Lakshadweep Tour Attractions Will Transport You to a Wonderland!

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					        Lakshadweep Tour Attractions Will Trans port You to a Wonderland!

Lakshadweep is a dreamland where tourists come from far and wide to enjoy their holidays
in the lap of Mother Nature . The pristine natural beauty of this destination makes one feel in
rhythm with nature. Lakshadweep is a cluster of beautiful islands nestled amidst the Arabian Sea.
It is one of the most mesmerizing destinations in the world. In fact this is the only coral formed
beach in India. The attractions of this island destination encompass turquoise blue lagoons,
gorgeous green coconut palms, coral reefs, and silvery beaches.

If you have a penchant for beaches, come to Lakshadweep and you are bound to get mesmerized
to the hilt. Here you can indulge in an exciting water sports and sea food. The diverse marine
life is another enchanting attraction of this destination.

Step into this wonderland where there is no maddening crowd, no pollution and no drudgery of
daily life. There is only sound of the waves, smell of green vegetation and sights of exotic marine
life. Laze around and get soaked in overwhelming natural beauty.

Some of the must visit destinations of Lakshadweep are:

It is an extremely beautiful island with coconut canopies and a variety of fish. You can enjoy
boating, wind surfing, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving and
catamaran sailing on this island.

Located amidst swaying palms, Agatti Island is among the most sparkling jewel of Lakshadweep.
It is a perfect combination of Sun, sand and sea. It is the only island in Lakshadweep which has
an airport. The fiberglass boats are a major attraction here, so don’t forget to take a ride in it. You
can also delve into adventure activities like canoeing, kayaking and snorkeling.

It is a captivating island steeped in sheer natural beauty. The aquarium at this island boasts of a
variety of colorful corals and fish. The Ujra Mosque is a famous attraction here which has a
beautiful ceiling carved out of a single rock. It houses a well whose water is believed to possess
healing power. Its lagoon makes it a must-visit destination.

Travel to Lakshadweep and delve into its overwhelming natural beauty and adventure activities.
Lakshadweep Tour Attractions such as beautiful islands, natural beauty, marine life and
adventure activities will surely leave you spell bound and completely rejuvenated.

Description: Lakshadweep Island Tour offers amazing attractions to crown your holidays with pleasurable memories. Its attractions consist of islands, marine life, celestial natural beauty and adventure sports.