Admission Requirements to Master's Degree by hcj


									                        Drake University School of Education
   Admission Requirements for the Master of Science in Education Degree with
                     PK-12 Administrative Endorsement

Submit the following to:         Office of Graduate Admission
                                 Drake University
                                 2507 University Ave.
                                 Des Moines, IA 50311

   1. Graduate Admission Application: Applications are available from the Drake Office of Graduate
      Admission or you may apply on-line at

   2. Application Fee of $25.00.
          applicants who have previously paid the fee are not required to do so again
          on-line submissions require electronic fee payment that will be refunded if an application
             fee was paid for a previous Drake program.

   3. Official transcripts for ALL undergraduate and graduate coursework from EVERY institution
      attended (even if a degree was not earned and the information appears on another transcript).

   4. Current professional resume.

   5. Candidate’s letter: The letter should explain the candidate’s reason(s) for pursuing the Masters
      Degree with school administration endorsement. Examples of leadership background and
      experience should be included.

   6. Submission of two (2) professional letters of recommendation, including the immediate
      supervisor and a second administrator who can speak to the candidate’s potential for
      effective building-level school leadership.

   7. Grade Point Average Criteria: Students must have achieved the following Grade Point Average
      (GPA) criteria for consideration to Drake’s School of Education master’s degree or graduate
      endorsement programs. Students who do not meet these GPA requirements may contact the
      Office of Graduate Admission for additional information.
           Undergraduate GPA = 2.50 (cumulative) and
           Graduate GPA = 3.00 (cumulative) – If applicable

   8. Test requirement options: satisfy ONE of the following:

          Option A:
           Achievement of the minimum required score(s) on ONE of the following standardized tests:
           a. Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
              Minimum Required Scores: Verbal = 400, Quantitative = 460
               For GRE testing information, go to:
           b. Miller Analogies Test (MAT)
              Minimum Required Score = 389
               For MAT Testing information and dates, contact the School of Education at
                  1-515-271-3946 or 1-800-443-7253 ext. 3946

          Option B:
           Submission of ONE of the following indicators of writing competency:
           a. GRE – Analytical Writing Section – Minimum score = 4.0
           b. Drake Writing Competency Test (DWRT)
              1). Administered and developed by the School of Education
              2). Evaluated on the following criteria:
                  a). Analysis of complex idea(s)
                   b). Support and development of main points with logically sound reasons and/or
                       well-chosen examples
                   c). Organization and general focus of response
                   d). Demonstration of appropriate use of sentence variety/structure and language
                       usage to convey meaning clearly
                          This service is offered twice a month for a fee on the first Wednesday and the
                          third Thursday of each month, and must be scheduled at least one week
                          before test date. To register or for more information, contact Susan Harn
                 515-271-3726 or 1-800-443-7253 ext. 3726 at the
                          School of Education.


          1. Students who are taking classes at the Drake School of Education as a “non-degree
             seeking student” are not guaranteed admission to a program, nor are they eligible for
             financial aid.
          2. Students applying for a graduate degree program are not eligible for financial aid until they
             are admitted to that program.

Other Contact Information:                              School of Education:
Office of Graduate Admission                            Bridget Arrasmith, Administrative Assistant                       
1-515-271-3871 or                                       515-271-2054; 1-800-443-7253, Ext. 2054
1-800-443-7253, Ext. 3871
Fax: 1-515-271-2831

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