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					                          The Church at Work
                                World Relief Malawi                                                                 2006 Annual Report*
                          Snapshot: St. John’s Anglican Church
                                 Salima, Malawi
                                 St John’s Anglican Church in the Salima District has         Of the volunteers who reached out to Harrison
                                 brought life and hope to people living with HIV/AIDS,        and his wife, Judith and many other people living
                                 for the past two years. Because of its faithful re-          with HIV/AIDS, one of the church leaders at St
                                 sponse to World Relief’s trainings, volunteers have          John’s said, “There is power indeed in knowledge,
                                 reached out with care and compassion to commu-               but knowledge alone without deeds is nothing.”
                                 nity members with HIV/AIDS.

                                 Even in the advanced stages of AIDS, Harrison Si-
                                 tima is living a courageous life with the help of St.
                                 John’s volunteers. When he was visited in May by a
                                 volunteer from St. John’s, he had just completed his
                                 initial treatment for tuberculosis. He looked weak
                                 and sick, but the smile of volunteers and the Word of
                                 God encouraged him. Today, after undergoing anti-
                                 retroviral therapy for four months, he can walk on his
                                 own. He plans to start a small business at Salima                  Malawian Pastor praying
                                 Town Market to support his wife and four children.

                           Churches Together Changing Malawi
                                 While most Malawians proclaim Christ, many prac-             The Church boldly leads the way in the fight
                                 tice a “folk Christianity” threaded with traditional reli-   against AIDS, once viewed as a curse from God.
                                 gious beliefs. After years of floods, droughts, and          They are caring for those living with AIDS, and
                                 disease epidemics, such beliefs become a way to              embracing orphans left behind.
                                 explain their losses. Even though elected President
                                                                                              Volunteers set mothers free from harmful prac-
                                 of Malawi, Bingu wa Mutharika, has instituted strong
                                                                                              tices, as they empower them with sound knowl-
Inside this issue:               fiscal policies and a rigorous anti-corruption cam-
                                                                                              edge of health, hygiene and nutrition.
 Program Report          2-3     paign, years of misspending of public funds, poor
                                 roads and infrastructure, and recurrent droughts             Churches across Malawi are embracing God’s
  HIV/AIDS                 2
                                 have left the Malawian people cynical and hopeless-          vision for their communities – speaking the words
  Agriculture              2
                                 even in the Church                                           of truth and life.
  MED                      3
  Child Survival           3     Now, through discipleship and theological training,          Accomplishments in 2006 include:
 Partnership Report      4-5     the church is beginning to root out harmful practices.       •    The enrichment of 2,500 church leaders with
  Exec. Summary            4     As people experience God’s love through the hands                 basic Christian teachings and leadership
  Partnership Metrics       4    of others and participate in His purpose through on-              skills to facilitate transformation within their
  Events Calendar           5    going ministries, they become less reliant on animis-             churches
  Budget Report             5
                                 tic explanations for their suffering.
                                                                                              •    11 consultations and HIV/AIDS workshops
 Pastor Interview          6     Because of this, pastors and their congregations
 Program Metrics           6     have been able to embrace the vision of holistic min-
                                 istry in their communities. Their efforts are trans-         •    The establishment, equipping and strengthen-
                                 forming lives.                                                    ing of more than 350 church ministry teams

                    *Unless otherwise noted, 2006 reporting period ends December 2006. FY2006 reporting ends September 2006.
Page 2                                                                                     T h e C h u r c h a t Wo r k
HIV/AIDS: Mobilizing for Life and Mobilizing Youth for Life
         Caring for People
         The hallmark of World Relief’s AIDS program in Malawi is mobilizing churches to provide direct support to people
         living with HIV/AIDS and to orphans and vulnerable children. World Relief equips churches to develop ministry
         teams that meet regularly for Bible Study and prayer and share their Christian love with action – food aid, agricul-
         tural empowerment, and child protection.

         Local churches have a great deal of freedom in undertaking new initiatives. Near Lake Malawi, in a rural village called
         Matenga, a local partner church from the Pentecostal denomination has grown by leaps and bounds because of its AIDS
         ministry. When World Relief teamed up with the church in 2000, it had eight members. Today it has 270 members – 72 of
         them living with AIDS. Most members are also caregiver volunteers who reach out to others.

         St. Andrews Anglican Church in Nkhotakota formed a ministry team in 1999, drawing from several of its 12 church plants.
         They currently care for 100 orphans, but their vision is much greater – to reach every one of the 2,500 estimated orphans
         within the area surrounding their 12 congregations. In six years of ministry, they have noticed a decrease in the number of
         new orphan cases each year – a development that church leaders believe is linked to the AIDS ministry of the local church.

         St. Paul’s Anglican Church initiated AIDS ministry after local members noticed orphans, sometimes as many as 20 at a
         time, sleeping in their church building. The children fled in the morning to avoid being seen by church workers. The church
         built an orphan house for homeless children, and church families adopted some of the orphans. With World Relief’s sup-
         port, the church now serves 105 orphans and vulnerable children.

         Mobilizing Youth for Life
         World Relief Malawi continues to progress in its calling to fight against HIV/AIDS by establishing Church-based youth clubs
         in order to reduce the risk of infection among the youth through peer support and encouragement. These groups have moti-
         vated and supported young people to participate in community projects. Youth are encouraged to take social responsibility
         and become self-reliant.

         Accomplishments in 2006 include:

         •   200 ministry team members trained in home-based care             •    151 youth clubs established

         •   40 support groups established                                    •    610 youth leaders trained

         •   1,145 people engaged in voluntary counseling and testing

         Ministry teams from approximately 60 of our 700 local partner churches receive training from agricultural specialists hired by
         World Relief. These trainings encourage soil conservation techniques and winter cropping. We also supply seeds, tools and
         other materials.

         Accomplishments in 2006 include:
         •   6,000 farming households received agricultural training and supplies in Salima and Ntchisi

         •   60% sold cash crops and 70% grew adequate food for their families

         •   Agricultural training was incorporated into our youth and children’s clubs
2 0 0 6 A n n u a l Re p o r t *                                                                                                               Page 3

Lucy Banda of Kawale village in Embangweni, Mzimba is one of the hard-working women
who labor in their gardens to ensure that their husbands and children are fed throughout the
year. At the beginning of the farming season, Lucy received seeds that she planted in her
garden. Today she is happy because of the fruits her hard-working hands have produced.

She says: “I am happy with my yield this year. My family will have enough food. I have man-
aged to harvest over ten bags of corn. My children will not suffer hunger or malnutrition.”

Maternal & Child Health: Child Survival
        The church’s transformational role in community health was seen
        this year in the remote Chitipa District as World Relief staff                     Treating sick children within 24 hours
        trained church and community-based volunteers to teach life-
        saving health skills to their neighbors.                               80%
                                                                               60%                                                       48%
        Our 59 staff members completed their first year of training in
        2006 – empowering 3060 volunteers to reach a population of             40%                                             21%
        175,000 people. With plans to complete the project by the end of       20%
        2009, we completed interventions in nutrition, diarrhea, malaria,       0%
        pneumonia and immunization in 2006. Attention was given to                      Children with fever receive      Children with rapid, difficult
        specific behaviors documented in the scientific literature to re-               treatment within 24 hours     breathing receive treatment within
        duce mortality, such as immunizations and treatment of diarrhea                                                            24 hours
        with oral rehydration therapy. Each household in the community
                                                                                                Baseline (2005) 1st Monitoring Survey (2006)
        received visits twice month.

        As church volunteers see sickly children transformed into lively toddlers, they are inspired to trek miles to remote areas to
        share their new-found skills with others. Unknown to the health clinic staff in the region, more than 800 people were scattered
        in secluded households in the Wenyan hills on the north western border of Malawi. Traveling long distances, impoverished
        themselves and often with children slung on their backs, our volunteers sought out every one of these secluded people. For
        the first time, these isolated families in the hills learned that mosquitoes transmit the deadly disease malaria and that using
        insecticide treated bed nets at night would help protect their children from infection.

        Our work in Chitipa follows a similar project completed in Mzimba between 2000 and 2004. Analysis of this project
        by a researcher from the United States Agency for International Development’s technical support unit found a 29%
        reduction in child mortality. World Relief’s work has been recognized by the Malawian Minister of Health.

Child Development
        Through Child Development, World Relief Malawi has equipped local churches to meet the physical, emotional, psychological
        and spiritual needs of orphans and other vulnerable children. Often times, these children face serious challenges such as
        hunger, lack of parental love, and physical and emotional abuse. In 2006, World Relief Malawi offered envisioning workshops
        in Nkhota Kota, Salima, and Ntchisi in order to challenge church leaders to begin holistic church based ministry for children in
        their communities.

        Accomplishments in 2006 include:
        •   62 new child development centers established

        •   16 teachers trained

        •   More than 3,000 children enrolled in child development centers
Page 4                                                                                       T h e C h u r c h a t Wo r k
Church Partnerships: 2006 Executive Summary
         In the past three years, World Relief’s strategic church partners have engaged in various ministries to learn about, care for,
         strengthen and build the capacity of World Relief programs and local churches around the world. Dozens of short-term
         teams have visited the field and hundreds of partner church members have been changed through their first-hand experi-
         ence with the global Church. Short- and long-term volunteers have added tremendous value and depth to World Relief pro-
         grams and planning, building local capacity through leadership development, communications and logistics coordination,
         and strategic planning facilitation. Most importantly, strategic church partners hold World Relief accountable to its mission to
         work with, from, and for the Church, challenging us to think, plan, and act holistically in every area of our work.

         Also in the past three years, the number and influence of World Relief strategic church partners have grown significantly. In
         2006 alone, 26 partner churches participated in roughly 30 vision & ministry trips, collaborated in five regional strategy
         meetings, and ministered to hundreds of World Relief staff, volunteers and beneficiaries through their prayers, encourage-
         ment, training and financial support exceeding $1.5 million worldwide. These numbers continue to grow in 2007, extending
         the depth and breadth of partnership into the fabric of World Relief.

         In 2006, Malawi church partner involvement ranged from providing medical and spiritual care to people living with HIV/AIDS
         and other diseases, to conducting pastors’ training and bible studies with local church leaders; from building staff capacity in
         communications and information technology, to helping lead youth retreats and encourage youth leaders to maintain biblical
         lifestyles. Priorities for 2007 include further staff capacity building, deepening of relationships between partners and district
         staff and churches, continued integration of pastoral training and spiritual development into all the ministry of World Relief,
         and greater partner collaboration on behalf of the African church, working together to grow, encourage, and equip our Afri-
         can brothers and sisters to respond to the needs of their communities.

         We are so thankful for our church partners. Truly, our ministry would not be as rich and transformational without your in-
         volvement. We pray for increasing wisdom and grace, and for greater empowerment of the whole Church. May you be
         blessed by this report of how God is at work.

         Allison Schroeder
         Director of Church Partnerships

Measuring Progress                                                          FY2006 Partnership Metrics
         In partnership with one another, it is important to measure
                                                                              Partners in Malawi                                   7
         our progress. On multiple levels, the numbers at the right
                                                                              Partners in the Southern Africa Region
         represent relationship. Partner income increases the sus-                                                                13
         tainability and potential of each World Relief program;
                                                                              Partners Worldwide                                  26
         World Relief programs reach out to and empower individu-
         als, whether spiritually, physically, economically, or emo-          Partner Income in Malawi                         $244,296*
         tionally; while each church partner, each ministry trip, and         Partner Income in SAR                            $652,096**
         each volunteer create new friendships between Malawians
                                                                              Partner Income Worldwide                      $1,592,595†
         and Americans. In turn, these new friendships foster en-
         couragement, personal challenge, and a glimpse of the                Vision Trips to Malawi                               1
         love of God. While these numbers do not fully reflect the            Engagement Activity in Malawi –
         true depth of relationship fostered in partnership, they dem-        measured in ministry trips/projects
         onstrate part of the impact each of our partners has in Ma-          Vision Trips Worldwide                              10
         lawi and around the world.                                           Engagement Activity Worldwide –
                                                                              measured in ministry trips/projects

                                                                             *$15,975 above budget
                                                                             **$58,370 above budget †$116,044 above budget
2 0 0 6 A n n u a l Re p o r t *                                                                                                                 Page 5

Highlights of 2006                                                     Looking Ahead to 2007
     June 2006 – Visit from Tearfund Switzerland                         May 10-11 – Partnership strategic discussions, in conjunc-
                                                                         tion with World Relief Board of Directors meeting.
     June 2006 – Visit from World Relief President and his wife,
     Sammy and Lorelei Mah.                                              Summer 2007 – New Partnership Coordinator arrives (God
     Summer 2006 –Kyle and Amy Guerrero of The River, in
     San Jose, CA, accept the position of Partnership Coordina-          Summer 2007 – 7 ministry trips in the planning process
     tor. Their presence in Malawi begins building the capacity
                                                                         October 18-20 – Congregate – Global partnership meeting
     of the World Relief Malawi staff by serving as a liaison be-
                                                                         to be held in Baltimore, MD.
     tween the church partners, World Relief Headquarters and
     the Malawi office.

     Summer 2006 – Four ministry trips from Malawi Church
     Partners bless Malawian pastors, staff, youth, and people
     living with HIV/AIDS.

     January 2007 –Southern Africa Partnership Meetings,
     Akron, OH

Working Together
     World Relief’s success in Southern Africa would not be possible without our partner churches. In FY2006, Southern Africa
     church partners invested more than $650,000 into World Relief Malawi and Mozambique programs, supporting Church Mobili-
     zation, HIV/AIDS, Child Survival, and numerous other programs. The commitment of these partner churches has made it pos-
     sible for us to develop pastors’ training, foster leadership development, implement strategic planning, and do much more to
     empower the Church to alleviate spiritual and physical poverty in Malawi and Mozambique. We thank God for you!

     Individuals from each congregation are also being touched by the ministry, through volunteer commitments, ministry trips, and
     field staff visits. Our hope is that the number of people personally involved in and committed to the partnership would multiply
     in the coming years and that lives in each US church partner and in Africa’s Great Lakes region would be transformed in the

FY2006 Income: Public, Private & Partner
                       FY06 Funding by Sector                                                   FY06 Partnership Incom e
                                                                                                as % of Total Private Income

                                                    Inst it ut ional
             Private                                                                                                      P ar t ner
             Funding                                                                                                      I nc o me
              46%                                                                                                              4 1%

                                                                            Ot he r P r i v a t e
                                                                                 I nc om e
                                   Internat ional                                  59%

      FY06 Funding by Sector                                                 FY06 Partnership Income
      Institutional Funding                             505,903.66
                                                                             Partner Income                                            244,296
      International Funding                             191,441.63
      Private Funding                                  597,326.80            Other Private Income                                353,030.80
      Total                                          1,294,672.09            Total                                               597,326.80
                                                                                                                                   Page 6

Interview with Father Jezikamale,
minister to a 1,200-member congre-
gation in the Ntchisi district in Ma-
lawi. His church has been a World                                                           World Relief Malawi
relief partner since 2004.
                                                                                            Program Metrics
  Q: How would you have de-                                                                 Response
  scribed your views about peo-
  ple infected by HIV/AIDS four                                                                 Year operational                      2000
  years ago?
                                                                                                Local Church Partners                  700

                                                                                                Staff                                   87
  A: Frankly, before undergoing trainings on HIV/AIDS organized by World Re-
  lief, I viewed HIV/AIDS as a disease for sinners and a punishment from God. I                 Volunteers                            3890
  believed that those who suffer because of HIV/AIDS were simply paying the
  price for sleeping recklessly with members of the opposite sex outside of mar-                % Indigenous Staff                    100%
                                                                                                % Workforce volunteer                  98%

  Q: What changed for you?
  A: Very honestly, I recognized that my Anglican congregation had not been                     Farmers                               6,000
  spared of the disease. As a result, I saw my role re-defined as a change agent
                                                                                                Mothers                              40,000
  in this society called to meet the spiritual, mental, psychological and physical
  needs of my flock. A great number of them have HIV/AIDS. Very truthfully,                     Children under age 5                 32,000
  HIV/AIDS has not spared anybody. Some leaders in my church are also HIV
  positive. But this does not stop them from making meaningful contributions to                 Youth (ages 5 to 12)                 13,500
  various ministries within our church.
                                                                                                Orphans                               1,700

  Q: How were you able to translate these changes in your own attitude to                       People living with HIV/AIDS           1,300
  your congregation?
                                                                                            Investment (FY06)

                                                                                                HIV/AIDS                           $536,962
  A: At first people were not coming out into the open to declare their HIV
  status. Worse, people were not going for voluntary counseling and testing to                  Child Survival                     $479,932
  know their HIV status. They were afraid that once discovered, they would be
  shunned by their family and church.                                                           Ag/Business Development            $105,955

                                                                                                Relief/Refugee Care                $113,675
  But this is not the case any more. People have seen that even people with
                                                                                                Program Management                  $58,148
  HIV/AIDS can make a dramatic impact on others. They can serve God as
  faithfully as those without the disease.                                                  Total                               $1,294,672

  Q: What are some of the ministries you have developed at your church                               Relief/
  as a result of World Relief’s trainings?                                                          Refugee
                                                                                                                          FY06 Funding By Program
                                                                                                     Care             Program
                                                                                                      9%              Mgmt &
  A: We have created a patient support group for people living with HIV/AIDS,        Agriculture/                    Facilitation
  and we have developed a youth club that helps promote abstinence. This              Business                          4%
  year, the youth were given some farm inputs such as maize seed, soya beans           Dev't                                             HIV/AIDS
  and fertilizer which has enabled the church to anticipate a promising harvest          8%                                                42%
  at the end of this season. With these efforts under way, we will have the
  means to feed many orphans and to sell surplus produce. These initiatives
  help us meet the needs of those with AIDS in the congregation – some of
  whom are too weak to work.                                                                             Child

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