Malawi Pilgrimage 2010 Applicat

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					Malawi Pilgrimage 2010 Application
Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church

Contact Information

Street Address
City ST ZIP Code
Best Phone
E-Mail Address

Passport Information
Per Malawian visa requirements, your passport must have at least 6 months left on it
when you arrive in Malawi. If you do not have a current passport, it can take up to 2
months to get one, so you need to apply before the end of 2009.

Passport Number:
Expiration Date (needs to be after December 2010):

Person to Notify in Case of Emergency

Street Address
City ST ZIP Code
Home Phone
Work Phone
E-Mail Address

Please complete this application and return it no later than October 10, 2009
   1. via post to: PHPC Malawi Pilgrimage 9800 Preston Road Dallas, TX 75230
   2. via email to:
             Please save your document as [your name].pilgrimage.doc.

       The Malawi Mission Team looks forward to reviewing your application.
 Previous International Experience
 Describe and give dates of any previous international mission experience. You may
 include business or personal travel experiences as well.

 Hopes for this Pilgrimage
 Describe your hopes for this pilgrimage experience as well as why you would like to
 be a part of this mission team. How do you expect this pilgrimage will impact your
 spiritual journey and your faith life?

 Gifts you bring to the Pilgrimage
 Describe any spiritual gifts, skills, talents, interests you bring to the Pilgrimage Team.

Please include a $100 deposit with this application. If you are accepted as part
of the team, the deposit will apply to your total cost. Otherwise, the deposit will be
returned to you.

You may make a check out to PHPC with “MP 2010” on the memo line or pay online at and choose “MP 2010
Deposit.” Please know that it costs the church 2.5% of each transaction for the
convenience of using a credit card.