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Social media engagement brochure SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT

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Australia leads the world in social media engagement with the highest global average for time
spent per month engaging with social media. Facebook and LinkedIn are dominant external
sites - many companies are building their own or augmenting existing websites to make
dialogue the focus of their online presence.

Engagement is the emotional bond community members, customers and employees develop with an
organisation during repeated, ongoing positive interactions. Conversations once confined to bus stop, market
and water cooler are now happening faster, more regularly, and much more broadly online. The technology
that facilitates those conversations also makes it possible to contribute in a highly targeted and measured
way, and on a grand scale. With informative or entertaining contributions to dialogue you can gain people’s
interest and learn more about them, supporting communication and research into the future.

> Element                   > Action                                 > Outcome

Map your world              We give you a clear picture of how big   Know what your people know, say and
                            and how active your community is         do – have gives you the confidence to
                            online.                                  respond.
                            We find out where they interact, what    Be aware of the sub-cultural groups
                            they’re saying, who they hang out with   and their influences. Speak the
                            and the technology that makes it         language they do.
                            possible. Most importantly, we find      Make the right technology decisions.
                            out what they want and who they trust
                            for advice.

Have a plan                 We draw on experience to craft online    Have the peace of mind from having
                            engagement strategies that set out       an expert at the table. There won’t be
                            clear goals and address how to handle    any surprises you are not prepared to
                            potential risks.                         manage.
                            We define the metrics with which to      The systems and methodology
                            measure the rewards you will reap        employed will demonstrate the
                            from getting more active online.         effectiveness of your strategy.

Establish your presence     We find or build web-based solution      Have the right solution for the task.
                            that works for you – whether             Become a respected and valued
                            establishing your place on an existing   contributor of key social networks.
                            network or developing your very own
                                                                     You will maximise efficiency and
                            social media platform.
                                                                     minimise costs.

Give your content legs      We place your ideas among social         See your ideas realised in new ways.
                            groups that appreciate them.             Watch and measure the responses of
                            We breathe life into your content and    the people you want to get to.
                            repurpose it through many different      Make one piece of work keep giving
                            mediums, across multiple channels.       again and again.

Respond to your world       We put in place systems to monitor       Have absolute visibility over your
                            and analyse conversations.               world.
                            Our experienced tacticians will          Have the opportunity to respond in
                            contribute to discussions, turning       real-time; driving interest or getting
                            issues into opportunities.               feedback for new ideas.
                            We introduce new value propositions,     Inform strategic planning to improve
                            products and service ideas, getting      multiple business functions: from
                            everything right for broader             marketing to service delivery.
                            networking.                              Perform like never before.

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