Work Breakdown Structure Table Template

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									This is a template that can be used to designate specific tasks during the commission of
a business project. This template provides a chart designating the project task or
activity, the definition of the project task or activity, the responsible person or group,
estimated or actual costs, and the project phase. Additionally, this template can be
customized to provide for any additional industry specific language that may be
necessary. This template should be used by small businesses or other entities that
want to clearly designate tasks in association with a specific project.
                                                      Work Breakdown Structure Table
Provide basic information about the project including: Project Title – The proper name used to identify this project; Project Working Title - The working name
or acronym that will be used for the project; Proponent Secretary - The Secretary to whom the proponent agency is assigned or the Secretary that is sponsoring
an enterprise project; Proponent Agency – The agency that will be responsible for the management of the project; Prepared by – The person(s) preparing this
document; Date/Control Number – The date the plan is finalized and the change or configuration item control number assigned.

 Project Title:                                                                  Project Working Title:

 Proponent Secretary:                                                            Proponent Agency:

 Prepared by:                                                                    Date / Control Number:

                                                                                                              Estimated (E) or
                     WBS Elements                                                          Responsible         Actual (A) Cost          Project Phase
Element           Activity, Task, or Sub-        Definition of Activity, Task, or           Person or         (Cross reference         (Cross reference
Number                      Task                    Sub-Task (Description)                   Group               to budget)              to schedule)


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