I..EM EN1'A nON OF 1::.: 0. UZ2-1- £XECUTfI'E ORDER ON TERRORlST
          FINANCING (MARCH 2()(12     )

The ReCIp,ent IS remmdcd that U.S. beruu'-e Orders :ll\d U ,So l.w prohlb"s trans.ction, ...~th, o"d
the pr""i";on of ""ource, . nd .upport to, mdividual, and organiz,u(m' •• sociotcd with lerro",m, It
IS the legal rcspo<lstbilit}' of th • ...,Clp,ent to enSUre oomphanr;., u~th Ih...., Exerutive Orders .nd
bws. nus proviSion mllSt be induded in all CO<:IIt3cts/oubou-ud. ",.ued under th" agr«:mCflt

                                          [E..'lD OF PROVISION]

          (DECEMBER 2OQS)

(a) D efi ni cion .
Commodities me.n ~ny m~t"n..l, article, supply, goo<h or equipment, excluding reClp,ent off,ce'S,
veludes. and non_delivet:lble "ems fo< reClp,ent's internal use, in .dnurustratton of the USAID
funded grant, cooper.ovc agreement, or other .greement or sub.grcement.

Prineil',,1 ODiur me.ns the most ,eruor office. In a USA ID Oper.nng Urnt m the field, e.g"
USA ID i\!tSSlOn Dltector 0< USAID Rcpttsentati,·e. Fa. gIobo.l prog""'" managed from
Wa,hington but exeCUted .cross many countrle •. • uch a, diu""" "lief . nd 'SSlst~nce 10 tnlemally
displaced ptrsons. humanitarIan emergencies or immediale post conflict and political CriSIS response,
,he cognizant Principal Officer may be an Office D irc<:tor. fot ""~mplc, the Directors o f
USAID/W IOffice ofForergn D i.a"., Assistance and Office ofT..nS1Pon lnitiati,·es. For non ·
presence countries, the COgruzanl PnnClpal Officcr i. the Senior t.:SAID officer In a regional USAID
Operattng Urnt re'JX>fl,iblc for the non·presence COUtlU}'. or tn the ab,ence of such. resJX>flSlble
operating unit, the Principal U.S D'plomatic Officcr in the non-presence country ",,"ra,ing
delcg:"ed authority from USA ID.

ProKr~ms =n.n         orgaruzed set of a~tiviti", and a!lac.lion of resource. duected to"wd ~ common
purpose, objecove, or go.l undcrt:tken Or proposed by an org"!lll.tton to c~rry out the
responsibilities 'SS1gned to it.

Profrcrs tndude all the m.rginal costs of inputs (mcIudlng the propo,cd tnw:sttnent) technically
required to produce. discrete m>.rkel~ble output 01 . dc<1red result (for example. se!'V1~'" from a
full)' functional w.,~r I ,e\>-'ge tttO.tmenr f~cthty).

Public COn1n1unic1lrinns arc documents and mess.ges intended for dt,tnbution to ~udtenccs
=Iernal to the rO'Cipient's organi2.uon . They Indude, but are not limited to, correspondence.
publications••mdtes. reports, .udto VtOual productions . • nd other mformanon.l produ~";
applications. form~, pre.. and promotional materials used m connecOon ",th US... ID funded
program., projects or .cliviti ... including .ignage .nd plaques; Web ",esl Internet .ctiy;tie'S; and
eyents such .. training courses, conferences, ,enunar,. pr... conferenco. and.o forth .

Sub~cipienl mean, any perSon or go"emm<ftt (includtng cooperaong country govcrnment)
department. 'gene),. establishment, or for profit or nonprofit organiz.tion th., recelVes. USAI D
.ubo."""d ... defined in 22 C.F.R. 226.2.

 T=hnic~1 Assisl~na     mems the provision of funds. goods, services. or other foreign ~"i".nce,
such as lo.n gu.rantees or food for work, 10 d""cloptng countn e> and othel USAID reetpletHs ••nd
through .uch teeip,ents to subt<'Cipients. in due<:t support of a d",'elopment obJecnve _ a, oppo.ed
to the in!ernal management of the fOreJgfl a,""st.ncc program.

 USAID Idenrity (Identity) mean. the official marklllg for the Uruted State, Agency for
Intern.tional Deyelopment (USAID), compnsed of the USA ID logo or seal and new brandmark,
,,~th the tagltne th.t clearl)' commumc~ te'& that Our ""sistarlce is "from th e Americ.n ptople" The
USAlD Identity i. av1ilablc On the US,\ID website ., IllW'!! ll"ld gm'/brandjng .nd USAID
proVIde, 11 ",.,thout roph)', license. or other fee to rCClp'ent, of USA ID. funded grants, or
cC><>f'Ctltive 'gre=ents, Ot other "Slstance .words

 (b) ;\larking of Program Dcli,'erablcs
(I) All recipients must mark appropriately .11 overs,,", progrun' , prolect>, activities, public
communication" and commodJoe, paro.Uy or fuUy funded by a USAID gram or
cooper.ove agreernem or other ossistance all.'1td or sub.ward with the USAID Identity. of a
, i>e md prominence equivalent 10 or greater thon the reclpLelll's, other donor's, or any other
tlurd p.rt}~. identity or logo.

(Z) 'lbe Reclplelll "ill ma,k all prognIll, project, Or activity . ite. funded by USAID ,
including visible ,n frastructure projects (for example, roads. bridg ... , buildings) or other
progrruns, projects. Or aco,;o•• that are phys'cal1n nature (for example, .gnCtllture, forestry,
",ater m1l1ogemelll) Il.ith the USA ID Identity. Th. Recipient ,houId erect tempor",y ,iSO'
or plaque, early In the construction or lmplement.uon phase. When construction 0'
tmplememouon is complete. the R«ipient mu", ,,,,,,,11 a permanelll. duroble 'lgfl, plague or
other marking.

(3) The Rec1P1ent ".,11 mark technical,sslStance, studi." repon s. papers. publication •. audio­
visual productions. pub~c .Crv:lC< announcements, Web 'ltesjlmemet .cOVlOe, and other
promooonol, mform.oonal. medio., or oo!rununic.tion, products funded by USA ID "ilh the
IJSAlD Identity .

(4) lb. Recipient ...;u .pptopriatdy mark ",'ents financed by USA ID. such os tr1irung
course •. con ferences, .cnun.", exhibmons, foirs, \','Orkshop<. pren conference••nd other
public activiti .... 'With the USAID Identity. Unle.. ffirecdy prohibited and as appropriate to
the 'U,roUndlOgs, recip,ems should dISplay .dditional mat~aJ,. , uch .. "go, and bonners.
,,~,h the USAID Identity. In m-cumS!1nce. ,n which the USA ID Identity cannot be
displayed ",uoUy, the recipIent i, enoouuged oth.",.;,. to acknowledg<: USAID and the
AmeriC10 people" ,upport.

(5) The Rtcipirnt "illtnark all commodme. fin.n""d by USAID, including commoditi.. or
equipment pro"ded under humoniwian .ssi'tance or di.~"er rcltef progwns, and all other
eqttiptncnt•• upp~e,. md other funded by IJSA ID , md their <,port pacbgmg ,,'th
the CSAID Idenury.

(6) lb. Agreetneni Officer m'l" reqUIre the USAID Identity to be larger ~nd rno,e
pronunent If it is the ' ruIjOrity donor. or to rC'quU"e that. ooorerntuig country gov.rnment'.
identity be larger and more prominent if cirrutn''''ncc' "'''rant, and as appropriate
dependmg on the audience, p'ogram goal•• and motenal. produced.

(7) The Agreement Offi""r may require mad"ng ·""th the CSAID Identity in the event that
the r""ipient doc. not choo.e to mark Il.lth its own identity Or logo.

(8) 'lbe Agreement Officer may require a pre-production r"""",' of USAID-funded public
communication, and program molenal. for compllimce 'With the appro"ed Markmg Plan.

(9) Subrectp,rn". To ensure th~t the markmg requirement' "flow do",," to subreClp,cm, of
.ubawuds, recIp,ent' of USAID funded grant' 1I1d coo~tive agreement. Or other
      ."i,una awud s ,,~ll mclude the USAID_.pproved morkIng pronSlon many USAID
      funded sub."·,,d. ., follow, '

      ':.4, " rondiliM '!I ''''ipl 0/ IhiI fOIh""""d, markJnl, Mlh llit USAlD ldtnlilJ oj 0 flZ' ""d promm,""
      'q1,illaftnl ,. or 1,,.01,, lhan llit m'punll, ,,,bruipitnl's. ",," den", or Ihird f>ar!J~ ;1 ,.quirtd In flit
      ...nlilit ",ipiml  ,bods" If"     to rtqllirt markJ'''l, "'Ih ilt OWIf idr"liIJ~' kJ! by llit ,,,/mripitnl. USAID
      "''9, 01 ii, diMtli.". rtqllirt marJ:i"l, by llit "'h,,,,pttnf Mlh tht USAID liknlity. ,.

      (10) Any 'public conununic.nons', OS defined ,n 22 C.F.R. 226 .2, funded by US."ID. In
      which the comem h.. not be<:n . pproved by USA ID, mu,t the fonov,jng dischimet:

       'ThiI ,'''&/ "fOrti dudlo! ",1tOI/0I"" "'formalion/ ",.did P,.du,1 (1/"tip) ;, madr "",nblt by       I'"
      ,,¢port oj llit A","";'"n ptoplt Ih,.Nl,h llit U",kd 5/:11" Al'nC) for i nftf'I1dJiMai Dffltkpmtlff (USAlD).
      Tbt (MlinlS art Ibt mfrJnfibiliry oj [inftrl ",.punt """"; alia do "01 ",,,,,mil ".foCi th< ''''''I of
      USAfD or Iht U",kd 5/:11" G."m._n~ ..

      (I 1) The 'ec' p,ent will provide the Cogni, . nt Techrucal OHicet (CfO) or other USAID
      pe"onnd de,;gnated in the gnut or cooper.ove agre=~nt ",th two copies of.ll progr.m
      and commurucaUons m.tenab produced under the .w.rd. In . ddmon, the reCIpIent ,,,in
      mbmit one eleetronic Or one hord copy of. U final document> to USA ID', Devdopment
      Expenence Ck:rnnghousc

(c) Implem entation     orma<k,ing <equi,emen!• .
      {ll \X'hen the gr.", or ooope",o"e .greement, an approved MarkIng Plan, the
      reoplOnt willtmplement the <eqwrcmcnts of thi, provision following thc appro"ed Marking

      (2) \X'hen the gran' Or c<><>pa1.u\'e .greement does not conwn an . pproved M..<king Plan.
      the recipient "ill propose and submit a pl an fo< tmplem~nung the rC<jliliements of this
      p'OVlOlOn "mhin..Jlld. ,., after the effeeti,' e d.te of this provision. The pL.n will ",dude:

               (i) A de,cription of the p rogram delivernbles specified in paragraph (b) of tlus
               pro,~si on that the recipIent "ill prod\lce.s a p.n o f the grant or c<H'penti,e
               ag.ecmcnt and which "ill ,~'ibly bear the USAID Identity.

               (it) the type o f m.uking and what materials tho applicant uses", mark the program
               delivernbles ",th the USAID Identtty,

               (iiI) when In the J>tlfonn.nce perIod the .pphco.nt ",ill rna<k the progr.m dehenble•.
               and ",·here the   .pp~c.nt    wtll p!.ce the mu\Ung,

       (3) The rectpient m'l" request program dehe",ble, not be marked with the US.AID Identit}'
       by identifp ng the pmgram ddiy~.ble, and p'm'iding a rntion.le for nor mo.rking these
       prognm doh,·erables. Program deb"e",bles nuy be exempted from USA JO ma<k,ng
       reqwremen .. when :
               (I) USAID nurlung rfljwrnnml' would compronllSc thc ""n1U&C ",dependence Or
               ueumWty of a prognm 0< mlucmJ, ",-hen: tndcpcndmac or neumWty IS In mhcrmt
               ••(>«1 of th~ progra", and """trW.;

               (Il) CS.AID nurking ~Ulrcm.nll would dinurush the credibility of .udm, reports.
               ana~..e,. studIos, or policy «<Ommtnd.uon. ",hoo' <11.. or fmdings mu.t be IttI!.,

               (iii) CSA ID nurking reqwremcml ",mlid undercut host-country gO""!1tlmm
               "ovmcr;Iup" of C{)ft.nlUuonl, law., rq:u!atiOOI, pobce!!, ,rudi... onel5mCn!lI. "'porn,
               pubbauon., oun.eyo or auwu. pubbe 5erV1cc announcement<. Or other
               <;OITlInwUc:uion.lxll"" l'O"ooncd .. "1./' or ~from" a coopct'l""g country nurultry
               or gm-cmment omeal;

               (,') CSAID marlung ~UllcmcntJ would             ",cur   5ubsl.nnal COfIO Or be unpnocucal,

                (VI) cs.... 1D mulung rtqUlrcmenl1 """,ld offend loe<ol culnmol Or lOO2I nonn•• or be
                conSldettd in'pprapnot.,

                ('-il) CSA ID "'",kIllg reqUlrcmttltl would conflici ,,~th lfllemaDonol l.w

      (4) Thc pbn for unplcmcnung Ihe ""JUlrcmcnto of thi, pro',,!!on, 'ncluding Illy
      propoocd exemplio,,". will be negou",..! ",~thin the tune speafi..! by the Agre<:menl Officer
      .flcr ""''''Pi o f the p""f>OOCd plm. FuJure 10 nego""t. an opp'''''cd pbn WIth ,ht rune
      operificd by the Agrttmenl Officer may be conoidettd as noncompw.ncc ",~th the
      ~""                pn:n-rnnn.

(d) Wain ...

      (I) The =Ip'enl fIlly rfljuesl • "''aI\'er o f the M.rklflg P\2n or of the """kIllg reqwrm>cnn
      of thi' pn:n-ision, in whok Of In pan. for each program, project, leUVl\). pubbt
      Commuruc:oUon or commodlly, or, '" exctl'uonal crn:umstanccs, ro< a regoon o. country.
      when USAID required m1rklng would POH compelling political, •• fcI}. or l«Urlty COllcem.,
      Or when marking would h"'c.,, .d,.erse impact In the coopenung country. 'Inc recipient
      will.ubmtl Ihe rcqu." through the Cogmzam Techrucal O fficer The Pnllopol Officer"
      ",.ponsible for approval, 0< w"pp""...l. of ".,.;,,"" requests.

       (2) lbe requesl ",-ill descnbe ,he compdlmg political, safety. sccun\}' concern"             o<ltt""c
       ,mpact thot reqUIre. ",,,,,,,'''''. detlll the OlCW11itanao; and nnonalc for thc "'.... '·cr. det'" the
       lpecific requirancnt:a.o be " .... '·cd. .... e ,pec:tfic portion of the l-Iorkmg Pbn to be "''11'>'...:1. or
       specific mnktng 10 be .....,... ed, and mcludc 1 oocnpliOll of how program ma."",al$ ...~U be
       rrurl<cd (if at 2II) if the l'SA1D Idmuty II mTt>01>-ed 11tc request .hould also prov,de.
       raoonalc for an)' us.c of ttOptttll" "",11 idmuty/logo or rut of 1 third pany on matcml.
       that ...-ill be ,ubicct 10 thc ",,,,,·c.
         (3) Appro'·cd "'.,.'vcrs ar~ not lirrute<l In durouon bU! "'" subject to Prmopil Officor rn'iew
         a( any time, due 10 ch..nged crrcums(.nces

         (4) App roycd waivCI' "flow down" (0 recJp,em, of . ub.".,.rd, unlc", 'pecificd oth.CI'I>.ise,
         The W'Ne, =y . lso mclude the remo"..l of USAID tn.rking< .lr..dy offlxed, If
         Clrcumst.nces warront,

         (S) Dctcnmn.uon, reg=ling w;o;ver '.quests ore subiec! to appeal to the Pnncipil Officer',
         cognizant Assistan! Adnunistr1uor. The rcop,cnt m.y ~pp<al by .ubmitting. wri1!en request
         to reconiilder the Pnnopil Officcr', ","';ycr dctcrmin~tion!o the cognizant ASSlS!.nt

(c) Non_<ctroactivity. The rquiremont< of this provision do not apply !o .ny m.t.nih, cvent>, or
commodities produced prior!o January 2, 2006. The reqUIrement. of !hi, pro".ion do not .pply to
prognm, proJ"ct, or octivny mes funded by USAID, mcluiling yi,ible infrastructure projects (for
cxample, ro.d" bridges, buililings) or other prognms, proiec!S, or actJ"tDe, th.t ore phy,'cal ,n
n.rur. (fo, exomple, agriculm,e, fo,e,try, " ..ter man.gement) where the conmuction and
'mp1ementouon of thcoc are completo prior to Januu;' 2, 2006 .nd the period of the gram docs nOI
extend pos!January 2, 2006

                                        [END OF PROVISION]

         REQUIREMENTS (1lIA Y 2006)

Reqmrements for Voluntary Sterilization Progroms

(I) 	    None of the funds .v.ll>.ble under !h" aw.rd ,h.ll be used to p ~y for the performance
         of inyoluntary "crilization~' a method of famil), panrung 0' (0 coerc~ or provide any
         fin.nctal mcentive!O .ny mruVldual to practice sterilization_

Prohibition on Abottion-Rducd       Activiti~s:

(I) 	    No funds made ",· und~t this .ward "ill be used 10 finance, support, or be .!tnbuted
         !o the following actl\ities: CD procurement 0' rustributlon of eqwpmen! m!ended to be u,ed
         for the purpo,e of ,nduc)ng oboruon. as. method of family pl.nmng; (Il) .pecial fcc. or
         incentives 10 an)' person!O coerce Or motivate them!o h.,-e .borrions; (Ui) paymen!S to
         per50n, to perform abortion. or to .olicit penon, to undergo abortions; (iv) inform.tion,
         e<luc~tion, tninuig, 0' communication prognms that seek!o promo!~ abortion os. method
         of farmly plonmng; .nd (,.) lobb),ng for or .gamst abortion . The term "monntc", as it
         reJ..!es !o' planning assis!Once, sholl no< be construed!o prohibit the pro\iiilOn,
         conSIstent '''''111. loc.l la",", of IUform.oon or coun,.bng .bout ollpregn.ncy option •.
(2) 	   No funds made , nil.ble under this .",.. rd ,,11.1 ~ use<:llo pay for any biomedical research.
        ,,-hlCh rdates, in whole or in part,!o method, of, or the performance of, abortion, or
        Illvolunta'Y '!.nh~auon, a. a mea", of fmUly pbnning. EpidemiolDglc or de,eornn
        """"rch to assess the incidence. extent or consequences of abortion, IS not precluded.

                                       [END OF I'll OVISIO::--J]

                            [END O F     MANDATO~Y         PROVISIONS]

1. 	    PA YlIfE IVT - REIlIfB URSElIf£1VT (AlA Y 1986)

~. 	    The rttip",n, ,h. n,ubmn to the USAID Controllrr notoo in Ihe Scheduk of the awud an
        o"lIma] and:'. cop,e. o f SF 1034, "Publi~ Voucher for Purchase. and Slcrvkc. O ther Th .n
        Pe",onal" and SF 1034A. Contin.....tion of SF 1034. on. monthly ham and in no ""rnl no
        later tha" on. 'l..... rterly hail •. Each "oucher shall be ,denufted by Ihe ."..rd number and
        shall .tate the total COSts for which rrimbursttnc11t .. being CC'Juc<ted.

b. 	    Copies of SF 1034 and 1034A mlIy be ootalnro from the Controller.

                                       [END OF l'ROVISIO:-JI



In accordincc ",'th OMB Cos, ?rin<::ipln. direcl cha.ges for foreJSfl t""e! costs a", o1I"".. bl. only
"'-hen ","ch fO"'tgn trip h.s recm',d prior bu~t 'PP""'al Such 'ppro\-.J will be deemed 10 have
been met when:

        (1)    the trip;' idrntiflC<!. Identific.tion is accomplished by providmg the follD'-'1ng
        tnformanon: the numhcr of ntps, Ihe number of indJ.,duili per trip. and the destJnation

        (2)     the mfo""anon noted al (0)(1) . hm·e IS tflcorpo"'oo lIl.: the propost.!. the prognm
        d..cription 0' schedule of the ,,,-.rd, the annu,l lmplemcma,ion plan (,mnal or ""~Slon.), or
        amendments to Ihe a...... d; .nd

        (3) 	   the costs ",10100 to the \usd arc incorporated m the approved budget of the .",... n:\.

The Ag:r<:emem Office. may 'ppro"e tn\"r1 which h., nor bern incorpontcd m ",nting" r<qUlred
by paragraph (0)(2). In .uch co,e. a copy of Ihe Agr""menl Office.... apPro\·.1 must be tncluded III
the agreement file.

 b. 	   r-;OTIFtCATIOl'

        (1) As long as prior budget approval h .. bern me' ill accordance ,,,th paragraph (a) ahm'e, a
        "'pant. Norific. oon ...~11 not be nec....ry unless;
               (i)     the prim.ry purpos~ of the Inp IS to ""rk "mh USAID Mission personnel, or

               (ii)   the reClp,cnt cxpects Mgrlific.nt .dministran'-e or    '\lb"antiv~   progro.mnutie
               support from the M.lSSlOn.

Neither th~ USAID    M.,..
                         on nOr th' Embassy "ill reqUIre Country Cloarmce of "nplo)·ees or
contractOr5 of US./\ID Rccipimts.

       (2)     \'lih..e notification is r«Jutted in accordmce WIth p.l" (1)(i) Or (ii) .oove, the
       recipient "ill obse,,-e the fOtlOWlng "andards;

               (i)     Send. wrmen nonce to the USAID Cognizant Technical Offic", III the
               M.lSSlon. If thc recipient'. prirrw)' point of contact lS a T echmcal Officer in
               CSAID(\l;', the recipient may ,end the notice to that penon. It will be the
               responSIbility of the USA ID!W Cogntz.m Technico.l Offic.. to fON-aW the notice
               to tho field.

               (ii)    Thc notice .houId be sc", .s far III adwnce as posSIble, but at    14Ie."
               c•.1,nd.r dlys III .<lvan"" of the propo,ed travel. Th, notice m.y be "nt by fax or e­
               rrwl. 'The reClp,cnt ,hould ",tam proof that notification was

               (wi    The notification .h.ll contoin the foUm>ing inform.non : the .",."rd number,
               th~ cognizant Techrucal Officer. the t",ydd. name (if known). of arrival, and
               the purpo,e of the trip.

               (iv)     ·lb. USA lD "ti,,,on ",-ill re'pond only if tm"e! has bctn d.niffi . It "ill be
               the rc.ponsibility of the Cognizant T echnico.l Officer In the ~ h"lOn to contact the
               recipie", "ithin 5 workmg days of ha'-Ing rece,,-.d the notice If the a.vel is deniffi.
               If the recipIent ha, nOt r<eciyed a re'ponse "ithin the tune fr:ome, the rcctp,ent "ill
               be considered !O h"oe met the", standard, fot nonficalion, and mol' trayd .

               (v)     If a subrccipicn t is required 10 issue a Notificanon, as per thIS ,ecnon, the
               subreciplCnt may contact the USA lD Cognlz.nt Technical Officer duectl)·, or the
               prime may conuct USA ID On th~ subrecipim"s beh.lf.


RecIpIents ar. encouNg<'d to obtain the btest Dep. rtm,nr of Stale Tr"oel AdvISOry Nouces before
traveling. These Notices are .vailable to the general pub~c and rna)" be obtamed directly from the
St.te Department, or ',a Internet

Wh ere security is a concern '" a ,pec:tfic region. rectp,ent. may choo,. to notify the US Emba,,)' of
their p<O$ence when they have cnte"d the COU!lU)· . "ibis m.y b e especi.lly iinportant fot long-term

T ..."d!o ceIUin countries shall, O! USAID'. option, be funded from u.S.-owncd local CWT~ncy.
\X'hen USAID Intcnd. to exen=e this option, USA ID will either i"ue' U.S, Goyernment S,!', 1169,
T='port.tion Request (GTR) which the grantee may elIch.nge for llCkel., or ",uc th~ ncke"
directly. Uo. of ,uch u.S.·O"'TIed currencle, will constitute ~ dolhr muse!o this grant.


The Fly America Act (49 u.s.c. 40118) requites th~t 011 m tuvd .1ld slnpmm!s under this
.,,·.rd must be on U.S. fl.g aIr c.mer, to the extent sel"\~ce by .u~h camers i,
anilable. Tho Admini"",tor of Gcnenl s.,"'Ces Administration (GSA) is outhorizcd !o
issue regu1ations for purposes ofimplement.uon, Tho"" regulanons may be found a! 41
CFR part 301 , and are hc.reby incorporated by reference into thi, aw.rd.


The recipient will be rcitnbur:<cd for tuvel ~nd the reawn,ble cost of subsistence, post,
and other .1I0",.."ce. pOld to employee. ill mlemauoo.1 !",vel .t.tu, In .c~ord.nce '''Ih (he
r""ipi",,('••pplicobl< co" prin~ipb and <O!lIbli>hed policie, and practice> which are uniformly
.pphed !o federally fin.nced .nd other ~cti,ities of the recipient

If the recipient doc, nO! have written est.bli.hcd policies regarding travel com, the '!lIndard for
determnlillg the ,e.son.bleness of ,ennbu"",mem for o..-ers",", .1I0""nce will be the St~nd~rdize d
Regulation. (GO"ommen! Civilian" Foreign Are ••), published by the U.s. Dep.rtment of State, a$
from time to time amended, The most eurrent subsistence, post differentials, and other .llow.nces
m~y be obtOllned!'tom (he Agreement Officer


TIus provlSlon will be included m oil subow:l.rds and contracts wmch ' <qwre in!ern.nona!        aIr   trI",el
and trampon..tion under this ."....d.

                                        [END OF PROVISION]


.,	     AI lea" 50% of the grou tonnage of all good, purchased under this award and transported
        to the ~ooperanng countne••h.ll be made on prwately owned U.S , flog conunercilol occan
        "esse]s,!o the extent such "essels are .vail.ble at fair:lnd re ..onablc rate>,

b, 	    At lea't 50% of the gross f.-.lght re"enue generated by shIpment, of good. pur<:ha,ed under
        thi, aw.rd and transported to the coopero.ting countries On dry cargo liner$ sholl be paid to
        or for (he benefit of pn,·otcly o,,""fled U.S. fl.g conunerci.l ocean "essels!o the extent such
        vessels arc a,·aihblc at fm and rc ..on.ble rIIt", for .uch >"."el,.

c. 	    Wh~n   U.S. flog ,·cssel. arc not ",1UI.ble, or their use would resul! in a significant dela)', the
        reClplen! may request ~ determm.tion of non•• ",ilabilit)-" from the USA ID, T ",n.port.uon
        and Commodltie. I:A'~ .. on, Offi~e of Procurement, 13(() Pennsylvania A,'enue. N.W "
        Washington, D,C. 20523, gl"mg the baSIS for the 'e<juest "tuch will .eheve the rec'p,ent of
        Ihe 'e<jUlreme1l11<l ~ U.S. fbg vossds for th~ amount of tonn. ge included In the
        determin.tion. Shipmen" mad. on non-f,.., ",-odd ocnn, arc nOl rnmburs.blc
        under Ih,. .",.. ro.

        The m:>P'.flt ,holl,end. copy of each ocean biD ofltding, .11ting . n of the c:uner'. m ..-ge.
        mduding the basis for colcu!.tion such as weight or cubic measuremtnt, COVent1g a ,Iupmtnt
        under tN. agreement w,

                         u.s. D<:partment ofT""'portauon, 

                         M:rntimc ."dmini'traDon, Di,~ .. on ofN'Donal Cargo, 

                         -100 7th Strttl, S.w., 

                         \\-a,hingron DC 20590, 

                         u.S. Agency for International ~e!opmtnl. 

                         Office of Procuf=ent. T rm,pononon DivmOfl 

                         1300 P"""s)'lvarua A"enue, N.W. 

                         WashIngton, DC 20523-7900 

e. 	    Slupments by voluntary nonprofit rebef .genne. (i.e., PVOs) sh.ll k governed by tim
        .tandard proVl,ion and by USAID Regulation 2, "O,.er..,o, Shipments ofSuppbes by
        Voluntary Nonprofit Reid Agencies" (22 CFR 2(2).

f. 	    Slupmen.. fmanctd under this aw-ucl mUSt mcct .pphcable eligibility '<q=ents Set out        In

        22 CFR 228.21­

g. 	    TIll. proviSlnn will k mcluded In all subagret'ment' ",hich ,,'ill finance goods to be .lupped
        on ocean ,'.ssdo.

                                       [E.'1D OF PROVISION]


The reclp,ent m.y use 11, 0"'" procurement polJae, and PUCDCes for the procurem.", of goods and
se,viccs under 'hi' .",.rd,provided th~ conform w all of USAID', '<qmrements hsted below and
the plOV"l!lOfl en"tltd "USAID Eligibility Rules for Goods .nd S<:r\'iu,"

•. 	    General R<q\Jlrf"ffiellrs:

        (I)     The r~cipi"" shall tminWn • ...-r:tllen code or >tmd..ds of conduct Ih.t sh.n govem
        the perfofTTlmcc of ," employees eng>ged m the '''-..rding and adminUlntion of contract •.
        No ~mplo)'ec. officer, Or .gent shan paruopate '" the ,election, "",..d, Of .dnum,tr.oO<! of.
        contract supported br federal funds if a real or .pparent confhcI of mteU" "-ouId be
        invoked. Sum conflIct ",-ould an,e ,,'hen the empIO}'"" officer or .gent, or an)' member of
        the ernpIO)'ee'. inunedi:ue family, the employ"'" partner, or an "'"8""'~"to<> whIch emplO)'1
        or '" .bout 10 employ any of the parnes mdie.ted herrin, has a financiil or oth~r inteust in
the firm selected for an .".,.rd_ The officers, employees, and agentS of the recipient ,h.ll
neither solicit nor aecep' graruioes, f.vors, or .nything of mone''''Y value from contractors
or p.rtles to ,ub.greements_ How""er, ,""cip'en", m.)" ,et ,,""d.nls for ,ituation, in ",·hich
the financial tn'er",t i, nOt sub<untial 0' the gift is on unsolicrted "em of nonunal value.
The sWldards of conduct shall provlde for rnsClphn.ry .CUODS to be applied for vlObtions of
such st.n<brds by ofiicers, employees, or ag<'nts of the reClplent_

(2)      illl p,oeurement tr.InS1"tions ,h.ll be conducted in. nunne, to provide, to the
mnIll1Um extent pracncal. open and free compeuuon. The rec'plent shall be alert to
organizational conflicts of ,"terUt,.. ",·ell .., noncompetitive p ractices among COntUCtor<
thot mol' restrict or elimin.te oompetiuon or oth"N-ise restram ""de. In order to en'ure
objective contractOr perform.nce and elimin.te unf1ir competiti"e 1<, conttactors
thot de>'elop or dro.ft 'pe<ifiCltuon" "''lUlrements, .tatements of "-ork, ,o.'lanon, for bid"
and/or reques" for proposal, .hall be excluded from competing for such procurements.
Contracts ,hall be rrutde to the offeror who"" offer IS respons.t"c to the solim.non and is
mOSt advantageous to the ,""c'p,ent, prIce, guol"y, and other f.cto,., con,idered_ Solicitation ,
shail cltltly ,,,,,bhsh all requirements th., th e bidder Or offeror shall fulfill in order to be
evaluated by the recIpIent. Any and ~ll offers may be reJected "'hen u" ill the r=plent's
intere" to do so.

(3)     ....11 recipient< ,h.D e<,h written procurement procedure>. Th"e procedure,
,h.U proVIde, at .. nurumum, that:

        (i)      Recipient< .void purchasing unnecessary items,

        (il)   Wbere .ppropriate, an an.lys" i, nude of leas" .nd purcha'e altemati"e< to
        deternunc ",'luch ,,-ouId be the most econonucaland practical. procurement, and

        (in)    Solicrtauons for goods and services pro>ide for all of the foUm>ing:

        (A)     A ck:or and .crun.!e de.cription of the technical requirements for the
        matenal. prodUCI or ""rv:tce to k proeured. In compeu[1ve procurements. snch.
        description sh.ll not contain features which unduly restrict competition_

        (B)    Reqwrcmen" wInch the b,dder/offewr must fulflll and all other bcto,., to
        be used in ",..Ju.ung bids Or propo..!..

        (C)    .... descnption. wher'''''er pnctic.ble, of technical requirements in term. of
        function, to be performed or performance regUlred, including the range of
        acceptable characteristics or minimum accepuble stan<brd,

        (D)    The 'pecific features of "brand name or equal" dcscnpuons that b.dders are
        regwred to meet when such items ore induded in the .oliciution.

        (E)    1be acceptance. to the =tent practicable and econorrucaUy fea,ible. of
        product< and """"co> dun..,,,oncd,n the memc ,ystem of measurement .
(F)      Preference, 10 the ""tent p,..ctic~blc and ecoootruC1l.11y f""Slble, for produc ..
and ,,,rVIce. th.t conserve naru,..l resource. and protect the em'lronment .nd ar~

(iv)   Positive effon. sholl be m.d e by the reop,ent' to utilize U.S. <null huSJnc""
mInority o"'t1ed finns, and women', bmme.. cnterpmc>, pos"ble.
Recipien" of USA ID __ rd, shill ill of the followitlg ....". to further this goal:

Co'\ )   Make mformation on forthcomillg opportunities ,,·aJJ.ble and ....... nge tim<:
fnme, fot purch..", .nd cootracts 10 encourage .nd f.cilitate participation bJ.' ,m.lI
buSll'.'''''s, minority-owned f!tm, . and ,,"Omen's bus",c.. enterprises. To pennit
lJSAID, in accordance ,,';,h the sm.ll business provisiotls of the ForeIgn A..istonce
Act of 1901. OS .mended. to gi"e United Stat", .m.n bUSIness fIrms an opporruni[y
to particip." in 'upplying commodtues and services procured und~ the <ward, the
rec'p'Cflt .b.llto the maximum extent po.,ible proVlde th~ followitlg information to
the Office of Smill and D,.a<h"",.ged Busitl"'" Ctilization (OSDBU/MRC),
USA1D, \\'oslungton, D,C. 20523, at least 45 days pnor to pbcing any order or
COnt"'ct in Cl'C"'S of S100,000:

        (a)      Brief genenl cic,enption and <]u.nnty of good, Or ser....iee';

        (b)     Closing date for rcccivmg 'luotanoos, proposils, Or bid,; and

        (c)     Addr",. ",here sohcitation, Or spe<:ification. can be obtamed.

(B)     Consider m the contnlCt process whether firm. compeung for largt:t
contnlc," mtend [0 ,ubcontract "ith ,m.ll busin..""". miIlority-oWTled fIrm., and
women', bU5lne.. enterpmes ,

(q      Encourage contracnng ,,~th consortium. of .null bus",es""" mmorit)'­
o"~led fInns, and women'. bUSiness enterpns~s when 1 contract'" too large for one
of the,e firm. to bandle individwill,.,

(0)     Use the ,e",~c~, 1tld .., i"ance, as .ppropnote, of such orgaruzaoon. a. the
Small BU'lne", Adrrum'trauoo and the Department of Conun=~', Minority
Busmess Development Agency In tbe rohcitation ~nd utilization of ,mill busm..,,,,.
miIlority_o,,"-ncd firms, and women', bu,ine", ""terr,",e.

(>')    lbe type of procurement msttumetlts u'ed, (e,g, f",cd pnce contracts, cost
fClmbUl'<.blc cont"'Cts, purcha<c orcicrs, lncenn"e contnet,). sh~ll be determmed by
the tecipient but sbaO be appropru.te for the p.rticular procurement and for
promoting the best Interest of the program Or project myolved . The -cost-plu,-a,
pCr<:entage-of-cost" or "perc~n"'ge of construction COSt" method, of contracnng
'hall not be u.ed

(VI)   Cootracts shill be onl,. ",i th respon,ible COntr1ctorS who      po>'''''
potenti.l .bility to perform .uccessfull)· utlder the rorrn ••nd conditions of thc
propo,ed procurem~tlt. Consideration ,hill be gtven to such matt ... a. con'roctor
            lntcgnt)', =000 of past ~rfomunc~, fin.ncial .nd technical resources, or
            .ccessibility to other nec.,,"'}' reoource •. Contnct, $h.U nOt be rrudc wnh fin", or
            indtvidu>.l, ",11ose nom~ 'J>P"'U' on the "lim ofParti.. Excluded from Fedenl
            P~rnent ond Nooprocuremcot Programs." USAID ,,111 pro\'id~ th~ gnnttt
            "'~th copy ofthi, hS! upon reque't

            (vii)  Reciptents .hall, on '<'que." "'oili.bk fOf USAID, pre-• ""new
            lOd procu",mmt docum..,u, .uch a> requeot for propoo.I, or lm~ution. fo, btds,
            tndq>£ndent cost e<tim:n.., etc., whm .ny of the foU""'ing conditions .pply:

            (A)    A   ,caPI..,",
                              procurement procedur.. or operation flib to comply "..ith the
            procurcment ,undtrd, In this p.rt, .nd

            (B) 	    The procurement is Hpcctcd to exceed SIO,!XX).

            (viii) 'lb. recipient sh.n document .orne form of pnce or cost analy". m its
            procurement f.t!oo in connection ",;th ""tl'f procu",m<11t .ction, PflCC .nalplS mol'
            be .ccompbshed tn ""flOU> "'''y>, U1c1udmg the romp.n,on of pnce quot.tion.
            submitted, .nd rrurkct prices, together ",'th di,count., Coot analysis i< the ""'iew
            ond ".;al.... tion of nch element of emt to determme fnson.blen ..., alloc.bility, ond
            all0"..biht)-, ,

             (II)    Procurement records .nd file. fOf purch"e. m uc... o f the ,eopient', ""."
             .mall pur<:h1$e th",.hold shall include the folk",;ing .t • minimum;

                     (A) 	   B..i, fo. con!nOor selection;

                     (B) 	 Ju.nfic.tion for lack of compcntion when competitive bid. 0. offe ...
                     •'" not oburned, .nd;

                     (C) 	   Ih..s fo, ''''''00 coot or pnce_

             (I)        A 'Y'tem for contt.ct .dmirus!ntion ohoIl be In2inwned to en,,,,,,
             contrac,o, conformance "mh ,erms, condluoo>, and spec:tficauom of the conttoO
             and to emure .dequate .nd timely follow up of all purchascJ_ Rcapico" ,hall
             ""al.... t~ rontroCtOf pttformance .nd document, ...ppropriote. wh~thet conttoctor,
             hI". met the terms, conditions, and spectficauons of the controc!.

b	   The reoplcot .hallwdude, In .ddltJon to J><O',,,ons to define 0 sound .nd complete
     contf'1ct, th~ fon""'"g pt'O\~"ons In all COntf'1ctS. The follo" pt",~.ion ••hall al,o be
     .ppbed to subcontrncts.

     (I)     Controcts In eJlcess of SI 0,000 sholl contOlll conttoctual p="ion, or condmon. that
     allow for .dminl.,,,,u,·e, con""ctual, or 1"",,1 "",,<:dies In m,Unces '" ",-tnch 0 co"""cto'
     "ioLue, or breoche. the controct terms, and pt",·ide fo. such rctncdal octton... rruy be
       (2)    All contracts in execs, of S 10.000 $h:ill contain Ollltable provision, for termin.o.tion b,.
       the reopte",. mdudmg the mann.. by u'lnch tcmunlUon u,jJ be effected Ind the bas .. for
       ~tdement_ In addition, .uch cOntract••hill de>cribe conditions unner winch 'he cont... ct
       may be terminated fot default as wen as wuditions where the contnct may be tennlllited
       beaus<: of cttCOmstlnc,," be)'ond the control of the COIItrlCtor

       (3)       An negoti.ted Contracts (ncept those for leiS than the reeip'en,', sm:ill purchase
       tilleshold) awarded bl-' the recip,ent ,han include a prO\~'ion to the dfect that the leapi.",.
       USAID, the Comptroller Generi! of the l:nued States, or an,. of then duly luthom:.d
       "'P",,,,,,tsU\'cs. sh:ill hose acr"" to an)' book.. documents, p.pers, and ,<cord. of the
       cont... ctor "..Inch ar<: dir<:ctly pernnCflt to 'he ,pcClfi c progro.m for the pU'1X"e of making
       .udits. e:rarntruotions. excerpts 2ltd t.."scnpuon,.

       (4)     In   an COIIlne," for con'truction or facility improHm<11t aw..rJrtl for mot< th."
       $100,000, the r<:c'p,ent ,h:ill obser•• gene",n,. accepted bonding '''''Iwrements.

       (S)      Contracts. the pnnClp.l purpose ofwluch is to ctttte, &vdop. or unpro"e product>.
       proce""'. Or method.; or for cxplorotiO!l mto field. that directly concern public health.
       ,.rery. Of welfare; or contracts in the fidd, of seience or technology in ",Iud> thtle h.s bttn
       lntle "grufiant npcnence outSIde of u"O.k funded by the U.s. Government, sh:ill contom a
       noUce to the effect thlt m . tt ..... u-gardmg ngl". to Inventions, intellecru:ol ptopcrtJ. and
       materi.!. g.onerated und", the contract arc .ubl'!c! to the regulanon. Ineluded m these gNnt
       provision •. The COIItrltcto, ,hall be .dvised IS to the soure. of additional Information
       .q:ardrng th... rru\ters

                                       [E.."m OF PROVISION"]


•. 	   Indigible and Restrtcted Goo<Io and    Se",=:      l: SAID'. poltc'" on mehgtble and restrtCted
       goo<I, and ,,,,,'ice, ~r<: comain.d In ADS<r 312. (See ADS 312)

       (I)     Ineltgible G<><><i. and SCI"ie". Under nO circum,"nces ,haD the r=>ptent procure
       any of the foUO\>.,ng under tlu, .",.. rd:

               (i) 	     Miliury eqwpment.
               (u 	      Stlt"\'cil\ance "'Iuiprnent,
               (til) 	   Commod!u.. and sc",ces for suppon ofpolic. Ol Olhtl law
                         enforcement activiti ...
               (iv) 	    Aboruon "'Iwpment and st"lvie"',
               (v)       l=ury goo<b and gambltng ""Iulprnent, or 

               (,,)      \\'eath<r modification "'Iuipment. 

       (2)     Ineligible Suppli... . Funds pto>1ded under thi, aU":lrd ,han not be u,w to procure
       .ny goo<I. or ..,,'ICe> furnt,hed by Iny fIrm. or iodi,·idu.! whose name app"ar. on the "!jsts
        ofp.rue. Excluded from Feder:al Procurement .nd Nonprocurement Progrruns." USA ID
        ,,'111pro,~de the reeipient with th!s 1m upon «'<luest.

        (3)      Restricted GC><XIs. The recip'ent ,h.ll not procure any of the foUowing goods and
        ,el"Vlce. ""~thout ' he prior approvo1 of the Agreement Officor

                (~      ..\gricultural commodities,
                (ti)     ~ Iotot ,·ehides.
                (iii)Phann.c euncab,
                (i'")    ['e"icides.
                (v)      U,ed eqUIpment,
                (,;)     U.s. Goyernment-owned excess property, or

Prior .pprov.1will be deemed to been met when:

(i) 	   The i"m i. of U.S . sourcc/ongm:

Cui 	   The 'tem ha, b"en identified and incorpoN.ted ill the progr.m de>cnp non or .chedule of the
        .watd (initi.1 or revision,), or amendment. to the .,,"; and

(iii) The co'" rdoted to the item"'" incorpoN.ted ill the ~pproved budget of the .,,"ltd.
         Where the "em 11... not bee" mcorpo,.,.,ed into the awud ..s d ..cnbed above, a "p.,.,.te
         ",'ntten .uthonz.tion from the Agreement Officer mUS< be proVIded before ,he item"

b. 	    Source. Origin, and Nationality: The elIgibility role. for good. and """"cC> b..ed on source,
        ongm, and na{lon .~t,. arc di,~ded mto two cotegori.. One applies when the toto1
        procurement element dunng the life of the .w. rd i, over $25OJIOO and the other .pphes
        when the toto1 procurement element during the hfe of the .wa,d IS not ","e, $250,000, or the
        a",-..rd i. funded under the Development Fund for Arnc. (OFA) rcgatdle .. of the .mount.
        'lb. total procuremen t element Include. procurement of.ll good. (e.g. equipment, matemls,
        oupp~cs) and .ervices. Guidone. on the eligibility of 'peafic goods or se"",ce> may be
        obt~ined from the Agreem...,t Officer . US..\ ID pohc1e> and deftnition, On SOUrCe. origtn and
        narion.~t}" are contained m 22 CFR 228, Rule. on Source, Origin and :-:ation.hty for
        Commodities and St",~c .. Financed by the Agency for Internation . l De..-elopmmt. which i.
        Incorporated mto thIS A"...d m It, entirety. A copy will be p,,,,"ided upon «'<lues{.

        (I) 	    For DFA funded .wards 0' when the total procurement element dunng the life of
                 the award ts ",Iued.t $250,000 or \e"" the foUowmg rules apply:

                 (il      "lbe .uthonzed source for procurement goods and ,ernce. to be
                 reimbursed under the award IS USAID Geogr.phic Code 935, "Spc<:io1 Free World,"
                 and , uch go<:>ds and service, muSt mee, the ,ource, origin and ,,"tionality
                 reqwremenlS set forth UI 22 CFR 228 '" accord.nce ""~th the followmg otdet of
                 p reference:
                       (A) 	   The Unitro Swe. (CSAID Gwgnphic CO<k 000).
                       (B)     The Cooptnnng Country.
                       (q      USAID Geographic Cooe 941, Uld
                       (0) 	   USAIO G«tgnprnc CO<k 935.

               (n)      l\pphc:ation of Ordtr of P,..,f.,..,nce: \~b.n the =ipk't't procur ... good, and
               "''''lee, from other th.n U.s. .ources, under the onkr of p,..,ference '" pangraph
               (b)(I)(i) . bo...". the recipl"nt 'hill document i" files to justify each ouch in".nc" .
               The documentanon ,han set fonh the ctrCUmstance. surroundmg the procu,..,meot
               Uld ,hall be on one Or mo" of the foUcro.'ing rc:ason.....-/",;h ,,111 be"", fonh
               in the reciplent's documentation:

                       (A)     The procurt:m<'nt ... 'OS of.n etnetgenc;' n.ture. which would not
                       allow for the delay a!tendon!!O whClnng U.S. sou",es,

                       (B)     The pucc diffetcntUI for procurement ftom U.S. Wure ... uceroed b,.
                       50% or mor. {he dehn....d pnce from the non-U.S. wun:e.

                       (q 	    Compelling local pohnc:a.l con.iden.tion. p=luded ronsidention of
                       U.S .•ource •.

                       (0) 	   The goods or .e",ice.   ",cr~   not anilahle from CS SOU'<:C', or

                       (E)     Procurement ofloc.lly .~Il.ble good, and ,.",ce., as opposed to
                       ptoru""".nt of C.S. good< ond .erv:tccs. would hc-st promote the objeniw:.
                       of the FOreJgfl A,,,.tan« prognm under the .,,'Ud.

       (2)    \'{'hen {he tOtal procu"""eot element exc~ S250,000, (unl ... f""dro by DFA), the
       foUo"~ng   applies: Except as JIl.O.y be .pecifically .pproved or ch=,cd in .dv1!lc" by the
       Agreement Officer. all goods.nd ..",ceo f"'1!lced ...,th u.s. doUors. which will be
       reimbursed under <hi< . ...'On! must meet the wuree, (including ongm) and n.tionaltty
       re<[wrernen!>"", fonh ill 22 CFR 228 for the authorized geographic code .pttifiro in the
       schedule of this ''''''1m If none i•• peci fi«l, the authonzro wuree '" Code 000, the Cruted

c. 	   Printed Ot Aurno-Vi,u.l T eachong Materialo: If the effecnw u.e of pnnled or .umo-"ISull
       le.ching malen . l, d'1"nds upon their being In Ihe lo.::lllangulge .nd tf .uch m.ten.b are
       intended for technical,,,,,t1!lce projects or .cn\~u .. f"'anced by USAIO ill whole or III part
       and ,f other funds including U.S.-owned or CS.·conuoIlcd local currenc .... are no' readlly
       .r1ilable to finance the proo::urernent of .uch JIl.O.tewl., local \'ersion, ffi1)' be
       procured from the followtng <<)Urca m order of preference:

       (I) 	   The Cnitcd S,.,.. (USAID Gcognoph,c Code 000),

       (2) 	   The Cooperating Count')',

       (3) 	   "Selected Frcc World" oountn.. (USAID Geographic Cod.. 941),
d	     Ifl:~ID de'''nnm~ that the rcClp,a.t h.0$ procur.;d lOy of thC'lC .pcafic rcunct«l goods
       u"der 11m aU'ard ""thou, the pno. "",Hro .uthonntion o f the Agr~mem Orneff, IlIld h..
       "''''''«1 p.ymcnt for .uch Purpo6CJ, the AgrC"<'~t Officer ITl.1, ",,!UU'c the rtCIP"·'" to
       refund the tntire amount of the pUfeno5<' .

e	     11us prO'o~Slon u,lI be ,,,duded to.n iubag<ccrncnlll which mclude procurernem of good. Or
       le!'Vices which toul ov"t S~,OOO.

                                      [END OF PROVISION]


•. 	   Subau'Vds.haII be awk only ""th rcsponttblc rcctplCftu ..ito 1'0...,.,1 the potroual.bibly to
       pttfonn ,ucc=fuIlr under the temu lOd conditio,.. of. prof><>!ed o.grc.ement
       Con."k...tion shall be S"'cn '0 1",11 "...uet'S u uucgnry, record of pUt perfomunce,
       fmanc,a1and lechrucall'CSOUKe1, or .cces.. bility to other neees • ..,. resources. ;\w",'II•• hall
       no, be nude '0 f!nn, or Indi",dual! "'""01,, Mme appc... on the "LuIS of P.rnes Elt:dud«l
       from Fcdcntl Procurement and Nooproc",""",ent Prognms." USA ID MU p"",,,1e ,he
       g ... ntC"<' ",';th. copy o f thl' 1m upon <C<lucll.

b. 	   All .uh2gr=nent••hill at . mullrnum COO".m P!'OVlSlOn. 10 define. sound .nd complete
       ag:r=nom m addition to tho« that ate Ipcaficall)' rcquit«l by any other 1'10\'1$'001 '" this
       .word. \'t'ba.,",'Cf' I'fOY;oion wuhm th,. ,w,ltd" requrrcd to be ",..,ned m a lulngrecment.
       the H'ripicn' shall onscrt. 'Ulcrna., on the lubagrccm<fll tlu, '" all onllonees ",'he", L:SAID
       "tn<flUOfled. the «<lJ>lC1',', name ",ill be ,ubonNtn!. If subagrttma.1I an: betng rns<k to
       U.s. rugmi>:ation •• a ouggc5t«l ruha"'afd (on",,, on~orpo"mng 22 CFR 226 Il\d SwuIard
       l'room""", ",ill J... prcn-idod.

                                      [END OF PROVISION)


a. 	   f,nancing loco.! p,ocurem.nt ,n"olv(1 the uie of appropriated fund, to ftnanct the
       procurement of good. and le",ictl lupplied by loci! bu,me.."". deale .., Or produce... with
       poyment normally J...ll1g in the currcrtcy of the cooperating country. Regardlell of ""rum
       J<lUI'ce. origln, and nauon.llty rule. m » (b) of me Prov'Slon mulled "li~\JD
       EhgIbt.bty Rul.,. for GO<J<J. and Scr\'lCtf" apply. these rules fIlOy J... foll"",'ed for Ioc:aI
       pn>currmcnt- R.ules on ineligible and Restrtcted goods oonDnue 10 oppl~·.

b	     LoaDy financed procur<:!I'Ia\tS mu" be CO\'<:red by sour= and rullOrUht) "~',," n 5(1.
       forth on 22 CFR 228, Subpart r. except u p"",~ded for on 1M Standard p",,'U>Qfl "I,;SAID
       EhglbdJly Rulco for Goods and    5cn'lCC$: or ,,-hal One of me foll""'mg excepuon••ppb.,.,
     (1)   Locally ~,1Ul.ble comm<xhnes of U.s. onS'n, whIch are o,he""i.., eligible for
     fm.nong, if the ",I,," of the tcan.oction " es\lfrul'W not (0 uce<!d S100,000 e~dusi,-e of
     tnn.potutlon c,," ...

     (2)   Commodities of geographic code 935 origin if the v:alue of the , ... ns.ction      <I"". M(
     exccw the loc:o.I CUttcncy cquiv:alcn( of $5,000.

     (4)     Con.truction ,e",-kCI conttact. c.tirrute<l not 10 ucew $5.000,000.

     (.;)    ComrnoJ.,tlCs ~nd suvices a"ailible only m the 10;:;:01 economy (no .pc6fic per
     tHn.action ":01,,. apph•• (0 dus ,,""(egmy). Thi. """(egor}, include. the l1ems:

             (i)     Utilities tndu<hng fuel for heating and cooking, "....SIc di'posil and tn,h

             (ti)    Comm"rucatlon, - (dephone, tdex, fox, po.lal and courier Servlce,:

             (w) Reruil cos.. for housmg and office sp.ce;

             (iv)    Petroleum, oti, and lubnC1!l1s for       o~nting   "elude, ."d equipmcn(;

             (,,)    O ther commodioe. and 5ef','lCc' and rcbled expenses that, by th.". namre or
                     os. practic:ol nuttet, Cin only be ocquired, ~rfonnc<l. or inQlrrW in the
                     coope"'ODg commy, e_g., "elucle nu.i!l1en:mce, hOld accomm<><lations. etc.

     The co,'eng<: on llleligtbl. and re.ttlc(ed good, and """ius in the sundo.rd pto'-l";un
     cntided, "USAID Eligibility Rules for Goods md ScI'\"lce.," .lso apply to loc:o.I procurement

d    TI", p=-aion ,,-ill be tndudw ltl.n . ul:ngr<:ements ",-here loco] procurernem of good. or
     ..,,,,~ce. ",ill be fm.need with USAID funds.

                                      [END OF PROVISIOl>.'l


•.   The rectpten( sh.lI p=,de the USAID Cogntz:ml Technicil Officer One cop)" of.n
     publi,hc<l works dn-doped "nder the .",..rd "mh lim of other "'-,-Ittell work prod"cw under
     (he '''''>.rd_ III .ddttion, (j,e reopie.u sholl submit fino.! documct1ts in electronic fonnat unle..
     nO ckctromc version e11Sts.t the .ddr..s:

                      Onlme (pref=cd):
                      hup;/ / \!,'\\oW cite oq: /)JJbm11 dm
                       Mailing .ddres"
                       Docurru:nt AcqUIsition,
                       USA ID Developm.nt Expenence Cle.nnghouse (DEq
                       IH03 CoIe,vtll~ Road Suite 2tO
                       Sih"er Spnng. MD 20910-636l!
                       Contro.ct Information
                       T d~phon. (301) 562_I)M I
                       Fax (301) 58S-7787
                       E_m,oil: doc' lIbm!!1j''<kc alif prn

        ElectronIC documents muot con ...t of only on. dtttroui~ m. Ih.. comprues th~ complete
        ""d fin'! <qui".. l"m of. h.rd ooPY. "Jbey may be subrruned onhne (preferml); On 3.5"
        dlskeue •. a ZIp disk. CD·R. or by ~·m,j1. EJtttroruc docurn~n" should be in PDf (por!able
        Document Format). SubmIssion in other formots IS ac"'"ptable bm Wsoouraged document submitted should contain e..""ti.aI bibbographic dements, such., \ )
        d",eripti,'e utle; 2) .uthor(s) name; 3) .""rd number; 4) sponoonng US." ID office; 5)
        stro.!eglc obJeco"e; .nd 6) <hte of publk.non;:

b. 	    In the ",'ent aw•.ro funds are used 10 undtN,. ue the cos! of pubhshmg. In heu of the
        publisher ...wrung th .. COSt •• is the norm.! pncti<:e, .ny profits or royalu... up to the
        a!noUnt of such cos! shall be "",dlled!o the a"",rd unless the schedule of the a",,,rd has
        ldenufied the profits or 1"Oj-"lne. a. prognm ",com<:.

c. 	    £Xcepl as othtN~se provlded In the term. and oondlllons of the a", the .uthor or the
        rcopient is f= to copyright ""y hook... publication', or othct cop)"ngl...ble ma!enols
        """eloped m the course of or under th,. """,rd, but USAID r<ocrv... . royalty_f.«
        none~dusi". ""d irrevoc.ble right to reproduce, pubhsh, or othtN;.., use, ""d to outhonze
        others 10 use the """,k for Gm'~rnrm:nt putpO$....

                                           [END OF l'ROVISIO:-''l


No U.S. riu",,, o. 1.g:aJ tt"SJd<nt sholl b<: nduded from porucipation m, be denied th~ bendit. of. or
be olhe",me subjected to mscnmmauon under ony program or ocuvity funded by tlus ....·.rd on the
bali, of "'C', color, n~tional origin. ~ge, h""dtcap. or 'ex.

                                       [E.,",D OF PROVlS10NJ


a. 	    The recip,ent'. <rnploy«, .hall nWflwn pnnt~ storm ""d may nO! "'ly on local l!.S.
        Gov~mment offic... or f.cilinet for.upport ...-bile under thl> rec'P'CUl

        The ••Ie of personal property or <utomob,]"" by rec1p,ent employ"", and therr dependent> In
        th~ forOgn country to which !h"Y HC . ...gned ,hall be ,ubjcC! to 'he limitation. ~nd
        prohibmon. "filch .pply to direct-lure l!SA ID personnel <rnplo)'ed by the MJ.Slon lndudmg
      the rules conurnc<lm 22 CFR Put 136, eIccpt os this ""')' wnflict ,,;th hoot gO\'ctnmctlt
      rcguH;uon •.

c.    Other than work to be pt'tfonned under thi, ",':\lrd for ",Inch an employee IS ass.gned by the
      redp1cnt, no omployee of the =iplCnt ,hill dirretl)' Or indirectl)', either in the
      individual's own "ame or ,n the name or mrough an agency of another pe...,n. 10 ony
      b,mne.., profe..wo, or occupation in the forrign counlri... 10 which me indi"idwl i,
      a...gned, nor sholl the mdividual "",ke loon, or investment' 10 or ,n any bu,m....
      prof..oion, Or occupation m me forogn coun= to which the individual i. assignrd.

d     The reelp''''!'s employee" wh,le In 0 fo""gn country, are expe<;ted to .how ",spect for i",
      con,'cntion, CUstOms. and insolUtioos, to .bide b)' i", app~C:lble b",.. and rcgul.tions, aod
      not 10 mterfere m ill! Ilttemal political.ffatt'S.

•.    In the o,,<:nl the conducI of :ony tre'p,mt ''''plo),ee i, not nl accordance with the p"",c.:ltng
      p..agraphs, tne rcClp,ent', chtef of pa"y .h.U consult ",.,th the USA I I) 1>.1""on Dlfrelor and
      the emplo),ee inn,h-c<I. and .hill rc<ommend to the recipient . course of aenon ",~th regut!
      to .uch employee.

f.    "Ibe partie! reeognlZe the nghts of the V.S. Ambassador to dire.:. the remm-.] from I
      country of my V.s. citi.en Or the dl<;chargc from thtS a,,-.nI of any third country nauorul
      when, in the discretion of !he Ambassador, the"s of the United State, so require.

g.    Ifi' is de,ermined, under rimer (e) or (£) ahm-e, that me 'e"'ices of .uch employee ,hall be
      temunated, the reClp,ent sholl usc,1lI best efforts to OIUSc the return of such emplo)..,e to the
      U ruted Stat ... , Of potnt of origin, ~s approprtate.

                                     [E.'1D OF PROVIS ION]


•.    DefInitions: .-1. paruClpru!t is my non_U.S. indi"idual being   trttn~d   under this a"",rd outside
      of that lndtVldu.\'s home country.

b_    Apphcauon of ADS Chaptet 253: Particip:ont training under mi. ~"".rd shill comply ,,1m
      me pOOCles estabb.hed Ilt ADS Chapter 253. l'aruClp:ant Tro.ul1llg (including Tnin.'1ct
      requirements), except to the extent tlut specifIc cxccption, to ADS 2;3 h.,-c be= prm-ided
      in mi. a"""nI "mh the conCUrTence of the G lobal Billeau's Cettler for Hum.n Capacil)
      De,·c!opmem. (Stt ADS 2S3) (ADS 253 tn1)' be obl1ined by submitting a reque5l to the
      Agreement Officer_)

c.    On..,laUon: In addition to the m:mwtory requirements in ADS 253. reciptent< He .trongly
      cocounged to prO\-ide, '" coIl.boronon ".,th the ::"!Js,;on training officer, predeparrure
      onenation and onem.tion in W.,rungton ~t ' he W:uhtngton Intem.tional Center_ The
      latter oncntation program .lso pf'OVld.,; ,he opporruruty to orn.nge for borne ho,pitality in
      WashIngton and d"""t,ere m the U.S. mrough hai.on ",-ith me National Councrl for
      IntetTuuonal V,,"o," (NCIV). If me Washington orienta""" is detettruned not to be
        f~ ..ible,
                home hosplt:lhty em Ix ur.mged In moot U.S, ClUe. If. request for ouch" dlrected
        10 the Agreement Offi""r, ",ill Innsnut the request to KCIV through R&D/IT.

                                      [END OF ?ROVISION]

        (OaOHER 1998 )

a. 	    E1Cepl.S modified by the Schedule of this .",,,,d, mk to oll equipment. !l1ltle.,.ls, and
        "'pplieo, the COSt of wruch IS rCilllburs.ble to the recipient by USA 10 Or by the coopcnting
        country. ,holl.t..u timn Ix in the of the coopen.ting country or such public or ?nv.. te
        ..""ney u the coopcnnng Government mol' ""''&'lote, unIn. tide to spcofied types 0'
        d.un of eqwpment i, r<$cn·ed to CS.... ID under provisIons s,,, forth In the Schedule of thi,
        .word. but ill such properly ,hill Ix under the custody .nd control of rec'p,enl unn! 'he
        ov.~lcr of ude dJrects othe"",.., or completion of "'-ork under thi ••wa,d Or its tennin.non,.t
        which time CU"OO)' .nd C01lIrOI slWl be tun,ed 0\'"' to the ","ner of title or d"posed of '"
        .ccordo.ncc ""th It, mstrucUom . AU perfonn.nce gu.o.",nto:e...nd ,vllnntie, ob..ined from
        .uppliu$ sh:ill be men in the rume of the utle "",ncr.

        The recJpient sh:ill pttp>re and establish:l prognm, for the receipt, use, ma"'ten,nce,
        pmtecuon, cuotody, and care of eqUipment, matenols, .nd .upplies for which it h.. cu>todiol
        responsibility, indudlng the ....bll;hment of '<:I,enable controls to enforce such prognm.
        The recipIent sh:ill be guided by the", of22 CFt{ Pact 226.30 through 22636.

        WlIhm 90 d.y' .fter oompleuon of this .word, or at such other dale as!l1lty Ix fixed by the
        Agreement Officer. the rec:tplent ,h:ill subma m lIl"entory schedule co"enng:ill itcm$ of
        equipment. material., and supplic> under the redpicnt'. custody. title 10 ".hich is in the
        coopcnting country or public or pn"ate age"e)' deSlgn.ted by the coopcraung country,
        which h.".e not been consumed in the performance of tim .","ll<i The reopient oluU oIso
        IndJ<:Itc "nat dl'lX"ition has been made of sueh prope<ry.

                                      [END OF PROVISIOhl

U. 	    PUBliC NOTICES (lUNE 1993)

It IS USAf D', policy to ",form the public •• fully "lX"stble of lts program ••nd .cU"Ue•. The
recipient i, encouraged to gn'e public notice of the ,eceipt of this      .nd. from time to time. to
announce progre.. and occompli'hments . Pres, rein,., or other public noUces .hould mclude a
statement ,ub5tantiaUy os foUov..."

"1l1e U.S . Agency for IntemouOIIol Development odrmrust= the U.S. foreign OSststoncc. program
pro\~thng economic and hurrurutarian in mor<; than 80 count"" ",-odth>.1<ie."

The re<:ipient m.y cill 011 US.... ID', Office of Extemal for advice regarding public notice •.
The reciptcnt is .equested to provide copies of notic., Or atUlOunc.mems to the cognizant tecltniC1lI
offiCtt and!O USAID's Offi"" ofLeg!.loo't"c mnd Public Aff.ln as fu in          am'ane~   of rel...,,, as

                                         [E..'JD OF PROVISION]


a. 	    The RRip,en, .h:all.pply the .wtdard.     SCI   forth in tlus   PfO\~"on 10   account for program
        inCOfl"l<: under the .",,,rd.

b. 	    Program Incom<: ""-'ned dunng the project period .hill be retained by the rttipient and.![\
        2ceOrdmcc "'ith USAID r~tions, other implementIng guldonee, or the termo and
        conwnons of the .",,,rd. dull be ~ in ooe or more of the follO"Ooing "")""

        I)     Added!O fund. eommuted by USA ID and th. «:opient                10   the project or progr.m.
        and u",d to further eligible project or program ohjccti\"e •.

        2) 	     C.ed to finan"" the non-U.S. Gm'emment , of lhe projeCt or program

        3)      Deduc,ed from ,he toW projcct or progtarn rJJow.ble cost ill detcrrrumng the net
        aU"",,,ble cost. on ",fueh the U.s. Government .hare of e<>"'" bued.

e. 	    When the agreement authonz.. the dI.p<>6JOon of progtarn meOfTl<''' descriW in
        p....gnph (b)(I) or (b)(2) of ,h" ,eetion, progum ine<>me m exees, of an~'lImito slIpuloted
        ,h.1I be used in aceo,"",,-nee ""th paragnph (b)(3) of    tru.
                                                                ",cnon .

d. 	    If the terms .nd conwoons of the ""'-ard do nor .pcofy h"",· progtarn lIleOme i. to be u<ed,
        p....graph (b)(2) of this oe<:tion .h:all.pply . utomaticallr. progtarn income in exees, of the
        cost .hOtt llnount mo)' be .pp~ed ill accord.""" ",;th paragraph (b)(I), RecIpIents ",tueh are
        commerCl.1 O<g2mzanon. may not apply p (b)(I) of thi, oe<:tion.

e. 	    L"oles. the term. ond condltlono of the .",,,rd p""",de othe""'",. reOplents ,hill h"",, no
        obhgation to the U.S. Go-'crrunen.t rq;.onling program income C2rncd af'er the end of the
        Ptolect penod   IflCtdent   to the gene ..non of progt'"m Income may be deducted from gron            incom~ \0
        d",enrun~ progtarn ineom~, provided the.e costs        h.\"~    not bttn clurged 10   th~   .,, ond
        they comply "'ib the ~ppLtcoble Co.t I'nnaples,

g. 	    Unless the term< .nd conwtionl of the aw-.rd pro>~de othcn>.~'e, rccipienl$ .hrJJ have nO
        obligation to the U.S, Gm'ernmenl ""d, respc<:1 to program ",corne earned from heen", fees
        aod to)"loes for ropj"nghted m.tenal. p.tents. patent application •• t",demark>. and
        in,·entian. produced und~r an a",ud, II0wC"'r, P.tent and Trademark Amcndm~n" (3~
        USC 18) apply to Invention. made under an cxpenment.l. de,'elopmcntal. or
        a",-.rd •.
                                     [END OF PROVISION] 


•.    The tttiplenl mu<l anncWIy submil' report b)' April 16 of the nexl yea!

b.    ConlentS of R"f>On. The report mu", (onwn:

      (l) ConINctOr!reclp,ent nam e

      eil) COIl{Oct nan... ",th phon., fax .nd e..wl.

      (til) Agtttmen, number(s).

      (iv) Amoun, of foreign Ill.. ".e"ed by. forngn governmen' [ foreign governmen,
      mwt"" bsted on commodity purch.,e tnIlsacUons ,'1lued", $500 or more
      fln1Ilccd ,,~,h U.S. foreign n.ist2nce funds uoder this ogr<:cm<nt <lunng 'he pnor U.S. fi.col

      (v) Only foreign Illes ....,...d hy the foreign governmen, in the country =":v;ng U.S .
      . ....taoe. IS to be reported. Fo=gn loxes hy. tlurd party fOreJgfl SO"ernmenl are nOI to be
      reported. For example, If an ...;"t2nc< prognm for I~tho iovok... the pun:h ••• of
      eommod.ues III South Afnca u'lng foretgn u",,{Once fund., .ny taxes llnposed b) South
      Africa would not be reported m the rcport for I~,otho (or South Afne.).

      (vi) An)" rrimi:>tmcmcnlS reeei,·w by the Recip'=t during 'he renO<! 10 (IV) reg:mllu" of
      "t.= the foretgn lax " .... assessed and .ny reimbursement. on the ta",," reported in (1v)
      rcceivw through March 31.

      (vii) Report. arc re<JUtred C'o"= ,f the ttClpl=t <ltd not po.y .ny lall... during the report penod.

      (vw) Cumulann reports nu.)" .,., prm·,de<I if the recipten, " implcmcnnng marc th.n one
      prog""" 10 a foreign country.

      Ddimtlon•. For purposes of thIS clau.."

      (i) "Agrc=nt" ,ncludes tJSAID wee! and country contncts, gran", cooptt1U\'e
      . greemen" and iO"Ngency 'g"=>OolO.

      (iI) "Commodity" mnol 1Ily nu.t=il, artide, supply, goods, or "'l"'pmerll.

      (;v) "Fore'gn t""co" me.ns v.lue-ad<kd lues .nd custnm duties "'e"cd by a foreign
      go"~mm<:nt on. commodity. It does notlndude foreign sal•• tox.,..
d. 	     W'bere. Submit the repons to: [in...n addres. and po,nt of eantact.t the Embassy. )..'i"ian
         or FM/C/l.1P a, approprutc sec b. beho.-[ (option.! "i!h. copy 10 I

c. 	     Subagrecmcms.lbe "'<"p,en! must IJldude this reporung 'C<jUlrcrncnt    III   1.11 applicable
         .ubconlNct••• ubgrants and other ,ubagrccmcnts.

f. 	     1'0. further IIlform.oon sec httl/; /lwww.•tate,glly / m / an / cJQ443,hlm

                                       [END OF PROVISION ]

Fum!. in t/uJ; agrc<rncnt truly not be u,ed 10 flll:oncc the 1N'·d, ptl wem, hotel upen'''', meals,
conference fees or other COflfcrence costs for any membe. of ~ foragn goy.mment'. ddeg>.tion to
on intema'iond conference sponlored by a public ''''cmation.! organization, ."'<pl .... pro,~dcd in
ADS "':ondatory Reference ''GuJ<l.:mcc on rundUlg Fmogn Government Del.gauons to
lntem.uonol Conferences m.s .PP",yed by the Agreement Officer

                                       [END OF PROVISlOt-']


I.      lb. oblecO'·.' of the USAID Dt..bility Policy Uc (1) to enho"", the Ittauunent of Urn ted
St.t", fOreign ..,,,tance progr>m go<>l. by promoong the p.rticipaoon and C<jWllizaoon of
opportuniue. of inw"Iduol. with dis.bilities in USAlD pohey, coun'!)' and ''':lOr strategies, .ctivity
d"'ign' and lI!Iplement.tion; (2) to IIlere...."'. .rene•• of '''Ue' of people ""th dI..bihties bolh
,,;thin USAID program. and in host countn••; (3) 10 cngag<: oth", U.S. go'-emmenl :ogcnci~. host
coum.y count~rparu. gm'ernm<ntJ, JlllP!ementing orgonization, and other donors in fos.enng.
dim.te of nO<lwscrmunlnon .galO.t people ",.,th d".biliue.; and (4) to ,uppor, In,ernonona!
advocacy for prop!. ,,~!h di.abiliue,. The full tut ofthc policy p.per can be found", the followlllg
bltp"//pdfdtc Ole/pdf docs/ Pilc\B06JI.pd(

b.        USAID th",eforc re<JUlrc. thlt the reciplCnl not wscrurunate "&",nst people ,,"'h dI,.b>hbes
In the ,mplernentaoO<l of USAID funded program. Ind that II make e"tr}' effort to comply ",.,th th~
obic.:tivC'S of the USA1D Di,abl~!)' Pohey 1!I pcrformmg ,he progr>m under tIu, gram Or
ooopcnti,'c agreement. To thot cnd and to the exten! it con .ccotnph.h this goal ""dun the scop<: of
the program ob)..:n",,-., the rectp""'t should demonstrate. cornprehen",·e and COfl'IStent .pproach
fo. indudtng m<n, ",'Ottlctl and cl:Uldrcn ",ith dI'obilitlCO.

                                       [END OF PROVISION]

                              [END OF STAND ARD PROVISIONS]
           ATTACHM E"''T E 


                             INITIAL E"''VIRONMENTAL EXA.\IINATIO N
                                 SU MMARY AND SI GNATURE PAG E


Program! ACli,ity Numlxt; ~D) 

C....un''''/ Rcgion: Africa (Glob:.lll...l!h Burrau), in Pusidm!'. Malo". Inon'I!'"e countne. 

Program Tille: Mabru Communities Prognm (MCP) 

Funding Begin: FY 2007          F unding End: s.p!<tnM. 30, 2011 

Il::E Ame ndment (Y I N): !) 

Cu . ren! Date; March 19, 2fX>7 


Cotego"eal E>:clu'lOn:   X Neg.tlve Deterrrunation: 

p"",iti"e Detcnrun.tion:   Defuru: 

                                     (place X ",-here . pphoblc)


The .cu,.;ti.,. under tlus lni(1i1 Environmen12l ExoIIlIn.tion (lEE) will provide .upport at the 

conunuruty lc'o'd fo. malotia prenntlon activlUe•. 'Ine,e activmes "''lll M earned oul In""uon 

,,~th !mplementing p.rtn"" for the Prcsidon,'. M.J.ri:o lniti.tive (PM!). The pMI .c,wities 

th emsekes are co~e,«l und.. thw own lEE<, Prognmmallc En"irOllmental (PEA), 

country·l.,.-ol Supplementil EnnrorunenNI A..e"mento (SEA), and Peslleide E""luauon Rq><>rt 

.nd s"fcr U", Action Plon. (PERSUAP) ar"j are not covered in tlus lEE. 

A Categoricil Exclusion ts lttotntn<1'\<kd for the foll""ing .eli"tics <:Xc,,?, to the extent th., the 

.cID~lIcs chrectly .ffecl 'he en''\J'Oflment (such a. construcllon of f.clues), punuam to 22 Cf R 

21 6.2(c)(I) ..,d: 

a} 22 CFR 216.2(c)(2)(i), for ac';"'!ie, in'o'ohing educo.tion, training, technicol • .si'Iance or traJnmg 


b) 22 CfR 216.2(c)(2)('o'), for . cu,·in.. ill\'Oh'ing document and infotIlU.uon tr2n.<fers; 

c) 22 CFR 216.2{c)(2)(VUI), for prognm. uwoh-mg nutnnon, health care, or fomily planrung           SCI"'' ' ' 

except 10 the extent do:oign«l 10 Include acti\1t1CS chrectl,. affccnng the <m'ironment (.uch .. 

con.trucnon of focihoes, ",..te' .upply ''''Iems, ",..,te " ..ter treatment ••te.); 

(d) 22 CFR 216,2(c)(2)(xiv), for .rudies, ptojttts or progrorm ln1en,l<;d to <h-dop the capability of
recipient COIlntri.. and or-goniz.oollS to etIgog<' in dt:vdopmem plarJrung.

    • 	 P"""do: informanon, «luCltion .nd Communteonon (IRq, !ncludlllg hOU5ehold and
        community mobilization, to .upport IRS sp'-"j1ng .etivitie.
    • 	 Support p,omonon of intertni"e", prevellnve treatment of p'cgrulnt wom." in government
        health f.ciliti .. hdpmg to increase the Pmponlon of pregnant women "-ho receive.t lea.t
        two doses of mtenruttem pre...en';"'e thenpy (lP'Ij
    • 	 Pro,';<k lEe armed to .upport . pp ropnate health ..ekmg behavior and mcttlSJIlg tlrl)· and
        .ffeeti"e tre.tment of nul:lru. and Itt.tnlellt adherence
    • 	 Support eommuruty health workers in m.lori. cornmllnity Ca,e managemen t (i,e       horne_
        based management of f~er) activiuc. and prornoung correct .nd conSIstent use of IlN, b)'
        members of thelr eommuruty
    • 	 Build m.b". pr.;vcnnon .nd promouono.l acUvl1les on to exi,ting conunurut),_ba'ed 

        H IV I AIDS prog=n. 

A nCg<llive determin a tioo (wilh condi tio ns) '" recommended PC' 22CFR216,3(a)(2)(iii) for thc
rcm.mlDg activities thot Imy be c.mod OUt under the MCP

    • 	 Support for distribution .nd prornoUon of correct and con,istent u'e of 'D<ccucidc «
        net, (nNs) in both rouune .nd camp:tign .ctungs 10 order!O lDerease the o\'erall munbet
        u",d by pregnant women and cluIdrm under five
    • 	 Partner in the promouon and Implemen1>uon ofbednct reltt.unent campaign,

The condition'lOdude th.tlmplemenung parmets adhe.e.o the ,tipulonon. made ID the USA ID
Africa Bureau', l't1Wt1lmmatjc Fpyironmcnto.l A"os.mept for IllStflKjdt-TrtaJed Murri'l! in
! 'SAID 00h'itics in Sub-SahaI'3o AfoCll_ If. need for net treatment or «tr<>-'ment an,e. under thlS
funding .nd" not al!tld), covered under the PMI aetmty, the USA ID J !... lth Team in the mi,sion
"ill d..ft .nd glUn oppro\,.l for. "Pesticide Evo.luation Repon .nd So.fer U.e Aenon Plan"
(l'E KSUAp) fo, the IlN progt'llm_

For activitie' that !Ovo)ve colleenon, .{OflIge .nd disposal of bio!ogirn ,ampl.,;, the program must re.son.ble effon, to .<Sure d~elopment and lOlplementlttion of an mcdi<>-! W:i>1C
m.nagement progr.m Consult EGSSA         r:ny.y;  rncapafrica Q(~ and utilize the Mirumal Program
ChecklIst (Annex AJ.
As reqUlfed by ADS 204.3.4, the SO tC:im m.naglOg tins prognm must .cti,·ely monitor ongoIng
.ctivities for eomp~.ncc wah approved lEE fttommendation" .nd modify or end acti\~ties that are
not m compliance, If additionol .~tiv;ncs not described in this document are added {o {In, program,
{hen .mended or nev, environmentol document.uon must be -lb, SO tcam must also
en'ure th.. prO\'1';on, of the lEE concerning mitig.ouve m"..,ure. and {he condition, 'pttif1Cd
herein along with the rcqlllrement to moru{or be mcorpouted in an contracts, coop=uve
agreements, grarH. and .ub--gt'llnts,
· ................. ......... ".   ,".

                             INITIAL ENYIRONMEl'o'TAL EXAMINAT ION


Prog...m / AClivi lf N ... mber: 

Co... nrry/ R~ gion: AfnOll (Global H ll...........), In P""idcn,·. )..jilin. ["lUaI"'C countn... 

Prog...m T itle: Mabna CorrumuunQ J>rogJ;.m (Mel') 

Funding Begin: 1-1' 2007         f ... nding End: Srp.ftnbcr 30, 201] 

lEE Am~ndmcn ' (Y/ N ): N 

C...rtent   D3'~:   ], 2007


1.1 Purpo!leand Scopc:oflEE

The J>UrlX>$e of thtt lruu.ol Env'ronmcnl2l Ennun.uon (lEE) IS to w"'pr<:lIcns.i'~ly             ="'"' the 

aro"",." t.:SAIO anuC1pa'Q tmplemennng laoM the Africo ugion under .he )..Iabna Commuru~                       

Prognun C'ICp) (I progr:trn 10 <»mplftnen. lcu\',"" undtrW«n as put of,~ l'ra,den!'. /l.Wana 

lniMti,·. (PMI)), and pto\1de threshold dctcmunluon. of en"ronmenI2lImJn~t and """muon. for 

mlUgatlOn if .ppropn•••. Tlu. lEE" m.ended.O fulfill the ==mcm.1 re\'l~ ~Ulttmen .. of 

.he U.S, Ag=or for [nt""'.nonal O<"vciopm<n". (l.:SAID·.) e! regulation., found in 


Til••cn\"io~s ""dc. d"s InlUal E!lVtrorunml2l Ennun"ion (lEE) ",111 p<O>',de .uppon •• the 

commuruty 1     ....·.1 for milano prcvcnnon ac:n"'utl. 'Th~ Icm~ti.,. ",ill be """ncd OIlt '" coIlabon.uon 

'mh irnplcm<n""l! partntn for th~ P=idcnt'. Malam lruw"".. (PM!). The PMI KIl,' .... 

thcmsd>•.,. "'" cO'o'crcd under thctr 0"'1] lEEI, Progr:tmrnooc En""""menm Auenme11" (PEA). 

""""tl)·-J..,.·d Supplement", r"""tronrnental "'"."men.. (SEA). and PestICIde l'.,-.1... ooo ~                     

~nd Saf« u,~ Ac!JOn Plans (PERSL"AP) and ar<: nOl addruoed m tIu. lEI::. 

 1.2 Background

Malana" one of the!nOlt ~ommon and om""! ru.ea..,.. It "",,uK... leaSt a million dnth.
l'ad)" the rnol<'nry of wiuch ocrur in sub-Saharan Mnca. More than lWf of the wwId'. populaoon
II al nsk of acqwnng malana, but young cluIdrcn and pregnanl women Iu"e the !ugh... risk ofboth
malaria mfe<:OOO llfld ~ mortality. In ~dd!uon (0 p<:Wtt"ty and chmo.~. othcr nok "ctors for
malan. mdude: poor quahty IIralth faciliues .nd '}""ftn., drug and m.e<:lICtde retUtancC for th~
""thogcn HId 'tS "'-';'on. and changing ccolog>cal       """mtioru
                                                              th., .uppon eXlftenee of thc vectors ..
cl....,.noo. th.t were pl" m>.1ana·£rtt

 USAI D', mal.ria program is pan of .he US government (USG) forctgn ' prognm .nd
 wntnbut.. 10 the USC goal of "Helping '0 build and .u""'" dnnocrauc. wcU·g<.I""cmcd ",at"" that
 will ",.pond to the     "ced,
                             of th= people .nd condoct themselves r""ponStbl} in th~ m'crnational
 s~..'cm." i'>blario ",U",u.,. faU WlOO Obi""w,'c 3 In,' in People, ""der tllc H ...lth Progrom.
 and they arc rqrorted on under the M~ elcmmt 1.3. The goal of the 1'\11" w prevent 50
 pc:rca>t of malanaI drath. m IS ofthc "'"Oh.·hn COUnt.... m "'frin. For more ",formauon on th~
 p,.".,dent". ~!s1ana Imw''''e, ..,. http://u,,,," /mdcx.honl.
Ll Description of Actjvitic~

Th~ Mep "'..., announcM h)' First Lady Lau .... Bush"" De<:ember \4. 2006.,1 the \~1ut. Hou,~
Summll to offer opportuniua 'pccific:illy oimffi at fauering n<"W p:ortn.... mcludtng loc:o.l
rommunity-basffi .ud 'miLgenollS grouP' lfl PM ! foeu. couurne, . The Mel' ..,ok. to ."",d
mdlV1du.l.mill gnn.. t<.> n""- panne",. both US·b. ,ed .nd organu.uons mdigcnous to ,\frica p"lI­
foeu, countries, to implnnent mal.ria pttVentlon .nd CO<ltrol oetl"".._ -me grants to be .",.,..ded
under the )l.ICP ,,~n Include one or mOre of the fullowmg d~ment5:

      • 	 Suppon for di,rnbu"",,:and promotion of rorrect and conststent u"" of insecticide treated
          net. (!TN,) In both routine:and campaign ,ettings in order to inOtt.e the over:oll number
          u,ed by prcgno", women and children under fin;
      • 	 Ponner m Ihe promonon and tmplementation of bednet .etreotment campatgn';
      • 	 Providelflfornuuon, ffiucauon and commumcation (lEq, Indudmg household and 

          community mobilization, to .upport IRS 'praJ~ng .cti"ties; 

      • 	 Support promotion of intenruttrnt prn-enti". tttatmem ofpregn.nt women m gm-ernmrnt
          health facilitle. helpmg to lIlerea,e the proportton of pregn.nt "''OmCn who reeetVe at I...S!
          two <! orlPT,
      • 	 Provide lEe airn«i to 'uppon appropmt. health Sttking beho-'ior:and rncrco,rng early
          .nd effe<:lIve tre.tment of mol"". and treotment adherence;
      • 	 Suppan commumty health workers 'n m.lono eomrnunay COSe management (i_e_                home-
          h....d tnan.gement of fever) .ctiviti.. and promoting correct and consistent us. of IlN. h)'
          members of thet< community; and
      • 	 BUIld =1"", p=--ention .nd promooon.l . em,ti.. on to CX"lmg communtll'-basffi
          HlV JAIDS prog=n' .

MCP recipient organization. ",ill work wtth .nd In direct complement to <:xi,ung USAID p.rtne,"
",-ho are ..sooOlcd ""th and h"-e undergone en',mento .crording to the Agency'.
regulation. and who arc follOWing thes. frndtngs and d.t.nrunation,.

,,!ep ttciptcn .. arc not e1pcctffi to procure commoditi.. including tho"" a,sociotM ""Ih pc.node.
under tlns Program ••nd .uch procurement IS not co.... rffi by this lEE. inst..d. reciptrn" will
p.nnc< ,,~th the host country go'<"emmem, PM! and oth~r malaru control partners who are
currentl), sUPPO'tlng the procuremettt and ili,triitution of m.laria commodities. PMI funded
.eti"ti.. ""U be covered h)- their own er"~tttal comp]W,cc documents. MCP ttciPlents will
focu. (In compkmrnung 'he"" effom by supportmg the non-commodity aspects of.
comprchenst"c m.lotio program (i.•. health ffiue.tion and promouon. community mobiliz.tion .•nd
extending dlreet bendio"fJ' reoch of the PMI-,uppo.tcd Int<tvenuon'j_


Th. acU\~ti •• funded under the Mel' will occur only In the 15 P"""dent'. M"lana hutun"e focus
rountlles, as these communitY-MoW. aclivi".. ""U din:ctly eornplem<fll the more commodity­
focu,ffi P~!l acO\-~ne. of bedn~1 ptocurermm .ttd mdoo. residual spraying. The p",n octi\'it""
themsdves are .ov.ud under their ov.n IE&, Prog ....mmane En""onmentoi A.,..smenlS (PEA),
country-level Supplem<fltol Ettvlronmental" (SEA), and Pesucide E"alu:otion Report
and S.fer Use Action 1'11". (I'ERSUAf') .nd . re not covered m tIus lEE. 'Ibe coumri"" .<leeted for
PMI acU,·m.. "'..,'" thOi. ",th the highest mil."" mortality. and are shown below in T . ble 1

Table I. LIS! of PreSIdent'. Malana lnnuove (PM[) countl1co
         1. Angola                   2. IXrun            3.      Ethiopia
         4. Glun. 	                  5. Ken)'".          6.      Libcn.
         7. !'>radagascar            8.",~          9.      !'>Wi
         10. Mo••mb,,,!,,,,          11 R",mdo           12.     Senegal
         13. Tan>ani.                14 Ugando           15.     Z=bi.


The El"'ironn,ental Deten"in.non for the !'>ICP fall. intO two cate8"n"" .nd i, pre.""..d below in
Table 2. The .ell,.. n"" related to Inlnlng, health promouon .nd oornrnuruty mobwz,non lusnl)'
Categorical E~clusion>, pUrSuant to 22 CFR §216.2(c)(I) :md (2). beci~ the actions do nOt haye an
effect on the nall.l...1 0' ph)'"cale,wuonment.

The remammg acU,.. ne. may in'·olv.. msecucide-treoted material. (lTM) and/or medlcal ....... te that 

arc nOt already ,oY"cd by P"II cnVlronmental compliance documents. $0 th.... activinc. Justify a
negan"e ck,enrunanon, ,,"h the eOlldlnon. as descnbed below and ,umnumed in Table 2.

The Africa Burt"Ou h.. pn:pared a document etlntle<! Prttt,m_am E""",,...,,toIAnHlJ>U1f1 for
l""dUitk_/..,lI'1i AtatrriafI (PEA frAt) ill USAID A(ti,i~r ill 5Mb-S"",""" Afoa. ",fuch
describe< the risks "$O<i1ted ",~th the \lOe of IThI •. Including bedncts and curt.,n,. Health
and en'~ntal nsks from the u'e of IThls Indude po,mti11 exposure ofhUffillns md th~
cm~ronment dunng production. distribution . storaS". U"", and d!sposal of pesnades, and a
cert..i" amount of exposur<: of ptr'ons using ITMs to pesticide vapo" released from the
maten.I•. Th" ero must ","Ork ,,~th the p"n country t..... ns and th~ MCJ> impkmmting
partner< to en.ure th.t ,he n,k, to hurrun, and the ennrorunetlt ar<: rrururruze<!, and thar
ade<Juarc .~fcty preaution' are obscn'cd, by follo...;ng the guidonce p",,~dcd In rhe PEA
I"fI\,! ",-hich can!'" found on the ",..,b II bttp'IIy,~afr_
sd ornldr.Qlwent</iff1doq/32 \ER~ !Th! rr \ dgc

lb~  public health commuruty h.. uken the ".ue of n,k from IThf pestiCIdes ,,,riou,ly, and
effeerive gwd.nce documents are already a,-,wable .. re!iOW"Ces for    IT,,' prognm man'S"....
WHO', Roll Back Malartll. web site hosts a coll«tion of WHO Ind other documen .. on III
the RI3:-'1 program ISSueS, Including th"", relate<! to effective and .afe usc of ino.ccticides in
[Thl programs. (Stt http;/lmO!\[llUQ,wholOt multlple prevmuon, ,no.ccnode-treated
matcnal'). An excellent reoource for all aspects of ITh! ptOgr2lll man"gement. including
ayoiding em-uonmental or h ...hh problems ",~th tIus technology, is a manual prepare<! for
the Malano Consortium, mled, "In,ecticide Trcare<! Net Pro]ec'" A j landbook for

The CTO must al.o ",-ork ""th the l'!'>n country heolth tcams and thctt implementing pannen to
,,,ute. to the caefH posSIble. th.t the med!cal f.cilioo and """rations 1n"oh-e<!Iu"e ad"'!.... ,.
        Key E lemen ts of               Thre shold Determination &           Impact Issues & Mitigation
       Program/Acti,";tie.                            6
                                            22 CF R 21 Citation                  Co nditions and /o r
                                                                               Proac ti,-c inte "",nliohS

I. PrO\~<k mfonn.uon , edUOlUon         CotegonOlI Exclusion pursuant        No b'opbY"OlI ore
and oomm\UlIClltlon (IEq.                                                    intervention. invoked
uldudmg bO\ll\ehold and                 " CFR 1! 6.2(e)(I) and:
cOfT1ffiUnity mobiliz.tlon. to                                               The c'''gonCll! e~dus.iOfl
support IRS .pnying acUviti...          .J  22 CFR 216.2(c)(2)(i), for       apph ... excq>t 10 the ex",.flI
                                        actIVities m"oivmg education.        th.,   .ctr.~u"" IIUght directly
2. Support promouon of                  trainJIlg, tcchnic:il ...i'WIce IX   affcct the ""'~n>nm""t {.uch
utlemuU<:nt pw,<:nU\'c If.. tmcnt       If.mmg prognms;                      as construction of f.cilities.
of pregnant women m 8O"emment           bJ 22 CrR 216.2{c}{2}{v}. for        "',"er supply .y>tem•• ",...te
health facilitic. helpIng to increase   .cu,~tiC$ invol,~ng do<:umcnt        ,,,..ter tre.tment e1tcnt
the propotnOfl of p"'gtlant ",omen      and infonnauOfI transfers;           <ksJg!ted to indu<k Ictivit.... ,
"710 ~"""-c at least two do'e' o f      c) 22 CFR 216.2{c)(2) (viU , for
                                                                     )       etc.}
tfllenruttent prevenuve thenp)' uwoo'Utg nutntion,
On)                                     h<ilth =c. Or f.mily planning
                                        =,=CFR 216.2(c)(2) (x1v), for
3. Prm'l<le IEC wned to ,upport         ,<22
.pprop...." h<ilth 5<'eking             , n"h"". Prolcct> or p~
beh.vior and iner ••,mg ... rly and     mtended to develop the
effcc';"·" If"'!men' of malaria . nd    alp.bili~- of recipIent oountnes
If...!mont adh=~                        and organizations to engage in
                                        dc\-dopment pbnmng.
4. Support commuruty h""lth
workers ttl maIari.a community aI,e
fTUnagement (i.c. home-ba,ed
fTUnagcmcnt of f~'er) acb"be$
.nd promobng co,recl .nd
COn..,tent u,e ofllNs by
m..nbers of their communit}"
        Kry Elements o f               T hreshold D etermination &   Impact h "nco & Mitigation
       Pmg<am / Activitiu                  21 CFR 2 16 Citation          Conditions and / or
                                                                       Proa ctive Int<;n,cntion.

1. Support for dimibution ~nd          N"g:uive Dctcnninauon with    If pro,utOn of supphe, WIll
promonon of corteet and                Condinon.                     mdude insecticide trtlted
consi,tent u.e of m.e<:ticide "">tcd   22 eFR 216.3 (.) (2)(iii)     bffinelS (lTN,), the USA10
nets (iTNs) in both routine .nd                                      Health Team m the miSSIon
e.mpotgn sctongs ill order to                                        and their p.rtner
merca,e the ovcr::ill number used                                    O~2~tiOn' will be reqUIred
by pregnam women and cluldren                                        to use rehable b",nds of long_
under fiy"                             Ode"ed: Trcatrnmtor           la.. ing treated nets and adhere
                                       retr...unent of nelS          to the .upulonons tllilde in the
2. Partner m the pwmonon and                                         USA10 Afne. Bur<:au
implementlltion of bedn'"                                            Prom mma!Jc tnm2DlDfntal
rctrcatment comp"'gn'                                                .l."~"m~1Il f"IID'~'D.idc.
                                                                     Trr:u rd Ma!egals 10 \"s:\jO
3. Build malaria prevention and                                      Actiyities in Sub·Sab aran
promotion.l .ctivitics On to                                         M= .
CXlSUng eonunumty-based
11IV / AIDS progum>                                                  If. need for net treatment Or
                                                                     re""annen!   .ri,..under this
                                                                     fundmg .nd IS nol already
                                                                     covered under the PMI
                                                                     ac1IVltj", the USAID Health
                                                                     T= m the minion ,,-in draft
                                                                     and gain approval for a
                                                                     "Pe'Peldc E..,luacion Repon
                                                                     and Safe. Use Action Plan"
                                                                     (PERSUAP) for the lTN

                                                                     For acU',Ucs thot illvoh·e
                                                                     coiketion...onge and
                                                                     citspo,al of biolOgical ,ompl..,
                                                                     .he prO£r"Offi mll" make
                                                                     ""'sortable dfon, assure
                                                                     d",·dopment .nd
                                                                     unplement.noll of an
                                                                     adC<Juate medical waste
                                                                     mallagement program.
                                                                     Con.ult EGSSA
                                                                     {""""· .m~~Il~f,.;~~ .Q!l:l an d
                                                                     utilize the /I.!inimal Program
                                                                     Cheeklist (Annex A).

Mon ito'ing ami compli""ce meas u,..,s

As "'9uired by ADS 204.3.4. the MCP CTO and implcmcnling parOletS "iIlacti"ely monitor and
e"..!w.te whether e'l\"ironmcntol con,""!ucnc ... unforeseen under .em;oes """ered by th,. Request
for Categonc:al Exdu..on ame dunng impltrnenutiun, and modify or end .cti,-iti... as app=!'ruue.
If . ddllioru.l.Ctlviti ... "'" added thlt "'" not described in this document,," .mended en,.roomentil
exafTlln.tiun must be prepa,..,d.

AU gnnta or other muncury trmsfe ... of USAID fund. (e.g., subgnnt.) to .upport this program"
activitico mu", rncorponte pro"wons that the activities to be undertaken ",-ill compl)' ,,~th the
enVll"O<lmcntal detemunatlons and reconuncndauuns of thIS lEE. 1b" Indude. a..u~ce that the
.cti,-iti... conducted with I;SAID funds fit ,,,dun those described In the approved lEE or lEE
amendment and tho, any mmgoling m"",U!es reqUIted for those .ctivities be foll"",-ffi. USAID PMI
m"Slon. are responSIble for .ssunng that Implementing partners h"'e the hum.n c.pacity ncc ....'Y
to inco<J>Or.lte cnvironmentil con,idention. into program planning and implementation .nd to ,ake
on the... role", the EnVU"Onmentol Screerung Process. lmpltrnenung partne ... should seek tnuung as
needed. such as through panicip.tion In the AfnCl Bure.u·, reg:ronol ENCAP tnming oou""".

Implemcn"ng portners' annual repons .nd. as .ppropnate. progress report. ,hall cootOIn. bnef
upd1te on mitigation .nd mmutoting me",uttO being implemented, 'dul" of em-ironmentol
morutonng. .nd any other nujor modificluOll.j ft"\'1MOtlS 111 the d ....·dopment oem.ue•. and
mitigation ""d monitonng procedure.

,a,an'$< OC, Rffil C, Atta".n K.   19991>. l"Helieilk   T~M,d N"   P'cj'CIJ A Ila»dbool:jor Mana!;' ... I.<tndoo.
EntJand: Malaria C"lUortium. London School ofTropicolll)" and Tropjcal Medic.,•.