Bringing manhole casings up to grade by ProQuest


Using the hydraulically driven saw attached to a compact track loader, [Ed Jones] and the FeeCorp crew were able to easily cut through the concrete and remove manhole casings. "This saw is great for raising and repairing casings," Jones says. "One man can use this saw to do the job completely. The saw is easy to use and has a smooth operation. Once it's locked onto the casing, the machine does not tear or bounce the equipment around. It does all the work itself.

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									On the Job                                 Kimberly Johnston, Associate Editor

Bringing manhole casings
up to grade
       ome might think replacing a
       manhole casing, or lid, and
       bringing it up to grade is an
easy job. But what about when you’re
replacing over 1,000 manhole casings?
  FeeCorp Environmental Company did
just that. The company replaced 1,033
sewer casings in Ironton, Ohio, so the
city could mark its sanitary system. In
addition, FeeCorp had to bring many
of the casings up to grade with the
road surface to eliminate any dips in
the roads, says Ed Jones, FeeCorp’s
general manager of operations.
  FeeCorp started the job in October
2009 and is scheduled for completion
in September 2010. Aside from stop-
ping for three weeks due to cold tem-      FeeCorp Environmental Company used the Coneqtec/Universal HS-57 Manhole
peratures, FeeCorp worked the entire       Saw to help cut and remove concrete and manhole casings to bring the
year on the job. “We averaged about        manholes up the grade in Ironton, Ohio.
40 casings a week, Jones explains.
  Jones says the project started on        cutting teeth. You set the saw over the
one side of town, on mostly asphalt        top of the existing casing and lock it in
surfaces, but the company was soon         place, start the saw and saw through
encountering concrete surfaces. The        the surface of the road. When you
manhole leveling attachment system         reach the gravel base you’re able to
the company was using was having           pick up the casing and the concrete
a tough time with the concrete, so                        ”
                                           and remove it, he explains.
FeeCorp crews tried different equip-         Using the hydraulically driven saw
ment including jackhammers and core        attached to a compact track loader,
saws to cut the concrete around the        Jones and the FeeCorp crew were
manhole casings. Unfortunately, those                                                  The saw allowed the company to
                                           able to easily cut through the concrete
                                                                                       cut and remove the concrete and the
methods were not time efficient.       
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