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SISTAH Talk with Ty Adams

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									The SISTAHS Ministry International                                                  January – March, 2010

 Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™

                                                           There Are No Victims
                                                                in God’s Army…
                                                                 Only VICTORS!
                                                                        Cynthia D. Johnson

                                                               Mum’s The Word
                                                                            Burnette Parker

                                                               Waiting on Love or
                                                         Is Love Waiting on You?
                                                                            Stylicia Bowden

                                                         Can Women Have It All?
                                                                             Jewell R. Powell

                                                                     True Intimacy
                                                                  Minister Carmen Murray

                                                           Out of the Wilderness
                                                                              Ramelle T. Lee

          America’s Leading Sexpert
                    On the Cover: Ty Adams, Author of Single, Saved, & Having Sex
                                       The SISTAHS Ministry
                                                                                                  SISTAH Teen Mentoring
                                          International                                                    Initiative
                                                                                                     Elder Sharnae Coakley,
                                      I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God,              Director
                                          that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy,
                                      acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. ~    International Chapters
                                                           Romans 12:1
                                                                                                         Africa & Italy
                                                                                                   Prophetess Magdaline Ihaza
Saved by grace                                                                                             Okoduwa
In the beauty of holiness
Seeking to serve and encourage all women                                                                     India
Taking back what the devil has attempted to steal from us                                           Pastor Joshua Gona and
                                                                                                   The Hebron Prayer Church
Anointed by the power of God presenting our bodies
Holy and acceptable unto God which is our reasonable
Service                                                                                                U.S. Chapters

                                                                                                   Sis. Veronica Denyse Truell

                                                                                                      Evang. Carmen West

                                                        New York
                                                                                                      Dea. Cheryl Braxton

                    The SISTAHS Ministry         Social Network                                          Pennsylvania
                                                                                                      Vis. Valarie Coleman

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OUR VISION                                                                                          Suggested Reading
                                                                                                     Sis. Wanda Burnside
Uniting women and teenage girls to impact their world is the heart beat of The
                                                                                                   Victorious & Blessed
S.I.S.T.A.H.S Ministry International through partnering together in ministries of                    Evang. Jean Overman
evangelism and compassion, to train, empower, support and encourage.

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The S.I.S.T.A.H.S Ministry International gives leadership to at-risk teens, teen
mothers, victims of domestic violence, authors, poets, women with business and                         Health & Beauty
other ministries. Through a shared vision and the empowering of the Holy Spirit,                       Sis. Tara Fletcher
The SISTAHS Ministry works within the principles of the Bible to obey the great
commandment and the great commission, carrying out Christ‘s redeeming work of
love, mercy, and justice in the world.                                                                 Sis. Valerie Butler
                                                                                                     Rev. Celeste E. Kelley
The S.I.S.T.A.H.S Ministry International and its many ministry outreaches believe in                 Co-Founder & Director
the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We believe that
the Holy Bible is the inspired, infallible and irrefutable Word of God. We believe that
                                                                                                         P.O. Box 401121
personal salvation and forgiveness of sins is obtained only through:                                  Redford, MI 48240-1121
                                                                                                          (313) 820-1315
* ~ Admission that we are sinners (Romans 3:23)                                          
* ~ Belief that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God and that he was crucified, died for 
our sins (Romans 5:8), and that He rose again on the third day. (John 20:8)
* ~ Confess with our mouth that Jesus Christ is our personal savior (Romans 10:9)
Highlights of the International First Year Anniversary Conference
            Prophetess Magdaline Ihaza Okoduwa, Director
            To view excerpts, stop by YouTube at

                                   Benin Chapel – Nigeria, Africa
         Letter From the Editor
         Blessings SISTAHS!

         Are you ready to live a life of favor and victory? This is your year! Don‘t despise the trials and
         tribulations that come in your life because it‘s just a ―set up to be blessed up‖! Blessings,
         elevation, and establishment are all in your future.

         We are humbled to have another wonderful issue of SISTAH Talk which encompasses many
         informative, inspirational, motivational and encouraging articles from some anointed women of
         God. As Sister Venus Mason Theus has so prophetically set in order, we certainly are a
         beneficiary of the Year of the Anointed Pen through the contents of this issue.

         SISTAHS, we must realize that the process of victory and elevation can be riddled with pressures
         and, what will appear to be, a consistent antagonizing ―thorn‖ from satan‘s attempts to stop your
         rise to victory. But remember, the Word declares that God‘s grace is sufficient, in spite of the
         thorn. Grace and mercy follow you each day of your life. So don‘t let the thorn distract you from
         your goals. The pinch from the thorn sometimes will sting, but we can‘t forget to get into our
         P.M.S. mode, ―Pray, Meditate and Study‖.

         Remember satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, so the moment something appears wrong and
         you find yourself in a hard place, don‘t run to and fro to find a doctrine that fits your situation at
         that particular time. It is in that ―hard place‖ that destiny can happen in your life. Though
         weapons form, they will not prosper. As long as you have the Lord‘s direction, He has ordered
         your steps and you should move on in faith!

         Let‘s be real, it‘s not always easy, because again the constant attacks can weigh you down, but
         you must P.R.E.S.S., Prepare and be Ready to Effectuate Supernatural Stability. Keep your eyes
         on the promises of God and keep your mind stayed on the Word of God. ―Supernatural Stability‖
         is only achieved through God‘s elevation, so we must work to only please Him and not those
         around us.

                                           You have been in your cocoon long enough, it is time for you to take
                                           flight as a beautiful butterfly. Get ready for God‘s elevation, it‘s on its

Page 4          SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
                                                   Table of Contents
Outward Impression by Pastor Andra Allen Standberry ..........................................................................8

Living the Victorious & Blessed Life
We Win in 2010 by Minister Tiffany R. Easley ........................................................................................................9
The Lord of the Breakthrough: Baal Perazim by Minister Paulette Harper .........................................................10
Endowed With Power by Karmen Booker .............................................................................................................11

SISTAH Teens Mentoring Initiative
See No * Hear No * Know No by Rosemarie Wilson ............................................................................................15
We’ve Taken Our Eyes Off the Prize by R. Lee Gordon ........................................................................................16

A SISTAH’s Lifestyle – Life-Coaching Principles
Waiting on Love or is Love Waiting on You? by Stylicia Bowden.........................................................................18
Six Steps to Serenity in a World Full of Chaos by Minister Mary Edwards ..........................................................19

Word on the Street – Dating & Relationships
True Intimacy by Minister Carmen Murray ..........................................................................................................21

Virtuosity – Marrige & Divorce
Can Women Have It All by Jewell R. Powell .........................................................................................................22

On the Cover:
America’s Leading SEXpert: Ty Adams ...............................................................................................................24

Health & Beauty
Basic Skin Care 101 by Tara Fletcher ...................................................................................................................26
2010 Fashion Trends in Urban Hip Hop Clothing for Winter and Spring ............................................................28

Soul SISTAHS Café of Suggested Reading
2010 – The Year of the Anointed Pen by Venus Mason Theus ..............................................................................32

Services & Business Network ..........................................................................................................................36

Domestic Violence & Abuse
Mum’s The Word by Burnette Parker ....................................................................................................................39
Out of the Wilderness by Ramelle T. Lee ...............................................................................................................40
There Are No Victors in God’s Army… Only VICTORS! by Cynthia D. Johnson ................................................41

Christian Events & Evangelism (C.E.E.) Network
Feature: Gospel Trombonist Robin Harris...........................................................................................................42
Page 6   SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
Our Mission...
Is to positively impact the world as we lift up the name of Jesus. We are purposed to upbuild the kingdom of God by
serving as a beacon of hope and a limitless resource of encouragement to this, and future generations.

Our Vision...
Is that our training events, retreats, books, and products will enrich the lives of everyone we come in contact with.

Completing a manuscript is only the beginning! Every successful Christian author has a team of experts to help them
complete their mission to evangelize through the written word. Learn about the power of synergy...

Register at

Venus Mason Theus, Founder & Chief Steward

Venus is the author of Brown Paper Bag, a novel and a marriage guide entitled How to Have a
Joyfully- Ever-After Marriage. Although different genres, the theme of both books is faith, virtue,
and self value. Venus has also written articles for Gospel Today and Sister Talk magazines. She
has made appearances on the CTN Live, Wake Up Detroit, and the Words- N-Motion television
shows; and has been interviewed on the Women in Ministry with Fatima Boggan-Campbell radio
show. She has also been a guest on the Christian Wives' Club, and the Chocolate Pages internet
radio broadcasts. She is the host of her own internet radio show, the Wisdom for Wives Pajama
Outward Impression
By Pastor Andra Allen Standberry
                                             Matthew 23:[1] Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples: [2] "The
                                             teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat. [3] So you must obey
                                             them and do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not
                                             practice what they preach. [4] They tie up heavy loads and put them on men's
                                             shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them. [5]
                                             "Everything they do is done for men to see: They make their phylacteries wide and
                                             the tassels on their garments long; [6] they love the place of honor at banquets
                                             and the most important seats in the synagogues; [7] they love to be greeted in the
                                             marketplaces and to have men call them 'Rabbi. [27] "Woe to you, teachers of the
                                             law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look
                                             beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men's bones and
                                             everything unclean. [28] In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as
                                             righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.

This is a very familiar passage of scripture. Verses 1-12                   God has always provided instructions for His people to
is a prelude to the Seven Woes as Jesus addressed the                       follow that would lead them into their promised land.
behaviors of the scribes and Pharisees. Verse 3,
however, is my point of reference for this article: obey                    Faith pleases God. Obedience moves God. We can‘t
them and everything they tell you [respect the seat of                      buy God—giving is a part of our reasonable service unto
authority], but do not do what they do for they do not                      God. Romans 1:[25] They exchanged the truth of God
practice what they preach [unrighteous living].                             for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather
Pretension, impression, and extortion remains a part                        than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.
of the Christian and secular culture. There are many,                        Matthew 6:[33] But seek first his kingdom and his
not all, who try to tell people what is best for them, what                 righteousness, and all these things will be given to you
to do in and with their lives, but they don‘t have any                      as well. 11:[25]At that time Jesus said, "I praise you,
intentions of doing what they tell others. They want to                     Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have
be hailed for the position they hold and rule with the                      hidden these things from the wise and learned, and
power that comes along with it. They taunt us by living a                   revealed them to little children. [26] Yes, Father, for this
lavish lifestyle, implying they have something we don‘t                     was your good pleasure. [27] "All things have been
have, and if we want what we ‗see‘ they have, we must                       committed to me by my Father. No one knows the Son
do what they tell us to do in order to get what we ‗see‘                    except the Father, and no one knows the Father except
they have. They provide partial truth, promising if we do                   the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal
what they say do, we will have what we ‗see‘ they have.                     him. [28] "Come to me, all you who are weary and
                                                                            burdened, and I will give you rest. [29] Take my yoke
What price are we willing to pay to get what we ‗see‘                       upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble
they have? They are selling us an outward impression,                       in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. [30] For my
what we see, but inside, they are dead to the true                          yoke is easy and my burden is light."
righteousness of God. Jesus spends an entire chapter
rejecting the ways and behaviors of the scribes and                         You don‘t have to take my word for it, take Jesus‘ word
Pharisees. Jesus emphatically says seven times ‗woe                         for it. God has made provisions for us for every area of
unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!‘ Their living                  our lives according to His riches in glory for us. God
came by extorting wrongfully from other people. Is this                     looks at our hearts, our motives, for wanting what we
not what we continue to ‗see‘ today in many instances,                      want, for doing what we do, and while they may be a
not all?                                                                    good thing, is it a God thing? God continues to send
                                                                            true believers speaking His unadulterated truth. Who
I encourage those true believers who ‗see‘ past the                         will you believe, God‘s heart or man‘s outward
outward impression to encourage those who have                              impression? Hebrews 11:[6] And without faith it is
difficulty ‗seeing‘ past the outward impression to be more                  impossible to please God, because anyone who comes
concerned about what God wants in their lives. God is                       to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards
concerned about our heart. He wants to take us to a                         those who earnestly seek him.
more spiritual enlightenment of who He is, and the plans
He has for our lives. From the beginning of time to now,                    2010 Pastor Andra Allen Standberry – All Rights Reserved.

For more of this message, visit Pastor Andra Allen Standberry is Founder of Word of Life Fellowship Ministries, Inc.,
Austin, TX. All scripture quoted from NIV scriptures.

Page 8                     SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
Living The Victorious & Blessed Life
                                                                                                             We Win in 2010
                                                                                                              By Minister Tiffany R. Easley

For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus'
sake. For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to
give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. But we have this
treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. We are
troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not
forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord
Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body. For we which live are always
delivered unto death for Jesus' sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our
mortal flesh. So then death worketh in us, but life in you. 2 Corinthians 4:5-12

For the last three weeks of 2009, God through the Holy
Spirit spoke the following phrase to me: ―We win in                               2.         Realize it is God that goes with you through
2010‖. As the weeks passed along the phrase still rung                                       (sickness, disease, financial struggles,
in my head and began to tug on my heart. I began to ask                                      loneliness, and the excessive battles against
God what does this phrase mean? What does it mean                                            spiritual warfare) and fights for you, to give you
to win 2010? The word win means to succeed in arriving                                       VICTORY! Deuteronomy 20:6
at a place or a state. Are you arriving at your destiny?                          3.         Believe that God‘s plans are to prosper and not
Are you arriving at a completed stated? The number 20                                        to harm you to give you a hope and an expected
signifies expectancy and the number 10 means                                                 end. Jeremiah 29:11
perfection of divine order. Let me ask you a question
here, Did the year 2009, bring you to a point where you                           Declaration to win in 2010
began to expect greater from God. A place where you
would pray and cry to God asking ―when will I finally win                         I am a woman of God anointed and appointed for such a
the battle over, sickness, disease, financial struggles,                          time is this. I was created to reign in Victory and to win
loneliness, and the excessive battles against spiritual                           in the Kingdom. I will adopt the lifestyle of Victory and
warfare? The fact that you were in this place was a set                           always be mindful that I am the head and not the tail, I
up for the win in 2010. See, truth be told the battle was                         am from above and not beneath. I will train others in the
won for you over 2,000 years ago. Jesus paid the
                                                                                  Kingdom to embrace victory and I will empower others to
penalty with his death on the cross, bringing you into                            soar like an eagle above ―all‖ that tries to tear us down. I
eternal victory, we will see the earthly manifestations of                        am a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a
this victory this year as the events of our life come into                        people belonging to God, that you may declare the
divine order. Take the following steps to enjoy your win                          praises of him who called you out of darkness into his
in 2010.                                                                          wonderful light. I Peter 2:9

1.        Hold your head up and realize you are the head                          I am a winner…I win in 2010.
          and not the tail. In this race you will be first and
          not last you will have VICTORY! Deuteronomy
          28:13-14.                                                               © 2010 Tiffany R. Easley – All Rights Reserved.

Minister Tiffany R. Easley was licensed as a Minister of the Gospel under leadership of Reverend Howard E. Jones, Jr. and preached her first
sermon on January 8, 2006. She is a self-published author of Psalms of my Spirit, a book of poetry which deals with the love of God, self, and others.
She is developing several workshops. The first event entitled Woman 2 Woman...Passion-Purpose-Provision, was a great success and Tiffany is
ready for the next Kingdom Building Event. She loves to share her wisdom of God and His word with others and will serve in whatever capacity she
can to glorify His Kingdom. Tiffany has several ministry concepts she looks forward to releasing in the near future.

E-Mail Minister Tiffany at

                Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives                                                             Page 9
 The Lord of the Breakthrough: Baal Perazim
 By Minister Paulette Harper
                                                 And Ye Shall Break Forth!

                                                 “Your leader will break out and lead you out of exile, out through the gates of the
                                                 enemy cities, back to your own land. Your king will lead you; the L ORD himself
                                                 will guide you.” (Micah 2:13 – NLT)

                                                 I know many of you are like me. We have been waiting on the Lord to bring us a
                                                 breakthrough in one area or another of our lives. The time is now and the word
                                                 has gone forth. This is the year of breakthrough! Many have cried out for
                                                 emotional, spiritual, and physical breakthroughs and God has heard the cry.

                                                 In the book of Micah, God encourages the believers to stand and trust that
                                                 everything which has hindered, blocked, and kept them in confinements will be
                                                 removed. God gives the children of Israel a word of assurance that they will come
                                                 out of bondage and exile. The term exile from Webster‘s Dictionary is to ―wander
                                                 aimlessly, roam, a prolonged living away from one‘s own country. Usually
                                                 enforced; banishment, sometimes self-imposed.‖

 Those are strong words which we need to define to get a                   Let‘s examine the word banish. Banish from Webster‘s
 better understanding of what the ―Lord of the                             means ―to put out, to put out of ones thoughts, removal
 Breakthrough‖ is doing. Let‘s look at the word wander.                    from a country either because of a formal decree or
 ―Wander is to move aimlessly about without a plan or                      through force of circumstances.‖ Were you forced out of
 destination; to lose one way; to go astray in mind or                     a relationship, job, or even a ministry due to
 purpose; to turn aside from a path or course.‖ In this new                circumstances? Have you been denied the opportunity
 season you will no longer go from place to place, job to                  to see your grandchildren because of a broken
 job, ministry to ministry, relationship to relationship                   relationship with your children? Were you exiled from a
 without clear direction and wisdom from the Lord. God                     church because you preached against heresy?
 will make every crooked path straight. ―I will go before
 you and make the crooked places straight; I will break in                 Many times we are forced out of situations and
 pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron.‖                     relationships because we are accused of wrongdoings.
 Isaiah 45:2                                                               Perceptions can play a vital role in decisions that force
                                                                           us out of situations, jobs and relationships. Those
 You will no longer wonder where to go, or how you will                    perceptions can cause relationships that were once
 get there. The time of going in circles in the wilderness                 healthy on a path to failure. The perceived evidence
 has ended. He will burst all confinement, (imprisonment,                  against one is just that…. perceived. Perceptions are
 captivity). Your direction in life will be obvious so you will            misleading and can cause an individual to make a
 make sound and accurate decisions. Your course in life                    decision not based on fact or valid information but on
 will be divinely directed because the ―Breaker‖ is leading                what they perceive to be truth. The outcome can be
 you! ―I will bring the blind by a way they did not know; I                devastating, hurtful and overwhelming.
 will lead them in paths they have not known. I will make
 darkness light before them, and crooked places straight.                  There is hope… hope of restitution and restoration. Be
 These things I will do for them, and not forsake them.‖                   secure knowing this is your time and season. What you
 Isaiah 42:16.                                                             have been waiting for shall not be stalled or delayed any
                                                                           longer. God works everything out for your good.
 Who is the Breaker? Jesus Christ the Lord of Hosts. He
 is the one who will go before us and part those difficult                 Your King will break forth on your behalf and lead you to
 areas that have been held up and delayed. He is the                       a place of restoration and abundant blessings. And you
 same God that parted the Red Sea for the children of                      shall break forth!
 Israel. This is the year of total freedom and
 breakthroughs in your life.                                               © 2010 Minister Paulette Harper – All Rights Reserved.

 Minister Paulette Harper is the Author of “That Was Then, This Is Now This Broken Vessel Restored” (May 2008) and Co-Author of “Victorious
 Living For Women “(Nov 2009).

 Visit Minister Paulette at

Page 10                    SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
Endowed With Power
By Karmen Booker

God has endowed us with power from on high.                    In Luke 10:19 we read, “Behold I give unto you power
                                                               to tread upon serpents, and scorpions, and over all
And behold, I will send forth upon you what my                 of the power of the enemy, and by no means shall
Father has promised: but remain in the city                    anything hurt you.”
[Jerusalem] until you are clothed with power from on
high. (Luke 24:49)                                             As a Child of God, you have the power to overcome.
                                                               According to I John 4:4, God said that "…you are of God
Power - ―authority‖.                                           and have defeated and overcome them [the agents of
                                                               antichrist], because he who lives in you is greater
Endue – to put on and to be clothed with; to be skilled        (mightier) than he who is in the world.‖

(Luke 10:19) “Behold, I give unto you power and                   Walking in Victory “That You Have Overcome”
nothing shall by any means hurt you.”
                                                               Victory means deliverance, help, safety, and triumph.
(Hebrews 2:14) “ . . . He himself in a similar manner
partook of the same [nature] of human beings], He              Triumph means to overcome, conquer, joyful, and
himself partook of the same [nature], that by [going           rejoice.
through] death He might bring to nought and make
of no effect him who had the power of death – that             Victory is a sign that you have overcome conditions and
is, the devil.”                                                circumstances through dependence on Jesus Christ,
                                                               which is the only way you can experience victory. When
With (God = Jesus = Word of God) on your side you              one has overcome a negative condition or circumstance,
cannot be defeated!!! There is power (authority) in the        his natural response is to rejoice because he is no
Word. Jesus used the Word to overcome satan‘s                  longer pinned under or bound by the condition or
temptations.                                                   circumstance. Therefore, he becomes free to
                                                               experience joy which yields rejoicing = triumph = victory.
If satan is prevailing over you and defeating you, then it
has to be for one of the following reasons: (1) A lack of      (Romans 8:37) ― . . . in all these things, we are more
knowledge of your authority over him; (2) knowing your         than conquerors through him (Jesus Christ) that loves
authority, but failing to act upon it; (3) knowing and using   us.‖
your authority, but giving up too quickly because you are
deceived into thinking that you cannot win. Jesus you          (I John 5:4-5) ―For whatsoever is born of God
are my strength in the time of trouble, disappointment,        overcometh the world: and this is the victory that
and discouragement.                                            overcometh the world, even our faith. Who is he that
                                                               overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is
Trials and adversities may come our way, but they              the Son of God.‖
cannot keep us from living a victorious life. Psalm 34:19
states “Many evils confront the consistently                   (Revelation 12:11) ―And they overcame him (Satan) by
righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.”         the blood of the Lamb (Jesus Christ), and by the word of
With God on your side, you cannot be defeated if you           their testimony . . .‖
trust in , rely, and are confident in the Lord Jesus Christ.

No matter what comes against us, it will not succeed if
we stand in the authority that Jesus has conferred upon

             Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives                                       Page 11
                                                                          the time of trouble, disappointment, and
          Defeat is not God’s plan for your life.                         discouragement. He is the peace that calms all of my
                                                                          storms, and removes all of my fears. He is the rock
 The key to remaining UNDEFEATED is believing,                            upon which I stand, and upon which my faith is founded.
 trusting, and relying on the Word of God. This requires                  He takes you to higher spiritual heights, so you can soar
 using the R-Reading S-Studying; M- Meditating method.                    on the wings of understanding and wisdom.
 As you engage in the R-S-M Method, you will develop a
 closer relationship with Jesus Christ and experience true                Wisdom is the principal thing, and requires you to lean
 love, joy, and peace beyond measure – heavenly                           on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all of your
 treasure.                                                                heart, mind, and soul. It requires knowing and
                                                                          recognizing that God is ALLMIGHTY and POWERFUL
 When you use the power God has given you, everything                     and acknowledging Him in all things.
 you do succeeds, flourishes, and thrives because of the
 Word working mightily in you. Jesus is your strength in                  © 2010 Karmen A. Booker – All Rights Reserved.

 Karmen A. Booker has been called by God to exhort and teach others the Word of God. She is the founder of Wings of Love
 Ministries (WOLM), which is a teaching and evangelist ministry whose vision is to encourage and inspire people to accept and
 commit their lives to Jesus Christ so their lives will be transformed into righteousness, and they will experience unceasing love, joy,
 and peace. She has produced product resources that can help you grow in your spiritual walk with Jesus Christ.

 E-mail Karmen at to receive a copy of her product catalog.

Page 12                   SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives   Page 13
 SISTAH Teen Mentoring Initiative

                      Elder Sharnae Coakley, Director
                      Sharnae Coakley born and raised in Detroit, Michigan to her
                      loving parents Vernon and Norma Coakley. At the tender age of
                      5, she experienced the divorce of her parents. She was still
                      blessed to be raised in a household with her mother and five
                      other siblings. Even through rough time her mother always put
                      Jesus first. Struggling to raise 6 kids on her own, her mother
                      made her into the leader she is today.

 Sharnae was raised in a church and accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior at a young age. She was fearful of the calling on her life.
 God sent confirmation thru several Prophets telling her she was a Minister. She knowing ―God did not give her the spirit of fear‖. She
 continues to avoid the situation at hand asking God why me? ―For many are call but few are chosen‖ was her understanding and God
 want her. Then God worked her doing her slumber allowing her to preach sermons in her sleep, causing many sleepless nights. She
 finally gave in to God‘s will. For she knows He knows best.

 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
 Then you will call upon me and come to pray to me and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek with all your
 heart. I will be found by you, declares the Lord.” (Jeremiah 29:11-14)

 Friday, April 9, 2010 – 7:00 PM

                                       MADISON PARK BOWL
                    25023 John R at 10 Mile Road | Warren, MI 48071
             Admission: $12.00 Per Person (Includes 3 Games, Shoes, and Food)

Page 14                   SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
          See No * Hear No * Know No
                               By Rosemarie Wilson

                       Choose words wisely before they leak.
                      Circulate truth, not gossip in the streets.
                Take a permanent break from bragging routines.
                          Noticeable actions shall be seen.
                Know when to pay attention and what to ignore.
               What‘s considered now may not have been before.
                Three eyes passed to humanity serve as guides.
                     If one happens to fail, others will preside.
                  Watch back, front and sides, yet be discreet.
               Appear observant whilst carrying on in the streets.
                  Survival without detail is most certainly bleak.
                  Awareness is paramount in order to compete.
                       Faced with controversy and adversity?
                 Awareness is paramount if the mind says flee.
                Every person encountered won‘t be a true friend.
                   Sincerity perishes when individuals pretend.
                   Educational deficiencies trip feet like fetters.
               What you don‘t know may hurt; learn to know better.
                   Happen to stumble? Get up and try again.
                   Don‘t see the need? Never lower your chin.
                 Be proud of every choice you‘re led to endorse.
                    Knowledge is a powerful, productive force.
                  Analyze and employ rights permitted by law.
                       Ignorance may prompt the last hurrah.

                    © 2009 Rosemarie Wilson – All Rights Reserved

                       From her first collection of poetry entitled
             ―One Single Rose . . . Poetry Blossomed from a Rose Core‖
                 Follow her on Twitter

         Rosemarie Wilson was raised in Detroit, Michigan‟s east side. The youngest of four brothers, she
         became involved in the community at a young age. Rosemarie has been active as a guest on the “Write
         the Vision” Victorious Visionaries radio show on Detroit‟s WHPR 88.1 FM. For the past 19 years,
         Rosemarie has been employed at top law firms in Michigan and freelances in her spare time. She is
         the proud parent of a miniature daschund Remy Black.

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives                                     Page 15
 We’ve Taken Our Eyes Off the Prize
 By R. Lee Gordon

 We‘ve taken our eyes off the prize.
 Our gifts.
 Our babies.
 Our children.
 Our future.
 For too long. Far too long. Far too lost. Far too many, too far gone.
 Today, the things that matter most to our youth shouldn‘t.
 And the ones who should matter most, don‘t.
 The things they want to be, they‘ll never see.
 The things they should see, they‘ll probably never be.
 Why? Because, we‘ve taken our eyes off the prize.
 So tomorrow, it‘s time to reclaim our young generation.
 I know it‘ll be hard. I know it will be tough.
 We‘ll have to reach way down to get to them.
 To dark dungeons of media, society and environment where
 demons often dwell and loom large to kill their dreams.
 And when we get to our children, it‘ll be just as hard to lift them up to see the
 BRIGHT light and Right Life.
 To take them from where they are, to where they need to go to grow.
 We‘ve taken our eyes off the prize.
 So now, we‘ll have to fight for and with our own babies.
 And, sometimes, some of us will get beaten. Some of us will give up.
 Many of us already have.
 But I know I‘m not afraid or alone. For when it‘s time to battle, I will stand tall
 next to three warriors, rather than cower beside 300 cowards.
 And when I‘m fighting all those demons, I‘ll get weary. But find courage and
 strength I‘ll need. Lord help me, and others.
 So every day, and every tomorrow, I will fight
 and focus on my vision of a better world
 and way for my babies and our children
 with my eyes always on the prize.

                                                  © 2010 R. Lee Gordon – All Rights Reserved.

    The Better Detroit Youth Movement is a non-profit coalition of positive-minded individuals and groups who are committed to working together with
                       communities, parents, schools and students to improve the quality of life and learning for our city's children.

      Citizen volunteerism, and youth engagement and participation are key components of the BDYM. We believe by fostering higher levels of
 communication, cooperation and collaboration among our citizens and communities, while seeking out areas where we can better work together, we will
                                              achieve greater success with and for our young generation

Page 16                     SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
   The National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo (NBTEE) will show our teens how much we
   care about and believe in them. We‘ll give them their own stage to tell us what‘s important to
   them. We‘ll applaud all their talent, ―style‖ and ―skills‖. And we‘ll grant them the people and
   resources to achieve at home and in school, and so they can shine throughout life.

   The NBTEE also connects those of us who want to make a stronger commitment to our
   teenagers, and are willing to work with them in discussing and delivering creative and
   consistent ways to make sure they become even better sons and daughters, brothers and
   sisters, and greater academic achievers and professional successes.

   With so many negative influences of media, society, peer pressure and even environment, our
   teens need us more today than ever before. There are many ways you can work with us. We
   need your support and assistance. And we need your suggestions as to what you feel we can
   do, together, to positively impact our teenagers at the expos and in our communities.

   The NBTEE is more than just an expo. It's programs like TEEN IDOL, a city-wide talent search
   and auditions to help us find and feature the most gifted teens at the expo and beyond. It's
   The National Black TEEN Radio Show that spotlights many teen achievers and provides a
   forum for us to discuss and deliver solutions that help our teens make the most out of life. The
   NBTEE is about providing our community of children consistent programs and resources, and
   building an organized national youth movement to improve the quality of living and learning for
   our teenage generation all over the country. If you‘d like to be a part of the progress and
   receive our newsletter, email us at or call us (toll free) at 888.687.7248.

    Radical   faith
    Real   power
    Abundant    living

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives                                Page 17
                                         A SISTAHS Lifestyle – Life-Coaching Principles
                                         Waiting on Love or Is Love Waiting
                                         On You?
                                         By Stylicia Bowden

 In today‘s world Christian women consistently state this
 phrase “I am waiting on God for my husband” but in                     2)       Secondly, do you have a healthy relationship
 reality could it be that God is waiting on you to pick up                       with God because he is supposed to be the
 the pieces of your life so he can send that husband or                          number one man in your life while your husband
 soul mate to you. Many Christian women believe that                             is being prepared? If God is not your main
 they may meet there husband at church sitting right next                        priority then do not expect the man you meet to
 to him on a pew but this perception could limit your view.                      have you as a priority. (Proverbs 3:6, Exodus
 It is important to not have any blindsides when love is                         20:1-3)
 involved because your husband could be right in your
 rearview mirror. You may ask yourself, “Why has God                    3)       Thirdly, you have to learn the art of being single
 not sent my prince charming yet, I am a worthy princess,                        and happily unmarried. If you cannot enjoy
 right!” However, the fairytale ending is far behind you                         yourself being single then having that so called
 because love is not about a fairytale image it is about                         soul mate is just going to intensify your
 being mature and ready. Women constantly use the                                loneliness.
 excuse “I am an independent woman that is why I don’t
 have a man or I am a strong woman and he is                            4)       Ladies, do not be scared to meet new people
 intimidated by me”; maybe these quotes might be true                            outside your church your husband may be at
 but ask yourself do I make myself approachable                                  Wal-Mart. Get beyond the four walls of your
 because in reality it is hard for a man to ask you out or                       comfort zone of life. (Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm
 even strike up a conversation. I realized as 2010 crept in                      16:11)
 it was time for me to be loved because that is what I
 deserve for myself. I also recognized work had to be                   5)       Are you approachable or are you
 done before Mr. Right appears into my life. If I am not                         intimidating…These are important questions to
 ready for whom God has for me then I could potentially                          ask yourself. What does your body language say
 damage an innocent bystander. So, ladies do not think                           about you it goes back to self image and seeing
 your waiting on love realize love has been consistently                         yourself like Christ see you….
 waiting on you to get your act together and reevaluate
 yourself. God is waiting patiently to put your husband-to-             6)       Do you love yourself because love cannot find
 be in his part of the play called ―Your Life” but you still                     you if you do not love yourself. You attract what
 have missing pieces to your puzzle known as “whole                              you are!!!
 person”. It is vital to be happy with yourself and
 baggage free before love can relate to you completely. If              7)       Lastly, this is the final piece to the puzzle do not
 you do not give love an opportunity to find you then you                        be scared to live, step outside your box and ride
 find yourself by yourself.                                                      the adventure of life. Do not wait until love finds
                                                                                 you before you enjoy God‘s green Earth.
 Here are some helpful hints to becoming whole and
 allowing God to send love your way:                                    So women no longer use the excuse I am waiting on
                                                                        God to bless me with my husband life is about forward
 1)       First things first, confront your baggage.                    movement and progression, “Get Ready To Get To
          Baggage is anything that‘s holding you down                   Work by Doing the Work”!!!
          that would cause a potential ―stink‖ in the house.
          Get rid of preconceived notions about yourself                © 2010 Stylicia Bowden – All Rights Reserved.
          and look at God‘s Word for what he says about
          you. (Psalm 139:14)

 Stylicia Bowden, a native of Detroit, Michigan began creative writing at the age of 8. She has traveled the world abroad through her
 naval career of nine years however, her passion for writing became prevalent when she self-published her first poetry book entitled
 Soulseeker (released on May 23, 2007). She consistently strives to set the mark as an entrepreneur by embarking on new projects for
 her writing career. Visit Stylicia at

Page 18                  SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
Six Steps to Serenity in a World
Full of Chaos
By Minister Mary Edwards

I don't need to tell you this (but I will). We are living in a world gone crazy. So how
do we keep our sanity? How do we keep from falling apart when everything around
us seems to be collapsing? Here's a few suggestions:

   Go to a happy place. This is a place where we                        Be eccentric now. I hate ordinary. Ladies don't wait
    relive those happy moments in our memories. This is                   until old age to wear purple dresses and red hats.
    a place where we were accepted, welcomed, and
    loved. When I get to my happy place, I greet the little              Ask yourself this question: In five years, will this
    girl inside of me, give her some snacks, and strongly                 matter?‖
    nudge her to release her fears so that she can grow
    up to be normal (whatever normal is). Come on,                   (Do this when something or someone gets on your last
    now, Think. I'm sure you can come up with                        nerve.) Don't sweat the small stuff.
    something. Replace those negative emotions with
    happy memories.                                                      Break a vase. Yes. Times are tough. Money is tight.
                                                                          But every now and then, break a vase. SPLURGE!
   Don't go to an unhappy place. Once you have                           Buy that new pair of shoes that you may not really
    visited your happy place and you have come out                        need. Men buy your wife some chocolates. Use the
    feeling good, you will know what kinds of events,                     nice sheets. Wear the fancy lingerie. Don't save it for
    people, and places to avoid next time...hopefully.                    a special occasion. Today is special. And so are
    This only takes common sense.                                         you.

   Avoid unrealistic expectations. This is a hard one               Final points to ponder:
    for me because I have high standards. Sometimes I
    set goals that are much too high and when I miss                         Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift.
    the mark, I become remorseful. Be careful of those                       If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw
    New Year's Resolution. Perhaps you really should                          everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.
    focus on losing 20 pounds rather than 40. Try
    working out twice a week rather than trying for the              © 2010 Minister Mary Edwards – All Rights Reserved.

   Take baby steps. Consider the task. Break the job
    down. Start small. Tackle one task at a time.

Minister Mary Edwards is a former family life counselor at Joy of Jesus
Ministries in Detroit. She currently serves widows in her Widows With
Wisdom organization. She can be reached
at (313) 330-4490 or

             Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives                                                Page 19
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Page 20               SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
Word on the Street
Dating & Relationships

True Intimacy
By Minister Carmen Murray
In the dictionary, ―true intimacy‖ means legitimate, real and genuine. Intimacy
suggests knowing a person by having access to their thoughts, ways and desires.

True intimacy can be both intimidating and vulnerable. As a 23 year old virgin, I
thought I found true intimacy… with myself. It is called masturbation. On the
streets, it is called ―Playing with yourself.‖ or ―jacking off.‖ There are different
streams of thoughts about masturbation. I have heard myths, studied the facts,
and listed to beauty shop theology about the subject. Many people believe it is
physically and emotionally healthy to do so. Some say, ―It is better than sleeping
around.‖ One female evangelist told me, ―I can‘t keep all that stuff bottled up
inside of me.‖ Another may say, ―It is between me and the Lord.‖

First of all, you will not go blind if you masturbate. If that were true, many of us
would need a Seeing Eye Dog. I would be the first in line. Yet, if it is my body, then why are there such feelings of guilt,
embarrassment and shame? Are you sexually repressed if you do not masturbate? Are you in bondage to your flesh?

If there is such of a thing as true intimacy, then there is a reality of false intimacy. I believe masturbation is a part of the
false intimacy wherein we seek to fulfill our legitimate needs independent of God‘s provision. Before you try to defend your
actions, let me share my personal testimony.

Like I said, I was about 23 when I began to masturbate. Up until that time, I did not know what was down there. I heard my
mother say, ―Let sleeping dogs lie.‖ I did not know that it could apply to my sexual desires. It all started with the kissing
and touching session with I began dating. It was an awesome sensation. I felt that having sex with boyfriend was not
wrong. Sex with myself?, no problem. That is until I committed myself to the Lord. I began to feel dirty, guilty and
condemned. But I still comforted myself when I was bored, horny or both. At times, the shame prevented me from praying
or reading my Bible. I felt unworthy to be in the Lord‘s presence. Like Adam in the book of Genesis, the enemy and my
flesh wanted me to hide from the presence of God. This is the very place that I could be exposed but strengthened, naked
but not ashamed. Besides, I had other issues that needed to be addresses as well. It was not easy.

Over a period of time, I began to submit myself (spirit, soul and body) totally to the Lord. I access the intimacy with my
Heavenly Father through prayer and the Word of God. The more I fell in love with God, the less I sought to please myself.
That is true intimacy. You begin to love what He loves and hate what He hates. Yet, as much as I love the Lord, there
remain times when I want to have sex. I even get tempted to have sex with myself. Remember, sex was God‘s idea.
These God given desires have been clearly awakened in me. It is definitely an intimate matter. Yet, I have two choices,
will my desire for sex ―mastur‖ me or will I master it?‖ By the grace of God, I have been walking in absolute victory in my
sex life for over 14 years now.

© 2010 Minister Carmen Murray – All Rights Reserved.

Minister Carmen D. Murray is an ordained Minister of Mt. Zion New Covenant Baptist
Church of Detroit, MI under the awesome leadership of Bishop Charles and Co-Pastor Mary
Middleton Sr. She serves in several areas of ministry at her local church: ministerial alliance,
intercessory prayer and missions. She is a member of The Called And Ready Writers Ministry
of Detroit. She has published two book reviews. She is founder of Growing in Grace, "Gift in a
Gift" Collection. This message of salvation in greeting cards. Sister Carmen's utmost desire is
to experience the kingdom of God in every area of her life. She clearly loves the Lord and
expresses that love as she serves others.

E-Mail Carmen at

              Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives                                             Page 21
                                   Virtuosity – Marriage & Divorce
                                   Can Women Have It All?
                                   By Jewell R. Powell
                                   The answer is, to some degree yes - to some degree no.

 A couple of years ago, I was home schooling my                    what Lewis needs me to accomplish before I start
 children. Lewis had me helping him with the business              working on my stuff.
 and as the business was growing, he was expecting
 more from me. At that time, I couldn't give 100% to               Can we have it all? Although you cannot give 100% to
 either and I felt like I was failing at both. Therefore, I had    everything; but yes, we can have great marriages, we
 to make a decision to either put the girls back in school         can do what God is calling us to do, and we can be great
 or quit working for the company. Let's just say that my           mothers. Can we go to every soccer game or dance
 conclusion was not in line with Lewis'. So, I put the girls       competition? Maybe not. But not going to every game
 in school and started working with him more (that is an           doesn't define you as a bad mother. The balance - is
 entire book in itself J). Which brings me to my point -           being conscious that you are responsible for your
 whatever decision you make, the decision must be                  children, you play a role as a wife and mother which
 what's best for the family and/or the child(ren). If you are      comes before any other role you play, and every
 a stay at home mom or a career woman, don't allow guilt           decision you make should be what is in the best interest
 to swallow you up about your decision. Be at peace with           for your family at that moment.
 your decision knowing that it is just for a season.
                                                                   How can I balance my life? Here are a few tried and true
 For those who are ready to start their career or to do            tricks that you might use to balance your time:
 what God is calling you to do, Do It! When I started my
 ministry/business, I felt like I was the only who believed        1.      Cook Ahead in Bulk
 God had called me to do it. I felt alone but I knew God
 had called me for this season. One piece of advice my             Spend a Saturday cooking your family's favorite dishes
 husband gave me pertaining to making major decisions              and freeze them in daily portion sizes. You can grab
 is "when you make a decision to do something, you have            them and make dinner without breaking your back after
 to go into believing that no one else will be with you" -         a day of work. Also, I use paper products so I don't have
 that way you are not disappointed when you don't have             to spend a lot of time cleaning after each meal.
 the support of your family and friends. As I have
 experienced, when God calls you and it is your season,            2.      Pay Bills Online
 God will turn the hearts of men. My husband, who
 denied being called to marriage ministry, is now                  It's worth the set up time because it will cut your bill
 passionate about helping couples. Although I moved                payment time so much. You just sit down at a computer
 forward alone knowing by faith that God called me, He             and click a few buttons and you are done.
 then changed my husband‘s heart and united us to this
 ministry. God is faithful! However, when I decided to             3.      Teach Your Children
 move forward, I went into with a decision not to take
 anything away from Lewis. I worked when my family was             I started teaching my kids to help with the housework
 sleep, I hired help when I needed the house cleaned or            around 6 years old. I wash clothes and they separate
 someone to help with the children, and I started working          into piles, fold & put away their own. They are
 with women only until he was ready.                               responsible to clean their own room, bathroom and
                                                                   playroom. The oldest is now responsible for keeping the
 Moreover, the Bible states that if you haven't been               kitchen clean. I also bought a handheld vacuum for the
 faithful in that which is another's, then who will give you       youngest to clean the stairs. They are now 8 and 11
 your own (Luke 16:12). This scripture spoke to me as a            years old and they help out so much. Moreover, they do
 wife that I must be faithful in helping my husband to be          not get allowance to clean the house because that is
 and to do what he is called to do before God will give me         there reasonable service. If you have boys, they can do
 my own. And even now, I start my day by working on                it too.

Page 22                  SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
4.       Make the Lawn and Other Tasks a Low Priority                      your milk, bread and fresh fruits and vegetables.
                                                                           Moreover, try using a delivery service (i.e. Peapod at
If your lawn takes a lot of time, you may want to try to                   Giant) to grocery shop for you, the cost is reasonable.
make it easier to maintain. Consider installing a drip
irrigation system. You can use mulch or other techniques                   6.        Ask God to Plan Your Day
to virtually end weeding. Bottom Line, hire someone to
do what you need, you will be amazed at how little                         Believe it or not if you take a few minutes, at least 15-30
something will cost compared to your time if you had to                    minutes in the morning planning and praying for the day,
do it yourself. For example, to pay someone to clean my                    you will have the time you need to do all that you need to
house once a month for $150 while I work an extra 6                        do. I've noticed that if I jump out of bed and start
hours that week to make $400 just makes sense. Or                          running, my day is very hectic. But when I seek God and
teach a teenager how to maintain my yard and pay him                       ask him to plan my day, He gives me the necessary
just makes sense.                                                          strength to accomplish everything and I have some time
                                                                           left over to wind down.
5.       Grocery Shop Once a Week
                                                                           There is always a balance to everything and each family
Make a list and go about once a week instead of going                      is different. Know what's right for yours and you will be
every couple of days. You will save time standing in line                  fine. We can only accomplish so much within a 24 hour
and you will save money. I know most of us can't do our                    period; therefore, start each day with what is a priority for
shopping once a month but going to BJ's or Sam's Club                      TODAY, and accomplish that!
and buying bulk for the month will save time and money.
Then once a week go to the grocery store to pick up                        © 2008-2009 by Jewell R. Powell – All Rights Reserved.

Jewell R. Powell, affectionately known as “The Marriage Coach”, is an inspirational teacher/speaker and bestselling author. Jewell
has made it her mission to help married couples, especially those who are having trouble in their marriages. She believes that, with
effort and God‟s grace, all can have a „happily ever after‟ marriage when you live by faith.

Visit Jewell at for a free newsletter and more information.

                                                                                       Are you a newlywed?
                                                                      Is your marriage having problems and
                                                                               you don’t know how to fix it?
                                                                       Are you fed up and ready to give up?
If any of these questions describes you, then Marriage 101 is for you. Marriage is a journey, not a fairytale. It is a commitment that
two very different people make to spend their lives together, for better or worse. When the bad times come—and they will come—
most people run. However, these are opportunities to grow both individually and as a couple, and to build a strong family.

Marriage 101 shares my personal struggles in my marriage and how those struggles led to separation. But it also shares how God
restored our broken relationship and stopped us from divorce. The breakdown of our marriage was slow and steady, and after four
years of fighting, we separated. At that time, I was a born-again believer, married to the love of my life. After realizing that fairytale
marriages do not exist, my faith led me on a spiritual journey to discover why God created the covenant of marriage and whether I
could truly fulfill the vows that I made.

              Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives                                                       Page 23
 On the Cover

                          America’s Leading Sexpert
                                    Ty Adams
 Ty Adams, CEO and Founder of Girls Gone God, is a             ST:      ―Single, Saved, & Having Sex‖… how did that
 sex and relationship expert, best-selling author and life     title come about?
 coach. She is the voice of counsel to thousands around
 the world through her nominated daily radio broadcast         Dr. Ty: I was that. I lived that. I was that title. I was
 and her celebrated web-based column, Ask Dr. Ty.              single, a Christian, did ―Christian‖ things, went to
                                                               Church, sang Praise & Worship songs and all the while
 Ty is highly recognized as the creative pen behind the        having sex. For a while it was easy to live that way
 best-selling book, "Single Saved and Having Sex",             because there was no standard, or accountability, nor
 reaching best-seller status in its inception. This literary   pressure to live sexually pure. There were so many
 work has landed her on numerous television and radio          people in Church around me living the same way. Is that
 programs and earmarked as an Essence Magazine                 an indictment on the Church, no, it‘s an indictment on
 bestseller and's Top 100. Affectionately           the people in it because there becomes a time when you
 known as "Dr. Ty", she skillfully navigates through           have to make a decision that if ―ain‘t‖ nobody else gonna
 multimedia, books, television and theater to help design      live sexually pure, I will! If nobody else is gonna live
 and fashion healthy lifestyles.                               100% for God, I will! And I became tired of the sexual
                                                               baggage I was caring. It was a load to heavy for me to
 Dr. Ty's bold, rams horn approach to sex and                  carry, the sexual consequences began to catch up with
 relationships makes her one of the most sought after          me. And no, not sexually transmitted diseases, but even
 speakers in the country, distinguishing her as a leading      worse: I began to get infected with spiritually transmitted
 advisor and "SEXpert" in America.                             diseases. Caring around emptiness from the men I slept
                                                               with, loneliness after they left my bed, depression, bouts
 Dr. Ty had a brief moment to share the following with         of suicide, void of purpose and depleted of
 SISTAH Talk:                                                  myself…nothing left of me. I got tired of that death
                                                               feeling on the inside of me and it wasn‘t until then that I
                                                               gave myself completely to the Lord and that is when He
 SISTAH Talk: How was your platform developed in               gave me the assignment to write the book so that I could
 being the leading SEXpert in America?                         minister to so many other hurting men and women in
                                                               that same state.
 Dr. Ty: I believe that simply dealing with the neglected
 issues directly, honestly & forthright catapulted me in
 that position. Sex is a sensitive and taboo subject that      ST:      Do you believe that our women and teenage
 often times people attempt to ignore it rather than face it   girls are inundated with pressures that would cause
 because of its sensitivity. But secrecy and neglect is one    them to believe they have to have sex with men in order
 of the main reasons why many singles are sexually             to have a relationship? Absolutely! It‘s the exchange for
 bound and an insurmountable number of married                 a dinner date, it‘s the price you pay to have company.
 couples are sexually repressed. It amazes me the looks
 on faces when I say the word ―sex‖ or ―vagina‖ in             Dr. Ty: That‘s the mindset of many teen girls and
 Church. We can‘t even properly deal with the biological       women. Many young girls have given themselves up for
 state of the body, how much more the sexuality or             a McDonald‘s happy meal or for the cheap words to just
 sexual expression between men and women. That is              hear him say how cute you are or to pay your light bill or
 why the abuse of sex is so prevalent in today‘s society       get your hair and nails done. All that, just to have him for
 because we are ignorant of or misuse sex from the             a few short minutes in your life, and then he‘s gone after
 original state in which it was created. Secrecy and           he‘s taken your most precious treasure. I mean is that all
 silence with sexually kill us! Wow…did I just say that? I     we‘re worth?! It‘s depicted in movies, television and even
 think I did and I‘ll say it again, ―It will SEXUALLY KILL     in the music that we‘ll share him with another woman,
 US!‖                                                          will have sex with him for one night or as many nights as

Page 24                 SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
he likes until he gets tired of you. Our bodies have           people ―make‖ you feel or think about you, from
become a mandatory commodity that we sell off for dirt         relationships or men), then you attract yourself to men
cheap at the expense of dignity, self-respect and              who are looking for treasures.
                                                               ST:    Do you have any ―power points‖ about dating to
                                                               share with our women and teenage girls?
ST:     It is harder to date and maintain relationships in
this season of society?                                        Dr. Ty: a)       Never date a man that doesn‘t uphold
                                                               the same values and standards that you have. If you do,
Dr. Ty: Yes, when you‘re listening to some celebrities         you‘ll end up compromising your own beliefs and his
tell you that it‘s okay to have open marriages and that it‘s   polluted beliefs will become yours.
okay to have sex without commitment! When they have
high failure rates in their relationships, their marriages            b)      Date with your clothes and your
last no longer than the running time of a Hollywood            standards on! Men will respect you and will stay
movie! Yet we follow their advice and mimic their              committed when you stay committed to your own
lifestyles. The problem is many of us are looking up to        standards.
the wrong celebrity! I don‘t think any artist, actress, or
celebrity that has walked on the red carpet can match                   c)      Be willing to sacrifice, hold out and wait
the greatest Celebrity that can look at all your mess, all     for what you‘re worth. Don‘t settle for less than God‘s
your failures, all your sins, take them away, die for you      best for you, because you deserve everything He has for
and then give you eternal life! & then forget a red carpet,    you!
let you walk on streets made of gold! Pluuuu-ease!
We‘re looking up to the wrong superstar, when none of                 d)    And (d), get the ―10 Worst Mistakes
them can match Jesus! & I‘m His greatest fan! I                Women Make In Relationships‖ from my website
download all His words, follow all his Tweets, and let
Him write on the wall of my heart as I keep my Face in
His Book! When you begin to do that, relationships
become easy to maintain and keep. Love, real love, is          ST:   Tell us about Heaven Enterprises and Girls
easy to find.                                                  Gone

                                                               Dr. Ty: Heaven Enterprises, named after my daughter,
ST:     What advice can you offer teenage girls about          Heaven, is the umbrella in which I produce all of my
the necessity they may feel to be part of ―the crowd‖ or       God-multi media that helps to shape men and women for
pressures they may feel to have sex because they               powerful living, design and fashion healthy lifestyles and
earnestly do believe they ―love‖ their boyfriend?              to live the life that God has for them. And Girls Gone
                                                               God is the online catalyst for spiritual revolution! It offers
Dr. Ty: The first thing you need to do is fall in love with    real solutions for women all around the world, with
God and then in love with yourself by which you begin to       advice-driven content and practical tips and expert
determine what true love is and as a result it eliminates      insight on topics like faith, relationships, health and
the pressure to go alone with the crowd and prevents           wellness, career, entertainment, and much more! It‘s
you from falling into false love. When you begin to love       radical growth, radical faith & contagious living that is
God and yourself you‘ll realize how priceless you are          undeniable! You can log on to the site and become apart
worth and you will not be willing to give yourself up          of the revolution
cheaply and for short, temporal, penny-valued sexual
moments. Love won‘t allow you to go against yourself, it
will not violate your body or purity, because true love        ST:   Please share any upcoming projects and/or
values and honor commitment and God.                           engagements you have.

ST:      What words would you share with women and             Dr. Ty: I have two new books out this Spring, ―Married &
teenage girls that believe they need to pursue men for         Not Having Sex‖ for married couples looking to restore
attention?                                                     passionate lovemaking in their marriage and for the
                                                               singles, ―How Do I Get Married?!‖ They‘re going to
Dr. Ty: You will not have to pursue men for attention          absolutely love it! In addition to that ―Single, Saved, &
when you put the focus back on yourself and run after          Having Sex‖ is coming back better than ever! With
the things you love and your purpose. That‘s so                revisions and an expanded edition that includes a study
attractive to men, when a woman is determined and              guide, new material chapters, and instructional DVDs.
focused on building her life and her dreams and building       We have tons of other surprises that will be unveiled on
her self, her image, inside and out. When you build            our newly revealed website this spring
yourself up, detached from external things (from how

              Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives                                          Page 25
 Health & Beauty
                               Basic Skin Care 101
                               By Tara Fletcher

 Because of the expose it receives, the skin on your face           Telephone receiver – talking on the telephone
 is the most delicate skin on your body. Your facial skin            and holding the receiver close to your mouth can
 needs special care to stay young, healthy, and beautiful.           cause a rash around the chin and mouth. Hold
                                                                     the phone away when talking and clean it with a
 Here are some skin care tips which can easily be put                mild soap or rubbing alcohol.
 into practice to give you the lovely skin you're looking
 for. There are some good suggestions for face skin care:           Eat healthy – proper diet and vitamin intake is
                                                                     vital for healthy skin. Drinking water also helps
         Sunscreen – necessary for preventing sun                   skin look and feel better by hydrating the skin.
          damage and lowering the risk of skin cancer.
                                                                    Don‘t wear your makeup to bed – layers of
         Eye cream – the skin under your eyes is more               cosmetics left on the skin overnight can clog
          delicate than the skin on the rest of your                 pore and lead to acne.
          face. Invest in an eye cream that will treat the
          eye area, moisturize, minimize dark circles, and          Don‘t pick at zits – picking at a pimple can
          tighten fine lines.                                        prolong its life and make it worse. It may also
                                                                     cause scarring and the spread of infection. To
         Retinols – a face cream with Retinol (a                    help speed healing, wash your face, then apply
          derivative of vitamin A) can help with wrinkles            a warm compress or washcloth. Then dab on an
          and pigmentation spots.                                    over-the-counter cream containing a drying
         Body lotion – moisturizing is in important
          requirement for natural looking healthy                   Sleep – If you aren‘t able to get your
          skin. Apply lotion to your face and neck, under            recommended 7-8 hrs of sleep each night, try to
          your eyes, hands, feet, elbows, pretty much                plan an afternoon nap.
          everywhere to keep your skin soft and smooth.
                                                                    Exfoliate – a good skin care scrub will invigorate
         Cosmetics – wash your face daily to rinse away             your skin, giving you a natural, healthy
          cosmetics and avoid overusing makeup.                      glow. The buildup up dead skin cells can cause
                                                                     itchiness and rashes. Scrub daily to remove
         Exercise – at least 30 minutes a day. Exercise             dead cells and smooth out the skin.
          increases blood flow, which brings more
          nutrients to the skin and can decrease early              Stress relief – remove the stress in your life – it
          aging. Don‘t forget to shower afterward to rinse           shows up in your facial features. A frown or
          any buildup of oil, perspiration could produce.            scowl will develop lines or winkles between your
                                                                     eyes and around your mouth. A smiling,
         Pillowcase – make sure to clean your                       enjoyable, comfortable expression will help keep
          pillowcase regularly. While you‘re sleeping at             you younger looking.
          night, your face is rubbing against the
          pillowcase, leaving oil and germs. Constant        © 2010 Tara Fletcher – All Rights Reserved.
          interaction with it can cause an outbreak in
          acne. Wash your sheets weekly to avoid this.

 Tara Fletcher is a Licensed Aesthetician.
 E-Mail Tara at

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                VALERIE BUTLER
            EMAIL: VB20532@SBCGLOBAL.NET

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives   Page 27
 A SISTAH’s Closet

 2010 Fashion Trends in Urban Hip Hop
 Clothing for Winter and Spring
 Fashion gurus from the world have announced 2010 Trends for Urban Hip
 Hop clothing. Let us have a look at what is going to rule the market this year:

 Women's urban hip hop clothing trend for autumn and winter:

 • Fashion experts announce that chunky knits are going to rule the clothing trends in winter. Thick textures in different
 colors would be trendy. Stylish knitted scarves and knitted jumper sweater would be the preferred accessories in the
 coming season.

 • Laddered Stocking is clearly the trend for women clothing in 2010. Well, this look was first spotted in 2008 and has
 quickly picked up since then.

 The ideal way of wearing laddered stocking is to wear it with a short skirt. Thus, we are sure that short skirts are going to
 be another trend this season. Taking laddered stocking little further, super tight jeans with a few shreds here and there is
 too considered a hot trend in 2010.

 Women's urban hip hop clothing trend for 2010

 • Transparent clothing will come back in the spring of
 2010. Katie Holmes is spotted with this look.

 • One shouldered dress is also going to hit 2010 with a
 big bang.

 • Denim skirts and one piece would be a rage in 2010.

 Apart from the above, vintage clothing will also rule the
 urban clothing. This would include the tight jeans,
 leather skirts and mini skirts. Embroidered clothing in
 any form will always be in the forefront. This would
 include embroidered shorts, jeans, jackets etc.

 With the stock of the above-mentioned items on your
 stack, you will never have a problem of non-moving
 items or locked up inventory. Try to stock as many
 varieties and styles in different colors, to give your
 customers maximum options.
 People generally look for clothing on the web for latest
 trends and new fashions, well price is always on mind
 while clicking the buy button, It's always better to go for
 Wholesale urban hip hop clothing stores which is
 always cheaper than retail ones online.

 Article excerpt from

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Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives   Page 29
                                         Soul SISTAHS Café of Suggested Reading
                                         Top 25 book fairs and book festivals of 2010 named by the Southern Review

                                          1. Litquake, San Francisco‘s Literary Festival,
                                          2. Frankfurt Book Fair,, biggest book show in the world, October 6-10,
                                          2010 in Frankfurt, Germany
                                          3. Louisiana Book Festival, Baton Rouge,
                                          4. Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, a big
                                          festival attracting 150,000 readers, April 24-25, 2010
                                          5. BookExpo America,, May 25-27, 2010, Jacob Javits
                                          Center, NYC, the premier North American publishing event of the year
                                          6. Ann Arbor Book Festival,, Ann Arbor MI
                                          7. National Book Festival, sponsored by the Library of Congress on
                                          the Mall in Washington, DC,
                                          8. Decatur Book Festival, Decatur (Atlanta), Ga.,
                                  Held Labor Day weekend, claims to
                                          attract over 50,000 book fans.
                                          9. Miami Book Fair International,, draws hundreds of thousands
                                          of people.
                                          10. Vegas Valley Book Festival, Las Vegas,,
                                          11. London Book Fair,, April 19-21, 2010, global marketplace
                                          for sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels
                                          12. American Library Association Annual Conference,
                                 June 24-29, 2010,
                                          Washington, DC, some 2,000 seminars and events plus a huge trade show
                                          13. International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) Considered
                                          the best show for Christian authors.
                                          14. CAMEX/National Association of College Stores,, attracts more than
                                          7,000 people, including booksellers from more than 1,000 stores
                                          15. Philadelphia Book Festival,, attended by 35,000
                                          and more than 50 authors, performers. Third weekend in April 2010
                                          16. Printers Row Book Fair,, a large
                                          book fair attended by more than 100,000 book lovers in 2009
 17. Southern Festival of Books: A Celebration of the Written Word,, Nashville, Tenn., attracts
 more than 200 authors from throughout the U.S. Second full weekend in October 2010
 18. Kentucky Book Fair, Frankfort Convention Center, attended by up to 5,000 people including 150 authors
 19. Texas Book Fair,, established in 1995 by First Lady Laura Bush, a former librarian, more than
 45,000 attend
 20. Delaware Book Fair & Authors Day,,
 21. Baltimore Book Festival,, attracts more than 100 authors, Sept. 24-26, 2010
 22. Great American Bargain Book Show, held in Boston in late August,
 23. Harlem Book Festival,, May 6-9, 2010, Bermuda
 24. Spring Book Show,, more than 50,000 book titles offered by vendors, Cobb Galleria Centre,
 Atlanta, GA, March 26-28, 2010
 25. South Carolina Book Festival,, Feb. 26-28, 2010, Metropolitan Convention Center, Columbia, SC,
 more than 6000 attend 3-day festival

 Visit our Web site at for the latest information on books, manuscripts and publishing properties we're brokering.

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                               2010 - The Year of the
                               Anointed Pen
                               By Venus Mason Theus
                               They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not
                               love their lives so much as to shrink from death. Rev. 12:11

 The literary world is being bombarded with sub-par               A few years ago, I finally put aside my fears and obeyed
 reading materials. There are currently millions of titles in     the Lord's call to become a writer. I began with nothing
 circulation; however only a small percentage of that             more than a passion for Christ and the desire to write for
 circulation offers literature that enriches lives and            Him. I made a lot of mistakes when I wrote my first book
 glorifies God. Erotica and false doctrine disguised as self      because I wasn't better prepared. I groped and stumbled
 help and inspirational reading have flooded the shelves          along with way and even now work daily at perfecting my
 of bookstores and online shopping carts; yet truly               craft. Fortunately, the Lord placed wonderful role models
 edifying reading materials remain in comparative                 and mentors in my path - particularly an earth angel
 obscurity.                                                       named Pam Perry, Chief Visionary of Ministry Marketing
 Here is where you come in: You've got a story. You
 know you do. You experienced something that only God             I believe there are many Christians who would serve as
 could have brought you through. The very air was                 scribes for Christ, if they only knew how to begin. If
 sucked out of your lungs, you felt as if your heart would        you're a closet Christian writer, I'm urging you to come
 burst through your chest. You thought "Surely this thing         forth. Don't be afraid to enlarge. Don‘t allow fear of the
 is going to kill me." But God...                                 unknown to keep you from fulfilling your purpose. If I'm
                                                                  talking to you, trust God and know that He will equip you
 You're gifted. Your thing, and the way you do it, comes          with the necessary tools and resources you need. He will
 to you as second nature. You have it, others marvel at it,       inspire you through His anointing, He will teach you
 they want it and seek after you for it.                          through His chosen vessels, He will provide for you
                                                                  through His riches in Glory. You in turn will encourage,
 You're knowledgeable. You possess information that has           admonish and yes teach through your writing.
 the potential to save time, money or possibly even lives.
                                                                  Recommended Reading:
 You my friend are an author in the raw! Your soul
 stirring "how-I-got-over story", one of a kind talent, or        The Self-Publishing Manual by Dan Poynter –
 innovative ideas which are safely tucked beneath layers          Get and read this book FIRST, even if you hadn't
 of uncertainty and timidity could positively impact the          finished writing your book yet. It'll help you decide
 world for generations to come. In her book, It's Not             whether or not you want to self-publish or pursue a
 About You Rebecca Florence Osaigbovo drives home                 publisher, and if you self-publish it tells you everything
 the fact that God can use our tears, trials and triumphs         you need to do, and in what order, in order to self-
 as opportunities to enrich the lives of others - while           publish. Bestselling author Kim Brooks used this book
 illuminating His glory.                                          when she initially self-published her first novel, He's
                                                                  Fine...But is He Saved? Before she acquired a two-book
 At this point you're probably thinking, "I don't have a clue     deal with Kimani Press, which is a Harlequin imprint.
 about what it takes to write book." It doesn't matter
 because if God has implanted a desire to write for Him           Synergy Energy by Pam Perry, Anthony and Crystal
 within you, He will surely equip you to bring it to pass.        Obey
 Psalms 37:4 says Delight thyself in the Lord and He              Discover lucrative publicity ideas, win-win joint venture
 shall give thee the desires of thine heart. If you say yes       strategies and profitable positioning methods
 and commit yourself to doing His will, He will do the rest.
 You simply have to be present yourself as an empty               Christian Writer's Market Guide by Sally Stuart –
 vessel - willing to be filled with His anointing and to be       This book lists all Christian publishers, agents, and
 used for His glory.                                              magazines editors who are looking for submission and it
                                                                  also gives their submission guidelines.

Page 32                 SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
                                                                        May 21 - Houston, TX National Black Book Festival
1001 Ways To Market Your Book by John Kremer –                          May 25-27 - New York, NY Book Expo of America
He also has a newsletter for free tips to authors on                    August 12-14 - Langhorn, PA Greater Philadelphia                                                      Writer's Conference

Recommended Links:
PR and Book Marketing Assistance (for Christian
books only)                                                             American Christian Writers - Detroit Chapter - Contact:
2010 Annual Seminars and Conferences:                                   American Christian Fiction Writers
                                                                        (They also have an annual conference)
March 27 - Detroit, Michigan Anointed Pen Seminar for
Aspiring Christian Writers                                              © 2010 Venus Mason Theus ~ All Rights Reserved.

Venus Mason Theus is the author of Brown Paper Bag, a novel and a marriage guide entitled How to Have a Joyfully- Ever-After
Marriage. Although different genres, the theme of both books is faith, virtue, and self value. Venus has also written articles for
Gospel Today and Sister Talk magazines. She has made appearances on the CTN Live, Wake Up Detroit, and Words- N-Motion
television shows; and has been interviewed on the Women in Ministry with Fatima Boggan-Campbell radio show. She has also been a
guest on the Christian Wives’ Club, and the Chocolate Pages internet radio broadcasts. She is the host of her own internet radio show,
the Wisdom for Wives Pajama Party.

Visit Venus at

From sin, abuse and abandonment…
to repentance, recovery and redemption.
When Natalie Jordan’s family moved up north to Detroit in 1954, people of color all across
United States were involved in a battle to obtain racial equality and social acceptance. From
early childhood, Natalie’s struggles transcended the boundaries of black versus white. Her
mahogany complexion and African facial features often provoked sheer malice and exclusion
brought on by blatant intra-racial prejudice.

Your Slip Is Showing
                           All dressed up, yet all messed up. Have you ever observed a
                           woman who appeared to have it all together...with the
                           exception of a slip that she was unaware was showing?

                           Everyone sees it, everyone knows about it, but her…

Living Well, The Sweetest Revenge
It's no secret that most women love the revenge scene in our "anthem" film Waiting to
Exhale. But the reality is that if you burn your former boyfriend or husband's clothing
in his beloved automobile...there will be major drama!


                            SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010                                            Page 33
                                      Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there?
                         Why then is there no healing for the wound of my people? (Jeremiah 8:22, NIV)

                                                Twenty-five women, including Bunny Debarge, Sharon Ewell Foster, Stanice
                                                Anderson, Claudia Mair Burney and Marilynn Griffith, tell their stories of coming
                                                full circle from tragedy to triumph. Each contributor keeps it holy keeping it real in
                                                these raw, relevant tales of redemption and restoration. Think of it as Prozac for the
                                                Christian Woman's Soul!

                                                A twelve week study included for churches and book clubs. Instructions provided
                                                on gathering your own SistahFaith circle.

                                                          Congratulations to Contributing Writer
                                                              WANDA J. BURNSIDE
                                                                        Soul SISTAHS Café Administrator

 MRS. WANDA J. BURNSIDE is an award-winning poet and writer. Since 1976, she has received over 20 national and
 local honors in writing. At the age of 20, while a student at the University of Detroit, she received her first poetry award
 from Broadside Press. In 1999, she received both "The Writer of the Year Award" and "The Persistence Writer of the
 Year Award" from the American Christian Writers Association.

 Mrs. Burnside has written over 500 poems and 22 performed plays for children. Her articles, devotionals, prayers, short
 stories and gospel tracts are regularly published in magazines, journals, newspapers, and Anthologies.

 Wanda is a masterful Award-Winning cook. Her recipes have won prestigious awards from Faygo Beverages,
 Progressive Soups, Weight Watchers, Thornapple Valley and several other national companies. The Detroit Writers Guild
 selected her "Sweet Potato Oatmeal Cookies Recipe" as a winner in their contest. It appears in their historical cookbook
 titled, "Spirit."

Page 34                 SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
                                                              The Black Pearls Magazine family wants to take the time to
                                                              thank each of you for joining us monthly in celebrating the best
                                                              in literature and the arts. Our team of writers, bookclubs and
                                                              authors are so humbled that you have allowed us entrance
                                                              into your life. YOU make Black Pearls the magnificent
                                                              publication that it is, by sharing the gift of knowledge!

                                                                       GET YOUR COPY OF
                                                                       “SHE WHO FINDS A

What was the pastor of New Day Temple of Faith thinking when approving
the creation of the New Day Singles Ministry? Better yet, what were its
members thinking when they joined?

Doreen, lovingly known as the Church Mother of New Day, thought that
when she presented the idea of the ministry to the pastor, it could serve as a
foundation to empower, encourage, and enlighten the church's single
members. But when only women join and Doreen learns that all these
women want only one thing out of the ministry-help in finding a man-her
mission goes astray.

She Who Finds a Husband is what you get when you combine some Divine,
some Independent, some Virtuous, some Animated, and some Stoic
personalities all in one setting-DIVAS! Dig into this soap opera in print as the
women of New Day Temple of Faith Singles Ministry set flight to include
men in their future, not realizing that the past is what's keeping them bound.

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          Services & Business Network

          Cheryl Merchant, MA, LPC
          for Your Coaching and Counseling Needs

          Heart- to-Heart Relationship Talk on Blog Talk Radio
          Sundays 6PM EST - Call-in Number: 1-347-324-3813

          Cheryl is a state-licensed mental health therapist. Her experience includes but is not limited to providing therapeutic
          treatment to at-risk children and teens for physical/sexual abuse and neglect, and adults with domestic violence
          issues. Heart-to-Heart Relationship Talk is her weekly talk show that addresses relational issues. Listen every
          Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Eastern on BlogTalkRadio at

          Caring and confidential individual assessments and diagnoses, and her weekly Healing Hearts Relationship Talk
          Group are available. This website provides visitors with a convenient format for questions by clicking on the "Ask
          Cheryl" tab of her website.

          I provide assessment and diagnosis for mental health disorders that include but are not limited to anxiety, bipolar
          disorder, clinical depression and more Contact me at

                    Why were you born? Are you here only at the pleasure of your parents?
                             Are you doing what you love or hating what you do?

                           Discover your purpose in life through 40 pages of clear and
                 straight to the point steps that can help you begin to do what you love to do.
                                                          $10.00 US Order today!

                                                        California * Michigan
                                 Do yourself a favor and take a self-care day. Need a spiritual director?

                         20700 Civic Center Drive | Suite 170 | Southfield, MI 48076 | Phone: 248-823-6670

Page 36         SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
VWorks Productions, LLC is a full-service video production company that specializes in promotional videos, event videos,
business profiles, instructional videos, book trailers and television programming. We're here to develop videos that add
value and impact to your event, product, or service. Having high-quality visual tools gives you a competitive edge and
increases your exposure. Whether your goal is to promote your business, expand your online presence, or host your own
TV show, V Works Productions, LLC can develop your project from start to finish.

                                                   Menu of Services

                                                Television Production
                                        Event Coverage with Multi-Cameras
                                                 Promotional Videos
                                                 CD Business Cards
                                              DVD Duplication and Printing
                                               Green Screen Production
                                                  Business Profiles

                                Call (313) 410-4121
                       or visit
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           D.R. JENNINGS & COMPANY
 Well It Is Tax Time Again!!!

 There are a lot of changes this year... and they are for you.
 I would like to prepare your return this year to ensure that
 you get the maximum return that is due to you. I can
 prepare returns for any taxpayer in the United States.
 "Yes"even you can buy a home using the $8,000 Tax
 Credit and I will place you in a special program that
 will get you completely out of debt... call for more

 I will expect a call from you later today at (678) 704-6946
 You will be glad that you called me.

 Always Speak Life!
 Dianne Jennings

Page 38          SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
Domestic Violence & Abuse

Mum’s the Word
By Burnette Parker
                           Hush, hush, little girl
                           What will you say?
                         Shamed, afraid, unsure!
                        Who will you tell anyway?
                     Hiding, crying, drying all inside
                           Does momma know
                        What daddy does to you?
                           Just eight years old
                                A lot to view
                    But, don‘t understand what to do!
                     Running, ducking and scared
                              Here he comes
                            To touch my body!
                              Now I‘m numb.
                            Can‘t say a word!
                               Feel so dumb.
                             Mum‘s the word.
                            Oh God, help me!
                             Nowhere to run.
                        Momma depends on him,
                           To take care of us.
                            So, I have to stay
                        In all this mess and stuff.
                     Now my mess is my message
                             For all little girls.
                            You have a voice
                          So open your mouth!
                              Let out a shout!
                       Tell someone to save you,
                            And bring you out!

               © 2008 Burnette Parker – All Rights Reserved.

Burnette Parker is a member of The Called and Ready Writers and is the author of “After The Storm… I Survived!”

E-Mail Burnette at

            Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives                                             Page 39
 Out of the Wilderness
 By Ramelle T. Lee

                                                              Meditation Scripture: Zechariah 10:6 (NLT)

                                               "I will strengthen Judah and save Israel, I will reestablish them because
                                                 I love them. It will be as though I have never rejected them, for I am
                                                              the LORD their God, who will hear their cries."

 The voice of the Lord is full of grace and mercy for His               in the Spirit. You are on your way to a new season. No
 people. They will be re-established from the journey that              more time to wonder whether God has not visited the
 has kept them consumed. This is a time of refreshing                   place where you reside. The door has been opened.
 and restoration from the battles that have driven them                 Just like I visited Joseph in prison, I will visit you and
 into the wilderness of change. For many months, they                   deliver you out of the hands of the enemy. You have
 have been confronted with the desire to be restored and                been faithful as the children of God to keep your eyes on
 crying out for God to hear their cry. The refreshing of                what My Word has revealed to your spirit. Even though
 God‘s peace is resting upon their shoulders.                           the times have been tough, you still have faith to believe
                                                                        that God is still a miracle worker.
 My people have not forsaken Me nor given Me concern
 to leave them in a place of discomfort. The journey has                Cast off the moments of rejection and clothe yourself in
 been a long and hard battle. The blessings that await                  the shelter of God‘s anointing. Allow this season of
 those who have prayed and cried out to the Lord are not                blessing to begin to take over your existence. Be strong
 in vain. My                                                            in the Lord and know that His mercy has saved you from
 children have been driven to a place that they have                    the destruction of the enemy‘s plans. Let God‘s peace
 found to be a land of drought. But, understand that all of             sustain you and show you the direction you are to follow.
 you have been tested in your circumstances to realize                  The Holy Spirit will help you to discern your path. Keep
 God is your source.                                                    your ears focused on hearing what the Spirit of the Lord
                                                                        says. You have survived the storm. It‘s time to praise
 It has not been easy to walk into the footsteps where you              the Lord for your change!
 cannot even understand where you are to tread. Know
 that your strength is being restored from heavens gates,               © 2007 Ramelle T. Lee – All Rights Reserved.
 to give you a new ray of hope. The battle has been won

 Ramelle T. Lee is a published poet and author. Her first book, Step Into His Greatness, is now
 available. This book of godly, prophetic devotional and meditation messages will activate and build
 your faith as the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart. Walk through the door of blessed opportunity as
 God prepares you for His Greatness.

                              E-Mail Ramelle at
                       Visit Ramelle at

Page 40                  SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
There Are No Victims in God’s
Army…Only VICTORS!
By Cynthia D. Johnson

The Word of God has given us everything we need to be victorious in every
battle we face…Every Trail, Every Situation…EVERYTHING… Just like a
natural solider. They go to train at boot camps from 6-8 weeks, learning
how to adapt to the military lifestyle. They have certain attire; they‘re prone
with a certain mentality of war.

They stand at attention when the superiors walk by.

Even more so in the Army of the Lord. We too, have a                There is a saying ―The thrill of victory, and the agony of
certain attire to bear. The breastplate of righteousness,           defeat‖. The devil was, is and always will be
the helmet of salvation, the sword of the spirit, the               permanently been defeated.
gospel of peace, which our feet are covered with.
                                                                    So today, my breather, we‘re all walking in the victory of
In the natural, that solider may lose some of its battles.          God‘s Word. So be strong in the Lord and in the Power
But in this army, we are victors. Even when it seems like           of His might.
we‘ve lost. We‘re on the winning side.
                                                                    He‘s taking us from Glory to Glory! Halleluiah!
Always keeping in mind, this is not a natural warfare.
We‘re fighting for our lives. Wrestling against spirits and         Peace and Blessings to all…
principalities, ruler of darkness, spiritual wickedness in
high places. And you know what? We can overcome.                    Ephesians 6:10-18, Psalms 44:5, Luke 10:19, Romans
We can defeat the devil. God has given us what it takes             8:35-37, I Corinthians 15:57, I John 5:4
through His Son Jesus…
                                                                    © 2009 Cynthia D. Johnson – All Rights Reserved.

                                      A Florida native, Cynthia D. Johnson lived in Miami, Florida until 2006 and now relocated
                                      back to the Central Florida area. Cynthia has now established herself in her company, CDJ
                                      Promos, Inc. and is a contributing factor to numerous Networking sites.

                                      E-Mail Cynthia at

                                            WE'RE WINNERS IN CHRIST!
Did you know by conversing with someone who has demonic spirits ruling their mind or body,
when speaking with that person, if you don't rebuke it and plead the Blood of Jesus against it,
there will be a transfer of that spirit to you?

It's just a matter of time before it manifest... It's a trick of the enemy... The devil is a liar...

To see the blog reading in its entirety, please go to

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 Christian Events and Evangelism (C.E.E.) Network
 Gospel Trombonist Robin Harris
                                                  Inspirational hymns of the church played on trombone,
                                                  with trombone blends takes you back to church.

                                                  Experience the online presence of Gospel Trombone
                                                  Recording Artist, Robin Harris. Her mission is
                                                  to bring to light the trombone in the "Press Towards
                                                  The Mark of the High Calling of God" in the Gospel.
                                                  It is also her mission to keep the hymns of the
                                                  church alive and to soothe the souls of those
                                                  who are burdened, depressed, stressed and
                                                  under duress.

                                                  She thanks God for renewing a right spirit in her and giving her the mind
                                                  to play her horn for Him, with the heart of a servant.

                                                  Born in west Baltimore MD with five brothers and two sisters, Robin
                                                  Harris started playing trumpet at Lexington Terrace grade school at the
                                                  age of eleven then moved on to other brass instruments. She went on to
                                                  play in her high school marching band and at Morgan State University.

                                                  Her mother and father were most influential in starting her music career.
                                                  As a child they encouraged Robin to play in a very strict local Holiness
                                                  church. Also, she has an older brother Bruce who plays slide trombone
                                                  and a younger sister Alice that plays trumpet.

 Robin has played for several denominations, various chorale concerts, different conferences, and has traveled to Europe
 and Africa spreading the gospel with her horn. Some performance venues include the Hampton Virginia Ministerial
 Conference, American Baptist Conference, Missionary Baptist Convention, Maryland State Convention Baptist Choir,
 AME Zion Conference.

 In 1993 Robin traveled on the road with a group called Who So Ever Will to places like Austria, Germany, 1995
 Switzerland, Belgium and France, 1997 England and Africa doing solo work. She also won the 2005 Newsome Gospel
 Award for instrumentalist of the year. ( Robin expresses her thanks God for renewing a right
 spirit within her and giving her the mind to play the horn for Him with the mind of a servant. She also states that her name
 may not appear down here in this world's hall of fame, in fact, she may be so unknown that no one knows her name. The
 Oscars may pass her by and the neon lights of blue but, as long as she loves and serves God, she's got news for you. For
 all the famous names on earth and the Glory that they share, she'd rather be an unknown here and have her name up
 there. (Gods' own Gospel Trombone )


Page 42                SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
                                    1st Annual Bundles of Joy “Great Start”
                                           Community Baby Shower

Women In Touch a 501(c) 3 organization recognizes that many times in the community a baby's birth is viewed as more
of a burden than a joy. Too often the joy that should accompany the birth of a new baby is marred by poverty, violence,
or abuse. For these little ones, there will be no baby shower, no welcoming gifts, and no celebration.

We will change this for a group of selected mothers on March 27, 2010. Women In Touch will host our 1st Annual
Bundles of Joy “Great Start” community baby shower.

This free event will feature seminars, food, fun, games gifts and prizes. Registration is required and limited to the first 30
expecting mothers who apply during January 5th thru March 1st, 2010. All participants will be notified of their
acceptance via mail by March 10th, 2010. Please plan to attend the entire event to experience all scheduled activities.

You may mail or fax or email completed forms to:

                                                    Women In Touch
                                                          P.O. Box
                                                 Detroit, Michigan 48202
                                                  Phone: (313) 737-7168
                                                   Fax: (313) 397-8043

Full Name:

Address:                                                           City:                             Zip:

Phone:                                                             Email:

Due Date:                                                           Boy:____ Girl: _____ Unknown______ (Check One)

How many Children do you have?                                      Boys____ Girls_____

You may bring one guest with you.

Name of your Guest:

             Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives                                            Page 43

 Friday, April 30, 2010
 8:00 AM – Doors Open At Nehemiah Ministries for Bus Check-In
 9:30 AM – Depart Nehemiah Ministries for Laughlin, Nevada
 11:00 AM – Arrive at the Aquarius Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada
 11:00 AM – Possible Early Check-In, Lunch, Registration
 1:00 PM – Opening Session with Spirit of Praise Worship Team
 1:30 PM – Workshop Session #1
 3:30 PM – Check-In to Rooms/Break
 4:30 PM – Workshop Session #2
 6:30 PM – Dismissal and Free Time

 Saturday, May 1, 2010
 7:30 AM – Opening Session with Devotion and Praise Team                                        Conference Hostess
 8:00 AM – Workshop Session #1                                                             Evangelist Carmen West
                                                                                 The Conference will be held April 30 - May 2, 2010, at
 10:00 AM – Workshop Session #2                                                   the Aquarius Resort and Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada.
 12:00 PM – Lunch Break                                                             This is our fourth conference and I, along with the
 1:00 PM – Workshop Session #3                                                  women of Nehemiah Ministries Christian Church in Las
 Break                                                                          Vegas, Nevada are expecting a great time in celebration
                                                                                                  with you and the Lord!
 3:00 PM – Workshop Session #4
 5:00 PM – Closing Session and Dismissal
 7:00 PM – Formal Awards Banquet

 Sunday, May 2, 2010
 8:30 AM – Worship Service
 11:00 AM – Check-Out and Free Time In Laughlin
 5:00 PM – Depart Aquarius Hotel for Nehemiah Ministries in Las Vegas
 7:00 PM – Arrive at Nehemiah Ministries Christian Church

 (1)     What Are You Craving?
 A study of Jezebel and her hunger for power and control.

 (2)     Are You A Splenda or Equal Kind Of Girl?
 A study of the woman at the well and her taste for artificial relationships.

 (3)      Where Is Your Personal Walk Taking You?
  A study of Tamar and her relationship with her family.

 (4)      Are You Who God Says You Are?
 A study about the need for money and success versus the need to satisfy
 and please God.

 (5)     What Are You Full Of?
 A study of God's promises for women

 (6)     Have You Lost Your Flavor?
 A study of Lot's wife and why she never reached her potential

 (7)     How Much Can You Stand To Lose?
 A morning worship workshop focused on women and the expectation of our relationship with God.


Page 44                   SISTAH Talk Magazine | January-March, 2010
Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives   Page 45
 Coming Up with The SISTAHS Ministry…

                                              2010 C O N FE R EN C E : A S EA SO N                              OF     V IC T O R Y
                                                                                                             Saturday, August 21, 2010

  "...If you walk around with your nose in the air, you're going to end up flat on your face. But if you're content to be simply yourself,
                                      you will become more than yourself." ~ Luke 14:11 (MSG)

                  To Everything There Is A Season and this is…
                  “A SEASON OF VICTORY”
                          Come and Celebrate Your Season with The SISTAHS Ministry International


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