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					Question-Answer Relationships – 4 Types of Questions
As you read, develop questions for each of these categories.

In the Book QARs
Right There
The answer is in the text, usually easy to find. The words used to make up the question and words used to answer the question are Right There in the same sentence.

In My Head QARs
Author and You
The answer is not in the story. You need to think about what you already know, what the author tells you in the text, and how it fits together.

Sample Right There Questions In what year was the Declaration of Independence signed? Your Right There Question:

Sample Author and You Questions Which right in the Bill of Rights is most important to you and why? Your Author and You Question:

Think and Search (Putting it Together)
The answer is in the selection, but you need to put together different pieces of information to find it. Words for the question and words for the answer are not found in the same sentence. They come from different places in the selection.

On My Own
The answer is not in the selection. You can even answer the question without reading the selection. You need to use your own experience. Use your prior knowledge.

Sample Think and Search Questions 1. Give several reasons why people should exercise. Your Think and Search Question:

Sample On My Own Questions 1. What do you know about good nutrition?

Your On My Own Question:

Adapted from Project CRISS

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