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November Newsletter Issue


									    Newsletter                                                                                  November 2008

 November 2008
    Volume 2
    Issue 10                 Scottish Government Funding for Malawi Projects
Government Page 1
 Funding                 In the midst of global economic turmoil,     They include:
                         Scotland continues to play its part inter-- For sustainable economic development,
 SMP Dates    Page 2     nationally by promoting sustainable       £340,000 to improve land management
                         growth in Malawi. On Monday 20th Oc-      and provide renewable energy to villages
Global Village Page 3    tober the Scottish Government released    in Malawi, ensuring better food security
 Challange               details of who has been successful in     and more sustainable local economies.
                         attaining funding as part of its Malawi   The Aberdeen-based Macaulay Institute
  SMP      Page 5
                         Development Programme.                    is to work with Entech, a Malawi environ-
                                                                   ment organisation, on developing the
SMP Member Page 5        Minister for Europe, External Affairs and technologies, including the use of ethical
Needs Survey             Culture Linda Fabiani has given the go- bio-fuels made from trees.
                         ahead to 29 projects that cover all four
2008 Fashion Page 6
                         areas of the Co-operation Agreement - For civil society development,
                         with Malawi: sustainable economic de- £369,596 to Tearfund Scotland, to build
Marathon des Page 7      velopment, governance and civil society on their work with street children and
  Sables                 development, health and education.        other orphaned and vulnerable children
                                                                   and target over 200 children who have
 Tartans for Page 8      Ms Fabiani said: "By supporting these come into conflict with the law, working
Africa Event
                         projects, Scotland is contributing to the with representatives of the court, legal,
 Wilderness   Page 9     global fight against poverty. The pro- social work and police services.
  Journeys               jects focus on sustainable economic       - For health, £372,832 to Oxfam Scot-
                         growth and building the skills and ca-    land who work with local communities in
   School    Page 10     pacity of Malawi to grow and prosper -    Malawi to assist the most vulnerable
Partnerships             key priorities for the Government of Ma-  people affected by HIV, enabling them to
                         lawi. This funding is good news for Scot- develop more sustainable livelihoods,
Call for Items Page 10
                         land, for Malawi and for the world.       engage in enterprise and exercise their
                                                                   rights in gaining access to appropriate
 About the    Page 11    "When I visited Malawi earlier this year, health services.
   SMP                   I was impressed by the dedication of - For education, £69,500 to Global Con-
                         the many Scottish organisations whose cerns Trust to provide carpentry, tailoring
                         projects have been funded by the Scot- and other vocational training for adults
                         tish Government, and by the difference with disabilities, working through com-
                         their work is making to the people of munity-based projects with the Malawi
                         Malawi."                                  Council for the Handicapped. The train-
                                                                   ees will receive certified training, entre-
                         All the projects are strongly supported preneurial skills and start up tools."
                         by the Government of Malawi who have
                         been involved in the discussions
                         throughout this funding round, which
                                                                        A full list of projects funded by the latest
                         when added to existing projects, totals
                                                                             round can be found on page 2.
                         £3.133 million.
    November 2008     Scotland Malawi Partnership Newsletter                             Page 2

 Volume 2, Issue 10

         Malawi Development Programme 2008 - Funding Allocations:
        ∗   TEARFUND SCOTLAND: Total: £369,596 over 3 financial years
        ∗   SCOTTISH CHURCHES WORLD EXCHANGE: Total: £302,205 over 3 financial years
        ∗   THE ACTIVE LEARNING CENTRE: Total: £165,792.57 over 3 financial years
        ∗   SCOTTISH POLICE COLLEGE: Total: £117,479 over 3 financial years
        ∗   THE INSP FOUNDATION: Total: £93,300 over 3 financial years
        ∗   CHALLENGES WORLDWIDE: Total: £20,743 in financial year 2008-09

        ∗   IMANI ENTERPRISE: Total: £400,000 over 3 financial years
        ∗   EQUAL EXCHANGE: Total: £398,327 over 3 financial years
        ∗   MACAULAY LAND USE RESEARCH INSTITUTE: Total: £338,747 over 3 financial years
        ∗   OPPORTUNITY INTERNATIONAL UK: Total: £351,540 over 2 financial years
        ∗   SCOTTISH AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE: Total: £307,351 over 3 financial years
        ∗   UNIVERSITY OF STRATHCLYDE: Total: £137,638 over 3 financial years
        ∗   THE MOFFAT CENTRE: Total: £119,790 over 2 financial years
        ∗   SCOTLAND MALAWI BUSINESS GROUP: Total: £12,835 in financial year 2008-09

        ∗   CONCERN WORLDWIDE: Total: £400,000 over 3 financial years
        ∗   WAVERLEY CARE: Total: £399,595 over 3 financial years
        ∗   UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH: Total: £397,643 over 3 financial years
        ∗   CHRISTIAN AID: Total: £393,250 over 3 financial years
        ∗   OXFAM SCOTLAND: Total: £372,832 over 2 financial years
        ∗   UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST OF SCOTLAND: Total: £251,000 over 3 financial years
        ∗   UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS: Total: £252,000 over 3 financial years

        ∗   LINK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SCOTLAND: Total: £400,000 over 3 financial years
        ∗   SCOTTISH INTERNATIONAL RELIEF: Total: £400,000 over 3 financial years
        ∗   UNIVERSITY OF STRATHCLYDE: Total: £183,259 over 3 financial years
        ∗   DEAF ACTION: Total: £123,734 over 3 financial years
        ∗   STENHOUSE PRIMARY SCHOOL: Total: £115,000 over 3 financial years
        ∗   THE GLOBAL CONCERNS TRUST: Total: £69,500 over 3 financial years
        ∗   MALAWI TOMORROW: Total: £59,925 over 2 financial years

                      SMP Meetings and Events this November:
06 November: Board Meeting. Edinburgh City        20 November: Higher Education Committee meet-
Chambers, 18:00                                   ing. Edinburgh City Chambers, 18:00
08 November: Speed Networking Event for Scottish 26 November: Cross Party Group on Malawi
Schools with Malawi links. Holyrood Secondary    (focusing on pharmaceuticals in Malawi). Scottish
School, Glasgow, 09:30                           Parliament, Committee Room 3, 13:00
13 November: Wilderness Journeys event (see page 28 November: Health Committee meeting. St An-
9). The Henderson Gallery, Edinburgh, 18:00      drews House, 10:30
    November 2008       Scotland Malawi Partnership Newsletter                                  Page 3

 Volume 2, Issue 10

                      Interfaith in Action: Global Village Challenge
It was with great excitement that the ‘Hope into
Homes’ team met at Edinburgh airport for their first
experience of a Habitat for Humanity (HFH) build in
an African country.

As an interfaith group, our team included members
from the Muslim and Christian traditions and others
of no specific tradition. Working together was to be
an expression of our common concern for housing
needs, and our time together proved that we were
able to express our faith as bricks were laid, and
mud was put in the mortar joints.

Our travel took us through Heathrow and Nairobi,
and after an unexpected delay in Nairobi, we even-
tually arrived in Lilongwe. Marcus Christopher, the
global village coordinator for Malawi, was there to
meet us. His commitment to not just our team, but
the work of HFH was impeccable and his attention
to detail could not be faulted.
                                                       evenings we tried out the various restaurants to be
                                                       found within walking distance, in Lilongwe.

                                                       After a good nights sleep, we were ready to start our
                                                       daily routine, which involved leaving for the site at
                                                       eight o’clock. On arrival, the foundations were in,
                                                       and the corner posts built, so, after brief introduc-
                                                       tions, on went the gloves, and with trowels in hand
                                                       each person learnt how to lay bricks. There were
                                                       other tasks to be done: piling up bricks, fetching
                                                       water, cooking and keeping the site tidy. A gazebo
                                                       had been put up to give us shelter when rest was
                                                       needed, and Marcus had made sure that we were
                                                       adequately supplied with bottled water.

Our lodgings were at Crescent guesthouse, run by       Lunch was cooked at Violet’s house, one of the
Naila and Ike, who not only took care of our bed       home owners, and then collected by Thomas, the
and breakfast needs, but also organised the wash-      HFH driver. After hand-washing, each person filled
ing of our laundry, helped change our money, and       their plates which the menu on offer, which varied
took care of our valuables. The accommodation          from day to day, but the staple being nsima, maize
was in two houses, with eight people staying in one    porridge.
house and three in the other. Breakfast was taken
together, and for the first three nights dinner was    Children regularly visited the site to see the latest
cooked for us in the guesthouse, and the other         “mzungos” and songs were taught, and colouring
    November 2008      Scotland Malawi Partnership Newsletter                                      Page 4

 Volume 2, Issue 10

books torn up so that each had a design to colour
in. A football was quickly bought so we could have a
kick around after lunch.

The house we were working on had just two rooms,
and was known as “the house that grows”, for once
the homeowner had paid back the loan, the house
could then be extended. As the walls of the two-
room house grew, so too did our understanding of
Malawi life, through conversations with the builders
and informative visits to a crisis centre for babies
under 12 months, an orphanage for secondary
aged girls, a primary school, and an informal hous-
ing (slum) area. Such visits enabled the team to
make links between the need for better housing,
and the impact a small decent home can have on           Catholic Father, Fr Claude from Canada, and a
the life of a family. The group also visited Lucy who,   member of the White Fathers order. As a centre of
with her husband Patrick and their two small chil-       excellence for the training of carvers and artists, it
dren, would own and live in the home we were             provided a haven of rest and pleasure, in round
building. Lucy’s contribution to the build was mak-      houses, highly decorated with traditional designs
ing sure sufficient water was on site for the build-     and images of the local culture. Fr Claude spoke of
ers, carrying water from the nearby stream. We           the interfaith work carried out in the centre through
heard how the loan repayments would be 25% less          the arts, and we were privileged to experience the
than what she was paying for rented accommoda-           2-hour cultural show, with detailed description of
tion, and not only would she have a home, but also       the purpose of the songs and dances, and dress.
a small plot of land to grow fruit and vegetables, a
latrine and a wash area for her family.                  The team returned enthusiastic about the build and
                                                         the additional activities and there are plans for a
                                                         return visit, 11 – 25 July 2009. For more informa-
                                                         tion contact: Deidre Homer:

                                                                                                 Janice Clark
                                                                                                 Team leader
                                                                                                30 Sept 2008

Each evening following our meal there was team
time. The team leader put a question to the team
each evening for exploration in relation to the day’s
experience, and in turn, each team member led an
activity or a meditation.

Our Rest and Relaxation took us to Mua Mission
and KuNgoni, the traditional arts centre run by the
       November 2008                  Scotland Malawi Partnership Newsletter                                  Page 5

 Volume 2, Issue 10

                                               SMP Membership hits 300!
                                                This November the Scotland Malawi Partnership welcomes its 300th
                                                member. The organisation has gone from strength to strength since
                                                its inception in 2004, with its membership growing from 26 full and
                                                18 associate members in 2005, to today’s figures of 130 full and 173
                                                associate members.
                                                David Hope-Jones said: “While reaching 300 members represents a
                                                true milestone and a significant achievement for the Partnership, it by
                                                no means the end of the organisation’s expansion. There are still a
                                                large number of Scottish individuals and organisations who work
                                                closely with Malawi and who would benefit from SMP membership.
                                                Over the coming months, as we look to engage with Scottish schools
                                                in a more effective and coordinated manner, I would expect to see a
           Distribution of SMP Members          significant surge in membership as more and more schools choose to
                  around Scotland               sign up as SMP members and benefit from the combined voice of over
                                                300 like-minded individuals and organisations.”



   Number of Members

                       200                                                                             Full Members
                                                                                                       Associate Members
                       150                                                                             Total Membership



                               2005   Jun-06    Dec-06    Jun-07     Dec-07    Jun-08    Nov-08

                             What issues do you want to see the SMP address in 2009?
                                          SMP Survey of Members Needs for 2009
In accordance with its 2008-2011 Strategic Plan,                    The survey form can be downloaded from the SMP
the Scotland Malawi Partnership aims to offer its                    
                                                                    website ( and com-
Members 6 workshops, 3 stakeholder meetings                         pleted forms can be returned to the office either
and 3 training events in 2009. All current Mem-                     electronically or by post. The deadline for returned
bers are invited to take a few moments to complete                  forms is Monday 17th November. Please do not
a needs assessment survey which will help ensure                    hesitate to contact the office (info@scotland-
the nature, location and content of these events is        / 0131 529 3164) should
as relevant and appropriate to the membership as                    you have any questions about this process.
   November 2008     Scotland Malawi Partnership Newsletter   Page 6

Volume 2, Issue 10
    November 2008        Scotland Malawi Partnership Newsletter                                                            Page 7

 Volume 2, Issue 10

        Former Edinburgh Policeman in Training for Sahara Marathon
                          in aid of Mary’s Meals :
Tim Neill, a former Lothian and Borders policeman                               Looking ahead to his preparations for the race, Tim
has gained a much sought-after place in the infa-                               said:
mous Marathon des Sables, a 150-mile race over
seven days, across the Sahara Desert. The event                                 “This will be a challenge of a life-time, and is a good
takes place in March 2009 and Tim will be running                               way to raise money for charity. I grew up in Malawi,
for Mary’s Meals.                                                               which is where amongst other places Mary’s Meals
                                                                                does its extremely valuable work. It’s a cause that’s
Tim, 31, will be combining a heavy training sched-                              very close to my heart because I’ve seen the pov-
ule between now and the event with his studies at                               erty caused in part by poor education and which
Brunel University where he is doing a masters                                   results in widespread hunger. Mary’s Meals tackles
course in International Relations. Tim, formerly of                             both of these issues. The Marathon Des Sables will
Lothian and Borders police, spent the past two                                  be a challenge that I’m sure I’ll never forget be-
years using his law enforcement experience to help                              cause it’s not everyday that you put yourself
run police and security training establishments in                              through the pain of running 150 miles across a de-
Iraq and Afghanistan. Tim lives in Aberdour, Fife,                              sert!”
and as part of his training, he will be participating in
running events across the country and hopes to go
to Morocco to sample the desert.                         Ruth Black from Mary’s Meals said:
                                                         ”We are really delighted that Tim has chosen Mary’s
                                                         Meals to benefit from this amazing challenge.
                                                         Mary’s Meals provides daily meals to some of the
                                                         world’s poorest children in their local schools, en-
                                                         couraging them to attend, to learn and to help build
                                                         a future for their communities. Mary’s Meals is
                                                         largely run by local community volunteers which
                                                         means that, for example in Malawi, we are able to
                                                         feed a child at school every day for an entire year
                                                         for just £5-30. We are sure that Tim’s challenge will
                                                         help many, many more children and their communi-
                                                         ties build a future and we look forward to following
                                                         his progress.”

                                                                                Tim will be updating his blog regularly with progress.
                                                                                If you are interested in supporting Tim and Mary’s
                                                                                Meals in any way, either through sponsorship or
                                                                                help with the kit which Tim will need in extreme con-
                                                     Photo: Alexandra Knapton

                                                                                ditions or simply some words of encouragement on
                                                                                his blog, please contact Tim via his website at
                                                                       or log onto

       Tim in training for the Marathon des Sables
   November 2008          Scotland Malawi Partnership Newsletter                                                  Page 8

Volume 2, Issue 10

                                               tartans for
                                             A F R I C A
                                              a step away from poverty


                                           MARGARET GALABE
                                         Executive Director, World Women Trade Fair

 with contributions from GWIIN (Global Women Inventors International Network,
                     UNIFEM and craft-workers representing
 These women are exhibiting at the Ethical Xmas Fayre in Castle Street, Edinburgh from 6th –
14th December and will give first hand accounts of their experiences and the challenges they
 face in today’s world. This will be followed by a public debate chaired by Dr. Wallace Shaw
                      (author of ‘Adam Smith – making poverty history’)

    A display of fashions featuring original designs by African and Scottish designers using
  ‘African’ tartans in a range of styles, both traditional and modern, and original African and
                                 Scottish handicrafts and gifts.

               St. George’s West Church, *Shandwick Place, Edinburgh
                          3pm. Saturday 6th. December 2008
                        *(Shandwick Place is a continuation of Princes Street westwards)

                                                    ADMISSION by TICKET

                                          £3.00 including refreshments
                              To reserve tickets please use the contact details below
                                   tartans for Africa, PO Box 28289, Edinburgh EH9 3WW
                                            tel. 0131 667 1314 - mob. O7717538487
                                e-mail: -

                tartans for Africa is a strategic partner of World Women Trade Fair, ProjectAfrica and Africa Health.
Raising awareness and improving lives in Ethiopia, D.R.Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South
                                          Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.
      November 2008     Scotland Malawi Partnership Newsletter                                          Page 9

   Volume 2, Issue 10

                Wilderness Journeys event: 13th November, Edinburgh

Wilderness Journeys invites members of the Scot-
land Malawi Partnership to a special event celebrat-
ing Scotland's relations with Malawi and highlighting
a wide range of exciting adventure and safari travel
possibilities to this wonderful and seldom-visited
country in the heart of Africa. This evening event will
take place at: The Henderson Gallery in Edinburgh
from 6 - 7.30pm on Thursday 13 November 2008.

Our guest speaker will be Chris Badger, Managing
Director of Central African Wilderness Safaris, the
leading tour operator in Malawi and Wilderness Jour-
neys' in-country safari and travel partner.
Chris has a very strong personal interest in Scot-        The event will start at 6.00pm with drinks and nib-
land's historical links with Malawi and the evening       bles, and with the talk will beginning shortly after
will focus on the many safari and travel possibilities    6.30pm. The venue is The Henderson Gallery, 4
for visitors who want to venture off the beaten track     Thistle Street Lane NW, Edinburgh, EH2 1DR (the
to experience the real Malawi.                            gallery is located just behind Hendersons restaurant,
                                                          just off Hanover Street between George Street and
                                                          Queen Street in the city centre).

                                                          If you would like to attend, please RSVP to
                                                 as numbers will be
                                                          limited to the size of the venue. Wilderness Journeys
                                                          are Scotland's leading adventure and ecotourism
                                                          operator. We have won numerous national and inter-
                                                          national awards for our commitment to sustainable
                                                          tourism and our head office is in central Edinburgh.

                                                          Please see or contact
                                                          us for further information on our adventure holidays
                                                          in the world's wild and beautiful regions.

Chris has played a crucial role in the conservation of
Malawi's wilderness and wildlife, designing and sup-
porting numerous local community-based conserva-
tion initiatives and the innovative "Children in the
Wilderness" environmental education programme
for local Malawian children in regions of high natural
importance. He has been instrumental in raising the       2008 - Guardian Ethical Travel Award: Best UK Tour Operator
profile of Malawi on the international tourism stage,     2007 - World Travel Awards: Best Green Tour Operator
                                                          2006 - World Responsible Tourism Awards: Best Tour Operator
most recently with his involvement in the Lake of         - Highly Commended
Stars International Malawi Music Festival.                2005 - VisitScotland Tourism Business of the Year: Winner
    November 2008     Scotland Malawi Partnership Newsletter                                      Page 10

 Volume 2, Issue 10

                        Scotland Malawi School Partnerships

The Scotland Malawi Partnership team is growing        tion, and get advice from fellow teachers. If you are
once again! Rebecca Wood has recently started          interested in registering or would like further infor-
work as a part-time Schools Partnership Intern. She    mation, please contact Rebecca or email
is currently in her fourth year of a Philosophy (MA)
at the University of Edinburgh, and is very eager to
help Scottish schools develop partnerships with Ma-    Rebecca’s second project is creating a Schools
lawi.                                                  Partnership section on the website. This would pro-
                                                       vide useful links and information about all aspects
Rebecca is focusing predominantly on two projects.     of a partnership, from how to find a school to link
Firstly, she is updating the SMP’s database of         with, to where to find relevant teaching resources,
School Partnerships with the intention of creating a   to arranging a visit to Malawi. She is endeavouring
comprehensive online resource that will include all    to catalogue all relevant organisations in Scotland
schools in Scotland that have a link to Malawi. This   that are involved in educational work with Malawi.
database will then enable teachers interested in       Any information that you have to contribute to this
getting involved to contact their local schools that   project would be highly valued!
have an established partnership, and encourage
the sharing of ideas and information between Rebecca is really excited about the opportunities
teachers and further co-operation between schools. these projects would open both for Scottish schools
                                                     and the Scotland Malawi Partnership. If you would
The Scotland Malawi Partnership is hosting a Speed like to contact her she works in the Partnership of-
Networking event on Saturday 8th November, at fice on Thursdays and Fridays and can be reached
Holyrood Secondary School in Glasgow, with these on 0131 529 3164, or by email to rebecca-
goals very much in mind. The event is an ideal op-
portunity to open up the channels of communica-
                                                                       Rebecca Wood, Schools Partnerships Intern

                                         Call for Items
Do you have any upcoming events or interesting articles about your organisation that you would like to
see included in the next Scotland Malawi Partnership Newsletter? This is your chance to promote your
organisation and projects or highlight an important upcoming event. For articles, please include photos
and contact details where possible and keep the articles between 250-500 words, and for events,
please ensure you add RSVP deadlines and ticket prices/fees.

Please email items to by the 20th of the month.

NB. Please be sure that you have permission to use any photographs submitted, as the Partnership is
not responsible for any photos for which permission has not been granted.
                                                                            About the Partnership
                                            The Scotland Malawi Partnership exists to inspire people and organisations of Scotland to be
                                            involved with Malawi in an informed, coordinated and effective way so that both nations benefit.

                                            The SMP is an independent charitable membership organisation. It aims to foster links, consis-
                                            tent with our values, between the two nations, and encourage development of sustainable pro-
                                            jects in Malawi by:
                                            •    raising awareness and encouraging support for that aim through enthusing members and
                                                 supporting their activities
       Scotland Malawi Partnership
       Room 3/7                             •    acting as a forum for encouraging best possible practice in member organisations and ena-
                                                 bling the provision of training and the sharing of ideas, processes and information
       City Chambers,
                                            •    enabling organisations in Scotland, including NGOs, to take advantage of opportunities which
       High Street                               may arise for supporting activities in Malawi, particularly those involving Civil Society
       Edinburgh                            •    encouraging organisations to support activities which, through mobilising Civil Society, will
       EH1 1YJ                                   lead to a reduction of poverty in Malawi and an improved standard of living for all strata of
       Tel: 0131 529 3164                   •    developing support mechanisms which can lead to an exchange of people and/or advance
                                                 cultural, political or economic understanding between Scotland and Malawi
       Fax: 0131 529 3168
                                            •    informing its members of activities, opportunities or items of significance arising in either
       Mob: 07857 766 023                        Scotland or Malawi, particularly relevant plans and initiatives of Malawian individuals and
       Email: info@scotland-                     organisations                •    working with national Governments, Local Authorities, other NGOs and voluntary organisa-
                                                 tions to develop an infrastructure which can be used to benefit its member organisations in
                                                 their Malawian activities
                                            •     informing Civil Society in Scotland about the work of the Partnership and how the efforts of
                                                  Civil Society can positively affect the situation in Malawi

                                                Working together to eradicate poverty in Malawi.
For every £1 you donate as a tax payer, we can claim a further 28 pence from the Government at no extra cost to you. Just complete the agreement

Gift Aid Declaration
This Declaration is applicable ONLY to UK personal tax payers who pay income or capital gains tax of an amount at least equal to the tax deducted
from the donation.

   I have already completed a Gift Aid Declaration for the Scotland Malawi Partnership
   I/we wish the SMP to treat all donations made by me/us from the 6 April 2006 as Gift Aid donations unless and until I/we notify you otherwise.

      E-mail:                                                    Tel:
      Signature:                                                 Date:


    I enclose a one-off donation of £…………. (Cheques made payable to The Scotland Malawi Partnership Ltd)
    I would like to donate regularly and have completed the Standing Order Mandate below.

Standing Order Mandate
To: Bank or Building Society                                 Account to be debited
Name…………………………………………                               Sort Code………………………………………
Branch………………………………………..                            Account No:……………………………………
Address………………………………………                             Account Name………………………………….…………………………………………….
Payment Details

Amount of payment £………… to be paid every          month / quarter / year   (delete as appropriate)

Amount of usual payment (in words)…………………………………………………………….....
Date of first payment………………………………………………………………………………..
Please return this form to us: The Scotland Malawi Partnership, City of Edinburgh Council, Room 3/7, City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh, EH1
Thank you for your generosity.

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