Course Program Advanced Wireless Communications Technologies Part Adaptive Modulation by delontewest


									                                  Course Program

Advanced Wireless Communications: 4G Technologies

Part 1 : Adaptive Modulation and Coding

       1.   Fundamentals
       2.   Adaptive coding
       3.   Adaptive and Reconfigurable Modulation
       4.   Space Time Coding

Part 2: Multiple Access

       5.   Advanced Topics in Code Division Multiple Access – CDMA
       6.   Advanced Topics in Time Division Multiple Access
       7.   Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing and MC CDMA
       8.   Ultra Wide Band Radio

Part 3: Transceiver Integration

       9. Antenna Array Signal Processing
       10. Adaptive/Reconfigurable Software (Cognitive) Radio
       11. Examples of Software Radio Architectures Part 4: Wireless Communication Networks
       12. Networks Overlay in 4G
       13. User Location in 4G Networks
       14. Channel Modeling and Measurements for 4G
       15. Adaptive (cognitive) 4G Networks

            15.1   Adaptive MAC Layer
            15.2   Minimum Energy Pear-to-Pear Mobile Wireless Networks
            15.3   Least Resistance Routing in Wireless Networks
            15.4   Power Optimal Routing in Wireless Networks for Guaranteed TCP Layer QoS
                          Prof. Savo G. Glisic CV

Savo G. Glisic (M’90–SM’94) is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at University of Oulu, Oulu,
Finland, and Director of Globalcomm Institute for Telecommunications.
He was Visiting Scientist at Cranfield Institute of Technology, Cranfield, U.K. (1976–1977) and
University of California, San Diego (1986–1987).
He has been active in the field of wireless communications for 30 years and has published a number
of papers and books. Books Advanced Wireless Communications, John Wiley 2004, and Advanced
Wireless Networks, John Wiley 2006, are the latest examples.
He is doing consulting in this field for industry and government.
Dr. Glisic has served as the Technical Program Chairman of the third IEEE ISSSTA’94, the eighth
IEEE PIMRC’97, and IEEE ICC’01. He was Director of IEEE ComSoc MD programs.

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