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Starbuck Partner Engagement How to Guide


Starbuck Partner Engagement How to Guide

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									   Sierra Student Coalition & Starbucks Partnership
                               Info for Partners
Starbucks just moved America closer to a clean energy economy! This
year, Starbucks gave one of its Shared Planet Youth Action Grant s to the Sierra
Student Coalition.

The Sierra Student Coalition is a broad network of high school and
college-aged youth whose mission is to train, empower, and organize youth to run
effective campaigns that result in tangible environmental victories and that develop
leaders for the environmental movement .

We are grateful for this grant, and we are excited to actively help you meet your
national goals for tackling climate change and increasing community involvement by
directly involving you in our campaign activities! Would you be willing to engage in
this partnership?

Getting involved in Sierra Student Coalition campaign activities is a win-
win deal. You get to help further Starbucks’ environmental stewardship and
community involvement goals, while helping in concrete ways to further our
campaigns to build a clean energy economy.

Here are 3 simple ways to support the Sierra Student Coalition in our work:

   1. Volunteer power: We’re excited to help Starbucks meet an ambitious goal of
      contributing 1 million volunteer hours a year by 2015 through the “Mark Your
      Mark” program. Store Managers & Partners can participate in Sierra Student
      Coalition campaign activities such as call parties, letter-writing events, rallies,
      meetings with decision-makers, and more.

   2. Meetings hosted in-store: We’re frequently holding campaign planning
      meetings, and would love to explore the possibility of using your store.

   3. Food & drink donations for campaign activities: We’re occasionally looking for
      coffee and snacks for rallies, conferences, and other events; if you have a
      budget for donations, we’d love to discuss possibilities!

 Sign up today at to let us know you’d
       like to work together. We look forward to working with you!

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