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					Due Diligence Review

  Incorporated in Ohio, July 2009
    Presented by Tony Legeza
                           The Problem
There are over 68 Million registered consoles gamers online who enjoy the
   capability of engaging and interacting with users across the globe.

• Currently there are few integrated online solutions which allow them to
  spend their entertainment time and dollars.

• Many users are looking for ways to monetize their video gaming skills.

                       The Solution
• Provides a content rich community for members with
  integrated Web 2.0 applications.
   • Twitter, FaceBook, Blogs, Forums, Etc
   • Upload Photos and Video (YouTube)

• Beyond Gaming has developed a platform for unlimited
  competitive, stakes based console gaming.
    • Monthly Membership Options
   • Safe, Secure, & Legal Environment
   • Cash Gaming for games of skill:
             • Head2Head, Tournaments, & Leagues
            • Scheduled or On-Demand Functionality

                      The Technology
                            The Technology

               Proprietary Algorithm verifies and automates
Proprietary algorithm based software whichBase software:
transactions accurately post competition on numerous titles.
               • Captures and verify competition results
Revenue is derived from the membership based business model; the
                   • Numerous attractive game titles.
company becomes much moreskill basedto participate in for the end
                   • the competition which
user as opposed to Numerous platforms takes a percentage of each
competition played. Moreover, Beyond Gaming has no vested interest
               • Suggests possible competitions based on
in which player prevails (unlike in a Casino game or sport betting
                 calculated skill level, site rating & interests.
scenario). Beyond Gaming provides the environment in which the
games are arranged and guarantees that the winners get paid. Beyond
               • Arranges of games, tournaments and the online
Gaming serves as a catalystTournaments or let users create
                 their own private tournaments and correlated
gaming community and does not receive proceeds directlyleagues
to the outcome of any tournament or match between its members.

                            The Competition
•   Free membership to join, (approx. 25,000 users)
•   Takes 14% “Service Fee” from each competition
•   Launched public access Feb 2009
•   Limited gaming titles supported, automatically verified
•   No community features
•   Free membership to join (approx. 20,000 users)
•   Takes 14% (started at 10%) cut from each competition
•   Launched public access June 2009
•   Supports any gaming title, self reporting honor system
•   No community features

                      The Competitive Advantage
Proprietary software algorithms
    • Enable automatic verification of games results
        • Used in conjunction with dispute resolution team
    • Eliminates cheating/ scams on competitions
    • Allows scalability to numerous titles and integrates
      with new product introductions
Membership based operating structure
    • Legal and predictable revenue streams
        • Not an escrow agent or bookmarker
    • Members allowed unlimited game play
        • Rewards for those who play more
Lean Operating Structure
   • < 1 year development time
   • Near market ready product with no debt and little capitalization

                          Legal Review
Terms and Conditions of registered members explicitly state that
the Beyond Gaming model:
   • Is only applicable for 18+ years of age (Credit Card verification)
   • Does not act as a bookmaker for competitions
   • Does not act as escrow agent for the members
   • Is not applicable to the 10 States which currently prohibit wagering on
     games of skill (AZ, AR, FL, IL, IA, LA, MD, MS, NV, TN) (verified account
   • Members agree to 12 monthly payments with cancellation option
Two (2) favorable legal opinions:
   • Brandon S. Cohen, Esq.
   • Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick

                                     The Market
         Target Customer Profile
    •   Average Gamer 35 yrs old
    •   Median HH Income of $68,700
    •   62% College Grads
    •   60% Male / 40% Female

• Total market size: 211.08 Million internet capable gaming consoles (7/09)
• 68 Million registered console gamers online (12/09)
• By 2011, the worldwide gaming market will be worth $48.9 billion
                                             *According to the PriceWaterHouse Coopers (PwC)

                Online Marketing Strategy
Developed by Hart and Associates
June 18th & June 19th Live Event at Levis Commons
   • Anticipated attendance approximately 5,800
   • Radio, Television, Newspaper exposure
   • Live demos and gaming opportunities with BG members across the globe
Electronic Media Kit in Development
   • Will be distributed to many key influencers in the space
   • Used in Conjunction with PR campaigns
Viral Marketing campaign
   •   Facebook Advertising Campaigns
   •   Email Blast thru MailChimp services
   •   Twitter followers
   •   SEO/SEM campaigns
   •   Recent Positive review, online at

                Online Marketing Strategy
Street Team Activities
   • Interns: 6 University of Toledo students with
     video gaming backgrounds
   • Teams at OSU, UM & MSU
   • Incentivized plan to reward Street Team
     members based on acquiring paying
     customers, and time spent on the website.

Site Launch Event
   •   Anticipated event Late June
   •   Host Large Scale Tournament; participants both Live and Online
   •   Event focused on core demographic and membership sales
   •   Partnership with Monster Energy Drink as Co-Sponsor
   •   Developing relationships with Top Talent with name recognition in
       the gaming industry.

                     The Management Team
Anthony J. Legeza: CEO/President
    • BSME, MBA (in-process), Six-Sigma Green Belt
    • 9+ yrs Project Management, Engineering
Justin R. Yamek: Vice President
    • 7+ yrs Competitive Gaming, Major League Gaming Ranked Player
Dan M. Gross: Chief Technology Officer
   • Web-Design, DB Management, Network Protocols
Brandon S. Cohen: Strategic Partner, Secretary & General Counsel
    • Successful startup and exit experience with Gateway Defender, Inc.
      University of Toledo Lecturer & Chair of Ohio’s IT Alliance
Management Needs
   Community Manager: (TBD)
   Software Engineer: (TBD)
   Finance Officer: (TBD)

                       The Advisory Board
David Murray: Social Media Communications Expert
   • Author of numerous Blogs
   • Co-Chair FutureMidwest; Founder Social Media Club, Detroit Chapter
   • Over 6,500 followers on Twitter
Darby Felton: Co-Founder, DevBots Inc.
   • PHP developer; co-author of Zend Framework ( is built on Zend)
   • Certified Software Engineer in PHP 4, PHP 5, & Zend Technologies
Charles Hussman: Editor in Chief, Gaming Nexus
   • Wealth of Industry contacts and relationships
   • Writer and Editor of Gaming Industry news, reviews, products, & services
TBD: Finance & Marketing Advisory Board Members
   • BeyondGaming realizes it has a resource deficit in Finance and Marketing.
     We would like to engage potential candidates once identified in these areas.

                    Financial Summary

Financial Assumptions:
       1. Fully Subscribed PPM by June 2010
       2. Management Team and infrastructure in place to support anticipated growth rates.
       3. Intended growth rate reaching 30k paying members by month 12 and 50k by month 18.
       4. All advertising and Ecommerce revenue has been excluded from this model.

          Investment Opportunity
Type of Security:                             Series A Preferred Equity
Total Amount of Round:                        $500,000
Pre-Money Valuation:                          $950,000
Post-Money Valuation:                         $1,450,000
Use of Funds:                                 To commercialize and market the service to
                                              support our forecasted growth rates. Hire key
                                              employees to support the business.
Dividend Rate (Preferred):                    10% accruing per annum, compounded
Board Seats:                                  TBD

                 Founders:                                     44.23%
                 Investors:                                    30.77%
                 Follow on/Warrants/Option Pool:               25.00%
                  Total:                                        100%


“Beyond Gaming exists to provide an engaging platform of competition
     for online consoles gamers worldwide. Play for $omething”


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