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									This Pilot Plan Template provides a customizable form to help a business determine
how a project will affect its customers and employees. The pilot plan serves as a real-
world, small-scale deployment of the project, which allows the business to predict how it
will affect a wider reach. This document is used to guide a business in creating its own
project's pilot plan. The business can customize the elements within the template to fit
the particular needs of the project. This document should be used by any business that
is interesting in creating a pilot plan for a project.
                                                                             Title of Project
                                                                                        Pilot Plan

Pilot Plan
Title of Project

1. What is a Pilot Plan?

        This template of a Pilot Plan provides a customizable form to help your business
        determine how a project can affect customers and employees. Your Pilot Plan serves as
        a real-world, small-scale deployment of your project, which allows you to determine how
        its impacts will affect a wider reach.

        Rather than using a simulated environment, in the way you would use a Dress
        Rehearsal, a Pilot is an actual implementation, on a smaller scale, of a project or
        product. The scope of a Pilot may be more tightly focused than a Dress Rehearsal.

        Use this document to guide in creating your own project’s Pilot Plan. Customize the
        elements within the template to fit your own project’s needs.

        This document utilizes several tools:

        Tools for Improvement & Development Paths:
           ● Poka Yoke
           ● FMEA

        IMPORTANT: Please note that the wording in blue italics are for your internal use only
        and should be removed when editing for your organization.

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                                                        Title of Project
                                                                 Pilot Plan

Table of Contents

Table of Contents                                                        2
          I. Scope of Pilot                                              3
          II. Objectives                                                 3
                  A. Top priority                                        3
                  B. Medium priority                                     3
                  C. Lowest priority                                     3
          III. Risks and Assumptions                                     3
          IV. Schedule Overview in Detail                                3
          V. Pilot Design                                                3
                  A. Schedule                                            3
                  B. Requirements                                        3
                  C. Data management process                             4
                  D. Environment                                         4
                  E. Success factors                                     4

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                                                                                           Title of Project
                                                                                                        Pilot Plan

  I. Scope of Pilot

  Here, discuss the parameters of your Pilot in order to provide the high level details team members will
  need to appraise and test your Pilot appropriately. Include notes on duration of tests, dates, participants
  and purpose of tests.

  II. Objectives
A.Top priority
  Discuss the highest and most critical priorities of your project, as well as the project’s goals.

B.Medium priority
  Still important, but of lesser urgency priorities should be mentioned here. These are not required to
  continue the project.

C.Lowest priority
  These priorities are “nice to haves.” They are of interest, but are not crucial to the project.

  III. Risks and Assumptions

  What conclusions do you expect to reach upon completion of your project’s Pilot? Discuss here potential
  errors the Pilot might reveal, how it will impact customers and employees, how long these issues might
  take to resolve, any environmental factors that might keep results from differing from normal business
  results, and what results to expect from those factors.

  Briefly list risks as potential problems with the Pilot, as well as risks that might occur during normal
  production. This will help in the implementation process.

  Include a contingency plan in the event that problems occur in the Pilot. These should include at the least:
  any risks actually occurring, failed assumptions, workarounds that may be needed in case of risks

  IV. Schedule Overview in Detail

  Provide overview of action items that will need to be completed during Pilot. Group tasks by day or week.

  V. Pilot Design

  Determine dates and scheduling of the Pilot in this section. Allow a reasonable preparation time as well
  as lock-down dates that prevent additional changes being made after those dates. Include start and end
  dates, deliver dates and progression window to next phase.

  List any requirements that your Pilot needs, including environment, staff, hardware and software.

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                                                                                       Title of Project
                                                                                                    Pilot Plan

 For example, if your project is a software launch, your Pilot environment system would require a particular
 setup on the server or computer system piloting the program, including memory, speed of the processor,
 et cetera.

F.Data management process
 Outline your processes and system to record the results from the Pilot. Include detailed documentation
 and instructions for how this will be recorded, and ensure anyone who will be involved in data
 management have the appropriate access to computers and the Internet.

 Your Pilot’s environment should be separated from normal production. Choose your environment based
 on the criteria in the Business Case and Project Charter documents. Your Pilot’s environment can go
 beyond physical, and can include teams and departments.

H.Success factors
 Prior to launching your Pilot, determine how you will measure results. It’s key to determine what will act as
 a success in the process. Success of the project should be tied to the project initiative. If the overall
 project goal is to save $5 million for your client, what results would the Pilot need to show, in its smaller

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                                                                                                               Title of Project
                                                                                                                                Pilot Plan

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