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EWE setzt Engagement in T rkei fort


EWE setzt Engagement in T rkei fort

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EWE makes a contribution to energy savings
Company to present EWE trio Smart Box at Hannover Messe

Hanover/Oldenburg, 19 April 2010. Customers of the Oldenburg-based energy           Contact:

services company EWE will soon have considerably more transparency regarding        Reinhard Schenke
their energy consumption. The EWE trio Smart Box enables household
customers to measure their electricity consumption by the second. This              T:       04 41 / 8 03 - 18 10

represents a major contribution to enabling energy savings. As a field test         F:       04 41 / 8 03 - 18 95

conducted with around 400 households in Oldenburg and Cloppenburg showed,           Mobile: 01 62 / 1 38 50 14
customers who are well informed about their energy consumption are also willing
and able to make specific changes in their behaviour to reduce it. Savings of ten
per cent were typical, and in some cases the figure was significantly higher.

"With this technical innovation EWE is really advancing the development of
customer-oriented services. We want well-informed customers who can engage
in a discussion with us about their energy consumption," emphasises Dr. Werner
Brinker, CEO of EWE AG. This is one of EWE's contributions to the energy
supply of the future. Peak loads can be reduced if consumption is distributed as
intelligently as possible. The lower energy consumption that results is good for
the environment. The meter documents energy consumption in real time and also
shows the associated CO2 emissions. This enables "energy guzzlers" in the
home to be identified swiftly. In the test homes this had direct consequences.
"We exchanged our old refrigerator for a new, energy saving one," says Hans-
Georg Bröggelhoff from Oldenburg who took part in the test.

Christian Wulff, the Minister President of Lower Saxony, sees this as the right
way towards a sustainable energy supply. This was confirmed when he visited
the EWE stand at the exhibition. "EWE is one of the most innovative energy
services companies and is developing the products today for the sustainable
energy supply of tomorrow," he said. "The EWE trio Smart Box is a good example
of this, as it makes energy consumption fully transparent and so represents a key
contribution to conserving energy."

In November 2009 the EWE trio Smart Box was declared the Eco IT Project of
the Month by the environmental organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe. In February
2010 it played an important part in EWE's success in the Best Innovator
competition, where the company won a prize in the category of Sustainable
Innovation Management. The market launch of the EWE trio Smart Box is
planned for autumn 2010. The price that EWE customers will have to pay for the
innovation is currently under discussion. EWE will also offer variable rates for
different times of day as part of the market launch. The field test showed that
customers are willing to run their dishwashers or washing machines at night if
they are offered cheap electricity rates.

This year, the motto for EWE AG's stand at the trade fair is "A new view of
energy". The company is taking part in the Hannover Messe for the fourth time
and will be there from 19 to 23 April.

EWE, with its head office in Oldenburg, is one of Germany's largest utility companies. Its range of
goods and services includes electricity, gas and water supplies, energy and environmental
technology, gas transportation and trading, and telecommunications and information technology.
Thus, EWE provides a range of classical and innovative services at one source. EWE's network
infrastructure is characterised by a high level of technical quality, security of supply and economically
efficient operation. EWE extended its core competences at an early stage to include the operation of
complex networks and provide comprehensive control and telecontrol engineering know-how in a
future-oriented, multi-service offering. In addition to its established business activities in northern
Germany, EWE also conducts business successfully in eastern Germany, Poland and Turkey. The
EWE Group employed around 5,300 staff members in 2008 and recorded sales of €5.3 billion.

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